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Taking Avatar Requests

16 June 2018 - 09:01 PM

Vesper's Avatar Workshop









I do not know how to do gifs, but will otherwise take requests.

Unban Certain Precursor Tech

15 June 2018 - 11:17 PM

It's obvious why some technology from the Unholy Trinity of Star Wars precursors (The Gree, the Kwa, and the Rakata) are all banned. Some objects - space-warping gates and teleporters, engines that can create galaxies, machines that can contrive any sort of species through genetic voodoo - aren't appropriate for usage outside events. 


However, certain other items are perfectly in balance with Star Wars RP's baseline power level, or beneath it. Opening the opportunity for players to wield Force Sabers, which ultimately amount to a primitive version of lightsabers charged by the Force instead of a power cell, or to ride around in a high-tech Blue Sphere Transport Enclosure would open the door for exploration of new RP horizons (the very, very ancient civilizations) without greatly unbalancing the setting itself. 


I suggest a re-evaluation of the blanket ban on precursor tech with regards to the idea that by making certain items available, we open new avenues of interacting with the setting without disturbing the power-level or overtaking the technology already being used. 

Nipping Buds

05 June 2018 - 09:36 PM

Kalee | Sith Shadow Academy



Corin Zanith always had been ambitious - a quality Darth Vesper admired in himself and others. He, in fact, admired all the qualities in himself, but there few things he saw in others worth considering. One was power, that glimmering potential to be feasted on by the hungry, whatever the form. One was beauty, for personal enjoyment. But ambition? That meant that a person could be an endless font of entertainment, danger, excitement - perhaps, close to what a being like Vesper might consider a peer. Might. 


Yet, as Vesper meditated, crosslegged, ambition was a double-edged sword. It was Darth Abyss who had taught him that: the first ploy he had made was very, very ambitious. But he had been crushed completely. He had lost, and lost, and been brutalized and ultimately forced to rely on others' aid to hide, to heal, to restore his physical flesh. Now, however, his power was restored - he was not at his peak, but he was climbing, and mirrors met him with the same pale, soft-skinned, long-limbed figure he always had been, silvery hair brushing his shoulders. He had dressed in a simple tunic and shadowsilk cloak, a crystalized bloodflower to serve as a broach.


The brief reflection caused him to narrow his eyes with rage as he dug his manicured fingernails into the posh cushion. Darth Vesper: the Sith Lord who others tossed around like a ragdoll. It was not a reputation he wanted to garner. But in risking it, he had been educated. He had learned, not limits - that was too mortal, too petty a word for him - discretion. Wisdom. He had acclimated to the new era and its way of doing things. 


The man who now called himself Darth Animus, who now - his sources told him - raised its banners in defiance of the legitimacy of the Sith Empire of the implacable Darth Carnifex? Never had such misfortune crossed his path. 


He pursed his lips as the craft touched down on the sandy plains of Kalee in the shadow of a building he had seen constructed. It would be appropriate, though, for him to take the role of educator now: to teach this "Animus" the same lesson he had been taught when he grasped beyond his abilities.


In other words, he had come here to crush his foe utterly and put him to ruin. For his benefit, of course. The possibility of status for eliminating a foe of the Empire was simply a side benefit. As he strode up to the steps of the academy, he waited patiently, his cape of lusterless black fluttering in the wind. And he raised his voice, calling out, and echoing his call in the ripples of the Force.


"Animus, I return. Darth Vesper is here. Come to me."




Looking For A Sith Master

10 April 2018 - 05:11 PM

Are you interested in training a (bastard, crippled) child of the most illustrious Sith family in the Galaxy in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force? 


Are you a Sith with time on your hands and space in your life?


Are you Darth Carnifex and want an apprentice who will refer to you as "Daddy"?


Take Czernon Zambrano as your apprentice today!

Boy Meets Girl

28 February 2018 - 04:47 PM

The Sith Academy || Bastion


First, in the dusk hours of the fortress world of the Sith, quiet in the halls. Then, a noise. A soft footstep and the rapport of metal against a tiled floor, then a heavy footstep. It repeats, a drumming, on-and-off rhythm. His loose, dark robes whisper against the stone, long sleeves pulled over his forearms - the garb of a humble acolyte. The curious sound is the cane he leaned on, a polished piece of hooked metal. Needless to say,this is a rare sight in the Sith Academy for even the most elderly overlord, much less a soft-faced youth with a resting pout who needs to brush his hair out of his eyes. A cane is an outward sign of weakness. An invitation for someone to act on your limited mobility. Better to cut the limb off and take a cybernetic than risk your hobbling buy you a one-way ticket to Chaos' cold embrace.


The boy didn't seem to care. He only moved along, slow, steady. It was nearly curfew, so he had to get moved into the Academy quickly - even though in the Academy, curfew only meant that you had a chance to test your stealth skills. He had packed light, acolytes were permitted few possessions in the austere stage of training, where deprivation was the whetstone of choice to sharpen the Acolytes' blades. 


He came to the door of room 22C without incident. In this in-between time, most Acolytes had either turned in or hidden themselves in preparation for the bell. If there was a time to pass somewhere without interruption, this was it. The youth raised his cane up and rapped it on the door twice. 


Time to meet his bunkmate. 




Sera Sadow