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Valashu Elahad

Valashu Elahad

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#1746307 Suggestion: Remove Civilian Ship Size Limits

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 07 March 2018 - 05:19 PM

....Am I the only one who has had to have a character jump out of a building because of a ship suicide bombing??

Please, do take that into consideration. For example, two of my characters fly in civilian luxury vehicles. If you undo the restrictions, I could make a massive ship specifically with intent to use it as a weapon at a later time. A super destroyer size ship, regardless of armament, is absolutely lethal.

I agree with the change, just please think of those types of situations!

#1689106 I am Jon. Ask me anything.

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 19 December 2017 - 04:08 PM

Pineapple on your pizza?

#1602281 Monster Mash!

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 09 July 2017 - 06:17 PM

Wish I had Jarvens info. Damien literally altered that guy down to the genetic level. Made him a perfectly aesthetically viable spawn that could run with the biggest of dogs, and still be in mainstream society.

He was so beautiful.

I weep for his changes undone.

#1592662 Masters, Training, Roleplays and things

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 19 June 2017 - 11:08 PM

Smart mouth and smart brain? Sounds friggin awesome.

Should I throw up a thread or do you wanna?

Rae Jarrus

#1592643 Masters, Training, Roleplays and things

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 19 June 2017 - 10:41 PM

Rae Jarrus

My character Zaiden could use a new apprentice. He is an ex-Master, Force Severed back to knight, assassin + Force Stealth specialist. But he also knows much in the aspect of Sorcery, with absolute mastery of the Undead spells, and other generic abilities.

He is a decent guy, who is against slavery, and outright killing, but is... Well kind of a Dick.

If that sounds like something you could work with, I would love to write! If you have an available female character as well, that would work grand, as he only has had gentlemen as apprentices.

#1587466 Sundari Rising

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 12 June 2017 - 03:09 AM

Pikiran stared at the clouds in the skies over Mandalore, all the while soaring backward in the air at high speeds and higher altitudes. Some would be found using Speeders, others hover craft. Darth Pikiran simply utilized his power over the Force combined with the bound Spirits ever present to leech energy from. Force Walking had long ago become a norm in his life, after utilizing amulets and other things that enhanced his power, this had been his final option.

And so, with the bare knowledge he had in the control over telekinesis, he was able to easily maneuver through the air.

Damien Daemon, Alor of Clan Daemon, was coming to meet with Metus. This was a man who in more ways than one would be his truest rival. If his knowledge served correctly, he and Metus had both learned under Rave Merrill, the greatest Alchemist to ever exist. They both were apex in this nature. Very few in history would be more knowledged then those under Rave.

Not to mention, Isley Verd was the father to his wife, and grandfather to his children.

Straightening out slowly, Pikiran leveled vertical, and slowly drifted toward the ground. He flared his power, eyes growing cyan, the signal of his full potential Force Walking mingled with his own aura. It was not a challenge, more so a calling card. Most would sense the incoming power and acknowledge it as a fight. He did not want this.

Damien wanted his deceased daughter to return. He wanted her back, and while he could bring her body, and even bind her spirit to the body... He knew alone, she would be a masterwork. With the aid of Metus, she would be perfection.

"Verd, vod, olaror, jorhaa'ir ti ni, bid vi liser jorhaa'ir be aliit!" Damien called outloud, his voice carried by the Force as he straightened his shirt. This was a time he was simply clad in a sleeveless jet black tee, long-baggy black jeans, where in the cuffs were tucked into his black boots. Damien had called, speaking of their shared heritage, telling him they needed to speak about family. He hoped it would peak an interest.

Darth Metus

#1578432 OOC - Weekend Treasure Hunt 27: Tatooine Trainwreck

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 27 May 2017 - 06:02 PM

Jorus Merrill

First of all. Finaaaalllly. Another Treasure Hunt.

Second. Is there a major plan? Is there a major type of opponent? You specifically mention surviving and running to do so, hence asking. Also should there be items for players to seek out? Like major shipwrecks named, would they have salvageable parts?

Lastly. Where is Luke's old home?

#1573203 Rate the Avatar above you.

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 18 May 2017 - 01:33 PM

Daniel Imura


#1572550 Vaapad Master Wanted

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 17 May 2017 - 04:16 PM

Darren is by far the best that first comes to mind. My alt Zaiden does know it, and utilized it before his full fall to the darkside... But thats like saying I know a bit about physics, would you rather learn from me or Albert Einstein.

#1572001 Character development need help

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 16 May 2017 - 08:28 PM


I am more or less frequenting the site. Feel free to tag my character, Darkul Elahad. He is my newest remake of an older character, and I am looking to get him out and about as well.

#1571442 Public Bounty: Vilaz Munin

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 16 May 2017 - 12:42 AM

Lucien E. Irridius



Seemed like a few people volunteering to track him down, then a few more jumping on the save his hide bandwagon. Lastly Goth Teen Magazine Mascot said he would jump too, and then HK was told it could be dangerous lmfao.

None too hostile that I notice.

#1571430 Redefining Minor Factions

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 16 May 2017 - 12:29 AM

I'd agree with you, but for one point: Minor Factions fail, and often. It's why Major Factions are required to exist for 30 days as a Minor before they go Major. It'd be a real headache if staff had to add them all to the map.

Offer limitations. A major needs 30, so ask for 20 days of activity. And on note of the map itself, I can imagine thay olden map makers who did the same simply to find a country toppled a month later most have hated it too XD

#1570649 FNRP#1 - Vacation From Hell (Open to All!)

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 14 May 2017 - 08:42 PM

The moment speech began from the other, Damien could sense that battle had begun. Not in the preternatural sense of things, rather that a simple warriors instict said that, yes, the invitation had been accepted. Hence he reached out with a mental ability that had potential for countering shatterpoint itself, or other such attacks - Farsight. Much how beings used the Force for visions, his variant long honed was to see attacks as they came. There was no movement too note, but the moment he opened himself to the Farsight, Damien sensed an attack was launched.

Instantly he erected his own unseen power, without movement of his body conjured a Force Barrier. Again, his was not the generalized style, more of a manipulation of molecules around him. Condensing them, he made a thin wall of pressure between he and his opponent. The second he conjured it, powerful forces of kinetic power slammed into his shield.

Damien arched a brow, "What is this I sense..?" He murmured, next as he dropped the shield, his mind touched upon a darkness... But he couldn't see anything, yet again... Some form of attack was being prepared.

Picking up speed slightly in his walk, Damien continued his draw on the Force. Already now between the two powerful Masters, the air crackled and thundered. It was as if a small hurricane was amidst them. But with every moment that passed his power grew exponentially. An Anzati that had consumed more soup than days in every year he had lived, this was already dangerous. One whom was also a powerful Force Walker, with dozens of Spirits to back his strength, even worse. But with Lymmahtun as well...

Not as if he could know that the being he faced was immensely strong, as well as backed by Orbalisks, and more arcane power than he had ever heard of...

This was going to be a battle too remember.

"Let's say that I attack your mind. What kind of defenses will I find?" A cocky grin emerged from the face of one versed in every mental ability that he could find. Evem rarer abilities like Memnotherapy.

Daxton Bane

#1570571 FNRP#1 - Vacation From Hell (Open to All!)

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 14 May 2017 - 06:04 PM

(For clarity, I envisioned we were now in a larger section of the hall. To the north is a T section were the hall the soldiers are amassed. If that sounds wrong, let me know.)

Dark offered an exagerated bow, more as a humorous than a rude gesture, "Aye-aye." Leaning against the wall as he took a deep breath, while concentrating on the Force for a moment, Dark heard shots begin to fire from down the hall. All the while he let the Force flow into his muscles, the energy present in all things began to buff his muscles. The sinew, marrow of his bones, joints in his body began to hum with power. When he opened his eyes they shimmered a red hue, so deep it was almost scarlet.

Activating the Force aura around Dinok, Dark lurched from his position. The speed in which he lunged allowed him to slide across the floor for a large distance, where upon he held the large blade with a hand on each of the proper holds along the hilt, blade pointed skyward. When he neared the corner where Alkor had shot, sending a man into the open, he flipped the blade so the dull edge of the blade faced forward. At the last possible moment, just before showing himself to his future opponents, Dark kicked off the ground.

Still holding his blade lovingly in two hands, dull edge usable as the attack side, he sailed straight and horizontal like an arrow. At the opposite side of the perpendicular hall, Dark flipped mid air to land in a cushioned crouch against the wall, then he dropped down, swinging the blade as he did so. With the enhanced power of his Sanguinius Vampirikan muscles, the dull blade slammed into a man who was huddled near the others. Immediately the power behind it would force multiple of the bodies into the opening, straight for Alkor to pick off.

Meanwhile he flipped the blade back to its deadly angle, and whipped it back, cleaving straight into an opponents chest, where it lodged into his armor.

Lark || Alkor Centaris || Aster Rose Baelor || Thalira Kiing || Dax Fyre || Matthew Justice || Lynn Nantaris || ​​Yuroic Xeraic || Darth Abyss || Bella Eirson || Darryl Montreux || @Everyone else i missed

#1570395 FNRP#1 - Vacation From Hell (Open to All!)

Posted by Valashu Elahad on 14 May 2017 - 12:09 PM

While appearing young, Damien had lived to amass the knowledge of more than three thousand years, and the thousands of minds he had ripped knowledge from. Much like his Master, Voracitos, Damien was a powerhouse of mental abilities. But it was not his soul ability to manipulate the mind. No, his greatest feat was his alchemical knowledge and prowess. Which had begun with molecular manipulation, at first by Dimension Shift. It was an ancient ability, one he presumed to be the only being alive that could access.

Holding out a hand, Damien smiled, warmly seeming, "No, there really is not. As well, just because the curiosity will kick my ass, what form did you use to manipulate the Force into invisibility? I have spent more than a thousand hours in massive combat with a specialist of Force Stealth. He used bent light, White Current, even attempted to use mental projections." Then the mentioned above power came into play, alongside a second skill. With a bright luminescent flare of blue, Damien's eyes signalled that he had begun to Force Walk, to provide a massive boost in power. The dozens of spirits he had bound to his own body fueled the sudden conjuration of Lymmahtun, beginning at a microscopic dot on his hand until it grew to proper size.

Holding out his other hand, another pulse conjured Tantibus from the same way. This he strapped to his back, but made sure the blade was not entirely housed correctly in its scabbard. The blade being evident, would immediately cascade volumes of Force Fear into the air. His Masterwork blade had bested the last Sith Emperor before himself, Jedi Masters, even Witches. It was simply a never ending source of insanity fueling fear, until housed once more in its sheath, that would spread slowly outward unending.

Lymmahtun however he held in his right hand, gesturing with his left as he spoke more, "I am going to fight you. You will, if i am to be honest, be my first real battle in a decade. So please, be a good one." Next he concentrated on heavily vacuuming excess power from the Force around him, the ability to do so fueled by the crystalline sword which boosted said skill. Once more he mentally swore at Rave for her alchemical prowess which in many ways was better than his own.

"Are you ready for what will come?" Damien asked, arched brow showing high on his face as he took a step forward.

Daxton Bane