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Max Fel

Max Fel

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In Topic: Foul Play

09 March 2019 - 08:04 PM

Location: Coruscant Defense Force headquarters

Objective: Brief the force on the new direction


The vigilant sentries stood to attention as Max approached the grand front of the building, then both saluted in turn. Upon walking through the large double doors, a hall filled with CDF troops were lining the walls in formation. There was complete silence, apart from the echoing steps of a senior officer towards him.


Few had seen much action since the days of the Galactic Alliance, and the troublesome era of Coruscant First. Max had run against them at the time, but the politics became just that much too dirty. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that they were all ready to protect the bright jewel. Their allegiance would have to alter, however. Not just towards Coruscant, but for a Confederation greater than that, in the same way they had served the Galactic Alliance.  


The officer halted, saluting "High Marshal. We are ready for your address."


Upon reaching the back of the hall, Max turned to face the lines of troops. A news crew was quietly ushered into the hall, and with a quick command, the troops turned about as well. "Thank you all for assembling here, and most of all for your continued dedication to the CDF. Coruscant has been through a wide array of changes in recent history, and you would all know the challenges this presents as well as anyone. I would like to also thank those who have put in an effort to strengthen Coruscant in government, despite the disagreements we may have had with them. Now, however, is a time to focus on where the Defense Force goes from here. Our part in the Galactic Alliance provided stability and safety, but that was in no small part due to our greater cooperation with other systems. I fear that the issue of forceful and harmful subjugation is becoming an ever closer threat, requiring action on our part." Max paused to take a better look around the hall.  


"I believe that a Confederation founded on the values of equal system treatment, and respect of citizens will be vital to the future of this planet. Most of all, we need to learn to come back to the table and cooperate with others in the galaxy. What I am here to ask of you therefore is this: Think about who truly has our best interests at heart? Your duty is to protect Coruscant. But if the time comes, and another foreign power comes our way, think about who sent a messenger and who sent a soldier."

In Topic: Major Faction Application - The Core Imperial Confederation

06 March 2019 - 10:55 PM


In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

16 February 2019 - 12:14 AM

Location: Approaching the palace bridge

Objective: Sweep towards the palace

Allies: CIS and allies | Cardinal Vi'dreya | Allya Vi'Dreya | Jerek Zenduu | Cay-Yo | OOM-330 | Micah | Voph | Srina Talon | Scherezade deWinter | (Others I may have missed)

Enemies: UCM and allies near the palace bridge | Valdus Bral 


Max snapped his rifle around the doorway, giving the shop a quick look over. It had been left in a hurry, evidenced by the items scattered across the floor. Whoever had been here managed to take most of the weapons on sale. Locals. He hoped. Most Mando'a he knew of wouldn't be caught without a good blaster by their side. He knew he wouldn't.


His droids were waiting outside securing the main road, some making patrol patterns. It was hard to get sentimental about them. Not a single one would be able to get to know him like his clan members. He had brought a couple to witness the occasion, prominent among the countless droids in their colored beskar'gam.  


"We'll continue to the bridge. It's close."  


A simple nod was followed by a vocoded response "Understood, Alor'ad."


At once, many mechanical feet marched forwards down the road. Small rubble was kicked aside, creating a cloud of light dust. It was not enough, however, to obscure Max from soon seeing a battle taking place on the bridge. 


"Double time!"

In Topic: First Order.... I want Endor

15 February 2019 - 10:08 PM

Good luck Jayce Pryde



In Topic: The Winter War

14 February 2019 - 08:02 PM

The tight quarters proved to be both a hindrance and a boon, with friendly troops and resistance alike in the midst of the trench. With carefully placed strikes, Max's lightsaber cleaved through the defenders. Steam rose through the freezing air around him from each strike. If the Byss were to rethink their resistance, now was certain to be a tantalizing time.  


Shouting and clashing around him become duller, but the resulting bodies and blood were a testament to the struggle that they had just endured. As Max brought himself up over the trench slightly to see the rest of the fighting along the line, reports came over the comms "Gah, damn it! Some down the east end here, might need your help!"


"Closest platoon to them, move up. I'm on my way." 


Going over the top would prove to be dangerous, no doubt many blasters were aimed in their direction. Instead, Max rushed directly down the line. With the troops focused on firing volleys at the enemies ahead, he had enough room to come quickly to the site of the struggle. At least, it was a struggle.  


The platoon he had sent up made quick work of the resistors, and the last of them was attempting to run. As they came to a corner, a shot from one of the officers made quick work of them.  


The officer turned, saluting loosely as he saw Max "East end is clear, Sir."  


"Ah. Well. I see" Max cleared his throat "I'll just deal with the west end, then" he said, beginning to walk back.  


"West end is clear too, Sir. A bit more of a fight, but done."


Max couldn't help but smirk in response "Always the west end, eh?"