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Darth Vyrassu

Darth Vyrassu

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Imperial AT-AS

Yesterday, 02:50 PM


* Intent: A new line of Imperial Walkers for The Jen'ari Empire

* Image Source:
* Header made by me
* Source Here

* Canon Link: N/A

* Primary Source: N/A

* Manufacturer: Sith Imperial Foundry

* Affiliation: The Jen'ari Empire

* Model: AT-AS

* Modularity: no

* Production: Mass-Produced

* Material:
* Quadanium Steel
* Duraplast
* Reflec

* Classification: Imperial Walker

* Role: Combat Walker

* Size: Extreme
40 meters tall
36 meters wide
38 meters long

* Weight: very heavy

* Minimum Crew: 2

* Optimal Crew: 5

* Propulsion: Quadrupedal

* Speed: Very Fast

* Maneuverability: high

* Armament: High
* 6 Taim & Bak MS-1 heavy blaster cannons
* Piperii-Cerlurn R-90C medium blasters

* Defenses: average

* Squadron Count: Low

* Passenger Capacity: 3

* Cargo Capacity: none


* + The AT-AS can move very fast due to it's 8 legs
* +It can move around very quickly due to it's 8 legs
* +Has high fire power due to its 6 Taim & Bak MS-1 heavy blaster cannons on it's front.
* +has 2 rear Piperii-Cerlurn R-90C medium blasters on it's back for rear attacking.

* -Requires TWO people to move it
* -to operate rear guns, each gun must have a gunner
* -the blaster cannon on the front must have a gunner
* -although extremely resistant to blaster fire and missiles, concentrated blaster fire in one spot could eventually destroy it

The Jen'ari Empire wanted an Imperial walker that would impose fear upon it's enemies. An arachnoid walker seemed perfect. The Imperial Military constructed a spider walker with heavy fire power and heavily armored that could move very fast. It has 6 Taim & Bak MS-1 heavy blaster cannons on it's front, and 2 Piperii-Cerlurn R-90C medium blasters on the rear for rear attacks. The AT-AS (All Terrain-Armored Spider) was a powerful behemoth walker for The Jen'ari Empire.

The Presence of Darkness (invite only)

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Darth Vyrassu
Jen'ari Sith Emperor
Location: Imperial Citadel, Emperor's throne room, Zarchas Kitza
Tag: Jairdain


Zarchas Kitza, a planet blanketed in the dark side, eternal electrical storms and snow storms in certain areas. It was a planet with many different environments, beaches, islands, tundras, swamps, the jungles, then just outside of the jungles was the massive rocky mountains with several mesas, one particular mesa that was hundreds of miles long and wide, stood a beautiful metropolitan city. Looking very dark in the night sky, but lit up by the flashing of lightning. This city was massive, buildings reaching high into the sky, so many different districts so much to do. This was the capital city of The Reconstituted Sith Empire otherwise known as The Jen'ari Empire, Zarchas City. Zarchas City sat on the capital plant of the empire, Zarchas Kitza. In Zarchas City near the back of the city sat the tallest building in the entire city. This building was a beacon of the Empire's power. The Sith Imperial Citadel. Inside these walls stood thousands upon thousands of Sith, The Dark Council, and The Jen'ari Sith Emperor himself.

Inside the Citadel in his massive throne room sat Vyrassu. The room was very dark, slightly lit up with red lights in various locations. The room was circular, in the middle was a massive pit that dropped down into blackness. In the center of the pit was a medium round platform with a large computer like thing coming down the center. Directly underneath it sat Vyrassu in his throne. There was only one way inside or out of this room, and it was over a long and wide bridged path to a very large double door entry that was flooded in a glowing red light. Along the path stood numerous Jen'ari Imperial banners, and in between each one stood a Shadow Guard.

Vyrassu watched the glowing red entry way as if he was waiting on someone, but who. Whoever it was seemed important as Vyrassu was focused. Wearing his traditional Dark Lord robes, pure black floor length robes, with his belt, and twin pauldrons on each shoulder and a Hood up over his head bathing his face in darkness so it can't be seen that well. Vyrassu's mind clear for the moment, but his power filling the room in darkness, a feeling of cold, death, darkness and depression that most would succumb to. Vyrassu heavily trained in the darkside, being a powerful user of it made him extremely deadly. Vyrassu normally didn't allow visitors into his throne, they usually only got as far as seeing The Dark Council first, and that was if they were lucky. But Vyrassu had allowed someone to visit him, question was who? The main entry double doors finally opened and in the glowing red entry stood someone.

Need some coloring help

17 February 2019 - 03:45 PM

Need someone who can alter colors and add colors, dm me please, don't need to spam the chat

I have an image for a future playby that's in black and white, need the skin colored and added some color to parts of the armor, for the image please Pm me or get me on discord please.

♱ Syko ♱


Thank you in advance to those that help

The Nihutya

13 February 2019 - 09:07 PM


* Intent: Sith Sword for Vyrassu

* Image Source: Source Here

* Canon Link: N/A

* Primary Source: Sith Sword

* Manufacturer: Darth Vyrassu

* Affiliation: Darth Vyrassu

* Model:  Custom Knightly Sword

* Modularity: No

* Production: Unique

* Material:  Alchemized  Duraplast
*  Obsidian
*  Soul Snare Crystals
*  Svolten rhyolite
*  source here
*  Force Imbuement

* Classification: Sword

* Size: Average

* Weight: Average

* Extremely Lightsaber resistant.
* Extremely resistant to blasterfire.
* Can ground lightning
* Very sharp due to it's Obsidian edges
* Can trap souls of it's victims.
* Sword is permanently sharp due to Svolten rhyolite.
* The Sword is Imbued with the force granting Vyrassu the ability to discharge lightning and other force abilities from the sword.

+The Sword being alchemized can parry lightsabers
+Obsidian being naturally one of the sharpest stones known in existence causing the blade to be extremely sharp.
+With the sword having Svolten Rhyolite keeps the blade permanently sharp.
+Upon killing someone Soul Snare Crystals trap the victims soul/essence. (this action must be approved if used on a PC player)
+A Sith Amulet inside the hilt enhances Vyrassu's natural force abilities as well as his speed, agility, as well as his force abilities.

-Cannot cut through most metal materials such as a lightsaber
-The Sith Amulet only enhances abilities if held in users hand.
-Force Light could possible negate the affects of Dark Alchemy and the Amulets abilities
-Due to it's heavy presence in the darkside, this sword can cause it's user to be detected through the force.
-A Force nullification bubble could possibly negate it's force imbue properties.

For over 5,000 years, Vyrassu has lived, gaining power and knowledge and causing destruction in his wake. Born sometime before the Great Hyperspace war, Vyrassu was trained with Swords, not Lightsabers. The Nihutya was his answer to that. Forged on Korriban with pure darkness to compliment Vyrassu's dark power. The Nihutya is made with alchemized Duraplast, obsidian edging, a Sith amulet to enhance his abilities, Svolten Rhyolite to keep it permanently sharp, then Soul Snare crystals to trap it's victims soul/essence. The Nihutya was a beautiful power of darkness Sword that striked fear into the eyes of it's enemies.

Element Arts

07 February 2019 - 04:28 PM

So I had another post with all my old style signatures that were not that great, so I'm posting this new one with my new style signatures. I don't work with normal gifs, I only use elemental gifs, (lightning, fire, smoke, rain, clouds, sparkles, lights, sunshine, wind, snow and various others) so here's my gallery.

If you wish for one, please fill out the template.

Character pic or playby name:
Character Name:
Alignment (Darkside, Neutral, lightside):
Colors (3 colors):
Element Gif Effect style:
Faction (if any):
If it's a custom faction not using a Canon logo, please provide logo.