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#1973509 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on Today, 04:06 PM

Laira nodded. It could be irritating to be held to a standard one didn’t see themselves as. If Elpsis didn’t want to be a hero or labelled as one, Laira wouldn’t force her into the mold. She knew how that felt, what it was like to feel like you had to squeeze yourself into a mold someone else had made without your own heart’s desires in mind.  


Elpsis began elaborating on her more recent events and Laira smiled a little, just a touch, “That’s good. I’m glad you’ve found your path.” She hoped vengeance would eventually fade and something brighter and kinder would take its place in time. Vengeance had a way of being consuming, a Laira wanted to ask a hundred questions, but she decided to focus on just two or three.


I have a couple questions if you wouldn’t mind humoring me. First, why keep the memento mori?” She pointed to the skull on the shelf. It was a little morbid, but understanding why Elpsis felt the need to display might help her understand where Elpsis was at.


Second, tell me about your relationship. I’m glad you found someone to take comfort in and I’d love to get to know her.” Laira was a bit excited to hear about her friends relationship, Elpsis wasn’t someone she had thought would ever commit to anyone in that manner and so the idea of it was exciting, even if it wasn’t her. If anything it was easier this way since she had felt guilty about growing attached to Leo without having spoken to Elpsis about it.


Third, your command, are you happy? Does it make you feel fulfilled?


#1973481 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on Today, 12:58 PM

Laira stopped and listened, just listened. There was nothing she could do but listen to her friend as she spoke. In her heart she wanted to help, to comfort, to fix it for Elpsis, but there was nothing she could do that would simply make the past go away. The truth was, what had happened to Elpsis was beyond her capability of really understanding, it was beyond anyone’s ability to understand without experiencing it. 


Elpsis was still angry, Laira could tell as much. Still disappointed in the redhead, and Laira understood. Her thoughts didn’t wander, but she did long for someone to hold her and comfort her.




They both seemed so alone. Maybe Elpsis had found comfort somewhere else, Laira wasn’t jealous if she had. Her feelings for the witch weren’t the same. She loved Elpsis, but not in the same sense anymore. Maybe she never really had, just her teenaged brain misinterpreting closeness and friendship, mixed with physical attraction into something more. The redhead wanted to help, but there was nothing she could do but listen and hope that one day they wouldn’t both be so apart that she might be able to bring that comfort to her.


When Elpsis had finished, Laira spoke again, her voice uneasy from having heard some of what all had occurred. Of course the Phoenix had not elaborated on the torture or reprogramming, but it was still quite the ordeal. “Elpsis, you don't need to apologize to anyone.” Laira wasn’t interested in Elpsis suddenly being ashamed of killing. Even Laira wasn’t ashamed of it, though she didn’t enjoy it. Her X-Wing no longer bore kill-tallies and she didn’t keep track or notch her belt or anything. The only thing she kept up with was lost wingmen and friends, names etched on the inside of her cockpit, hidden behind a false panel. "You did what you had to all your life. You always will."


Laira stopped. Elpsis told her a lot, it was a summary, but it was still heavy. She didn't delve into the gritty details, not that doing so would help the shaved-headed woman any good. The Force may have showed Laira some of the details on Tython, but it wouldn't do Elpsis much good to relive the trauma anymore than she was ready to. She wanted to tell her she was brave, she was strong. But it all seemed empty. Like all Elpsis wanted was to share, and that Laira was just supposed to listen. Still, she couldn't just be silent. "You saved so many people on Tephrike. Firemane, Dominion, their prisoners, Rhea, Diona. You suffered, but you came out of it."


"You broke out, you came back from it because you've got this amazing willpower I envy everyday. You found yourself even after all of that, because that's who you are. Who you've always been. You might be hurting still, but you haven't let it stop you. You fell right back into being a heroine, putting yourself on the line to save others, many of whom you didn't even know."


#1972262 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 15 August 2019 - 03:16 PM

Laira listened to Elpsis, they shared some common ground about their fathers. Yes, Draco had decided to retire and live out his life in comfort and at peace, but there was still all that darkness he had once been that she and her brother carried. Not to mention the Organa family tree wasn’t exactly a shining symbol of hope. Laira’s own views on the Force was different, she considered the Dark Side to come from within as well as the Light, but to her the Dark Side was a pit, that once surrendered to become harder and harder to pull one’s self back out of. And it was in that pit that the poison one drank from willingly turned their eyes yellow like a demon’s.


No, you’re right. A lot of this is still probably still selfish of me.” She admitted, though it was difficult for her to say. As much as she wanted to be friends with Elpsis and help her and ensure her friend was happy and healthy even if it things never went back to how they were, part of her just wanted to be on the Jedi path for herself, going forward and moving with a clear conscience rather than having her misdeeds hanging over her head. But that was not the Jedi way. Selflessness was required. Laira needed to push her own desires and wants out of the way and act only for the good of her friend. “I suppose I just don’t want you to think I’m making excuses. We had to start somewhere.” 


There was an old saying that Forgiveness came from within, but Resolution came from others. She just wasn’t sure how to proceed past making her own confessions.


The coldness in Elpsis’s tone was palpable, sending a shiver up the redhead’s spine. “But, you’re right. So far it’s been all about me, and that’s not how it should be.” She did have a sinking feeling the Force had shown her a small part of Elpsis’s story, one that had left her crying and clutching herself in the fetal position in inky blackness.


You were the one who was wronged, we should be focused on you and what you need.


#1972198 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 15 August 2019 - 10:19 AM

The battle, my friends, and my recovery after the crash were parts of it, but mostly, it was because I was afraid to find you dead. I was afraid that I couldn’t handle that, and that I would become a monster like my father had been.” Laira set her jaw again. 


She had never said that out loud, but she had been told some of the atrocities Darth Vulkan, her father’s former Sith title had participated in. Genocide. Torture. Murder. It used to frighten the young redhead knowing those genes were in her own blood. Her father had been cruel and evil at a time before her birth, and ever since she had been born he had only taken up the sword once or twice. He had even admitted that he was afraid to be a warrior again, because he didn’t think he could keep from slipping back into the inky darkness if he surrounded himself with it again. Especially after the hollow emptiness she had after Kenth and the Imperial Scientist had died to her hands. Guilt she had taken upon herself and contorted in her fear into something more.


Purity,” The redhead stammered there, recalling the memories of her friends that died and the younglings. All the blood and death, the thousands that trudged up through the mud and rain that never came off that mountain, the horror of it all. The grim reality of it all. “I had never been in a battle like that. I wasn’t prepared for it, and I handled it poorly. I'm not a killer Elpsis, not really. I will when its necessary, but I don't want to kill anyone. And it took me a long time to conquer my fears and understand my own traumas enough that I could come face you. It shouldn’t have, but it did.” Because she had been inexperienced and weak.


You didn’t need me. You didn’t need any of us.” Laira whispered, “But you deserved me at the very least. I’ll explain any details you want to know, but they aren’t excuses. I should have come for you. I should have done this sooner.


#1972031 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 14 August 2019 - 06:24 PM

Laira breathed in deeply, filling her lungs and grabbing hold of the calm part of her presence with her mind. When Elpsis beckoned her to follow, she did, with her companions in tow along the dim corridors and bare walls until they reached the office. Saeza pulled on Rowdy’s dome-shaped head taking the droid with her to find a spot on a bench outside the office silently while Laira followed the blind girl in.


I came here to apologize.” Laira started, she was afraid of what Elpsis might say about that. “But that's not enough, so I came to tell you I will earn your forgiveness somehow. Probably not today, it may take me the rest of my life, but I will.” Resolve. Determination. Traits she needed in life. Her eyes watered a little but she managed to keep the tears from falling or welling up in her eyes. The blind girl was so... different. So much darker than she remembered, no longer the happy or up-beat girl she had once known. 


Admit your faults. “I abandoned you, left you to be tortured or killed, because I was afraid. Because I was more concerned with what it might do to me to find you dead than I was with saving you. Because I was weak.The redhead clenched her jaw, tightly. She clamped down on the ache building in her throat to let out a sob. “I'm not weak anymore. I won’t let you down again and one day maybe I’ll prove it to you.


#1971997 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 14 August 2019 - 03:40 PM

Laira pushed off to one side of the hallway, letting the hungry and tired recruits plough past her and her duo of companions. Rowdy tootled the occasional obscene binary, waving manipulator arms at recruits that bumped him too hard, while Saeza shrunk behind the redhead against the wall. 


Laira’s eyes took in Elpsis, she had a noticeable limp and a scarred hand missing several digits. A handful of marks across her face and her shaved head. She looked hardly recognizable. Laira had a small set of scars from her ordeal on Tython and Azure, but it was nothing like her friend had suffered. Laira bore only a few scars on her left cheek that could be seen when she was dressed. The ugly jagged messes of flesh on her shoulder and thigh were covered and the thick wound on her stomach covered by her shirt. 


A testament to what each of them went through and how it compared. Laira’s mental scars were likely a similar analogy between their sufferings.


Hello Elpsis,” Laira said, bowing at the waist when she acknowledged the formerly firemaned heiress. The redhead tried to keep the sorrow and fear from her voice. The pity as well. Elpsis didn't need her pity, she was strong enough without such platitudes. “This is Saeza Bolok’Vang, my fellow padawan.” She exchanged pleasantries, Saeza’s gold eyes looked on impassive and emotionless, though her face and body language appeared shy and timid. Saeza could feel the aura surrounding Elpsis even as she suppressed her own. It was cause for concern for the little padawan, but Laira trusted these people. “Is there anywhere you and I can talk privately?” Laira asked once the last of the recruits had passed them by.


#1971964 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 14 August 2019 - 12:26 PM

Laira ordered a small drink, a non-alcoholic fruit juice that came with a slice of whatever citrus it was squeezed from slipped on the rim of the glass while Saeza drank blue milk quietly. “How do you like that compared to what you were raised on?” Laira asked. She didn’t have any yuuzhan vong cuizine programmed into the ship and Saeza had never asked.


Hmm? What do you mean, I was raised on things like these. I spent most of my childhood on Alderaan or Corellia in the Jedi Enclaves there, fruits, milks, nuts, berries. They were commonplace.” The raven-haired Jedi responded, popping a crushed walnut into her mouth to chew on them.


What about before the enclave? What was your favorite food?” Laira asked. The day was getting late, likely Elpsis would be on her way soon but small talk helped. It let her mind wander and turn to good things while also keeping thoughts on the encroaching confrontation. “Like, Leo likes corellian porcine sausages over mashed yarro root drizzled in red gravy. I know that, but I don’t know your favorite meal.


When I was that young I was a slave. We ate whatever we found. Usually rodents or insects. Sometimes Killiks.” Saeza answered impassively. “I don’t know, I’ve never considered having a favorite meal. Is it important?


Not really, but its something friends should know about one another. Like you know mine, you know my favorite drink, and my favorite dance. I don’t know any of those things about you.” Laira liked her seafood, especially classic alderaanian dishes like smoked fish over rice, her favorite was Jawa Juice as it was fruity but had enough alcohol to loosen her up, and she enjoyed Zeltron-style dancing. 


Ah, I will decide on a few favorites. I did not learn how to dance though, so I will need to be taught a few before I decide which is my favorite.” Saeza sipped on her drink, golden eyes turning towards the door as she did so.


Yeah, I think that’s her too.


Are you ready?


No, but I’m not running either.” Laira downed her drink and stood, heading for the door. She wanted to meet Elpsis in the corridor rather than have her walk up into the cantina. “Come on.” Saeza simply sat her mostly full glass on the table and followed, adjusting her reddish brown cloak as she fell in line behind the redhead with the Astromech at her side.


#1971760 DEVASTATION: Codex Contest

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 13 August 2019 - 04:59 PM

The Event Judges have reviewed the submissions, both of which were phenomenal entries and we were excited to have the opportunity to read them. Both were detailed and fun. Everyone give Yula Perl and Judah Dashiell a round of likes for their submissions!


Without further ado,


Sisio has been selected as the winner of the Devastation: Codex Contest!


Yula Perl your fancy Bling and Bragging rights await!



#1971759 DEVASTATION: Factory Contest

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 13 August 2019 - 04:59 PM

Thank you for all the participants! The judgment team has been keeping up with you all and we convened to select a winner. Every submission to the contest was excellent and deserving of praise. Everyone should give Kraken Society Vanessa Vantai Darth Voracitos John Locke and Kor Vexen a round of likes for the effort they've put into bringing this event it's centerpiece!


Without further ado,


Ultima - Heaven on High has been selected as the Winner of the Devastation: Factory Contest!


Kor Vexen your fancy Bling and Bragging rights await


#1971693 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 13 August 2019 - 12:49 PM

Not as well as it could have gone, but there is hope.” The redhead smiled, finding a seat alongside the raven-haired elf and astromech. 


Good. I worried about you when I felt your emotions.” Saeza retorted impassively. Was she capable of worry? Did that not insinuate an attachment? Saeza considered Laira and Leo her only two friends, the only people she had known that seemed to want her around and seemed to enjoy her company, despite her track record of being dirty or filthy. Perhaps that is what helped fuel the redhead’s instincts.


Laira knew it would probably be a while before Elpsis arrived, Leonina did say she had duties to see to before she would be granted any personal time, though she hoped the tigress desired for them to move forward. <How am I going to go at this?> Laira thought to herself.


I would start by admitting your faults.” Saeza mused, having reclaimed the banana and took to slicing it and eating it with fork and knife at Laira’s advice, much to the chagrin of the off-duty soldiers. Laira looked up at the elf, squinting as she did so. “What?” she responded as she chewed, “I melded with you when we landed. Did you not realize?


It dawned on Laira suddenly that in her moment of panic and fear, she had found a calm center in her midst. A small, undefined fragment that had reached out and helped her push out the crippling emotions and struggle through the stress. “No, I didn’t. I appreciate it, but ask from now on.


The raven-haired girl shrugged her shoulders. “Understood. So, cut the connection?


Laira considered for a moment, remembering how she had been crippled for a moment until she had been able to calm herself. Or be calmed by Saeza. “Yes. I need to face this alone.


Very well.” Laira felt a small presence within herself snap away, withdrawn from her own. “I did not calm you, I just showed you what calm was since you were wondering. Master Ryn told me that emotions are not wrong, but one must not let them control you. Admit your faults, understand you cannot change her perception of you with words. You will in time, but you should not expect her forgiveness today.” Laira raised and eyebrow, casting her gaze away from the masked Vong. For all her naivety, she was wise in other ways. Slowly the redhead was beginning to understand why B'rahk had paired them together, they complimented each other, covered for each others flaws.


#1971498 DEVASTATION: Codex Contest

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 12 August 2019 - 11:00 PM

This contest is now Closed. Thank you for your participation, we should have a winner picked shortly!

#1971497 DEVASTATION: Factory Contest

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 12 August 2019 - 11:00 PM

This contest is now Closed. Thank you all for your participation. All active submissions have been locked and we should have a winner picked shortly!

#1971488 Darkhold Flight Jacket

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 12 August 2019 - 09:55 PM





Intent: Cuz why not.

Image Source: [x] | Edits by Runi Verin

Canon Link: Flight Jacket

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: The Resistance

Affiliation: Laira Darkhold

Model: Darkhold

Modularity: No

Production: Unique



Classification: Anti-Environment

Weight: Very Light | 1 Kilogram


  • Energy: Low
  • Kinetic: Low
  • Lightsabers: Low
  • Blades: High
  • Elemental: High
  • Environment: High



  • All-Weather: Be it desert world, arctic tundra, volcanic fields, or blizzards the Flight Jacket is designed to protect the wearer from the elements and environments, keeping them comfortable and insulated.


  • Jacket: It really is just a nice leather jacket, not meant to save the wearer from the rigors of combat.


The Darkhold Flight Jacket is simply a leather and sunshield jacket designed to protect its wearer from temperature variations one might suffer in space flight, as well as those a pilot might experience if they were required to survive on the ground for a period of time. The sunshield fabric provides a resistance to harsh starlight and radiation that a pilot might have to deal with, as well as temperature extremes. It is designed to help protect an ejecting pilot from shrapnel and explosions, doubling as a blast vest. The elbows feature woven padding to protect the arms from damage due to bumps and scrapes in case of an emergency landing.


The jacket is made from comfortable, high quality black leather with a sunshield lining, embroidered with red markings and ornamentation chosen by the wearer to depict a two-headed dragon over a pair of roses, and grey lettering ‘Dragons and Roses’. It features a thick collar, and a slim overall fit to match the pilot’s frame.

#1971407 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 12 August 2019 - 03:31 PM

Thank you,” Laira said, quietly. She hoped the Cathar Tigress would be on her side some when communicating with Elpsis, that maybe she thought it would be good for Elpsis to resolve some of their issues, but it was just a hope. Sometimes one had to rely on hope, and it had to be found in all the uncertainty and doubt.


Laira started to turn away, but instead decided on a different course of action instead. She went in to hug the tigress in what she wanted to be a warm embrace, expecting that it would relay her gratitude better than her words might be able to. Plus kitty fur was usually super soft and cuddly.


Whether she was blocked or not, Laira would leave a moment later and make her way back to the cantina where she had left Saeza who was surrounded by several Firemane troops on their off time.


Yes, I do enjoy them.” She responded to an innuendo regarding the banana she had been gifted by one of the male soldiers. “Well, yes I like those too. I am not too picky really.” She answered a different innuendo to the amusement of the off-duty soldiers. Either the soldiers had realized she was strangely naive and were playing pranks on her or her misunderstandings had intrigued them immensely.


Excuse me, I need to talk to my partner.” Laira said, slipping through the small group that had taken an interest in her companion. “Saeza, put that down.” She said, pushing the fruit away from the elven girl’s mouth. Disappointed the others seemed to retreat for the time being.


How did it go?


#1971384 Adjudication [Elpsis]

Posted by Laira Darkhold on 12 August 2019 - 12:28 PM

Leonina was speaking the truth. Even now Laira could see that, there was just the guilt and the weight that she would never know for certain because she had not tried. “I am trying and doing my best not to dwell on it. I guess its just the not knowing what difference I could have made.” Logically it made sense that she would have just been another body on the ground with Captain Ul undergoing the assault. Maybe she could have managed rescuing Elpsis herself a minute early if she had sprinted through the battle, but chances were she would not have made a significant impact. Counting on a miracle even then. Laira glanced down at her hands seeing they were gripped tight and having to concentrate on relaxing them.


Yeah,” She muttered at the mention of the Younglings sent to charge out. “I reacted poorly, I just.” Laira breathed in, “I wasn’t experienced. It was the first real battle I had been in on the ground and I wasn’t ready to deal with that kind of fight. I made some poor choices during it.” She had lost Stalgis and Cix prior to the youngling assault, and then she had injured Leo during the charge when he had struggled to restrain her and keep her from endangering others. She had tried to save up and buy him scar removal treatments, but he had refused. Instead he told her he wore every scar as a reminder of what he has done and when he has been luckier than the next guy.


All we can do is try to make the one that hurts the least of them without putting our boys in more danger than is necessary.” Laira said. It was a revelation she had in the cavern on Tython, and she understood, but she knew she wouldn’t always know the best path. 


Elpsis is one of my close friends. She was a lover at one time, though I don’t think I want to be that again.” Laira sighed, it had been fun for a while, but she wasn’t someone who wanted the same things as Elpsis. “But she is still my friend, and I owe it to her to make it up to her for not trying to rescue her. I just don’t know how. I can't change the past, so whatever it is, it'll take time.” And it may never be the same.