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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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Darkhold Flight Jacket

12 August 2019 - 09:55 PM





Intent: Cuz why not.

Image Source: [x] | Edits by Runi Verin

Canon Link: Flight Jacket

Primary Source: Not Applicable



Manufacturer: The Resistance

Affiliation: Laira Darkhold

Model: Darkhold

Modularity: No

Production: Unique



Classification: Anti-Environment

Weight: Very Light | 1 Kilogram


  • Energy: Low
  • Kinetic: Low
  • Lightsabers: Low
  • Blades: High
  • Elemental: High
  • Environment: High



  • All-Weather: Be it desert world, arctic tundra, volcanic fields, or blizzards the Flight Jacket is designed to protect the wearer from the elements and environments, keeping them comfortable and insulated.


  • Jacket: It really is just a nice leather jacket, not meant to save the wearer from the rigors of combat.


The Darkhold Flight Jacket is simply a leather and sunshield jacket designed to protect its wearer from temperature variations one might suffer in space flight, as well as those a pilot might experience if they were required to survive on the ground for a period of time. The sunshield fabric provides a resistance to harsh starlight and radiation that a pilot might have to deal with, as well as temperature extremes. It is designed to help protect an ejecting pilot from shrapnel and explosions, doubling as a blast vest. The elbows feature woven padding to protect the arms from damage due to bumps and scrapes in case of an emergency landing.


The jacket is made from comfortable, high quality black leather with a sunshield lining, embroidered with red markings and ornamentation chosen by the wearer to depict a two-headed dragon over a pair of roses, and grey lettering ‘Dragons and Roses’. It features a thick collar, and a slim overall fit to match the pilot’s frame.

Persevere [Gianna]

10 August 2019 - 02:41 AM


Anna watched the security terminal with wide eyes, the tears that had been falling from her eyes had dried now, leaving her face stained with her mascara. What the hell was happening?


She watched the terminal intently, controlling the zoom feature and checking on any shadow that she even for an instant thought was moving. 


The plan had been so simple, she and Ryn would go to the communication tower and send the distress call, then they’d take the two-person escape pod there to circle back to the rest of the crew to wait. Ryn had even taken his big plasma-thrower to deal with those… things. 


But it hadn’t mattered. She could still hear the sounds he made when it got him. The heat from the plasma-thrower when he pulled the trigger and turned the wall and terminals into burning sludge. She sniffed, realizing she still had some of the spray from his brain-matter on her cheek and in her hair. 


Anna had ran, ran as fast as she could and locked herself into the security station down the hall. Only one way in and she was watching it through the holocam. Nothing. 


Fear gripped at her, at everything around her. She thought it was the silence that bothered her the most. At least if she could see it wandering the corridors or lurking in the communication center there would be something to focus on. But this eerie, nothingness, just silence left her mind to wander. She didn’t know how much of the message had gotten out before Ryn’s plasma burned the terminal, hopefully someone had heard her plea for rescue, but now there wasn’t any use worrying over it. 


Minutes clicked by, nothing. 


An hour, nothing.


Anna began whispering to herself, calming herself down enough so that she could act. The holocam would run out of battery soon if she kept using it, and then she’d be blind to everything outside the security closet. “Come on, you lost it. It was hungry, it grabbed Ryn. You got away while it dragged him off. Twenty meters, turn left, ten meters open the door, close the door. Launch.” She repeated it to herself over and over again until she had the courage for it. 


She readied herself, deciding it was best to just run for it. No sneaking, no trying to hide from the thing. Just run for her life. Anna clicked the door open, ducking under the rising door, sprinting down the corridor that lay before her bathed in darkness and shadows. She took the turn in the corridor with a skid, sliding as she twisted her momentum to keep propelling herself in the right direction. Her feet were barely hitting the ground as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. <There’s the door!> She smiled in relief, breathing easy for the first time since she had left the safety of the barracks, just in time to hear it.


The hissing. The clattering of skeleton like hands and feet on the deck behind her.


She couldn’t even make herself look behind, not that there was anything more than an inky black form sliding through the darkened corridor. Panic filled her every nerve. <Just run, just run!> Anna slammed into the door, smashing the button for it to open. She could hear it bounding, gaining on her from behind rapidly. The door slid open, she threw herself inside the escape pod hitting the emergency launch lever, falling to the floor as she scrambled for it. 


The thing’s racing bounds increased in volume as the hiss of the door closing started. Anna rolled over to her back, eyes wide with fear, seeing the doors close as the thing crashed against the decking. A sudden wash of relief came over her. “HA!” She laughed! Smiling, fresh tears of joy sliding down her face while she got to her feet. Anna had made it, survival was in her grasp and there was nothing that thing could do about it. “HA! I lived you son of a hutt! Suck it!” Her elation was palpable as the creature snarled into the porthole, drool dripping from its jaws. She mimed a crotch-chop at the door before pressing her face to the transparisteel window, “Suck on that!” Anna said with a laugh at the creature on the other side.


It’s mouth opened with a hissing growl. It’s tongue dashed out through the porthole.


The pod launched a few seconds later. Nothing but coldness and death within as air, blood, and bone trickled out of the shattered porthole while the pod listed away from the ship. 




Laira spun around in her chair, the headphones around her ears playing loudly enough the music could be heard by others passing by her captain’s suite. She was trying to take hermind off everything, to focus on just living each day as best she could while she could. Everything that had happened and that she had done falling around. The redhead was trying her best to be a Jedi, trying her best to set every wrong she had committed onto others right, but it seemed like sometimes it was too little too late. That by nineteen she’d already ruined any chance of the life she wanted.


So, in her down time, she now tried her best to distract herself from all of that with music, tinkering with her lightsaber, or meditating on the Jedi Code and what she could understand of it. Sometimes she thought about killing herself, but she didn’t have the stomach for that. Dying while fighting she was willing to come to terms with, though it wasn’t something she hoped would happen. But just ending it in a dark room? That was a little too grim even for her darkest moments.


Now she was listening to a song that was upbeat, rocking her head to the beat and occasionally whispering the words to herself while she read a book written by an old Jedi Master. “Yea the whispers all around say she has a reputation, Don't believe it 'til I see it so I want a demonstration.


There was a knock on her open door. She could feel him in the Force, the tall Death Trooper that had feelings for her she’d brought on as a first mate months ago. Sometimes she wished he’d had let her reciprocate his emotions, before all that had happened but he was adamant that they needed to work through their own individual issues before seeing where things went, but some days Laira just wished she had someone that could hold her and make all her worries disappear for an hour. A minute even.


Yes?” She turned around, pulling the headphones off as she did with a smile. 


Got a message, thought you’d want to hear it.” Leo answered, handing her the datapad.


She clicked play, waiting for the message to buffer. The image was of a pretty brunette woman, probably had some Hapan blood in her veins based on her attractiveness. She was on a darkened ship, only an emergency light on in her vicinity. “This is Anna Pularu, Human Resources for Ex-Gal Five-three-four-seven, Dona Carlotta. We’ve been boarded, by… something. The ship has suffered severe….” the message skipped, the next time the woman was on, she was crying and the lights were out. “Someone, help me please!” Then there was a scream, and something unintelligible before a bright light and then the message was only static.


And that was it.


So who all got the message?” Laira asked.


Us. It’s coming out of the Rishi Maze, deep out there. Anyone who wanted to go look would need a fast ship and a good pilot or they’d never make it. It’d be months before a big ship could go take a look.” Leo finished, arching an eyebrow.


Sounds like a job for us then. Send the message to Monastery, it’s kind of on the way. Ask them if they want to send a healer to go with us, and if so to have them meet us at Rishii.” Laira stood, leaving her little work station to jog off to the Cockpit and set a course. It was exactly the thing she needed to take her mind off her own self-pity for a while.


Go do the hero gig for a bit, maybe it would help her decide what to do with the rest of her life.


Alright, Saeza.” The redhead said as she entered the cockpit. No one sat in the pilot’s chair but her while she was aboard and so it was still empty. “Changing course to Rishii, max speed, push the hyperdrive to its limits. Let’s see what the fastest ship in the galaxy can really do.


SH-N Projection Helmet

09 August 2019 - 01:44 AM






Intent: Neat Helmets

Image Source: [x] | [x] | [x

Canon Link: Nanotechnology | Solid-State Hologram

Primary Source: Me, I’m amazing and deserving of all your praise




Manufacturer: Corellian Personal Defense

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Model: SH-N Projection

Modularity: Yes

Production: Limited



Classification: Multi-Purpose

Weight: Very Light | 0.25 Kilograms


  • Energy: Average
  • Kinetic: Average
  • Lightsaber: Average
  • Environmental: Very High
  • Elemental: Very High
  • EMP/Ion: Very Low 


  • Environ-Friendly: The SH-N provides excellent insulation against heat, cold to regulate the wearer’s temperature, defenses against high-gravity and gravitic distortions, radiation, chemicals, acids, and other elements. It also filters out smoke and inhaled poisons when activated, as well as providing enough of a hermetic seal and back-up oxygen supply to be used as an Extravehicular helmet.


  • Easy Application: The helmet constructs itself, and disassembles itself from, around the head of the wearer when activated, sometimes via neural command, or eye twitch like a HUD, or button in short order, fast enough to save them during explosive decompression.


  • Electronic Defenses: The SH-N is vulnerable to EMP and Ion attacks, which are able to disable the helmet and its constituent parts.




The Solid-State Hologram-Nanobot Projection Helmet has been built by Corellian Personal Defense to provide spacers and soldiers on the Outer Rim a way to wear their helmets in the open without drawing unnecessary attention and providing protection for those who do not usually wear helmets. With the galaxy constantly using chemical warfare, fighting in extremely hazardous environments, Corellian Personal Defense designed the helmet with outliers in mind.


The device works based on principles of Solid-State Holograms, which project around the wearer’s head which is then covered in laminanium-nanites, forming the necessary electronics and self-healing plating needed for the helmet. The Solid-State hologram provides the lenses and any other transparent features, doubling as a HUD projection. When damaged the system takes a moment before repairing itself back to the pre-programmed settings, using the nanites to rapidly heal openings and breakages. The helmet will form to create respirators, chemical filters, hermetic seals against decompression and pressure, rebreathers for aquatic use, and a small oxygen supply, around ten minutes worth.




The helmet can turn translucent, even transparent if so desired, allowing the wearer's face to be seen or exposed based on the situation. Some users enjoy this quality, preferring to use their own eyes rather than reliance on a HUD or targeting system. Because of its easily donned and doffed design, helmet can be programmed with different aesthetics and designs to provide a wearer with a personalized feel that was deemed marketable. Any species can wear the device, and it accommodates for long hair, usually clasping it or drawing it up into the helmet if necessary.

Adjudication [Elpsis]

07 August 2019 - 02:23 AM

Laira woke from her slumber peacefully, probably one of the few times she had since Tephrike. Since her time on Tython the redhead knew what she had to do, and though there were probably others she needed to visit and set things right for, there was a reason this one had haunted her so. Why it had been one of the hardest parts of her trials. 


She was afraid of seeing Elpsis again.


After everything that had happened, that she had done, that she had heard, Laira felt fear of the unknown in her stomach whenever her crush became the subject matter. What would she see? What would she say? And that was assuming Elpsis even agreed to meet with her in the first place. She had every right to turn Laira away without a word.


All Laira was certain of was that she had to confront it head on if she was going to follow the Jedi Path she had chosen. She couldn’t let that fear consume her and keep her from going to her friend any longer. She couldn’t keep making that mistake again and again. 


The redhead rose and carried about getting ready for the day, showering, brushing her teeth. The mundane parts of life on a ship. Laira eventually dressed in what had become her usual attire, armor, belt, and cloak, leaving her quarters to find Saeza and Leo in the galley having their breakfast around the table while the droids watched over the ship. Saeza stood up and offered her a plate of eggs and bacon, “Here, made you some breakfast.


Thank you, but I’m not hungry. Give it to the human-garbage compactor there.” She jabbed her chin towards Leo, giving a half-hearted smile as she did. She’d not eaten before bed either, her stomach was in knots and she felt half sick from anxiety. 


You should eat.

I’ll eat after I’ve got my appetite back.” She waved the plate away despite Saeza’s sad look. “You’ll need your Masquer for this.” Grey lipid pools turned to the Death Trooper sitting at the table, “I’d like for you to stay on the ship.


Leo grunted, lifting another strip of bacon to his mouth, taking a bite and chewing a bit before responding. “I figured. Should I keep the engine running?” He asked, only somewhat sarcastically.


No, just chill out around the ship. Try and relax.” She wanted to be more reassuring, to say she’d be fine, but in all likelihood she would not be. “Rowdy, how long until we revert?The droid beeped a few times signalling that it would only be a few more minutes until they arrived above Arkas. "Transmit our real codes when we get there. And be polite."


Eyes of the Galaxy | Nominations!

05 August 2019 - 02:23 PM

With the Invasion of Azure winding down, I figured now was as good a time as any to throw up the Nominations thread so we could get some shout-outs going for some awesome writing and great stories that took place in the thread.


Once again, please No self-nominations and feel free to nominate whoever from the thread for whatever title. Some funny ones like "Duh Moment" or "Comedic Relief" is more than welcome!


Amon Vizsla has agreed to do the art for this round of Nominations, so please everyone giving him some thanks for his efforts, the preview I got looked great!


Best Sith: Darth Prazutis : Kinda goes without saying, but should still be said every now and then.

Best Jedi: This was a toss up for me, so I went with my two favorite Romi Jade | Veiere Arenais

Best Mando: Goes to Kaine Australis this time around


Most Dramatic Moment: Asaraa Vaashe


Best Duel: Allya Vi'Dreya & Adenn Kyramud