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Dart the Amaran

Dart the Amaran

Member Since 05 Nov 2015
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In Topic: Looking for love in all the wrong places...

11 November 2015 - 07:15 PM

Make sweet, sweet love to me.

In Topic: Interest Check: GA Hot Springs Social

10 November 2015 - 07:38 PM

Hot springs...?



In Topic: The Kitbot

09 November 2015 - 02:50 PM



Edits made.

In Topic: The Starting Point (Techno Union Conference, Open to Faction, all others PM)

08 November 2015 - 11:33 PM

At first it looked like a chair was sliding along the ground via some unknown force. The boring business men at the table all looked at the chair in shock as its legs made grinding noises along the floor until it finally stopped at their table. They heard a grunt, and all of a sudden, a furry little beast was climbing up into the chair. It was wearing a suit. Little paws sticking out of the end, with tiny black claws on them. It was actually a he; Dart, to be precise. He wiggled his wet nose through the air as he looked across the table. Lots of food. Dart reached out with his tiny hands, piling a bunch of the food onto his plate before he started to shovel all of it into his mouth.


"Gods, how can such a little thing eat so much food...?" One of the onlookers whispered. 


"What!?" Dart gave them a little, 'What can I do about it?' look in response. As he continued to shovel food into his maw, he noticed a woman walking around the room. She looked like the one he was looking for.


With a speed that made the terrified CEOs jump, Dart jumped off his chair and onto all fours. He ran across the room, running under tables and between peoples legs. As he caught up to her, he called out to her, standing up on his rear legs.


"Hey! Hey lady! You're, uh...Tomooxun Tami, right?"


Tmoxin Temi

In Topic: Card Game

08 November 2015 - 06:22 PM

Fyor Nayus


Roll20 has a fairly good card system, if I remember correctly. Just thought I'd mention it. If you're up for it, I'd be down to run a test of it with you. I think it'd be pretty cool to have a card game actually be real in a thread.