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Dart the Amaran

Dart the Amaran

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The Kitbot

08 November 2015 - 08:36 PM


Image Source: http://vectorchamele...2014/05/cat.png

Intent: To create the first product in a line of robotic toys made by Amar Cybernetics

Development Thread: NA

Manufacturer: Amar Cybernetics

Model: Feline Droid v1

Affiliation: Open Market

Modularity: Comes in different colors

Production: Minor


  • Durasteel
  • Droid parts

Classification: Third Degree

Weight: 40kg

Height: 28cm

Movement: Quadrupedal

Armaments: None

Misc. Equipment:

  • Various sensors
  • One way translator - Can understand multiple languages for commands, but cannot vocally translate.
  • Voice box


The Kitbot was designed to originally be a toy for small children, meant to keep them company as well as keep them safe. However, it has become appealing to adults as well. The bots have very expressive personalities, and love to play and ‘talk’ to their owner. They are programmed with various noises, from meowing, purring, and hissing if the bot notices something that may be dangerous. The most popular market for the Kitbot has become pilots and smugglers, who often need company on longs trips, with children becoming the second most popular market. Due to its small size, the Kitbot can fit inside a cockpit with its owner.


The bots can also be programmed to perform various actions and tricks.

Primary Source: NA

Yum Bunnies Bantha Bites!

07 November 2015 - 11:16 PM


Image Source: http://plusonepizza....sless Wings.png

Intent: To create a menu for Yum Bunnies Restaurant, Bar & Entertainment Chain.

Development Thread: NA

Manufacturer: Yum Bunnies

Model: Food

Affiliation: Yum Bunnies

Modularity: Yes - With over a dozen custom made secret sauces to compliment! Crispy! Grilled! Baked!

Production: Production: Mass Produced

Material: Bantha meat, various spices & sauce.


Yum Bunnies is a franchise restaurant created and branched out to provide good food, great environment, and employment opportunities.


The menu of each Yum Bunnies is the same as the next. Though not the most expensive or fancy food, Yum Bunnies remains a powerful tradition of flavor and quality. When you order a meal at a Yum Bunnies, you are guaranteed the same great flavor as you would get in the next one you go to. Though the menu is often updated and added to, there are some staples that remain a constant at each and every Yum Bunnies.


Enter one of the all time classics: the Bantha Bites!  No bones about it. These delicious chunks of Bantha can’t be beat! Hand breaded to order & tossed in your favorite Yum Bunnies’ signature sauce, they are the perfect finger food for watching the local Grav Ball game!


Get them in mild, medium, hot, Tusken Raid, and Scorching Nebula Fireball.  


Primary Source:

Yum Bunnies

Yum Bunnies Galactic Headquarters

07 November 2015 - 09:55 PM






Name: Yum Bunnies Galactic Headquarters

Image Source: 

Intent: To create a HQ for the restaurant Yum Bunnies, as well as provide a location for an upcoming fundraiser

Classification: This is the HQ for Yum Bunnies Restaurant, Bar & Entertainment Chain.

Location: Bestine, Tatooine

Affiliation: Arceneau Trade Company | Yum Bunnies | Dart the Amaran | Danger Arceneau


The Yum Bunnies Headquarters was designed with two things in mind: entertainment, and office work. So, the layout reflects that. The outside is rather boring, looking like any other corporate HQ, but with neon lights and signs covering the walls. The bottom floor is a restaurant, the biggest Yum Bunnies franchise in the galaxy, with a max occupancy of close to 700. It too, is similar to the outside in that it looks like an everyday bar with neon lights and Yum Bunnies and signs absolutely everywhere.


The restaurant itself  provides great atmosphere, with a sleek design that reminds one of home. All Yum Bunnies Restaurants are exactly same on the inside save for basic layout. The tables are similar, the bar has the same alcohol, and the menu of each and every single restaurant is exactly the same. This is to ensure a comfortable environment to customers who are always on the go and in need of something that's more stable in their fast paced lives. To ensure that each Yum Bunnies maintains the same standards there are inspections of the restaurant grounds each month, as such it must be assured that the stores are kept clean, working efficiently, and most of all remain friendly.


The menu of each Yum Bunnies is the same as the next. Though not the most expensive or fancy food, Yum Bunnies remains a powerful tradition of flavor and quality. When you order a meal at a Yum Bunnies, you are guaranteed the same great flavor as you would get in the next one you go to. Though the menu is often updated and added to, there are some staples that remain a constant at each and every Yum Bunnies. A few of these are the Spicy Hot Bantha Bites, the Nexu Nuggets, and of course the Flaming Hot Titavian Wings(not made from actual Titavians). Though these are just a few menu options, Yum Bunnies ensures that all of its items are both delicious and affordable.


The atmosphere within each Restaurant is carefully maintained by the waitstaff of Yum Bunnies. It is of course this atmosphere that is the true draw of the Restaurants, and it is assured that each Yum Bunnies maintains the same friendly, and welcoming environment. Each waitress at Yum Bunnies is carefully trained and selected, taught how to be flirtatious and coy to maximize the experience of each and every customer. The uniforms at Yum Bunnies are specifically designed to aid in this task, from the black Lepi tailed short shorts all the way up to the black floppy ears that sit atop their head.


It should be noted that the waitresses at Yum Bunnies are never too friendly, the girls know there is a clear line, and any fraternization that is inspired purely happens because of the rare charming of the customer.


The upper levels are where everything boring happens. When one goes upstairs, all they see are a bunch of pencil pushers surprisingly unaware of all the chaos going on ten feet below them. Yum Bunnies executives don’t like making deals in the office, and so there are no conference rooms. That’s what the restaurant is for. High tech cubicles fill the center of the two levels, with offices of varying quality and size span the walls.


Finally, in the basement are quarters for staff who wish to live in them. The room is provided for free, and has two beds, as well as basic amenities. The rooms are simple, but are high quality.


History: The Yum Bunnies Galactic Headquarters was built in 844 ABY by Yum Bunnies and Arceneau Trade Company.


Yum Bunnies  -  Company Sub.

Amar Cybernetics

06 November 2015 - 12:19 AM

Corporation Name: Amar Cybernetics

Headquarters: Amar

Locations: NA

Operations: Droid and cybernetics production.


  • Amar Cybernetics was originally founded by Banjo and Snicks, the mother and father respectively of the company’s current owner, Dart. The company has been around for almost thirty years, with its anniversary coming up soon. That entire time, it has remained a small family business, never taking massive orders, and always trying to work personally with its customers. “The higher the quality, the more they’ll pay!” Was a phrase often used by Snicks. Dart still uses the motto to this day, in honor of his deceased father, who left him the company in his death.

Tier: 1


  • Amar Cybernetics is about as mom and pop as it gets. They have a small warehouse on Amar from which their company is run. It’s cluttered with various metal scraps and droids and whatnot. The company takes pride in the fact that they treat every customer like family. AC does their best to make sure every order has met their high standards. If an order is not completed on time or to the satisfaction of the custom, AC will usually give a small discount. However, with Dart coming in as owner of the company, this may soon change as he has plans to expand the company.

Subsidiaries: NA

Primary Source: NA

Arceneau Fundraising Event

05 November 2015 - 08:13 PM

Since it’s founding, ATC and its subsidiaries have prided themselves on the support they provide for the galactic community. Yum Bunnies is no exception.

With the grand re-opening of the Yum Bunnies headquarters on Tatooine, we will also be hosting a fundraiser for Arceneau Relief Efforts. All money raised at the charity will go towards rebuilding the economy of Sekalus do to recent events. We thank you for your time, and hope to see you at the event.

No weapons, maiming, brawling, or any other forms of violence will be allowed. ATC security and Darkwater associates will be policing the event.