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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

Member Since 06 Nov 2015
Offline Last Active Today, 04:48 AM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
The Order of the Silver Jedi

  The Order of the Silver Jedi   The forest world of Kashyyyk is home to Silver Rest, the temple of the Silver Jedi. The Order of the Silver Jedi is a steadfast beacon of light in a gala...

  • Members: 816
  • Created: 12-May 14
The Jedi Academy Network

The Jedi Academy Network (JAN) is an informal community for all Jedi, no matter what their allegiance or their interpretation of the Code. Jedi can come together to share all kinds of information a...

  • Members: 320
  • Created: 02-October 14

  The World of Commenor: A place of Peace and Prosperity. From the establishment of the Commenor Systems Alliance, to the year long occupation of the Sith Empire and the 8 million lives taken...

  • Members: 110
  • Created: 15-September 16
The Jedi Enclave

  Upon the lush green world of Svivren, nestled within one of the numerous and vast forest-lands, The Enclave awaits those who follow the calling and duty to the light of the Force, and the J...

  • Members: 17
  • Created: 16-June 17
House Arenais

Established in marriage by Kay Arenais and Veiere Arenais, Founded on their Home-World of Commenor and established in financial wealth through their previous leadership as King and Queen before the...

  • Members: 10
  • Created: 11-November 17
The Jedi Alliance Council

  The Jedi Alliance Council is a living group, changing in size, number, and members, but one thing remains the same: the focus on the greater path of what it means to be a Jedi.   Conta...

  • Members: 15
  • Created: 31-May 19