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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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In Topic: Moral Ethics, Personal Values & Diplomacy: Lesson One.

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

Veiere nodded to each of the four students whom entered into the classroom and found their desired seats, there didn't seem to be much an appetite for group lessons these days though out of the three scheduled classes, the four of them were the biggest showing where attendance was concerned. Sigyn Vanir was the newcomer of today's lesson, where Ura IolarKat Decoria and Loreena Arenais had attended a class or two of his just recently over the passed week.


"Greetings everyone" Veiere smiled from the head of the class-room, "Today's subject is Moral Ethics; an important class for any prospective Jedi in training" Veiere informed them. It was to be the first time holding this framework for the Silver Jedi on Kashyyyk, and so it seemed fitting that Veiere keep his first class somewhat straight forward. "Hopefully by now, each of you will know, experienced it yourselves or at the very least heard of the types of assignments we are given outside of the Silver Rest", the Silver Rest being the example, where otherwise he was suggesting the greater galaxy where ones academic home would otherwise keep them all sheltered from it's dangers.


"In order for us to properly contribute as a member of the Jedi, Moral Ethics is something that we must take with us, always" he explained, before posing the first question to the group; "Moral Ethics being...What exactly?" He grinned, looking to the four of them waiting for someone to find the courage to speak up.


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In Topic: Lightsaber Arts and Theory: Lesson One.

Yesterday, 05:15 PM

Somehow, he had expected more than the two Students to show up to today's lesson, though the arrival of Stardust Solus Skirae wasn't at all displeasing, for they two had not seen one another in quite a while. Ura Iolar greeted Veiere, to which Veiere offered a bow of his head in formal acknowledgement and having done so, smiled encouragingly "Hello again, Ura". His Daughter, Loreena Arenais would soon make her way into the holographic projection, much to the appreciation of her Father whom seemed a little starved of interest within his subjects lately.


"It's good to see you as well, Master Skirae" He spoke first to Star in formal title whilst in front of the younger pair, though he'd only do so once to encourage formality in their future interactions, his body-language soon proving a little more casual in their standing as his shoulders relaxed and he offered something of a chuckle under his breath; "How've you been my friend?", perhaps rhetorical, though offered out of consideration and friendship.


Veiere soon turned back to the two Padawan and gestured to their surroundings; "Clearly I had expected something of a bigger turn-out today than just the two of you, however it does offer us something of a unique experience to honor those of legend who've returned to the Force in an age long since passed" Veiere had admired his history subjects as a student himself, and it wasn't uncommon to fall back upon those experiences in the lessons he taught to his attendee's.


"As you know today's subject is Lightsaber Arts and Theory, and today we're going to be going over the Marks of Contact with the help of some friends!" four Training Droids would appear behind the Jedi Master with a distorted flash of blue energy as the holo-emmitters were interrupted by their arrival. "Worry not however, they will not be set to attack" He smirked, "Not this time, atleast". The Droids would begin to move however, making their way further into the center of the arena where they would form a line and turn back to face towards the group with fair distance between them for the practice of swordsmanship.


It wouldn't be difficult to know what was coming next; "Everyone find yourselves a position opposite your new training partners".


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In Topic: Force Mastery and Theory: Lesson Two.

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

Veiere couldn't help but chuckle a little to the question of Ura Iolar, "A Jedi should always seek to keep their form in peak physical condition" Veiere replied curtly, the words coming without much thought as it was a query quite easily answered. For a moment, he was reminded of days long since passed where he would often have to tell the younglings of Deneba something similar. The pair of them were joined by Loreena Arenais who seemed somewhat flustered in making it there on time, as well as Kat Decoria whom arrived not a moment afterward. 


"Is this all there is for today?" Veiere asked uncertainly, gauging the looks of the trio, soon finding little in the way of assurances and so nodding a couple times in resignation; "Very well then" he added with a sense of finality. Indeed, as expected, the Starfighter had caught the gaze of the students and Kat even seemed a little fixed on the machines state of being. "She is rather looking her age, isn't she?" Veiere smiled as he reiterated Ura's comment regarding the old model as well as her having been downed in such an overgrown area for that matter.


"For today's lesson, I felt the out-doors would best be suited. Kashyyyk is a beautiful world of natural life, and as we all should know by now, the flourishing nature such as this, helps strengthen one's connection to the force as opposed to the typical facilities made of metals and materials" The Jedi Master spared their surroundings a longing gaze, admiring the peaceful state of the forest that seemed to travel endless miles as far as the eyes could see. Though there was some small risk of wandering minds becoming distracted from the lesson at hand, Veiere often preferred to take his classes outside of the academic environment in order to exercise the enthusiasm and imagination of his students appetites for learning. "Today we are going to discuss a rather well known subject to many of the Jedi; something that you might have heard of before, called Telekinesis" he announced, his gaze settling upon the small group and wondering whether Ura or Kat had gone over this before.


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22 May 2019 - 12:11 AM

I'd pay for a remake of Rogue Squadron, absolutely!

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21 May 2019 - 01:07 AM

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Moral Ethics, Personal Values & Diplomacy.

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Lightsaber Arts and Theory: Lesson One.

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Force Mastery & Theory: Lesson Two.

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