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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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In Topic: The Value Of Life (Loreena Arenais)

Today, 01:20 AM

"There's no right or wrong answer here in a hypothetical scenario" Veiere replied with a smile, "I just wanted to throw in a spanner into the works and emphasize the need to adapt when things don't go as expected. They rarely do..." he concluded, turning back to look to the front of the cockpit. The Commenor Intelligence Agency was now within direct line of sight; the facility was massive and the central structure rose up into the sky, split in half forming two wide towers and housing hundreds of floors, each dedicated to different divisions of their spy network.


"There it is, just ahead of us" Veiere confirmed their destination, in the case that Lori had any doubts; he soon turned his attention to the comm's station and opened a channel to the CIA facility. "This is Veiere Arenais of the KingsGuard enroute from the east, we are requesting clearance to land".


"Permission granted, KingsGuard. Proceed to docking bay L-four-five".


Veiere thanked the voice on the other end before ending the call and turning to look back to Loreena Arenais, "Fun fact about this place, your Dad's the one that got it all started. Financed it straight out of pocket in order to keep their side of things separate from Government".

In Topic: Purgatory (Kay Arenais)

Yesterday, 11:50 PM

Veiere frowned, looking back at Kay Arenais clearly unsettled by the notion of moving forward without her. "Two life sentences is a long time..." he muttered under his breath, eyes closing a moment to try to keep his emotions restricted, buried beneath his restraint and sense of reason. "I am living proof that one can come back from a situation this negative. Somehow I've managed to be accepted once more by the Jedi, and you never gave up on me...-Nor do I intend to let you go through this without my love and support. The things you are in here for, were actions that were influenced by the Dark-Side and Darth Prazutis....-The Woman you are today, is not that same person guilty of those crimes" Veiere forced a smile, seeking to reassure and encourage Kay to try and remain positive. If it meant visiting on a regular basis, he would dive the House Arenais head first into bankruptcy if only to ensure Kay felt supported by her family.


Turning to look back towards the Prison Guard, Veiere motioned to the man. "You there, Guard?" he called for Donny to approach in want of an introduction with the Warden of the facility; "Please inform the Warden that Veiere Arenais would like an introduction and is willing to compensate in credits for the privilege of meeting with them" he spoke politely though too with a sense of purpose, the confidence that most people carried when their pockets weren't empty. 


Turning to place his hand against the panel of transparisteel that separated the couple, Veiere spoke to Kay once more, wishing to be able to remove her from the horrid place and return her to the comfort of their home in the hills of Commenor. "I cannot move against the law, but I will do everything that I can to give you the best treatment possible and to see about your freedom if at all possible. I will not have my wife locked away in some cell...-Your family will always be thinking of you, always love you".


The Amalgam

In Topic: The Value Of Life (Loreena Arenais)

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

Veiere frowned, pausing a moment before realizing the mistake of his words prior. "Sorry, I meant to say that 'one death is better than all three dying'. My point I was trying to make however was that if you chose to turn back to stall the opposition, no one would be with the innocent to ensure that they wouldn't be ambushed and killed some place ahead" Veiere smiled apologetically, placing a hand to his daughters shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze in affirmation, she had caught his mistake and he was proud to see that she was paying attention and putting true thought into what he was trying to teach her.


"I also may have gotten a little off track but I wanted to express the Jedi ideals and perspective on taking a life. Self sacrifice is also something that's heavily defective, no matter how selfless that it might seem. In giving your life, you may save those three for example, but how many more will you forsake in the potential future having given up your life then and there. To live is to spend our time helping whoever we can, but we can't help anyone when we're dead" truth be told there was an element of fatherhood coming out to play for the share fact that he would hate to learn that her daughter had gotten herself killed, but it was also true that the Jedi could do far more good than a simple act of self-sacrifice could achieve in the moment. Martyrdom wasn't something to be admired.


Loreena Arenais

In Topic: [JEDI] Summit of the Jedi Leaders

Yesterday, 08:19 PM

Among the prominent names and faces of recognized Jedi from all corners of the Galaxy, Veiere Arenais had been asked to attend the second meeting that had been reserved for those who had a voice and represented their specific organizations or branches of the Galactic Order. Since the larger conclave, much had changed and Veiere was no longer responsible nor in a position to speak on Commenor's behalf. He had entered into the fold with the Silver Jedi Order, yet he wasn't a member of significance there either, he had fallen back upon his old beloved role as a teacher; However it was Coren Starchaser who had called for him to be among the attendees, and he who had encouraged Veiere out of his personal exile to begin with. 


Standing there within his Jedi Apparel, no longer the image of a politician (Thank the Force!), Veiere smiled as he looked to the familiar faces of the room, knowing them all on a first name basis which came as a welcome surprise. Kira Vaal and Thurion Heavenshield acknowledged Coren's recent achievements, to which Veiere nodded in agreement, though he for the most part remained more reserved much alike Tiland Kortun, who he had met through the Church of the Force, long ago now. Unfortunately the two had also met during a time of war between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance where they shared a cup of tea and discussed their differences of opinion back then, where Veiere had become dangerously influenced by the Dark-Side of the Force, become someone he was not at heart and someone that he was glad to be rid of today.


His Padawan Loreena Arenais would not be present during this meeting, for the reason of the room's purpose. She was young and had a long way to come in her training yet, and while the scene would have been educational and perhaps an inspiration for her to help make her feel at home with the Jedi, there was a time and a place, and this was a meeting of professionalism, baring a much more official tone than the last meet & greet.

In Topic: [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Yesterday, 02:22 AM

Veiere turned to listen to what Asaraa Vaashe had to say, her question leading up to her experiences in the field and from what he could tell, her speaking from some very emotional circumstance. The Jedi Code was complex, but it was also open to interpretation which only added to the complexity of these kinds of lessons where Veiere often encouraged others to speak and give their perspectives. He was grateful to each and every person in the room for having had the courage to speak their mind openly there, where Veiere had wished to create a "safe space" to do so without bias or judgement from their peers.


Elizabeth Skywalker soon responded to Asaraa, and Veiere listened; It was honestly refreshing to hear one of them emphasize the Order coming from an unbiased approach, though he wasn't certain how many in the Galaxy still appreciated them for it. These days sides were always drawn between political or warring factions, yet the Jedi had always sought to steer clear from encouraging discrimination, judgement, racism and other negative ideals that one could think of along those lines. To treat everyone in their interactions, with an open mind and respect for their individuality, acknowledgement of their differences. As such, the Jedi were called upon by all sorts of groups, and sought to help wherever there was need and good could be done.


"It's important to keep in mind that, though we are Jedi and the Code tells us that we should uphold all of these seemingly perfect ideals, remember that we are sentient too and that even Jedi are flawed and capable of making mistakes..." He smiled to the two, before looking to the rest of the Class, "The Code encourages us to do our best in every situation, but we are not perfect. All of us here will falter at times, it's simply our nature, but the importance can be found in our dedication to always strive to uphold the ideals and virtues that it teaches us. All we can do is try our best to do right by these teachings, and by other people".


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