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#1925677 [JEDI] Summit of the Jedi Leaders

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 08:19 PM

Among the prominent names and faces of recognized Jedi from all corners of the Galaxy, Veiere Arenais had been asked to attend the second meeting that had been reserved for those who had a voice and represented their specific organizations or branches of the Galactic Order. Since the larger conclave, much had changed and Veiere was no longer responsible nor in a position to speak on Commenor's behalf. He had entered into the fold with the Silver Jedi Order, yet he wasn't a member of significance there either, he had fallen back upon his old beloved role as a teacher; However it was Coren Starchaser who had called for him to be among the attendees, and he who had encouraged Veiere out of his personal exile to begin with. 


Standing there within his Jedi Apparel, no longer the image of a politician (Thank the Force!), Veiere smiled as he looked to the familiar faces of the room, knowing them all on a first name basis which came as a welcome surprise. Kira Vaal and Thurion Heavenshield acknowledged Coren's recent achievements, to which Veiere nodded in agreement, though he for the most part remained more reserved much alike Tiland Kortun, who he had met through the Church of the Force, long ago now. Unfortunately the two had also met during a time of war between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance where they shared a cup of tea and discussed their differences of opinion back then, where Veiere had become dangerously influenced by the Dark-Side of the Force, become someone he was not at heart and someone that he was glad to be rid of today.


His Padawan Loreena Arenais would not be present during this meeting, for the reason of the room's purpose. She was young and had a long way to come in her training yet, and while the scene would have been educational and perhaps an inspiration for her to help make her feel at home with the Jedi, there was a time and a place, and this was a meeting of professionalism, baring a much more official tone than the last meet & greet.

#1925468 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 02:22 AM

Veiere turned to listen to what Asaraa Vaashe had to say, her question leading up to her experiences in the field and from what he could tell, her speaking from some very emotional circumstance. The Jedi Code was complex, but it was also open to interpretation which only added to the complexity of these kinds of lessons where Veiere often encouraged others to speak and give their perspectives. He was grateful to each and every person in the room for having had the courage to speak their mind openly there, where Veiere had wished to create a "safe space" to do so without bias or judgement from their peers.


Elizabeth Skywalker soon responded to Asaraa, and Veiere listened; It was honestly refreshing to hear one of them emphasize the Order coming from an unbiased approach, though he wasn't certain how many in the Galaxy still appreciated them for it. These days sides were always drawn between political or warring factions, yet the Jedi had always sought to steer clear from encouraging discrimination, judgement, racism and other negative ideals that one could think of along those lines. To treat everyone in their interactions, with an open mind and respect for their individuality, acknowledgement of their differences. As such, the Jedi were called upon by all sorts of groups, and sought to help wherever there was need and good could be done.


"It's important to keep in mind that, though we are Jedi and the Code tells us that we should uphold all of these seemingly perfect ideals, remember that we are sentient too and that even Jedi are flawed and capable of making mistakes..." He smiled to the two, before looking to the rest of the Class, "The Code encourages us to do our best in every situation, but we are not perfect. All of us here will falter at times, it's simply our nature, but the importance can be found in our dedication to always strive to uphold the ideals and virtues that it teaches us. All we can do is try our best to do right by these teachings, and by other people".


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#1925228 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 21 March 2019 - 06:11 AM

Veiere listened to the few who decided to chime in with their perspectives, though he did not seek to comment upon any of them as they were speaking from their personal views and unlike earlier, there didn't appear to be any implications that arose from them. This time however he noticed the lack of willing participants compared to those whom remained quiet and simply listened. None of them were being forced to speak, their silence was something that Veiere took as complacency and their being ready to move on, yet he did value each of their input and perhaps he had been to focused on teaching or offer his appreciation.


"Very good, thank you" he spoke up after a moments silence, Elizabeth Skywalker having given the word that she wished to move on and none of the others appearing to argue it. "The third precept is 'Passion, yet Serenity'; I imagine it sounds very similar to 'Emotion, yet Peace', though I'm sure some of you will have your theories or learnings on this one too" Veiere smiled, his left hand gesturing to the group before him and making sure not to leave out the Masters in the Classroom setting.


"I think that one of you mentioned already that nothing would be achieved if we weren't passionate about doing them" He soon added, voicing his thoughts to the room. "Take this lesson for example, and my teaching in general. Something that I've always enjoyed and been passionate about...-Yet my drive to teach doesn't distract my from my responsibilities outside the classroom, or the fact that there are some lessons that shouldn't be taught until one's Mentor has given the approval and signed off on it. No matter what we're passionate about, we must never let our goals or ambitions cloud our judgement or distract from our purpose and responsibility as Jedi".


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#1924559 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 18 March 2019 - 07:35 PM

Objective One: A Common Goal.

Location: Royal Palace.
Post Count: Four.




The state of the World was not conveniently being supported by members of the Silver Jedi Order and their resources, moving to seek to quieten down any active and hostile protest that went beyond the civil rights of freedom of speech. In the absence of the Queen and the Monarchy being disavowed as a whole, the remaining members of Government were left to pick up the pieces alongside the Silver Order's assistance and support.


For Veiere personally, it was time that he seek to distance himself from the Governmental body of Commenor in order to return to a life of citizenship, as well as his desired rejoining of the Order itself. For that purpose, he wished to speak with either Josh DragonsFlame or Aida Aquila, to formally request to be allowed entry into their ranks and Jedi Personnel Roster, that he might continue to further serve the Galaxy and discourage other Jedi from making the same life shattering mistakes that he himself had made in the past.


"If I could please borrow some of your time for a personal matter and request?" he spoke to both Master's DragonFlame and Aquila in a humbled and gentle request, the large situation around them being far more important, though he wouldn't take up much of their time before taking his eventual leave of the Royal Palace and stepping back out into the public light where the rest of his life would begin.


Veiere hadn't had a great deal of interaction with the Silver Jedi Order outside of his personal friendship with Coci Heavenshield, as well as a few interactions with Arisa Yune during the two or three public Conclaves that he had held. Whatever personal bias or views the Silver Jedi might have gained about him, he hoped that they would be willing to give him the opportunity to introduce himself to their people, and for their own to come to meet and learn about the Man and who he truly was, in heart and mind, his intentions and ideals which closely followed the Jedi Path and the Will of the Force.

#1924370 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 18 March 2019 - 01:22 AM

Once again, Veiere found himself a little taken back by the response he soon received from Sebastian Nadav, he who had taken offense by Veiere's statement to the Students, apparently assuming that he himself had been grouped among them in the making of the statement. "It should go without saying really, but I was speaking to our younger friends here" Veiere gestured to the Jedi Master and offered him a slightly sideways nod of acknowledgement for his taking offense to the remark.


"You are right, of course" Veiere turned to look to the others, giving each of them a chance to turn their attention back to the front of the Classroom where he stood; "We never cease learning, nor will we ever come to gain complete knowledge over everything. We should never presume to know more than others or act as though we're superior based upon what knowledge we might have. In every situation, there is opportunity to learn and to grow from..." He smiled, his tone quietening for a moment to allow the words to settle with the class.


"And as it was pointed out earlier, there are some things best left unsaid. Some subjects that shouldn't be learned for our safety and peace of mind...-Exploring the Dark-Side of the Force for example, carries risks of being lured deeper into that way of life...-Something that we as Jedi should always strive to steer clear of" Veiere looked back momentarily to Tom Taff, given his previous remarks on the Jedi Master's history.


"Does anyone have any questions? Or is everyone happy thus far in your understanding?" He asked conclusively, soon adding "If so, we can move on to the following line...".


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#1924200 Won't You Be My Neighbour (Fellow Inmate)?

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 17 March 2019 - 12:29 PM

For all involved, from House Arenais.


#1924196 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 17 March 2019 - 12:17 PM



Objective One: A Common Goal.

Location: Royal Palace.
Post Count: Three.




Are there any potential standouts?


Veiere turned to look back over at the Jedi, Master Aquila; "Without the Monarchy in place, the body of Government falls to our Ministers of Justice and Trade, Darlyn Excron and Darben Skirae, as well as the remaining House of Lords, some of whom have removed themselves from Commenor since the announcement" Veiere pointed out, placing a hand upon Marcus' shoulder encouragingly and offering a brief nod to Jairdain as she remained one of those Noble Women among the group. "Silfe Sosuri has also been an essential part of government here, lately. Outside of House Arenais, these names are all detached enough from my Wife to be outside of the realm of suspicion, one would hope" the royal family no longer being royal as it were, Veiere wouldn't share any further time in the spotlight much to his relief, yet he knew the lay of the land like the back of his hand.


"Authority and Law, both military and civil will be passed down to Darlyn in this case, being of the highest position since my Wife's damning confession..." He spoke with a frown, the tone in his voice conveying the remorse for having to even speak the words. "Admiral Vikras Ansion will be able to coordinate with your people to ensure the Commenori fleet aids in the security of the sector, and ground forces can be deployed, providing the need is justified..." The former King turned to look for Darlyn, quietly uncomfortable with the idea of so much power being handed over under such tense circumstances, though it was simply the reality of their situation today, and in the end, Veiere had somehow got what he'd asked for...-A way out. Just...-He hadn't wanted things to go like this.


"Derosa and Tilea remain without current heads of state. They will require a new Lord...-Or Lady of the House. Whichever" He advised, Corran Kath and Baron Morcus no longer there to continue their responsibilities much to Veiere's disappointment; "Our Moon's Folor and Brelor are also in need, Both Triana Piett and Voph have stepped away as well".


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#1924020 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 16 March 2019 - 09:36 PM

"I know of a time when my father was alive when you went dark in the belief it was for the greater good...".


Veiere's jaw tightened as he heard the remark from Tom Taff being spoken among others expressing his perspective on the subject, the older male's gaze turning to look directly at the young man, rather astonished by his choice of words and share lack of consideration when announcing something so personal to a classroom of peoples influential to a lesson that he had offered to share with them all. While it was true that Veiere had spent a time being afflicted and influenced by the Dark Side of the Force, it was his loss of self-restraint and lack of care in minding his emotional state that sent him spiraling down into that period of darkness in his life, depression turned to anger and anger leading to some of the darkest times that still gave him nightmares, and continued to make him question his ability and worth to the Jedi of the Galaxy, today.


"The subject of this class is to focus on the Jedi Code and what it is to teach and encourage in those training as students of the Order..." He spoke directly to Tom, feeling a dry need to remind the young man to keep his mind on the task before them, though soon turning to the others now having to explain himself in order for the lesson not to be undone by their loss of confidence or questioning of their Instructor; "Yes, there was a time where I was under the influence of the Dark-Side...-It was my deeper feelings of failure, resentment and depression that broke down my mental barriers and left myself vulnerable. For whatever my intentions back then, I was fueled by emotions that I, today, would have periodically meditated over and sought to work through in the privacy of my own chambers. This dark time in my life has cost me nearly everything and my Son still to this day hates me for the actions I committed back then...-I am lucky that I have a family at all" His voice was somber and filled with remorse, guilt though his gaze tightened some as he looked back to Tom Taff, seeking to clarify for the young man's understanding; "Such is the danger of acting upon your feelings so recklessly and without clarity of judgement and peace of mind".


"Compared to all of you, I am an old man who has arguably spent more time in Exile, than you have in experience of training your own Padawan or engaging in lightsaber training..." Years worth of isolation, twelve before he had even met his wife Kay Arenais, and a decade further there-after. "On top of this I was raised in an Enclave from the age of five and trained for three decades under the teachings of the Jedi Code..." He continued, all of which was leading to a single needed point. "One year of weakness, sundered my entire life's commitment...-Make no mistake, one must always be mindful of where their heart is trying to lead them...", he paused for a moment, letting the words sink in before making clear, "-Whether you're an Initiate, a Padawan or even a Jedi Master, everyone is capable and will make mistakes in their time. What you can do is try to manage just how costly these mistakes are, with the training you have been given".


"Now then, enough talk about my personal life, if you'll please" He looked to the group as a whole, taking a slow breath in before concluding; "A reminder for everyone here...The Code is a perspective of insight built up over decades, it's not something learned in a single year and you will all inevitably choose to believe in whatever comes as sensible truth, to you. What you believe may likely differ from your peers but that doesn't make you wrong" Veiere offered them all a brief smile, though he had clearly been affected by the mention of his greatest failings, a moment of weakness that followed him wherever he went, especially amongst the Silver Jedi, like Cassius Droma, who had crossed blades with him back then, for example..


"Ignorance, yet Knowledge....-One at a time, please" he soon gestured to the class, for all of them to share their thoughts on the second precept.


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#1923861 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 16 March 2019 - 05:23 AM

"Peace is a lie. Our emotions are volatile, fickle, and powerful".


Veiere's gaze shifted over to that of Micah whom seemed to be seated upon the lap of Jerek Zenduu. Usually, he would have given the others the time and opportunity to give their own thoughts and responses to the Cathar, however he recognized the first four words immediately, and those that followed came from the same rhetoric that the Sith were known for believing in. To be frank, Veiere hadn't expected the company of one so afar from the teachings and views of the Jedi Order, however, this was a room of knowledge and education, and these were things that Veiere believed all deserved the opportunity to learn and expand their minds with. Especially those misguided by the ideologies of the Sith Empire.


"The notion that we control them is a facade.

We don't control our emotions, merely our actions".


"Fortunately my young Cathar friend, the Jedi train their students in exercises that are purposed for exactly that reason. With a little time and commitment, an open mind and a bit of personal growth, you too could learn to mediate your emotions as the Jedi have practiced for centuries before us all here" he smiled, glancing to all of the students in the room so that they would know their instructors stance on the Cathar's views did not indeed coincide with his beliefs. Veiere had instead put it down to a lack of experience, and too much of Micah's faith and time dedicated to the teachings and practices of the Dark-Side of the Force.


"If you would like, I can certainly organize for you to be given the opportunity to speak with one of my fellow Masters of the Order. You might find that we have quite the depth of knowledge to set you on the right path" he concluded, turning back to look to the Cathar and glancing briefly to Jerek himself, curious to note whether or not he agreed with Micah's views.


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#1923846 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 16 March 2019 - 02:15 AM



Objective One: A Common Goal.

Location: Royal Palace.
Post Count: Two.




Truthfully, he was pleased to have gotten the difficult part of the whole affair out of the way; Veiere had been apprehensive about the whole thing, worried about whether or not he'd be able to give the right words to better assure the people of Commenor that they would be in safe and secure hands with the Silver Jedi Order coming to assist them and ensure stability return to the world. He believed that the Jedi would act as a deterrence should any of Commenor's foes seek to topple the world in it's moment of instability, but the Government would find it's feet again when things were quiet enough for elections to be held and a new President to be elected. Veiere was rather relieved to no longer have a say in such matters of importance, (though a few months from now he'd be rather proud to see that Darlyn Excron would be the one the people had chosen). Unfortunately there were no longer any counsel from the Elders of Commenor, thanks to Veiere's wife and her former Master Darth Prazutis. If only they had been able to look to the future and realize the reach of the Sith Lord's corrupting works, even despite Kay having returned to the Light-side of the Force through her Husbands encouragement and training.


Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the coming of another and turned to see Jairdain holding the little Marcus by the hand, the little boy with a growing smile on his face for the sight of his Grandfather (By the Force, he felt old these days...). "Hello Marc!" Veiere grinned as he greeted the little man first, moving to pick the boy up and lift him, showing that he hadn't lost his strength in his age yet! Guiding him quickly back down to the floor beside his mother, Veiere exhaled quickly and turned to look back to Jair. "It's good to see you" he said with a fair bit more of a genuine and serious tone, "All of this is...-Not what any of us expected, but I hope I've made the right decision for the people".


Veiere had fought and bled for Commenor many times, he had lost many friends and some he had considered family for the freedom and justice of their Home-world. He had always told Kay Arenais how much he detested the life of politics, yet stepping away was much harder than he had thought it to be when the future of millions were riding on the decisions he made in the final days since his wife's terrible admission to the Galaxy. "I've still heard nothing from Brad, and I haven't seen Rae-Anna Ku about either" he added, a frown crossing over him. Brad had been gone for a long time now, perhaps Rae had gone searching for him once more.


"How're you feeling, Jair?".

#1923806 A Felony of Generations (2v2 on Glee Anselm)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 March 2019 - 11:04 PM

Their opposition didn't seem willing to cooperate with his request, leaving Veiere to sigh under his breath, his daughter's voice in the background of his thoughts as she made her uncertainty known. "They don't seem willing to come out and meet us..." he replied, though seemed to be speaking his thoughts aloud more so than actually talking to Loreena Arenais. She was focusing on what she lacked, where as Veiere's concentration was keenly looking ahead of them in an attempt to pick up on anything that might give him a sign or hint as to what or whom they were dealing with. Certainly Sith, though whether they were rogues or part of the Empire, he didn't yet know.


"We're playing a waiting game at the moment Lori...-Which leaves me thinking that we should make the most of what we have around us. I know I told you not to do so before hand but I'm going back on my word" He turned to look back to his daughter, half expecting some sort of backlash in smart remarks; "See what you can find out from their ship, but be-careful not to trigger any countermeasures. Who knows what systems are operating aboard that thing" If there was something that they could use to coerce these dark-siders out of hiding, Veiere would prefer that rather than walking straight into their terrain.


"Double check your equipment, too. Go over what you've brought with you, familiarize yourself with what's at your disposal..." he added, wanting Lori to be sure of her options should the battle soon come to them. As for Veiere himself, he took in a slow and deep breath. His shoulders slowly fell, his eyes closing as he sought to listen to the sounds of their environment, to feel the flow of the force and all things living and otherwise within the great Hangar. Lark and Kahlil Zambrano were out there somewhere within the Facility, and the first step may very-well decide the balance of the encounter that lay in store for them all.


Ever the Jedi, Veiere was a patient man where it was required.

#1923729 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 March 2019 - 06:31 PM

"Pay attention to my word use here..." Veiere cautioned the group of them, raising a hand in gesture for them all to pause and reflect a moment; "To keep something in check, is not to bury or be rid of it. It means to regulate or to mediate" he explained with a gentle air about himself. Perhaps in the past, he might have been a bit more strict on the old code and it's purpose, though in today's galaxy much had changed since those old ideals had been within the Order's doctrine. It wasn't difficult to recognize Asaraa Vaashe, the pink haired young woman whom dated his Son, Caedyn. She of course knowing Veiere's family and his personal attachments to his children and his wife, thus making her questions most interesting. "If I wished for all of you to act as droids, I'd have said 'There is no Emotion, There is Peace'.." He grinned faintly, for he was certain they'd recognize the distinction between the two variations of the precept.


"A very long time ago now, the Jedi Order once sought to discourage as much emotional attachment as possible. This was long before all of our time, here" the old republic and documented histories found only in the archives of the Order these days, clearly something had gone very wrong, given how history portrayed their 'disappearance' around the time of the first Galactic Empire. "It could be that eventually someone thought as you do now, for whatever reasons, the Jedi Code changed and adapted to a more present day understanding. Our emotions are part of us, part of our body and mind all of which was created, and breathes through the will of the Force. It is who we are" he took a moment to look across the room, acknowledging the presence of Sebastian Nadav who had spoken his mind just prior.


"Now...-Some of you might know that I'm a married man. I've a Son, and a Daughter. Two step-children beyond that. I'm a compassionate and caring man, at least I like to think so..." He chuckled quietly under his breath, soon to go on. "I am a man with emotions, all the same as anyone else here on Kashyyyk, and all across the Galaxy. This doesn't make me a bad Jedi...-But there are circumstances that arise in life, especially in my time, where I've had to put those that I love behind me, in favor for the greater good...", it was difficult not to let Kay Arenais flood his thoughts for her current situation, locked up somewhere in a maximum security prison, charged with a triple homicide. It wasn't a subject he would open up about to the students present, yet the fact was that if he wasn't able to restrain himself at times, life would look very very differently, today. 


"Whether your emotions, your feelings feel good or bad...-You need to maintain a clear and open mind, to be able to determine when they might get in the way of doing the right thing, both out in the field or even here within the Temple walls. Love and happiness are great feelings, but too much of a good thing can blind us to what's happening around us, with our peers or the greater galaxy..." his gaze once again swept the room and he decided to pose a question requiring a bit of imagination to prove his point. "Can anyone think of an example where good feelings could cause you to make a mistake? It doesn't always occur, but it's all very possible and has happened to me, many times before".


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#1923548 SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 March 2019 - 12:06 AM

The Dominion is Live!

#1923485 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 14 March 2019 - 07:35 PM



"A thing or two in common".


The Silver Jedi Order,

Dominion of the Commenor Hex.




A week had passed since that shattering announcement. The former Queen, Kay Arenais had dropped a bombshell upon all of Commenor in admitting not only her guilt in the murder of the three Elders, but also explained her intended incarceration within a maximum security Prison (Purgatory).


A week prior, Veiere Arenais had contacted the Silver Jedi Order for assistance in discovering his wife’s whereabouts, and helping to secure and perhaps even strengthen Commenor’s resolve. They had thought the Queen to have been kidnapped, there had even been a murder in which Darlyn Excron and his people had discovered to be a clone of Kay’s.


So much was coming to light so quickly that today, Veiere was grateful to be about to step forward and speak to their people on behalf of the House Arenais, the former royal family and the largest financial backing that Commenor had since back when they were controlled by the One Sith.


Veiere stood before a podium, several documents atop the single manned station while behind him stood several representatives of the Silver Jedi Order, both for show and assurance of the people that he was fully behind them in support. In the background hung the Commenori flag alongside the banner of House Arenais on it’s right, the Silver Jedi’s banner to it’s left as a gesture of unity and cooperation; Veiere’s idea.


Soon enough, the camera crew signalled to Veiere that they were about to start recording live, and so he began to speak as professionally and formally as he could, the moment that they gave him the okay.


My fellow Commenori,


A week ago, our Queen released a devastating holo-recording that went out live across our World. Since declaring the Monarchy’s time at an end, I have remained in the Palace to ensure that my final days of tenure are spent organizing the security of Commenor’s future long after my resignation.


Behind me are members of the Silver Jedi Order whom I requested visit us here on Commenor a fortnight ago. In order to make certain that the damage and death forced upon us by the Sith Empire or any other invading party does not happen again, I have asked that they include our World under the list of numerous other Worlds that are under their care and protection.


Following today, we are to become a nation alongside many others, watched over by the Jedi. This will not only ensure that we remain protected, but will also lead to political and financial growth as we gain allies across the fellow worlds and nations under them.


What this means for the Commenori Leadership is another matter however, and elections for a new leader will be held over the coming months as our World returns to be governed as it was before the declaration of the Monarchy. House Arenais will remain here, on Commenor, for this is our home and it remains in our hearts, always.


The current House of Lords shall remain, to oversee the organization and stability of the lands under their care. New personnel will be chosen by the new President of Commenor following their inauguration, to oversee matters of Government and Law.


I do not condone the actions that my Wife has admitted to, nor was I aware of her guilt. However, I do agree that Commenor requires a change, and in accordance with the Queen’s declaration and in the interests of a clean and prosperous future for Commenor, I hereby announce my resignation as King…


Let it be known that I intend to join with the Silver Jedi Order, and will always be at the disposal of my home-world, should there ever be a cause for Commenor’s fighting for.


Thank you, all of you, for your support.


Commenor will Survive”.


With the end of his speech, Veiere left the podium and stepped out of the view of the holo-cams so that the Silver Jedi might speak up on behalf of the Order. There were also a number of Government officials there, secretary general of the Commenor Military and a representative of the Commenor Intelligence Agency. The figure-heads of Commenor’s security all stood in one room of the Palace, being watched by those whom had tuned in for the declaration of change.


Releasing a heavy breath, Veiere did not falter as he moved to leave the room and allow the others to continue with the press conference. Today was to be the final day that he would step foot in the Palace of Chasin City. He would no doubt take a few for himself and the Children to try and relax, to figure out their next steps in the absence of their Mother, yet true to his word, Veiere had every intention of returning to the life of a Jedi. To help not only those on his homeworld, but to do his best to offer support to all of the Galaxy and those falling victim to the Darkness.


#1923258 [FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 13 March 2019 - 10:27 PM

"Emotion yet peace. For the children of the jedi we are taught that emotions exist. That they are not to be feared but being ruled by them is dangerous. Acknowledge them but do not let them rule you, find inner peace so you can accept them. We are taught to be auto-didactic and polymorphic. Learning from everything and improving ourselves. It is why when Grandmaster Crief found us master Jarl sent me and The Daughter of the house of Jeth".


Elizabeth Skywalker spoke up first, she and her students were listed on the screen in front of him. Amusingly, Veiere hadn't asked for the theory behind the precepts, but rather meant if any of the students could simply recite the five lines. Apparently he wasn't clear enough, though he wasn't disappointed at all, as she weren't the only one to share her perspective. Regardless, she had spoken the correct first line and showed her experience on the subject.


"Ignorance, yet knowledge. There is so much to the universe, and we only know just a fraction of it all. We shouldn't be content to remain ignorant in the face of something more to learn, but we also have to recognize the limits in ourselves. There will always be something we are ignorant of, to learn more about it is a blessing, but ignorance itself isn't a curse".


Jerek Zenduu spoke up after Elizabeth had fallen quiet, soon reciting the second line as well as his perspective; apparently the girl had started a chain reaction which caused Veiere to grin to himself as he listened. Veiere almost interrupted him until the last four or five words had been spoken, convincing him otherwise. It was true in his mind, there were always certain things that shouldn't be learned. Abilities of the Dark-side of the Force for example.


"Passion, yet serenity. It means being the master of your emotions, while allowing them to guide your instinct. Without facing your emotions they will little by little come to rule you"


Came the voice of Cyrus Nova, seemingly a man of few words compared to his peers but not wrong in his summary of the precept. There was much more detail he could have gone into on the line, but that wasn't his responsibility to teach, it was Veiere's, and much to his delight.


"Ignorance, yet knowledge. Yes, it is true that we know a very tiny fraction at most of what there is to know, yes we still have opportunities to learn, but there comes a point where one may as well have to choose between opportunities to learn. I accepted long ago that knowing everything is impossible, so the ability to determine what to learn and what not to learn is crucial. That said, don't dismiss a source of information without first assessing the reliability, if that's feasible. One more thing related to this precept: if there is one thing I'm grateful for, as far as Jedi-hood is concerned, is the possibility for a person to enter the Jedi path at any age in today's environment. Often people who enter later in life carry with them knowledge and expertise that Jedi wouldn't otherwise be able to develop.


Emotion, yet peace. I know that often people are led to believe that emotional attachments, romance or otherwise, can lead someone to the dark side, but from my experience, it can lead someone to change alignments, in either direction".


Jessica Med-Beq brought the focus of the class back upon the second of the precepts first, Veiere turning to listen to what she had to say. The choice to revert back rather than continuing forward with two remaining lines, suggested that ignorance and knowledge were two rather pivotal points in her perspective; perhaps offering a bit of further insight into her character, followed by the first line soon after.


"All very good answers" Veiere smiled to them all, "and none of them incorrect" he added encouragingly. "The brilliant thing about these five seemingly simple lines as that much of their meaning is open to interpretation. If someone thinks differently than you do, it doesn't necessarily make them wrong. You might say this is just another perspective to learn from...-That is unless you're talking to a Sith..." the last of his words was obviously a joke, and at the very least, Veiere got a chuckle out of it before moving on.


"Emotion, yet Peace. Ignorance, yet Knowledge. Passion, yet Serenity. Chaos, yet Harmony. Death, yet the Force" he recited each line, one after the other as the students hadn't mentioned the final two. "You've all proven that you have a good deal of practice on the subject, and I must apologize as I meant to simply ask for the precepts on their own. However! I'm very encouraged by what you've all shown me, which may make the start of this lesson a little dull...-But we're going to focus on each of the precepts, one at a time" he smiled. His right hand swept across the screen of the mentors station, and the large holo-screen behind him against the wall came to life. Emotion, yet Peace displayed in bold for all of them to read.


"A couple of you have pointed it out already, but yes it's important that we acknowledge our feelings and learn to keep ourselves in check at all times!" Veiere's tone was raised to cover the class-room yet it was also positive and encouraging, enthusiastic even as he stood in a place of learning and loved it. "A lot of people think this is easy at first...-But between all of us here, even Master's struggle with this. I should know" he grinned and gave the group a playful wink.


"Truly though, our feelings like being angry at someone can lead us to make mistakes. They influence our actions, like when you're attracted to somebody, you're going to be much more likely to prioritize them over your duty or responsibility to others".