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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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#1972738 Victory at Azure

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Kaine Australis


You did a marvelous job given the numbers you were facing. Thank you for being there and sharing in the story with us. I know others were involved on the behalf of the UCM, but as Caedyn was closely involved aboard the Terror-Australis, I was able to focus and see what you were up against. 

#1972710 Please Welcome Our New RPJs!

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 10:11 PM

John Locke


Always knew you'd get there!


Myra & Zef Halo


Congratulations to all of you, and best of luck! It's a good place to be in, and you'll do our Community proud I'm sure.

#1972667 Victory at Azure

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 07:26 PM



One of the most easy-going and painless Invasions I've participated in yet.


Thanks to Kay Arenais and Lucera Maive for sharing in the fun!

#1972490 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 04:37 AM

Tathra Khaeus


Yeah, I can understand that too.


Ideally, this would be the best way to go about things, and the best threads have come from planning on both sides.


Invasions, are however invasive. The best way to tackle those would be to find a means of working together via the announcement threads. Finding a compromise, but that's on the two factions.

#1972486 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 04:19 AM

I want everyone to have fun. And I think those differences that we have in perspective are secondary to our preference to put each other first, before winning.


Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to have fun too. I've written a blog post about this sort of thing, encouraging the site to be more cooperative and treat each other with respect. 


I read your post, and yes you said that people can play to win without being disrespectful. That didn't go over my head. Nor did I say that one faction is better than another. They may do a better job of writing a story dependent on a variety of factors in an Invasion thread, but that doesn't make them better than the other faction over-all.


I'm a very laid back person, and I prefer to get along with people. I'll always do my best to treat others with respect, but I can't force people to enjoy an invasion thread, nor do I hold any weight or have any impact on their faction's story or decisions.


In this regard, when organizing an opponent for the purpose of an invasion thread, I do my best to let them know that I'm approachable and should they have any issues with my posts, they can speak up about it to me. But that's as far as I can personally influence their enjoyment of a thread, by being open to communication and respectful in our interactions.

#1972483 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 03:49 AM

Tathra Khaeus


Not in direct argument with you no, but partially influenced by your first paragraph (third line in your post), as well as in response to a number of people who have been saying a lot lately how members of major factions shouldn't be focusing on competing to win.


Now, I'm not saying this is Halo or anything, but when we're competing against another faction in categories such as Story-telling, most people would be hoping to do their best to represent their faction wouldn't they?


Hands down, I play to push my faction forward to gun for the win as best as I can. I want the Silvers to do well, I want to help promote the success of the Faction. I don't want to do this at the expense of other players, but nor do I go about this in any way deceptive or inflammatory towards other factions. Yes the aim should be to write a good story, as is the category that both factions are judged by. Taking the recent Invasion of Azure for example, the Silvers are based for their part in telling their story, and the UCM in theirs.


My point was, it's not a bad thing to want to win. It's only a bad thing when you start going about these things at the expense of other writers.



#1972480 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 03:22 AM

As far as the Map-Game goes, telling people not to play-to-win is silly.


Keep in mind here that playing to win (Competing with other Factions), can still happen without disrespecting other players and writers.


But telling people to ignore the objective takes away the entire purpose of being in a major faction and being in the game. Invasions are competitive, people want to win and that's perfectly fine. This doesn't make them bad people or mean that they're suddenly biased.


On the other hand, this also doesn't take away the opportunity for these players to write and cooperate with others, in or outside of their factions.


There will always be winners and losers in this type of competitive thread. No one likes taking an L, but there's also a thing called "fair sportsmanship" in these sort of scenario's which promotes positive behavior and etiquette towards others. Whether you're winning or losing, if you don't want the salt, don't throw it in other peoples faces.

#1972427 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on Yesterday, 12:26 AM

Taozi Fuyuan


Don't stress, your post was completely fine!


I used quotes to try and keep my own post on track, as I'm not at home now and surrounded by a few people so it's easy for me to go off track Lol.


With regards to our thread, the objective was for your retention of Taanab. But if you're wanting to start some sort of diplomacy thread between our factions, we will need to talk to our fellow Faction Admin. I'm more than happy to do so, even if it's purely a collaborative discussion between our two Characters, but I'm also aware of some discussions being had at the moment between our factions and the Confederacy with regards to where to go from here.


And take your time with the reports. I'm only a message away, and we've still got our current PM's from this Taanab thread so my door's already open, so to speak ;)

#1972400 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 August 2019 - 10:58 PM

In regards to recent events the past two months, the UCM specifically has felt attacked and disrespected both IC, and OOC. 


Giving or receiving disrespect in an out-of-character context is a problem, without a doubt. In-Character is however another story entirely, as far as my opinion goes. I realize other writers may disagree with me with what I'm going to be saying in this thread, and that's their right, but hopefully I can help clear some of the air from the perspective both myself, and the Order of the Silver Jedi.


First of all, what's written in an In-Character context does not always represent the OOC opinions or bias of the writer. While it's true that some writers may use their personal bias to fuel their threads/character actions and opinions, In-Character and Out-Of-Character context should not be considered one and the same.


For me personally, characters such as Veiere for example are often opposed with others like Darth Prazutis, yet he and I have great OOC interaction and there's no bias towards one another in any sense.


I have participated in every Invasion against the UCM, with the exception of the Imperials. Veiere's motivations are fueled by enforcing Galactic Law and consequences for believed war crimes. This in no way means that I have any ill-intentions or bias against the UCM and I am confident that I can also speak for the SJO in saying that the Faction's direction in these Invasion's are story-focused. These Invasions were the product of a summit between the SJO, the CiS, the ORC and the CiC. I have also explained my views of the Invasions here in the Forcing that Narrative OOC Thread.



Beginning with what happened for the Umbara false flag attack, the UCM admins made it clear that we, as a faction, wanted no part in this story line. There were IC attempts to prove our innocence so as not to be involved in this storyline further on multiple occasions, and these were either ignored or denied IC. Following this, the H'ratth skirmish was never meant to be UCM sanctioned, and was supposed to be done by a few individuals who wanted low-risk PvP with another faction with no ties to the UCM as a whole


Umbara wasn't the fault of the UCM, nor have we ever claimed that it was, in an Out-Of-Character Context. From an In-Character perspective however, it was never concluded whether or not this is true. We could not go around the IC events and meta-game the knowledge out of respect to the writers responsible for this false-flag/setup against the UCM. I'm aware that meta-gaming isn't technically against the rules of the site, but it's extremely in bad taste and frowned upon. We didn't wish to meta-game and disrespect them, just as we would give the same consideration and respect towards any other faction or group in their position.


A member of the UCM came forward during the incident and tried to convince the Silver Jedi that they were not at fault, but in the heat of the conflict, the risks and the consequences meant that the Silver Jedi couldn't take them solely on their word when casualties were so high, civilians being the target, not the Jedi themselves. It's important to note that there were characters on our side of the story such as Darlyn Excron who was wearing his armor depicting the colors of House Cadera (if I'm not mistaken?), and he too was doing his best to work towards the interests of the UCM while also participating on our side of the thread.


As you know, these things are being discussed in our private thread "Tenacity for Taanab" between our characters, and a personal OOC struggle I'm having is the fact that there was no actual conclusive RP done that resulted in an answer for or against the UCM with regards to Umbara, which means I can't give a definitive answer In-Character there despite knowing for a fact in an Out-of-Character perspective.



Adding in the fact that almost all attempts to open OOC dialogue have been met with dismissal and disrespect, I don't blame them for wanting to leave.


If this has been the cause of writers from the Order of the Silver Jedi, can you please message me either on the board or via Discord so I can look into these cases. I can't speak for other factions or writers, but as an Admin for the SJO, it's my responsibility to handle issues like these.


Something that has also been brought up lately, are the previous diplomatic thread/s between the SJO and the UCM (Back then called the ME). I wasn't in the faction at the time but when the last thread was taking place, the present Faction Owner up and left the Faction, forcing a vote for a new FO and then transitioning into their new leadership of the Faction. I've asked about this recently as I've also wanted answers after one of our former members sympathetic to the UCM asked me about it. As an FA (Faction Administrator), I couldn't give them a straight answer at the time.


Phew...That's a lot to cover. Sorry for the wall of text but I'm doing my best to speak on the behalf of the Silvers. If there is a way to clear the air in terms of OOC conflict between our writers in this community, I'm always going to try and look for a way to achieve this. In-Character however is another story, IC Actions and IC Consequences. Drama and tension in-character isn't always a bad thing, it can build great stories. But at the end of the day, please remember that IC does not represent the OOC feelings or perspectives of Writers, as individuals and members of Chaos.


I am always approachable whether on site or on discord, and though time-zones are a pain in the ass, I will do my best to get back to you or any other writer looking to contact me.

#1972312 Let's shed some of this baggage.

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 August 2019 - 06:34 PM

It's unfortunate that this is a subject needing to be had, but I also understand and have witnessed some of the grief that's been felt by some of the members/writers of our community here. As a writer of the SJO and having taken part in the recent invasions, I have some understanding of context in terms of the neglect/persecution that's been aired to me in private, however for better understanding (my own at the very least), I have to ask...

  • What are the specific issues that our writers are feeling concerned/cornered with?
  • Is this solely related to the "Map-Game" or is it a larger problem between faction communication and interaction?
  • Is this being felt by more than one faction, or is this solely a product of the recent Invasions?

I don't want anyone to feel targeted or threatened at all by this questions, but I'd like to know exactly what the issues are that people are believing to be the problem on Chaos at the moment. If we have a greater understanding of the problems, then perhaps we will have a better chance of addressing these concerns and hopefully alleviating some of the damage that's been done. Regardless of our different factions/affiliations on Chaos, we have members/writers feeling hurt or treated unfairly, so "whether or not there is an issue" at all, is less the question we need to be asking, as opposed to "where to go from here".


Given the opportunity we have here to discuss these things, rather than being told we're going off topic in other threads addressing specific matters outside of the recent drama's going on, we need to make the most of this thread. For those who feel that these are issues that have been over-dramatized by a single group, perhaps it's better to hear out those who are feeling victimized, before we go jumping to conclusions.


I'd personally like to see our community thrive, and I've always been about trying to treat others on equal footing, as to how I'd like to be treated myself.

#1972158 Closed Season - SJO Dominion of Yurb

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 August 2019 - 03:26 AM

Objective 3: Establish a Silver Jedi Embassy on Yurb, for quick and easy communication between the formerly isolated world, and the Order.

Tags: Sylas Taff.

With: Chip.




"Master I heard the conversation. I know that you were injured but if my own medic says one of the best in our order is telling you to rest and you aren't. Well what is it that's always said to me oh yes 'We should respect those who know more than us Sylas lest we become lost ourselves.' Please master rest. My team can do most of the hard labour" His Padawan spoke ever so wisely, and in many cases, Veiere would have been pleased.


"And what is it they say about listening in on other peoples conversations, Sylas?" Veiere countered the boy with a half smirk, both impressed, amused and a little frustrated that he had to explain himself now to the younger of the two, "Hardly a way to respect someone who knows more than you do, hm?" The Jedi Master's smirk grew a little wider, and his tone would give away the humor in the situation he found himself in.


On the subject of the boy's team however, Veiere couldn't help but be intrigued; To his knowledge, he hadn't met these other members of Sylas apparent troupe, and it was probably for the best that he do so. "And who are these cohorts of yours? No doubt equally as mischevious as yourself, I'm sure" Veiere chuckled quietly under his breath, though if that was truly the case, it was likely to be at his expense.

#1972113 The Assembly Convenes: Kay Arenais' Consideration

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 15 August 2019 - 12:21 AM

"The purpose for her visit here today, is to clear her name, and her name alone" Veiere spoke up, no longer feeling so willing to stand quiet whilst his Wife did nothing to speak up for herself and her case before the Silver Assembly. "It was by my suggestion that Kay agreed to come and speak to you all, with the knowledge that I would not be a deciding factor due to our marriage" Veiere explained to the Members of the Assembly in order to dismiss some of the uncertainties and misunderstandings prevalent in the room; "A suggestion that I made not out of consideration for the Clans but for Kay herself and our Children".


Veiere stepped away from the entrance now, moving to instead take to the side of his wife, Kay Arenais, his hands falling in-front of him to lace his fingers in a calm and transparent posture. "As the former King of Commenor, and her Husband, I can provide context to the events on Commenor that led to Kay's incarceration in Purgatory, as well as my personal testimony over the standards and conditions for which she was held" Veiere first addressed the subject of the Elder's demise, speaking up-front and not wishing to muddy the purpose of the Assembly's gathering any more than it had already been. "For the record, my words are to be considered a third party testimony, baring no weight nor authority of my place within the Order" he added, ensuring that his wife also understand the position that he was taking. Speaking as her Husband and not of an Assembly member nor to bare any direct influence upon their ruling.


"Originally, Kay's appointment of leadership over Commenor was an elected presidency voted for by the people" Veiere informed them. "She was however abducted by the Sith Lord Darth Prazutis, and during this time I sought out the Silver Jedi Order for council, meeting with Master Coci Heavenshield, as Kay's abductor wasn't yet discovered in this time", It had been Veiere's first personal experience on Voss, and his first impressions of the Order back then had done the words Théodred had once expressed to him, great justice. He had been welcomed as a guest, and Coci had proven to be a great friend ever since.


"Darth Prazutis tortured my Wife and forced her into submission, he has taken every opportunity to shame me in our encounters since. The most recent being over Taanab" he continued; "Through the Sith, Kay was turned to the Dark Side, her mind warped and any recollection of those closest to her were lost. It took over a year of slow, gradual work for me to gain her trust before I could begin to repair the damage that had been caused. It strengthened our relationship, but the things that she had done under Prazutis manipulation and will changed her". 


"On the outside, she handled herself well" Veiere added, "Though I watched as her guilt ate away at her in the privacy of our home". Kay had not known that her Husband had come to piece together the truth, yet Veiere had been there every step of the way and sooner or later, he had come to the conclusion that she had killed the three elders whom had once educated and guided her advocacy of Commenor. "My wife remembers the actions that were committed, but they were done so under the manipulation of the second most influential Practitioner within the Sith Empire. She committed the act, but the blame isn't hers to bare".


Veiere turned to look to his wife and reminded her, "That is why she is here".


John Locke | Aida Aquila | Thurion Heavenshield | Yuroic Xeraic | Josh Dragonsflame | Jessica Med-Beq 

#1972087 Operation Hammerfall | Sith Empire Invasion of Mandalore and Concord Dawn [OOC]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 14 August 2019 - 08:42 PM

Understood Adenn Kyramud. Best of luck!

#1972083 Corellian Promises - CC & SJO [Diplomacy Thread: Nubia/Hosnian Prime]

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 14 August 2019 - 08:27 PM

Standing alongside Aida Aquila, Veiere Arenais awaited the Corellian Delegation with his hands held behind his back, his eyes upon the ground before him in quiet reflection. The days recently passed had been extremely busied for the Order of the Silver Jedi, some of whom were still recovering from their recent assignments involving Azure and Taanab. Political relations had been the height of Veiere's focus lately, and he'd only recently returned from a diplomatic meeting with Taozi Fuyaun of Taanab, before his presence had been requested for this affair.


It was safe to say that Veiere's mind was still busied by his recent affairs, some more personal than others, Kay Arenais having met with the Silver Assembly and received less of a result than she had expected, though not for Veiere's lack of warning and concern. Lisza Starseeker and Aeneis Valdemar would hopefully prove to be a more fruitful political party to meet with in the discussions of the future relations between the Corellian Confederation and the Order of the Silver Jedi.


To Veiere's mind, the Corellians were nothing else, if not friends to the Silver Jedi, as his own former Padawan Romi Jade was now invested in with their Green Jedi working alongside them. Romi had always been an astute, and intelligent young woman. She'd been through her own trials and tribulations similar to Veiere's own, yet he still had the utmost confidence in her to know that today's meeting was to be one between friends. Hopefully also bringing a lack of tension that his recent exploits had boasted all too well.


It would certainly be intriguing to hear what they had to say, and the reason for this visit to the home-world of the Order.

#1971840 Invasion Rules Update: Stalling

Posted by Veiere Arenais on 13 August 2019 - 11:03 PM

Kurayami Bloodborn


Not just talking about metagaming, rather the timing of invasions but also overall treatment of each other outside the game. Chaos isn't a fun plan for a lot of people right now and its more to do with social mentality than rp relevant stuff.


Like you, I realize these are issues on-going with Chaos at the moment. I do however feel that they come down to the opinions, behaviors and attitudes of writers and their chosen factions; I don't believe this is something the Site Admin can change without crossing that moral line of dictating and restricting the freedom of individual writers. I would love it if we could bring everyone closer together and get rid of a lot of the out-of-character drama's we're faced with, but that's the responsibility of faction administrators watching over their members and the individual writers/players who may be at fault of questionable behavior.