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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

14 March 2019 - 07:35 PM



"A thing or two in common".


The Silver Jedi Order,

Dominion of the Commenor Hex.




A week had passed since that shattering announcement. The former Queen, Kay Arenais had dropped a bombshell upon all of Commenor in admitting not only her guilt in the murder of the three Elders, but also explained her intended incarceration within a maximum security Prison (Purgatory).


A week prior, Veiere Arenais had contacted the Silver Jedi Order for assistance in discovering his wife’s whereabouts, and helping to secure and perhaps even strengthen Commenor’s resolve. They had thought the Queen to have been kidnapped, there had even been a murder in which Darlyn Excron and his people had discovered to be a clone of Kay’s.


So much was coming to light so quickly that today, Veiere was grateful to be about to step forward and speak to their people on behalf of the House Arenais, the former royal family and the largest financial backing that Commenor had since back when they were controlled by the One Sith.


Veiere stood before a podium, several documents atop the single manned station while behind him stood several representatives of the Silver Jedi Order, both for show and assurance of the people that he was fully behind them in support. In the background hung the Commenori flag alongside the banner of House Arenais on it’s right, the Silver Jedi’s banner to it’s left as a gesture of unity and cooperation; Veiere’s idea.


Soon enough, the camera crew signalled to Veiere that they were about to start recording live, and so he began to speak as professionally and formally as he could, the moment that they gave him the okay.


My fellow Commenori,


A week ago, our Queen released a devastating holo-recording that went out live across our World. Since declaring the Monarchy’s time at an end, I have remained in the Palace to ensure that my final days of tenure are spent organizing the security of Commenor’s future long after my resignation.


Behind me are members of the Silver Jedi Order whom I requested visit us here on Commenor a fortnight ago. In order to make certain that the damage and death forced upon us by the Sith Empire or any other invading party does not happen again, I have asked that they include our World under the list of numerous other Worlds that are under their care and protection.


Following today, we are to become a nation alongside many others, watched over by the Jedi. This will not only ensure that we remain protected, but will also lead to political and financial growth as we gain allies across the fellow worlds and nations under them.


What this means for the Commenori Leadership is another matter however, and elections for a new leader will be held over the coming months as our World returns to be governed as it was before the declaration of the Monarchy. House Arenais will remain here, on Commenor, for this is our home and it remains in our hearts, always.


The current House of Lords shall remain, to oversee the organization and stability of the lands under their care. New personnel will be chosen by the new President of Commenor following their inauguration, to oversee matters of Government and Law.


I do not condone the actions that my Wife has admitted to, nor was I aware of her guilt. However, I do agree that Commenor requires a change, and in accordance with the Queen’s declaration and in the interests of a clean and prosperous future for Commenor, I hereby announce my resignation as King…


Let it be known that I intend to join with the Silver Jedi Order, and will always be at the disposal of my home-world, should there ever be a cause for Commenor’s fighting for.


Thank you, all of you, for your support.


Commenor will Survive”.


With the end of his speech, Veiere left the podium and stepped out of the view of the holo-cams so that the Silver Jedi might speak up on behalf of the Order. There were also a number of Government officials there, secretary general of the Commenor Military and a representative of the Commenor Intelligence Agency. The figure-heads of Commenor’s security all stood in one room of the Palace, being watched by those whom had tuned in for the declaration of change.


Releasing a heavy breath, Veiere did not falter as he moved to leave the room and allow the others to continue with the press conference. Today was to be the final day that he would step foot in the Palace of Chasin City. He would no doubt take a few for himself and the Children to try and relax, to figure out their next steps in the absence of their Mother, yet true to his word, Veiere had every intention of returning to the life of a Jedi. To help not only those on his homeworld, but to do his best to offer support to all of the Galaxy and those falling victim to the Darkness.


[FMAT] The Jedi Code [Open to Jedi]

11 March 2019 - 10:14 PM



The Silver Rest,

Kashyyyk Temple of the Silver Jedi Order.

This thread is open to all Jedi Characters.

Asaraa Vaashe | Boo Heavenshield | Jerek Zenduu | Elizabeth Skywalker




It was the first time that Veiere Arenais has stepped foot into a classroom environment in years, the room seemingly glowing from the ambient light fueled by the Holo-Consoles at each desk for the students of the Temple to make use of in their studies. In most situations, Veiere would have chosen a far more open spot where he could sit the group down in a circle so that no one had their backs to another, but this would have to do for the time being as he was still adjusting to life within the Silver Rest, and still often got himself lost somehow.


He had arrived earlier for once, however, wanting to make sure he knew what he was doing before the Students would start arriving at the designated hour. Standing behind the raised terminal, Veiere cast a glance to the rest of the room briefly imagining the pressure of it being filled with younger prospects. The last time he had done this sort of thing was back on the Praxeum Vessel he had commissioned for his own organization back when he used to watch over them all. Compared to those sorts of pressures, the responsibility today would be significantly less stressful than back in those days.


The subject for his first class was conveniently the first thing that all Jedi Students should be taught. The precepts of the Jedi Code, those first five lines, moral ground rules and so much more written between the lines...It would be the type of lesson that required the students to engage and share their perspectives with the others for cooperative learning; and yes, he too would share his understanding on the first section of the Jedi Code. Depending on how it all went, he would consider moving on to the tenets, the guidelines and finally the attributes.

SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex

11 March 2019 - 02:40 PM


Dominion of Commenor


Hello, friends! Please see the objectives we have planned for the next dom, due to drop in a couple of days. Let us know which objective you'll be there for!:)



Objective 1.) A Common Goal: Following the Queen’s dark confession, the King and their House Lords will meet with a party of delegates from the Order to solidify the union between the two powers and discuss the future of Commenor’s government. Please note, this objective is limited to those tagged:

[COMMENOR: Veiere Arenais, Lady Kay, Jairdain, Silfe Sosuri, Shoden Moz]

[SJO: Josh DragonsFlame, Asaraa Vaashe, Cassius Droma, Aida Aquila]


Objective 2.) False Flag: With the recent news that Lady Kay herself killed the world’s Elders in order to take power, there is some unrest. Many citizens are upset and angry. One such party has organized a large protest outside the Palace. Help protect civilians, the Royal Family, House Lords, and restore Order.


Objective 3.) Cleansing the Darkness: Venture to Dead Scar in Tarkin City, help contain the darkness. This includes calming frenzied wildlife, cleansing the land to keep the nexus’ influence from spreading too far. As the nexus has been absorbed into Tarkin City, we are unable to remove it completely, but we can do our best to limit its influence.


Objective 4.) Sightseeing: Get to know the world of Commenor, visit Chasin City to see all that they have to offer. Please see this sub for more info on each location.

  • Twin Canyons Mines: Go explore the areas that are open to the public on this special day. A designated spot will be open for a crystal dig.    
  • Rock Point Bay: Spend a relaxing day by the sea shore, perhaps you will even find small pointed rocks that are so famous around here. The Lighthouse at sunset is quite romantic.    

  • Eldritch Mountains: Fancy a hike? Why not take a day tip to the Mountains and journey through the wilderness trails?

  • The Enclave: Members of the Order may wish to visit the Commenor Jedi Enclave at Juniper Canyon. The area is peaceful and open to pilgrims making their way to the Enclave, won't you join them? 

BYOO: Have other business on Commenor? You can always bring your own objective!


Veiere's Redemption Apparel

11 March 2019 - 05:26 AM



  • Intent: To create new set of Jedi Apparel for Veiere Arenais.
  • Image Source: Click Here.
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Jedi Apparel.


  • Manufacturer: House ArenaisVeiere Arenais.
  • Affiliation: Veiere Arenais.
  • Model: Not Applicable.
  • Modularity: Yes, there are various pieces which can be swapped, replaced or repaired such as gloves, boots, robes, leggings and tunic.
  • Production: Unique.

  • Material: Fiber, Faraday Cage Underlay.


  • Classification: Apparel.
  • Weight: Light.
  • Resistances: Low.

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None.

- Kinetic: None.

- Lightsabers: None.

- Slugthrowers: None.

- EMP/ION/Energy Displacement: High.



  • Faraday Cage: Technology that's designed to negate the discharge of energies and protect the wearer from being immobilized or coming to harm.


  • Force Imbued Apparel: Strengthens the wearers affinity to the Light-side of the Force, further empowering their ability to counter the Dark-side of the Force.
  • Lightweight: Capitalizes on maneuverability, making it easier to scale the environment or strike harder and faster than one would in medium to heavy battle attires. 


  • Minimal Defense: As the attire is mostly made up of fabrics, the robes can easily be pierced by melee or ranged weapons, inflicting serious or fatal injury.
  • Not so Subtle: Given the color tones of this attire, there is little chance for the wearer to avoid being seen whilst hiding from their pursuers, thanks to how much the clothing stands out in a crowd.



Feeling proud to be able to rejoin the ranks of the Jedi (The Silver Jedi Order), Veiere has created yet another set of Jedi Apparel in order to replace his previous set that he wore within his time in exile. Now, while working towards his redemption, the pale toned Jedi Robes carry great sentimental value and in his mind, signify the turning point of his life, as well as over-coming some of the worst years in his recent life.


Produced of mostly fabrics, the only exceptions are the leather boots and gloves, as well as the Faraday Cage Underlay which has been included to avoid being immobilized from a stun blast. The cloak is only slightly darker than the tunic and leggings, but is far larger and drapes around his figure. Beneath the cloak however are custom fitted robes meant for the freedom of movement out in the field.


Created in the early days of his joining the Silver Jedi Order, Veiere Arenais will be often seen wearing this attire both within and outside of the Silver Rest.

Purgatory (Kay Arenais)

11 March 2019 - 01:29 AM


Kay Arenais




"Is this really necessary..." Veiere spoke, though he couldn't see the Officer that he was speaking to, thanks to the black fabricated bag that had been loosely thrown over his head the moment he had rendezvoused at the agreed location. 


"This is as much for your safety as it is the security of the convicts we're holding" The Officer responded bluntly, as though he had been asked the same question repeatedly his entire career. The type of Prison they were headed for was a maximum security facility, housing some of the worst criminals known to the Galaxy, some of them capable of practicing the Force yet were still able to be retained behind secure lock-up. Technology could certainly be impressive at times, though today it just made Veiere feel uncomfortable; "Many of them are known associates of Gangs and Political figureheads with the credits to finance an attack. Access is highly restricted to the public".


"Yes well...-The Jedi don't make a habit of working against the law" Veiere countered, dressed in an obvious attire, a pair of tan Jedi robes covered by a large brown hooded cloak that draped down behind him; "I understand you cannot take any chances, but you'll find no trouble from me, I assure you", he was there to visit his wife after-all, and any trouble that he could make, would likely worsen her conditions, were he foolish enough to make any.


"Hands at your sides at all times, we're descending down into the Facility now" the Prison Officer spoke with a tone of voice that suggested their conversation had been concluded, and he was soon followed by the sound of grinding metal, the floor beneath them juttering some, before Veiere weight gravity shift marginally.