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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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The Way Of The Mynock (Metis Athena Elpis).

13 August 2019 - 03:04 AM

The Silver Rest,

Temple of Kashyyyk.

Metis Athena Elpis




So much had been happening lately regarding the greater galaxy and the Order's political situation with those outside of her temple walls, that Veiere Arenais had been forced to pull himself back for a few days and resume his temple duties as a Jedi Master and mentor to their students.


Today's agenda had him teaching a lesson in Soresu to one of their own, Veiere not certain that they'd yet to share in the privilege of a one on one session before. Frankly, he was eager to be focusing on much simpler of ordeals, as teaching @Metus Athena Elpis would bring him a much more comfortable sense of purpose than his recent venture to Taanab had done.


Standing within the sparring dojo of the Silver Jedi Temple there on Kashyyyk, Veiere awaited the arrival of his soon-to-be student for the session. In his possession were two sparring lightsabers, those of which held a training frequency more suited for the lesson. He hadn't been told what level of training and experience Metis had received thus far, so he had come in preparing to go over the basics if needs be.

Tenacity for Taanab [Taozi Fuyuan]

10 August 2019 - 11:17 PM



Location: On approach to Tal Research and Medical Hospital.

Inventory: Jedi Apparel & Lightsabers.

Starship: The Judiciary Assault Cruiser of House Arenais.


Set one Week after the SJO Dominion of Taanab.




Veiere Arenais sat in silence aboard his personal Shuttle as it entered into the atmosphere of Taanab, returning to the world for the first time since being present aboard one of the flagships of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, where he had encountered and been forced to confront Darth Prazutis. His purpose and reason for returning to Taanab was however much more pleasant today, or rather he hoped it would be, as he was due to meet with one Taozi Fuyuan, and discuss her continued retention of duties and whatever business she dealt with upon the world.


While Taanab had been part of the United Clans of the Mandalorian Empire, later dubbed the clans of Mandalore in short, it was Taozi whom had supposedly been left to manage the world. Or at the very least, her organization upon the surface. Veiere hadn't been given the specifics of her business, yet wished to know more for curiosity's sake, and planned to ask during their meeting to come. He wasn't entirely expecting a warm welcome, given the differences and recent aggression's between the clans and the order of the silver jedi, yet he hoped that they could come to some kind of mutual accord during his time there.


The shuttle would land within the spaceport of Pandath, the capital city of Taanab and not too far from the Hospital for which they were due to meet. The pilot of the craft had been asked to relay Veiere's arrival ahead of him, in order to give Taozi the heads up and appropriate time to ready herself should she need to. The Jedi Master however, was not to be accompanied by anyone else for this visit as he didn't wish to intimidate or leave anyone feeling threatened in what was to be a peaceful and diplomatic meeting.



The Assembly Convenes: Kay Arenais' Consideration

20 July 2019 - 10:40 PM



"The Judiciary" Heavy Assault Cruiser.

Awaiting Kay Arenais Arrival.

Orbit of Noverskaa.




"See you when you get here".


Veiere had broken the silence between himself and his Wife, Kay Arenais who had reached out to him one last time. The last time she had tried to reach him, Kay had explained that she was going to Mandalore, the capital world of the United Clans under their Niece Yasha's leadership. Despite his training and his ability to push his feelings back in favor of reason and the will of the force, Veiere hadn't the mind then to speak with her. Now however, she was en-route to the Judiciary and he stood upon the deck of the Hangar that had been reserved for his wife and her Eternal Guard, whose weapons were to remain upon their vessel under Kay's agreement.


Veiere had urged Kay to come and stand before the Assembly in order to explain herself and hopefully avoid being pinned as an antagonist in the growing tension between them and the Mandalorians. Her ties to Clan Raxis meant that she had family on both sides, where as Veiere's attachments ran only so far as House Arenais due to his inexperience and distance from the Clans that his Wife had associated with. It had never been out of any ill intention, but Veiere had always considered them to be special to Kay and so when she would visit them or vice versa, back then Veiere's focus would remain upon Commenor where he was needed. Today things looked so different however, and politics between the United Clans and the Silver Jedi had reached a point of no return thanks to the hostility that had reached the worlds under the Order's protection; and while he expected Kay would wish to find some middle ground, as much as Veiere would like to believe that this were possible, his primary concern was to relieve her and their children of the burden they would otherwise face by a family divided in war.


OOC Note: The Silver Assembly will take part in this thread upon our arrival at Kashyyyk.

Advocates of Peace (Silver Jedi Ambassadors)

12 July 2019 - 01:55 PM



The Silver Jedi Temple Of Kashyyyk.

Outside of the Silver Rest...




"In times of war, there is no greater tool than Diplomacy"

- Veiere Arenais.


Veiere stood outside of the Silver Rest, watching the water rippling from the flow of the three falls before him. He had called for a meeting with those current and interested diplomats and prospective ambassadors of the Order of the Silver Jedi, in order to gauge their readiness for the times that lay ahead. Through-out history, Jedi had participated in times of war and conflict, creating a reputation for themselves both in and outside of combat, most known not for their ability to kill, but their will to advocate for peace and fight for the greater good if and when necessary. For most Jedi Organizations, violence was a last resort and something to be avoided where possible. The Army of Light was a possible exception to this, but for the majority, having to fight in war wasn't something to be proud of. For the Order of the Silver Jedi, many had fought and died in the past for the betterment of Galactic Society and the safe-keeping of Law and Order, yet for every soldier or combatant within the Silver Jedi, there needed to be a counter-weight to balance and represent their strongest of ideologies. Those that the Order was founded on, by Jedi for all.


Today, he wanted to hear the thoughts and recent experiences of his peers, and to hear their feelings on current events. Where there was conflict, there was often Jedi, and with Jedi came controversy from the outside looking in. For those whom advocated for peace, part of their role and responsibility was being able to counter-act any argument that would be taken up against the Order, as people in politics, so often tried. In his youth, the Jedi Master had been taught that the Jedi had no place in politics, however Veiere's understanding of the political environment didn't rest solely with government authority or dominion over others, but the Order held it's own form of political image, representing it's virtue to fellow Jedi groups and organizations, as well as those whom most especially lacked faith in their intentions. 


To represent the Jedi of an group, meant to be willing to face adversity of another kind, and accept that not everyone would be willing to agree with their ideologies, their perspectives. And this was okay, providing no one was placed at risk or suffered any more for it. This was something that Veiere had struggled with, and one of the reasons that he had offered to stand at the head of the Silver Ambassadors, hoping to encourage and further the Order's ability to communicate with the outside Nations, and to represent their Order in a positive light that he hoped the Galaxy might one day see the Jedi in once more.


Aida Aquila, Josh Dragonsflame, Jairdain, Rose DecoriaAlexandra Porte

A Lightside/Jedi version of Sith/Darkside Alchemy.

07 July 2019 - 09:38 PM

The recent changes to the factory rule regarding Forcesabers has lead to my questioning the possibility of a Light-sided version of Force Alchemy (Not to be mistaken with Heresy, as some of you may well be thinking!). Both Orders or Practitioners who favor one particular side over the other, are capable of imbuing weapons and items in the Force, and while Alchemy is somewhat more complicated than that, I'm wondering if there isn't some means of Jedi/Light-Siders being able to achieve similar feats without abusing their control over the Force or leading them to cross the lines of morality that often separate the two groups.


I'll be the first to admit that I'm by no means an expert on Sith Alchemy, I've never played a Sith Character before and I struggle to captivate a dark-sided character in general, so I've never needed to consider that direction of role-play. It was pointed out to me that there are ways of getting around and creating ForceSabers that require the lightside as opposed to the darkside, but given the Sith and Dark Jedi have some really cool methods of doing things, I wanted to open up the discussion to other Force Users/Writers who likely know better than I do.


Could there be a variation of Force Alchemy that can be used by the Jedi or Light-sided Characters?