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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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Ceremony of Masterhood: Romi Jade.

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

The Promotion of:

Jedi Master, Romi Jade.

The Silver Rest.





At the head of the ceremonial hall of the home of the Silver Jedi upon Kashyyyk, Veiere Arenais stood proudly dressed in the garb of the Order, that was now his home. Today's Order of Jedi was not that of the former single body structure that Veiere had been raised in, but made up out of differing organizations of Jedi Students, Knights and Masters, all of whom put their various strengths and skills towards the common good of Galactic Society, as well as the pursuit of enlightenment and peace within the Force. The reason for Veiere's standing there, before the crowded room of senior members of the Silver Jedi Order, as well as friends and associates of their Organization, was the promotion of a younger Woman whom had held a pivotal place in his own life and his role as a Mentor. 


Romi Jade had once been his Padawan, though would always be thought of as his Apprentice for that Veiere did not wish to lose the relationship that they had formed over the many years of his training the younger woman; Later, he would come to meet her own Padawan, the young Aten Ramses. He of whom sought Veiere out for his lessons in the practice of Force Light.

These recent years that Romi had been put through however, Veiere would never wish upon anyone. His brief fall to the Darkside following the foundation of the Jedi Order upon Deneba, and the actions that he had committed, she had taken especially hard, and only these passed weeks had Veiere learned that Taeli Raaf had managed to further influence the woman's instability to draw her over to the ways of the Sith. Together, with Coren Starchaser whom held deep personal ties with Romi Jade, fought tooth and nail to free her from this corruption.


To overcome the Dark Side of the Force, a great strength of will is required within those afflicted; Try as they did, the success of Romi Jade's return to the Jedi all depended on her strength of character and her refusal to let go of the life she had known before. To many others, Romi had been a great friend. A Mentor. Family under the Order of the Jedi. She had been a Woman of integrity and great faith in the Force. The perseverance that she had shown within her training, had returned to prove that even though she had fallen, Romi Jade would pick herself back up, with her head held high as the Jedi Knight that she was known for...Soon, to be given the rank of Jedi Master.


"Romi Jade, please step forward." Veiere spoke with an elevated voice, that all the room would hear him and the words that he had to offer his former Padawan. She would be at the front, positioned within the center of the room, only a couple steps below him and now invited to join him at the head of the great hall. It was Veiere's honor as her former Mentor, that he be given this privilege. It was one that he would do with the utmost pride and professionalism.


Coren Starchaser | Aten Ramses | Cedric Grayson | Asaraa Vaashe | Arekk | Aida Aquila | Josh Dragonsflame | Loreena Arenais | Jerek Zenduu | Sylas Taff

Force Mastery and Theory: Lesson Two.

21 May 2019 - 02:09 AM



Force Mastery & Theory: Lesson Two.

Kashyyyk, Home of the Silver Jedi.




For those whom had attended Veiere's first lesson on the Jedi Code, his second class on Force Mastery & Theory would touch upon something a little different and utilizing the great outdoors of Kashyyyk for a change. The homeworld of the Wookies was a woundrous place, and also the site of many a space and ground battle thanks to the ever changing politics of the Galaxy. The spot that the Jedi Master would lead the group towards, was one that he had stumbled upon during one of those leisurely walks an old man such as Veiere ought to take once in a while to get away from such a busied galaxy and life as a Jedi Master.


When they'd all arrive, Veiere would turn and await the remaining students to gather around the fallen wreck of an old X-Wing Starfighter; the clearing here was vast yet also surrounded by natural life, tree's so tall that they threatened to block out the sunlight. Plant life and foliage that covered the ground and made it difficult at times to tread upon. A living and breathing eco-system that flowing with life, also strengthened the presence of the Force for those sensitive to it's call and feeling.


"I'll give it a moment, just for any stragglers who've happened to miss their gym classes this week..." Veiere chuckled, looking to those present and giving one last chance for others to join them before he would proceed with the days lecture.


All other members of the Jedi Alliance are welcome.

Lightsaber Arts and Theory: Lesson One.

21 May 2019 - 01:47 AM



Lightsaber Arts and Theory.

Holographic Training Environment,

The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk.




Today's lesson in the saber arts was designed to give the Students of the Order something of a different perspective from which to learn; rather than sticking to the typical dojo or classrooms of the Silver Rest, Veiere Arenais had instead opted to reserve the use of the Holographic Imaging System, using the emitters and placing them in various corners of the outside courtyard in order to convey a simulated Arena known to Geonosis, a place that once held a battle known to the Jedi Order, as one that set off the beginning of the legendary "Clone Wars". The only difference today however, was that there were no crowds, nor any real danger to those whom would be making use of the Arena floor for their training lesson.


Standing in the center of the room, Veiere Arenais awaited the rest of the students whom had signed up to attend the scheduled class, as well as any additional 'late entree's' or tag-along's that might have chosen to follow. The subject of today's lesson was to cover the marks of contact, a series of lightsaber blows, no matter the chosen form, that were well known to all Jedi whom would ascend the rank of Jedi Padawan, to that of a Knight or Master.


All other members of the Jedi Alliance are welcome.

Moral Ethics, Personal Values & Diplomacy: Lesson One.

21 May 2019 - 01:03 AM



Moral Ethics, Personal Values & Diplomacy.

The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk.




There are many different aspects to the life of a Jedi Knight, prospective warriors of the Force whom start out with nothing but the knowledge and training handed down from their elder peers and members of the Order. For Veiere Arenais, his life with the Jedi had begun at the mere age of five years old, like so many of the old times. Andina Torsyn had been his Jedi Mentor, and the one to teach him the importance of not only knowing how to wield a Lightsaber, but more importantly why to show restraint in doing so until all other means have been spent. Morals, Virtue and Integrity; these being every part true of a Knight of the Order, just as much so as the Force is their Ally.


'Moral Ethics, Personal Values & Diplomacy', one of the titles of Classes that Andina once taught to a likely group of students where Veiere had once sat among them at a desk similar to those of today's class-room. Each terminal with access to the Jedi Comport, a system created by House Arenais meant to connect every Temple, Enclave or facility of the Order with an Archive to one another in the pursuit and protection of knowledge relevant to the Keepers of the Peace.


Standing at the front of the room, Veiere Arenais awaited those who were to attend today's scheduled lesson with his hands behind is back, his Jedi Tunic sheltered beneath the Silver Mantle, a robe and symbol of the Order of the Silver Jedi.


All other members of the Jedi Alliance are welcome.

Ambassador Class Modified CR90 Corvette

13 May 2019 - 03:15 PM


Ambassador Class Modified CR90 Corvette.



  • Intent: To create a custom line of CR90 Corvette's specific to the use of Silver Jedi Representatives, Diplomats and Ambassadors.
  • Image Source: Click here.
  • Canon Link: N/A.
  • Primary Source: CR90 Corvette.


  • Manufacturer(s): 

Corellian Engineering Corporation (Original Manufacturer).

- House Arenais and The Order Of The Silver Jedi (Revamp & Modifications).


  • Classification: Corvette, Envoy.
  • Length: 150 meters.
  • Width: 48.6 meters.
  • Height: 32.6 meters.
  • ArmamentLow.


- 2x "Flyswatter" light AA guns.

  • Defenses: High.

- Faberstien-Lago 37's emergency escape pods (8, ventral).

- Armed Faberstien Maximum capacity life ships (4, dorsal).

Phalanx Shield System.

Advanced Deflector Shields.

Ray Shields.

Chaff Countermeasures.

Flares - Countermeasures.

Ablative Coating.

  • Hangar SpaceVery Low.
  • Hangar Allocations: Ventral small-scale Transport docking bay.
  • Maneuverability RatingModerate.
  • Speed RatingFast.
  • Hyperdrive ClassFast: 1.




  • High Grade Defense: Made with the intention of venturing into neutral territories with the hope of establishing new alliances, this vessel has been reinforced with a greater defensive detail in order to combat any risk of coming under heavy weapons fire.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: With the purpose of diplomacy in mind between the Silver Jedi Order and other persons of note, the Modified Ambassador Class Corvette has been emboldened with a stealth field generator to avoid hostile situations where possible.


  • Minimal Offensive Capacity: This vessel was not made with the purpose of space combat in mind, and therefore lacks when it comes to attacking hostile vessels.
  • ​Single External Docking Bay: The CR90 Corvette can only receive a single, small sized transport at a time and has no hangar bay to reinforce it's position should it come under fire.



The Representatives Sub-Group of the Order Of The Silver Jedi bring with them, the core ideals of what it is to be a Peace-Keeper among a violent and chaotic Galaxy that they share with so many millions of others in Galactic Society. Because of this, it is only natural that their signature space-faring Transports are equipped with the same pacifist-like load-out of technologies. Making use of the all reliable CR90 model Corvette, House Arenais in conjunction with the Order Of The Silver Jedi have set to work in modifying and strengthening the age old vessels with new and higher grade defensive armaments in order to compete with the fire-power of today's fellow governments and military factions.


Venturing outside of the territories of the Silver Jedi Order, these Ambassador Class CR90's have been equipped with stealth field generators as well as a plethora of new metals and alloys to strengthen the hull and overall design of the corvette. Ablative plating has been used on the exterior of the ship in order to counter energy weapons munitions, and further protect the peaceful compliment of diplomatic personnel within. What few offensive weaponry that has been included, has been taken from the Silver Jedi's personal organizations and manufacturers invested in the Order's long-term fight against the oppressive forces of the known Galaxy.


While these modifications have not come cheap, the Silver Jedi Order has prepared it's diplomats with as much security and safe-keeping as possible before sending them out from Kashyyyk and their fellow worlds, seeking to bring together more peoples in the promotion of peace and democracy for all.