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Kylo Kyr'am

Kylo Kyr'am

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Signature request

08 November 2018 - 12:38 AM

To whoever wishes to help out

I Need a signature with these gifs and pics, name is Kylo Kyr'am, with dark/night, lightning/thunder, heavy rain, like Kamino for the setting, would be greatly appreciated thank you

(also preferably less of the un-helmeted version be used if possible)

GIF I here

GIF II here

Pics are in spoiler

Kyr'am Architecture

29 October 2018 - 03:48 PM


Kyr'am Corporation

* Image Source: Custom by me

* Canon Link: N/A

* Development Thread: N/A

* Primary Source: N/A

* Corporation Name: Kyr'am Architecture

* Headquarters: Kyrayc

* Locations:
* Dxun
* Mandalore
* Oyar'u

* Operations:
* Architecture work for ships
* Base/building design
* Space Station creation

As the 3rd company in the Kyr'am Corporation this business is designed to design buildings, bases, compounds, and various other buildings. It also designs and builds space stations, and designs starships (does not build them).

The Mandalorian clan Prudii Kyr'am built this company to be an Addition to the Kyr'am Corporation.

Hidden Wrist Blades

22 October 2018 - 06:31 AM



* Intent: Personal Hidden assassin blades for the CIS Only!

* Image Source: Hidden Blade
* Gif Source

* Canon Link: N/A

* Primary Source:

* Manufacturer: Galactic Arms Corps

* Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems

* Model: Hidden wrist blade

* Modularity: No

* Production: Limited

* Material:
* Songsteel
* Spacers Leather
* Spider Silk
* Armorweave

* Classification: Hidden Wrist Blades

* Size: Small

* Weight: Light

• Spacers Leather gauntlets with a armorweave and spider silk lining inside with retractable Songsteel blades.

+ Weapon is light in weight
+ Blades are razor sharp songsteel making them extremely resistant to lightsabers
+Razor sharp blades make them lethal to even get slashed with.

-If spring breaks, weapon is rendered useless
-must be extremely close to target to use
-Songsteel is difficult to fix so it's very difficult to fix the weapon

The Hidden Wrist blade is small, could be easily hidden, and could be used to kill in stealth. The retractable songsteel blades are on the bottom of the gauntlets. The gauntlets are made out of Spacers leather with a armorweave and spider silk inner lining for comfort. The blades are extended and retracted by simply using the force. The blades are also severely razor sharp. This item was designed exclusively for the CIS Only!

Kyr'am Manor

16 October 2018 - 06:27 PM

* Intent: Kylo Kyr'am's personal manner

* Image Credit: House
* Gym
* Shooting Range
* Indoor Dojo
* Outdoor Dojo
* Movie Theater
* Grand Kitchen
* Armory
* Library
* Bar
* Indoor Pool
* Outdoor Pool
* Master Bedroom

* Canon: N/A

* Links: N/A

* Structure Name: Kyr'am Manor

* Classification: A mansion

* Location: Kyrayc

* Affiliation: Kylo Kyr'am

* Accessibility: The manor is restricted from public access, it is hidden just on the outskirts of the Kyrayc Jungle

* Description: From a distance the place looks old, creepy, and massive, it all includes 11 bedroom, 8 bath, basement, attic, gym, shooting range, combat dojo, movie theater, grand chef kitchen, armory, library, war room, meeting room, bar/cantina, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, a obstacle course for training purposes, and a outdoor combat dojo.


\ GYM /

A personal Gym Kylo uses to keep in shape constantly, it includes various equipment for weight lifting, sit ups, pull ups, cardio, boxing, yoga, and as well as various others to keep Kylo fit.


The personal shooting range for Kylo to practice his firearm skills


The two personal combat Dojos of Kylo to practice his various combat training styles and hone on his combat skills.


A personal home theater where Kylo can entertain guests, watch the holonews, catch a holo movie and relax.


A master kitchen set up for Kylo to cook meals, as a passion of Kylo's is indeed cooking. It included a dining room, everything needed to cook gourmet meals, and a lounge area with a holo screen.


The Armory contains hundreds of weapons that Kylo's company produces as well as various other weapons Kylo has collected over the years. If a war were to ever strike Kyrayc, Kylo has enough weapons stored to arm an average size military.

Kylo's personal library which hundreds of books on various things that are within the galaxy. Another passion of Kylo's is reading, meaning he spends a lot of time in this room.

\ BAR /

The bar was a great place to lounge about and have a good time including a pool table, holocreen, couches, a bar with over 200 types of Drinks, was a really great place to entertain and have a good time.


The two swimming pools and hot tubs are great places to relax, go for a swim, and just swim laps. The outdoor pool comes with a lounge and fireplace.


The private bedroom of Kylo Kyr'am, comes with a holoscreen, private balcony overlooking the estate property, a huge washroom with a shower big enough for 5. The bedroom even has a fireplace.

Rating: Average
The entire property is secured with security cameras and guarded by The Grim Legion Mortem Squad

Before the Planet's destruction this place was a manor of a wealthy business man. After it's destruction it became abandoned and nature begin reclaiming it. Kylo discovered it and begin rebuilding and restoring the property. When finished the property had 11 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a basement, attic, gym, shooting range, combat dojo, movie theater, grand chef kitchen, armory, library, war room, meeting room, bar/cantina, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, a obstacle course for training purposes, and a outdoor combat dojo. Kylo does not spend much time here, but when he does, he's not to be bothered.

The Kyr'am and Americus (invite only)

07 October 2018 - 01:10 PM


Kylo's Beskar


Kylo decided it was time to get a drink, he'd been working far from Carson City in the Jungles of Kyrayc at his Clans compound. He almost forgot what Carson City became like. Now he was back in it, he had a chance to see that the population was really growing. The city had mandalorian monuments all over, mandalorian banners hanging around the city. It was evening on Kyrayc, the sun was going down, the sky lit up a haunting faded orange from behind the clouds. Neon lights all over Carson city were lighting up. It was a splendid place from what it once was. Kylo reached his destination, a small little bar of the main stretch through Carson city called Rivet Cantina. Kylo walked through the front door to see the place was filled with all walks of life.

Kylo walked through the crowd as many were drinking, socializing, just having a grand time. Many patrons noticed him instantly and looked his way or moved out of his way. Kylo was one of the most respected people of the planet, his clan Prudii Kyr'am was the reason Kyrayc was the new Mandalore without the presence of the filthy corruption of the Mandalorian Empire. Now it was never officially stated that it was the new Mandalore, but to everyone that called Kyrayc home, it was, and Kylo's father A'den was their leader, in their eyes that made him Mand'alor even though they knew A'den didn't like being called that. Kylo reached the bar and nodded to the bartender, Kylo has visited here so much that the bartender already knew his drink of choice. Ardees or also known as Jawa Juice on tatooine. Kylo loved the drink. Once the bartender gave him his drink, Kylo took it and went to his usual spot, a Booth that was located in the back right corner if you were coming from the front door. Kylo sat his drink down then reached up and pressed buttons on each side of his buy'ce. A hissing sound of pressurized air being released came from his helmet. He set the helmet down on the table showing his face. Hazel eyes, short brown hair, a scruffy beard along with the few scars that dotted his face. Kylo sat down and took a sip of his drink relaxing. The lighting in the cantina was dim, but evenly matched with the stage lights and the neon lights from the bar.

Maggie-Rae Americus