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Aryn Spar

Aryn Spar

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In Topic: Civil War: Counter Strike | Mandalorians

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Location: Sundari Outer Reaches
Allies: Death Watch | Lok Munin | Narir Tracyn | Atiniir Starrider
Enemies: Insurgents |Gilamar Skirata |Talise Skirata
Aryn watched them in silence, his eye flicking from metallic beast to metallic beast. There were dozens of them, far beyond the counting. His lips pulled up in a slight snarl, his gaze falling on their path as they headed closer and closer to the dome of Sundari.
The Togorian shifted one last time, then motioned towards those who followed him. "Go."
His voice was low, though the comm in his helmet would be more than enough to transmit his orders. His armor shifted slightly as the jetpack on his back burst into it's first sign of life. The massive device had been specifically created for someone of it's size, the bulk of it made it difficult to take him seriously, but that wasn't really a concern to him. Mandalorians were nothing without their jetpacks, a lesson that most learned at a very young age. The jets on the back kicked into life.
"Keep them from the dome." Aryn growled as he rose into the air. "Sunder their droids."
Dozens of jetpacks flared into life around him. "Rip them from the skies."
A sudden burst of speed in the form of two massive jet trails bloomed into life and Aryn shot into the skies. He rushed forward as fast as the jetpack would take him, shooting after the Basilisk war droids and quickly catching up to them. Jetpacks had shorter fuel spans than most ships, but pushed to their limits they could keep up with even TIE fights.
Aryn and his allies would tear into the enemy from behind.

In Topic: Civil War: Counter Strike | Mandalorians

18 October 2017 - 05:47 PM

Location: Sundari Outer Reaches
Death Watch

Enemies: Insurgents


Aryn stood silently on the outer cliffs near Sundari, he watched as the streaks of the Basilisk War Droids slashed across the sky towards the great domed City. He scowled slightly, but said nothing to the other warriors who slowly came up behind him. Each and every one of them wore their helmets, armor sealed and their rifles held tightly. They watched the Basilisks for just a few seconds before slowly turning their attention to the Togorian who stood at the cliffs edge.


Death Watch had not been idle.


It had only been a short time since their conquest of Sundari, too short a time to build any true defenses, but those who served Ra were not fools. A counter attack had been inevitable, and they had not been idle in the little time they had been given. He frowned for a moment, watching the great Dome as the Basilisk's moved ever closer to it. 


"More blood." He said quietly before slowly turning to the others.


A few of them would be wearing smiles, most would show no emotion at all. Death Watch had a purpose, it was to cleans, to purge, but not all felt joy in the act. It was something that had to be done, something that could not be avoided.


Slowly Aryn's hand formed into a fist, his head swiveling towards Sundari. "Get ready."


They would fall on the traitors like an avalanche.

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17 October 2017 - 09:10 PM


In Topic: Civil War: First Strike | Mandalorians

13 October 2017 - 01:22 PM

Sundari Palace
Allies: Death Watch | Atiniir StarriderNarir Tracyn
Enemies: Insurgents
Aryn felt uneasily around the wound under his armor, lips thin and his eye wandering around the room.
It seemed that they had already seized the palace, or at least the guards were now in support of them. The city would likely take some more time to actually secure, but he doubted that it would pose much of a problem. The only fierce resistance they had encountered so far had come from that Sniper, and they were but one. The Togorian frowned slightly, pulling out the small strip of cloth and checking the blood that had seeped into it. His scowl deepened.  "Fetch me a kit."
Aryn told one of the men standing in the corner of the room, though he had no idea if the request could even be fulfilled.
Medical supplies were no doubt rather short in Sundari at this time, but he doubted that the Palace had not a single one floating around. He shifted slightly, pulling at the strap of his armor and removing the heavy pauldron from over his wound. He allowed the Beskar to clatter to the ground with a heavy thunk. His eye floated to the wound in his shoulder, the grotesque reddish flesh already shriveling up. He scowled and then stepped forward.
There was nothing he could do at the moment. 
Sundari had fallen, whether it knew it or not. The palace was now controlled entirely by Death Watch, hundreds of soldiers and former prisoners spreading throughout the structure to secure doors, windows, and every tunnel they could find. Aryn stalked across the room, reaching back with his good hand and grasping a small bundle from his belt pouch. He pulled free a large blue strip of cloth, unfurling a banner decorated with splotches of old blood. He stepped besides the throne for just a moment before draping the flag over the back of the tall stone back.

In Topic: Civil War: First Strike | Mandalorians

12 October 2017 - 11:39 AM

Sundari Palace
Allies: Death Watch | Atiniir Starrider
Enemies: Insurgents | Kal Ordo
A howl of rage erupted from Aryn as the bullet struck him.
The gaps between his beskar plates presented at just the right time for the shot, the bullet slipping between the heavy metal. It sliced through flesh and tore muscle within his shoulder, cutting through and biting into him. Flaming agony erupted from the wound, Aryn immediately clutching his shoulder as he ducked behind the nearest column. His hand slick with blood he moved to tear a strip of cloth from his tunic. The Togorian stuffed it beneath the plates, pressing it against the wounds.
"Coward." Aryn growled quietly, his eye wandering up the steps.
There was only a dozen or so left before he could make it inside the palace. His shoulder ached, though he had no idea how much damage the bullet had actually done. He frowned, flexing his fingers and noting he could still move his arm at the very least.
As he rotated his arm he could feel a slight cink, a small whimper of pain escaping his throat as he felt the bullet dig a bit deeper into his flesh. The small round hadn't exited his flesh, meaning he would have to find a surgeon later. The Togorian growled, then slowly pressed himself against the column. He looked up, and then suddenly bounded forward. He bolted as fast as he could, rushing between the columns and reaching the great stone door of the Palace. He halted not a breath, slamming through the entrance and stampeding into the throne room.
Immediately he shouted at those Death Watch already present. "Seal the doors!"
He would take no chances.
"Contact those we have outside." There were thousands now. "Find that sniper!"