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In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

Today, 08:58 AM

CHARROS IV - Cathedral Factory, Southern Hemisphere

Enemies: SJO

Allies: TGE


The door slowly began to fall away, it's lock having been eroded by the acid Allara placed upon it. Tyrian watched with listless eyes as the durasteel slowly began to tumble into pieces, the heavy clunk of durasteel landing on the floor as the lock finally gave out completely. The heavy blast doors retracted back into the wall, the hydraulics that had been holding it in place slowly giving out. For a few seconds The Soldier lingered within the doorway, then he stepped forward.


"You and your toys."


Allara said as Tyrian moved into the records hall, his eyes flicking from databank to databank. He was here for one specific file, one that he had heard of several months ago through underground channels. He scanned the walls for a brief moment, then slowly began to wander down the hall. As he went along he pulled small thermal detonators from within his armor, priming them and gently placing them against the shelving as they wandered. "It is necessary."


The soldier said flatly.


"The Empire's military supplies won't just be gifted to us." Slowly he glanced around, placing the final charge before wandering up to a terminal. "So Raekkar will produce it's own."


The Yuuzhan Vong woman practically slithered up to Tyrian, her voice a sultry lash of the tongue.


"Then let me do it. I will craft you something...grand, new. Something reminiscent of the worldships of old."


Tyrian perked an eyebrow for a moment. He didn't really know all that much about Yuuzhan Vong Technology, in fact next to nothing. Most of it still gave him the creeps. Rifles and other weapons weren't meant to be alive, they were made to kill. "Perhaps in time."


They hardly had the resources for such things now. 


Tyrian glanced at the now pouting Vong before looking back towards the Terminal, searching the databanks for a moment more before he finally found what he was looking for. A small, thin smile drew across his lips and slowly he withdrew the drive that he required. The Soldier inspected it for just a moment and then slipped it beneath the armor plating of his Synthweave.

In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

Yesterday, 08:48 AM

CHARROS IV - Cathedral Factory, Southern Hemisphere

Enemies: SJO

Allies: TGE


Things take very long after that.


The Cathedral Factories were an important asset to Charros, but they were in the end just factories, not fortresses. These places had not been designed as Bastions against attack and assault. It was that fact of course that made them such a poor target for planetary assault. Capturing and holding the Cathedral Factories would have been impossible. Their thin walls and confusing layout made for an impossible to defend outpost, not to mention that the odd angles of the halls and the machinery everywhere made fighting more difficult than most urban combat.


It was a good thing then that Tyrian wasn't here to hold the Factories, nor was he here to claim them for himself. He was sure that if the Empire seized this world they would ravage Charros to the best of their abilities, but The Legion intended to beat them to the punch.


As Tyrian wandered the factory he slowly replaced the bow on his back, drawing just a single blaster pistol and stepping through the various doorways to head deeper into the factory itself. In the distance he could hear the echoing sounds of slaughter, his men working their way to clear the factory. Allara followed closely behind him, the Twisted Yuuzhan Vong woman falling into step as her Amphistaff slowly curled and wound it's way around her arm over and over again. "Central databanks."


He pointed down the hall.


Information had always been the most vital part of any war. It above all else was the key, and Tyrian knew that. Slowly the two walked down a hall until they reached a thick blast door, the heavy durasteel having settled into place mere moments ago as the fleeing factory workers attempted to bar the way. Tyrian frowned slightly, glancing towards Allara who gave him a small, almost happy smile.


"Do not worry, dearest."


The Amphistaff the woman held slowly slithered up her body, surrounding her neck and coming to rest on her shoulders as the Vong woman pulled a small object from her tunic. She placed it against the central lock of the door and then stepped away, glancing at Tyrian for just a moment. A second later the durasteel lock began to sizzle, the acidic sound of acid eating through metal ringing in the hall.

In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

21 August 2017 - 09:37 AM

CHARROS IV - Cathedral Factory, Southern Hemisphere

Enemies: SJO

Allies: TGE


The guards dropped to the floor with heavy thuds, each one struck with a single bolt from a bow or blaster.


Tyrian and the Legion worked quickly, moving up to the gates of the Cathedral Factory in the same heartbeat as the guards dropped. The Soldier clutched his particle bow tightly, a thin line having formed across his lips as he glanced up towards the grand structure above him. He motioned towards the Besalisk that had earlier dragged him from his seat in the container. The Alien shifted slightly and then moved forward, smashing his fists into the door once...twice, and then a third time.


The massive doors swung up, striking against the walls and causing an odd sort of chittering inside.


"Remember." He told the others as they stepped through the doorway. "We are servants of the Empire."


IT was all part of the plan. No one would doubt that the Imperials were here to cause destruction and death, after all they had begun all of this with an orbital bombardment. Tyrian knew this, and he knew how to exploit things. It wasn't like The Legion of the Damned or even the Sith Empire needed to be secretive about their killing of people in Jedi Held territory, but on this particular occasion? Well he'd rather the Jedi think it was someone else doing the killing.


He motioned towards his men to enter the Factory. "Spread out, kill everything that moves."


A moment after he spoke a gleefull chuckled escaped his men, the great Besalisk stepping forward with a grin as an odd looking woman stepped up behind Tyrian. She carried an odd serpent like creature around her arm, the amphistaff slithering down her form and into her palm.


"Careful, we need to leave the right traces."


Tyrian glanced at her for a moment, then gave her a slow nod. They had to use the right weapons to commit this massacre. The Empire was very particular about it's equipment, something that Tyrian had noted early on. Thanks to his dealings with one Gorba the Hutt however such things wouldn't be a problem.

In Topic: Seeding Chaos

20 August 2017 - 09:54 AM



Tyrian wasn't so narcissistic to think that everyone in the room was now looking at him, but undoubtedly at least half of the attention within the Cantina was now squarely on the man who had just a few seconds ago knocked out one of the Rodian smugglers. The others of his crew were of course about to make their move, though one man had already been incapacitated by some sort of...cat like creature which put the others on an edge and a half.


Good for him.


The other members of the Rodians crew stepped forward however, two of them reaching for the blasters planted upon their hips. Tyrian watched them move, but before either of them could draw The Soldier began to speak, his voice amplified by his mask. "I need pirates."


Normally he wouldn't have been so bold, perhaps even tried more subtlety, but he needed to grab more attention. If flooding his voice into the cantina would get the job done then he'd do it. Almost immediately his words seemed to have the intended effect. The crewmembers of the Rodian froze, seemingly surprised by his sudden words. Others within the Cantina turned to him, interested in the crazy man who was apparently just shouting random things.


"Killers." He needed no morally. "And I'll pa-"


Tyrian wasn't able to finish his sentence, the crewmembers of the Rodian suddenly standing and drawing their blasters, three shots ringing out in quick succession.

In Topic: [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

19 August 2017 - 08:44 AM

CHARROS IV - Cathedral Factory, Southern Hemisphere


The hike to the Cathedral factory was one that Tyrian and the others found surprisingly easy. Though there were defenses in place, most of the Silver Jedi Order and the natives were far more focused on the massive fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers hanging over the planet. 


Tyrian couldn't really blame them for that fact, mostly because he would do the exact same thing. Briefly he glanced up, his HUD catching small flashes of turbo-lasers and pockets of explosions. He frowned for a moment and wondered if the Silver Jedi would win out the day, but somehow he doubted it. Their defenses were admirable, their people staunchly protective, but the Imperials had the upper hand of surprise. In war the first strike often counted the most, especially when it was pushed on all sides.


He frowned for a moment, then motioned his men forward.


They crested a small ridge just beyond the Cathedral Factory, his head poking up for just a moment to spot a host of guards lining the outer perimieter of the massive structure. He frowned for a few seconds and then motioned to his men. "Take half right, move in when we open fire."


Everything they did from now on would be noticed. Every action they took would have to be done swiftly. The war above was raging, but it wouldn't be long before the Silver Jedi turned their eyes down towards the planet itself. Tyrian pulled the bow from his back, slipping the two ends into place and flicking on the power module before the other members of the Legion quickly shuffled off down and to the left of the ridge.


The soldier took a breath, then hopped over the ridge.