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#1622695 Looking for Some Threads

Posted by Tyrian on Yesterday, 08:52 AM

Hey guys, I'm currently looking to do some threads with my fellow TSE faction members.


I'm attempting to establish Tyrian as a NFU within TSE itself, so far he's entered a deal with several Sith and formed his own Legion of soldiers. I'd like him to meet and deal with some of the Sith in TSE itself.


Any takers?

#1621935 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 17 August 2017 - 07:20 PM

Gorba the Hutt


"The money won't be an issue." They had ransacked an entire nation state for their treasury. The Resurgent Empire had been a flash in the pan, but it had been a very, very efficient flash. They had plundered trillions of credits from the worlds they had taken and conquered. The Empire had ensured that they'd gotten their share of wealth. It had all been intended to serve a war effort of course. The Purebloods in charge had wanted to conquer the galaxy, and to do so they needed money.


Now that money was being used for another purpose.


He wondered how furious they would have been if they knew, but most of them were now dead. A small smile touched his lips, amusement at the thought of how superior those Purebloods had once felt. Tyrian refocused a moment later, regarding the Hutt and his underlings. "I require the shipments soon."


The Soldier spoke matter of fact.


"Thirteen groups." From his pocket he pulled a small data-chit. "They are the ones who require the supplies, equally split of course."

#1621737 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 17 August 2017 - 11:52 AM

Gorba the Hutt


"All of them." Tyrian stated simply.


That kind of weaponry was enough for a whole army, but Tyrian didn't plan on giving it to just one group. He needed to disseminate those weapons to a dozen different worlds, to rebels, terrorists, and revolutionary cells. He needed to sow chaos. 


"As much as you can securely move." That would of course come with quite a price tag, but that was to be expected. In order for his plans to work he would need to spend an extraordinary amount of money, so much that it might as well have gone to bribes or other things. Yet he knew that this would work. "Without the source being known."


It didn't really matter to him all that much if people learned his name, after all he was no one.


His concern was more people would learn all these weapons were filtering to different groups because of the same person. That would make people sit up and pay attention. One person supplying all these arms to different groups was an agenda.

#1621224 Seeding Chaos

Posted by Tyrian on 16 August 2017 - 11:14 AM



Tyrian glanced around the Cantina for just a few minutes.


It was obvious that most everyone in here was some form of privateer, pirate, or smuggler. He wondered briefly just how many of them had come from one Imperial Navy or another. The falling of governments meant a lot of experienced Marines and commanders quickly found themselves out of work with a host of starships and weapons at their disposal. It wasn't uncommon for them to remove themselves to the world of piracy, particularly since it was so profitable.


For a few more seconds the Icarii surveyed the room, then slowly he walked towards the bar. The droid behind it quickly wheeled up to him, it's expression rather gloomy and one of its photoreceptors having been gouged out by someone a long time ago. Just as he was about to step up to it a man cut in front of him.


The Rodian moved swiftly, intercepting the droid and getting in Tyrian's way before the latter could even say anything. A grimace immediately pulled across his lips, his hand reaching out to grab the scruff of the mans neck and press him forward, slamming him into the bar top and letting him crumple to the floor a half second later. Half the cantina suddenly went silent as they watched the Rodian crumple to the floor like a rag doll, his friends in particular staring daggers at Tyrian.


"Now that I have your attention-" Just as Tyrian began to speak one of the Rodian's friends stood, charging at the soldier with a loud scream.

#1620975 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 15 August 2017 - 10:15 PM

Gorba the Hutt


He perked an eyebrow for a few seconds, an action that was thankfully hidden behind his mask.


Twenty percent of what exactly? They hadn't even discussed how many weapons he would be purchasing, nor did they really talk about what kind he could get through them. It was something Tyrian took note of immediately, mostly because it spoke to the Hutt's greed. Such a thing wasn't really a surprise, mostly because of who Hutts were in the first place. "Very well."


Money was of little concern to him.


When the Resurgent Empire had fallen Yidhra had ransacked much of the treasury, taking with her a vast hoard of Aurodium, famed artworks, and simple credits. The woman had been smart enough not just to steal an army, but also the means to supply it. The thought was a small comfort really given that she was a cold hearted Pureblood who would execute him at the drop of a hat, but at the very least she was giving him the resources he required.


"We will need to discuss amounts." He stated. "And what I'm getting."


He didn't need top quality, just good enough to work. These weapons weren't for him after all.

#1620955 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 15 August 2017 - 09:23 PM

Gorba the Hutt


It was a nice gesture, but it wouldn't work. The mask that he wore upon his face was sealed to vacuum and in general his...tastes didn't lie with dancers and slave girls. 


"Weapons." He answered simply.


His plan included complicated...well no not really complicated, but layers of planning and dealings with the underworld. He already had the Helix Syndicate working for him in part, Raekkar was under his thumb, and after the Hutt he would be heading towards mid-rim for some Pirates. Everything was slowly coming together, he just needed this slug to give him what he wanted and things would continue to fall into place. 


"Blasters, explosives, disruptors." He would need them all."There are several organization whom I would like to supply."


All of whom were clamoring for support. "I wish to purchase them through you."

#1620881 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 15 August 2017 - 06:49 PM

Gorba the Hutt


"Great Gorba." Tyrian began as he took a deep bow. "I thank you for welcoming me today."


The Soldier was absolutely no stranger to sucking up. He'd worked with Sith for the past three years, Purebloods no less. He knew that some species in this galaxy simply needed to hear how great and wonderful they were before they could even consider hearing any sort of proposal. 


Hutt's were one of those species.


It was a fact that pretty much every single person in the galaxy knew, and Tyrian honestly didn't mind it. The great slugs disgusted him on a metaphysical level, but that didn't mean he couldn't put that aside for the greater good. He was here to get weapons, weapons that he needed if he would rise to his proper place within the Empire. His lips thinned for a moment, his back slowly straightening as he looked at the Hutt. Briefly he wondered how many the creature had killed to reach his current place.


They were a combative race. "I have come with a proposal that I hope you may find beneficial."

#1620766 [TGE vs. SJO] Eklipse das Licht; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Charros IV

Posted by Tyrian on 15 August 2017 - 02:45 PM



He frowned slightly as he slipped the powerpack into his blasters, lips thin and his gaze drifting down at the weapon within his palm. There was a loud click that echoed within the empty chamber of the ship, resounding around him for just a moment before he glanced up. The door ahead of him opened, one of the members of The Legion stepping through. He was dressed in Synthweave, the armor that most of the Legionnaires now wore. Tyrian frowned at him for a moment.


"The Imperials have Started."


Of course they had. The Soldier gave his Legionnaire a nod and then shifted his weight, holstering his blaster and ensuring that it's twin was secure on his other thigh. He pulled the particle bow from it's place on the wall, collapsing it's phrik frame and placing it on the notch on his armor. His mask was the last thing to fall into place, sealing with a loud hiss and ensuring airflow was working properly. "Let's go."


There was no doubt that what the Imperials were planning was some sort of mass event, either invasion or destruction. Tyrian wasn't entirely confident that they had brought enough forces with them, but then again he didn't particularly care either. He was here for an entirely different reason, victory or loss, it didn't matter to him. The Icarii shifted his weight and passed through the door of the shuttle, stepping into the cargo hold and glancing around for just a few brief seconds.


Half a dozen Legionnaires sat in small jump chairs, straps already in place. 


All of them were speaking among one another of course, some even yelling. These weren't trained and disciplined soldiers, they were criminals, killers, and thieves, It was half the reason he'd brought them along in the first place.


He walked passed them, stepping to the end of the small hold and sitting down in the final jump seat. The shuttle shook as they drew out of hyperspace, passing on the other side of the world from the approaching Imperial fleet. Tyrian glanced down at his holo, checking the time and marking the coordinates of the Imperials. 


It would be time soon.

#1619875 Those That Will Rise

Posted by Tyrian on 13 August 2017 - 06:49 PM

Tytos Ardik


Tyrian perked an eyebrow.


Paperwork? What was this a governing bureaucracy? He waved his hand dismissively. "Sure."


There were a dozen underlings in the Legion that could handle such things, not that it mattered much in the long run. Tyrian intended to ascend above such things in short order, though he'd suspect Yidhra would disagree with just how he was going about these sorts of things.


Not that it mattered all that much.


"You'll hear from me soon." Tyrian told the man. "There is much still to do."


His words were rather poignant, clearly urging the man to leave.


There was other business to attend to.

#1619509 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 07:38 PM

Gorba the Hutt


"Tyrian Allara." He made no move to hide himself.


This sort of business was usually done behind closed doors with fake names and pseudonyms, but he had no need for that. The Sith Empire was a known entity, he was not. No one knew who he was, what he had done, or where he came from. He wasn't particularly concerned about people knowing his name, not when it didn't really mean anything. 


Telling one cartel member wouldn't undo him.


The two legionnaires that he had brought fell into step behind him, both of them watching the thugs around them with a very careful eye. Both of them were killers in their own right of course, cut-throats who would murder someone in half a second if they really felt like it, but neither of them felt comfortable with what they saw as 'lesser' criminals. Tyrian wasn't entirely sure how that worked out, but he supposed that everyone had to look down on someone.


Even killers.

#1619490 Seeding Chaos

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 06:22 PM

Outer Rim - Xira Shadowport





They were always a lovely bunch of people, the kind that would fit right in with The Legion of the Damned. Had his fortunes gone a little differently, if Lord Nashar hadn't found him, he might have become a pirate himself. The profession wasn't a bad one, certainly not in today's galaxy. There were dozens of governments, thousands of planets, and none of them ever really wanted to work with one another.

Trade routes went unprotected, stations were left to fend for themselves, and companies made the perfect victims. Tyrian often wondered how it was anyone got anything done with how easy piracy was, though then again there were a certain few governments in the galaxy that were none too kind to these kinds of people.


The soldier mused as he slowly wandered through the shadowport.


It was places like these that the Pirates preferred, hollowed out asteroids and ancient hulking wrecks that served as the perfect home base for their vessels. This particular shadowport, Xira, consisted of an ancient hollowed out Star Destroyer that had long ago met it's unfortunate end within an asteroid field. Dozens of satellite stations now hung around the ancient derelict, and within that network of tunnels and outposts lived hundreds, if not thousands of raiders, pirates, and cuthroats.


It was lovely really, the kind of place someone could really feel at home.


Most of them were unreliable of course, idiotic or greedy beyond any notion, but a few would be helpful to his cause. So Tyrian hoped anyway.


The soldier slowly continued to wander, his eyes darting from kiosk to kiosk, sign to sign, until eventually he gaze landed upon a small print of letters above a door. He pursed his lips for a moment, his face cracking into a smile a moment later. "The Naughty Nexu."


Interesting name for a Cantina. A second of thought passed, and slowly he stepped inside.

#1619476 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 05:45 PM

Gorba the Hutt


Tyrian stood on the ramp as it lowered flanked by a man and a woman. Both of them wore an odd sort of mesh of armor, though none of the three carried any visible weapons save for blaster pistols upon their hips.


For a few seconds he made no move to step off of the ramp, instead he observed the collection of rabble that stood in front of him. He frowned for a few seconds, wondering for a second whether or not the Hutt was trying to intimidate him. A few more moments hung within the air, and then slowly Tyrian began to walk forward. The two members of the Legion followed after him, offering the band before them nothing short of sneers. Tyrian paid them no more mind however.


They were unimportant.


The Soldier walked up towards what he recognized as the leader of this little group, a man with his arms crossed in front of his chest an expression of what Tyrian could only describe as exasperation. "I've come to deal with your master."


Tyrian stated simply as he stopped in front of the man.


He had no idea how Hutt's did business, at least not anymore. His work with Lord Nashar had prepared him for dealing with Sith, though for some reason he imagined that the two were one in the same in many ways.

#1619450 Business Is Booming

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 04:20 PM

Nal Hutta

Gorba the Hutt 


Things were going well.

Raekkar was steadily growing, Yidhra had been silenced for now, and the Legion of the Damned was quickly mobilizing it's forces. The Empire had already dubbed them as part of themselves, recognizing the potential they held and drawing them closer. It was only a matter of time before Tyrian himself proved invaluable to the cause, though he knew that would still take a few months.




That was the key to his work, patience. It was something he well understood, and something that he was well built for. Time was always on his side. A small smile touched Tyrian's lips, the amusement hidden by the mask upon his face. His hand came up to grab the railing above him, the ship shaking slightly as they dropped through the atmosphere and towards the planet below.


The meeting he was holding today was an important one, specifically geared towards the cause. Though Raekkar was doing well and it's production was through the roof since the installment of the new factory facilities, things were still somewhat...shaky. Most of the things Raekkar produced were earmarked for the Sith Empire's Military or the Legion itself, making dispersal...difficult.


It was a small obstacle to his plan, one he intended on correcting today.


Tyrian needed to sow dissent within certain sectors, and in order to sow that dissent he needed weapons. It was a simply problem, one that would be gone by the end of the day. His grip tightened as the ship lurched once more, the landing struts pressing into the soft earth below.

#1619402 Those That Will Rise

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 01:46 PM

Tytos Ardik


How unequivocally boring.


He supposed that to some men Money made the galaxy go around, but it just seemed so...ordinary. Amusement played across his feature for a few seconds, but he said nothing. The deal wasn't really all that terrible, and investment would be quickly and swiftly repaid anyway and no one really ever had to know what was going on. The idea of a 'liason' did not sit well with him, but if any such person got in the way...Tyrian had no issue with making them disappear.


Raekkar was a dangerous place after all. "Very well."


He wondered for a brief moment what Yidhra might say about all of this. No doubt she wouldn't understand why they needed outside help, but then again Sith were always so very full of themselves. Raekkar would grow, it would prosper, and with it Tyrian's fortunes would rise.


"I will give you a list." Tyrian stated simply. "Men and women who need to be convinced."


Trade was the most important thing for now, and with the Empire's increased militarization it would be easy enough to win over more than a few planets even without the Syndicates help.

#1619346 Those That Will Rise

Posted by Tyrian on 12 August 2017 - 09:36 AM

Tytos Ardik


He perked an eyebrow.


The compromise was clearly not a suggestion, rather more an authoritative claim. Tyrian couldn't really blame the man of course, he was trying to hold up a commodity, one that only he had control of. For a second the soldier mused, turning away from Tytos and glancing out of the massive window behind him.


"Very well." He said, turning towards Tytos.


The unfortunate truth was that Tyrian needed that information. Raekkar would grow, but it couldn't do it alone. Support from the surrounding planets would have to be garnered and such a thing was much easier to acquire when you had the proper leverage. Once that leverage was gained things would change of course, planetary contracts would be maintained and Tyrian would be able to handle his own business, but starting up was different.


Especially since to much of the galaxy he was still a no one.


For now. "In return?"


There was always a price, particularly with Criminal Syndicates. Tyrian didn't mind paying of course, he had money, but he doubted Tytos was really all that interested in a simple mound of credits. It seemed far too...simple for the man.