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Looking for Some Threads

Yesterday, 08:52 AM

Hey guys, I'm currently looking to do some threads with my fellow TSE faction members.


I'm attempting to establish Tyrian as a NFU within TSE itself, so far he's entered a deal with several Sith and formed his own Legion of soldiers. I'd like him to meet and deal with some of the Sith in TSE itself.


Any takers?

Allaria See'lah

14 August 2017 - 09:35 PM



  • Age: 47
  • Force Sensitivity: No, Force Dead
  • Species: Yuuzhan Vong
  • Appearance: 

Allaria, if that is her real name, is a Yuuzhan Vong that has undergone a tremendous amount of shaping. Not only is this evident from her physical appearance, but it shows slightly in how warped her mind has become. Though she maintains some of the typical features of her species, it is clear that Allaria has shaped herself into something entirely distinct. She appears not quite Yuuzhan Vong but also clearly not Human. 


There is something entirely alien about the way Allaria looks, something that makes most people feel utterly uneasy. She seems almost diseased in her appearance, as though she has suffered some sort of incurable illness. The odd bone like protrusions which stick from her head and cover her face and neck are obvious,​ and the almost metallic incorporations that stick from her head are a dead give away.



​As a former prisoner Allaria has no notable wealth of her own. She shoes almost no interest in money and is utterly pleased with having no real networth.

  • Notable Possessions: 

Unlike many of the Legion Allaria does have more than a few notable things she clings to. This consists entirely of her shaping tools. These incredibly complex items were taken with her from the prison upon Tyrian's offer and are the only thing she really cares about.

  • Skills: 

​Though when she initially began to work for Titan Industries Allaria was nothing but a simple apprentice, she has since come far. Though she does not officially hold the rank many of her peers would now dub her a Master Shaper. She is extremely skilled in the use of Yuuzhan Vong Bio-technology and is one of the few people in the galaxy who has truly mastered it. She sees her creations as her children, and is inspired to create new life on a daily basis.

  • Personality:

There are few things in life that Allaria truly cares about, and chief among them is herself.


Allaria considers herself a genius of a new age, the next step in evolution of her species. The Yuuzhan Vong Shaper is extremely full of herself when it comes to her field, believing that no one could ever hold dominion of her in the techniques of shaping Yuuzhan Vong Bio-technology. 


Aside from this however Allaria is surprisingly amicable. She shows a great amount of deference to Tyrian and indeed the rest of the Legion. She often offers to heal the sick and wounded, though this almost always comes with a price of becoming an experiment. Perhaps because of her nature most members of The Legion hold a great amount of respect for her, though this is perhaps mixed with more than a little bit of fear.



  • Weapon of Choice: Amphistaff, Thud Bugs, Various Yuuzhan Vong Bio-Tech
  • Combat Function: 

[+]Bio-Tech: Allaria is a master of Yuuzhang Vong Bio-technology. She has crafted and will continue to craft unique strains of the famed weapons once carried by all Yuuzhan Vong. She is supremely talented and intelligent in the use of these devices. Often when in fights she will stand back, commanding her creations and utilizing them to fight for her rather than directly becoming involved in whatever is going on. Due to this nature she is almost always seen surrounded by at least a Voxyn or two.

[-]Fragile:​ The Master Shaper is a fragile creature. Though she can take a punch or two Allaria really isn't made for close combat. She has never had any real training in how to fight and this would reflect greatly if anyone ever got close enough to actually punch her in the face.



Yuuzhan Vong within the galaxy are not as common as the once were. Most either come from the settlements of Zonama Sekot, The rising of The Horde, or the brief resurgent the populace had within the One Sith now several years gone by.


Allaria fits into the second category.


Though many of her kind found their way into the warbands and armies of the One Sith, a few had a more independent drive. Through the tireless work of the Hrosha-Guhl and the service of their leader Allaria and others like her ended up within the Corporation known as Titan Industries. It was here that several dozen Master Shapers first began their work in earnest, creating new Yuuzhan Vong Bio-technology and shocking the galaxy with weapons like the Hydrastaff.


During this time Allaria was only an apprentice Shaper, not creating her own biots but instead following along with the words of the Masters. She worked tirelessly, crafting Amphistaffs, Vonduun Skerr Kyrric, and hundreds of other biots for the One Sith war efforts. As time went on however her curiosity grew, and eventually she was given more freedom within her own work. 


Unfortunately for Allaria this freedom came at the exact wrong time. Almost at the exact same time as Allaria was given her own department within Titan the company turned, swiftly attempting to stab the One Sith in the back and gaining favor. This odd rebellion was quickly squashed and Titan's assets were sold a few months later, eventually founding the corporation known as Intergalactic Solutions. 


Under this new company Allaria and many others of her kind found themselves somewhat...out of place. The Corporation was not producing new biots and many of the ideas the Shapers had were either too violent or simply too much to even consider.


Thus a small exodus began, and so did Allaria's downfall.


The now experienced Shaper moved out into the galaxy, wandering out on her own and eventually setting up a lab upon a little known world within the Tingel Arm. It was here that she continued her work, growing fields of Amphistaffs and slowly conducting experiments to create a greater reflection for her brood. It wasn't long before her...children got out of hand, and the disappearance of nearby locals drew the attention of the Jedi.


Months after her relocation Allaria was found and arrested, her brood destroyed and her work burned.


The young Yuuzhan Vong woman was then tossed into prison, cast aside and forgotten until the world she was imprisoned upon was invaded by the Resurgent Empire. Initially she was never considered, her frail and fragile form seen as useless in the labor given to normal prisoners. The masters of The Resurgent Empire left her to rot. It wasn't until the fall, when one Tyrian Allara came to her that things changed.


He offered her a simple deal. He would give her freedom, true freedom to do as she pleased with her art as long as she remained loyal. Piqued at the prospect of this she accepted, joining The Legion of the Damned.


12 August 2017 - 08:14 PM



  • Age: 27
  • Force Sensitivity: No
  • Species: Nagai
  • Appearance: 

Liliana is an attractive young woman that seems to have an air of danger around her. ​She most often wears a corset of Synthweave mangled with half a dozen armored plates, a rebreather tied around her neck or resting atop her head. On her belt hang half a dozen different blades and ammo clips, her fingers gnarled and cut from dozens of fights. From afar someone might call Liliana 'pretty', her light brown hair almost always tied back into a ponytail, when one gets up close however her multitude of scars and the deathly glare gives most suitors a second thought about approaching her.



​Liliana has spent the last decade in various prisons and thus has no true accumulated wealth. Working with the Legion has it's benefits however, and she often carries around a small rucksack filled with stolen jewelry.

  • Notable Possessions: 

​​Again, Liliana has been in prison so she has no real personal possessions. The only thing she does carry is her rucksack, most often filled with stolen items.

  • Skills: 

​Through her tenure in various galactic prisons Liliana has learned a host of skills that would leave most military veterans startled. Above all she is a survivalist, capable of keeping herself going in even the most stringent conditions. Specifically she has learned to mix chemicals with enough knowledge to rival most scientists. This is her chief skill, mixing deadly pathogens and horrid toxins from even the most simple ingredients.

  • Personality: 

Oddly enough, Liliana's appearance isn't really indicative of her general personality, at least once you actually get to know her. Though Liliana has high standards, once she takes a liking to you she's probably one of the friendliest people you've ever met. Unlike many others within the Legion of the Damned Liliana actively cares for her peers, often baking them cookies and other delicious treats.​


Despite these positive traits however, Liliana has a tendency towards...apathy. It is extremely difficult to actually gain Liliana's attention, mostly because she thinks of everyone as either beneath her or simply lacking in talent. This leads to Liliana regarding most everyone as fodder, something to be killed, used, or experimented upon.


Once you pass this barrier of her personality she's great though.



  • Weapon of Choice: Blaster Rifle, Various Chemical Agents
  • Combat Function: 

[+]Chemical Agent: Liliana has no formal school education, she does however have over a decade of experience in crafting chemical agents in order to protect herself. When she was initially thrown in prison Liliana was a tiny thing, and thus had limited means of protecting herself. Due to this she utilized various cleaning supplies within the prisons to concoct chemical agents she used to protect herself. Throughout the years Liliana has honed this craft, eventually moving beyond simply cleaning products to actual chemical agents. This has also lead to her making delicious baked treats.

[+]Intelligent: It has always been clear that Liliana holds a certain amount of intelligence. She is a clever young woman who is capable of a great many things due to simple natural talent. Unlike many of the others within the Legion of the Damned Liliana isn't a simple brute driven by her emotions, she is cold, calculating, and thoughtful.

[-]Blind-sided: In one of her first chemical experiments Liliana mixed two component chemicals that had an unfortunate side effect. The two components plumed into and aerosol in and instant and exploded in her face. This compound erupted specifically in her left eye, burning it out and causing her to be blind in it.

[-]Left Wrist: Due to the beatings her father delivered her Liliana suffered many broken bones as a child. Unfortunately a side effect of her general misfortune is that some of these bones simply didn't heal correctly. Her left wrist is one of these bones, and a pinched nerve within the wrist itself causes her constant pain. When someone grabs this portion of her wrist it brings her agony enough to bring her to her knees.



Nobody really knows where Liliana was born, she has never shared this story within the Legion and when asked all that one gets is a flat stare as an answer.


What she has told others is that her father was abusive, her mother was dead, and her Aunt was a bit of an idiot. The stories that she tells of her childhood are curt, terse, and always end on an extreme low note. She makes it no secret that her father beat her on a daily basis, taking out his rages of a lost wife upon his daughter. She tells others that her family was broken from the start, a fissure that was there long before she ever came along.


The rift that existed between herself and her father eventually became large enough that she struck back. Either unable or unwilling to suffer her fathers hand any longer Liliana decided to do something about her situation. Late at night while her father and aunt slept Liliana crept upstairs. Using knowledge she had gained from a book she broke a small gas line within the house, cracking open the pipe and leaving the home after setting a small fire within the doorway. Before long the gas caught aflame, and Liliana left her family behind her.


A few months later, unable to flee the planet, Liliana's actions caught up with her.


Despite the abuses that her father had offered her the Authorities placed Liliana under arrest, taking her in for trial where she was subsequently sentenced to hard labor.


It was this that formed Liliana into what she is today. She experience no true justice given to her, and thus decided that it did not exist. She broke, for lack of a better term, and soon she began to see her fellow sentient species as little more than rabble. With this attitude she moved on with her life, beginning her punishment of labor and immediately causing trouble. Within the work camp she was sent to Liliana quickly became known as a trouble maker, breaking machinery, getting into fights, and in general being uncooperative.


These actions caused her to be sent to prison, the magistrates deeming her unable to carry out her sentence of labor.


It was in this prison that Liliana discovered her love of chemicals. A gang of older women attempted to bully her, threatening to kill her if she did not do as they said. Using her quick wit Liliana concocted a poison gas, throwing it and killing the other girls before they could even touch her.


This action caused another transfer, sending her to the planets maximum security prison.

From this point on Liliana would be transferred again and again, each time through her own fault. She pushed and prodded guards, she killed and experimented on inmates. Her touch became cruel, and before long she earned a reputation as a Viper. It was this reputation that eventually set her free. Upon the fall of The Resurgent Empire a man came to her door, asking her one simple question, 'Do you want to leave?'.


Her answer was an obvious one, and thus she joined The Legion of the Damned.


Seeding Chaos

12 August 2017 - 06:22 PM

Outer Rim - Xira Shadowport





They were always a lovely bunch of people, the kind that would fit right in with The Legion of the Damned. Had his fortunes gone a little differently, if Lord Nashar hadn't found him, he might have become a pirate himself. The profession wasn't a bad one, certainly not in today's galaxy. There were dozens of governments, thousands of planets, and none of them ever really wanted to work with one another.

Trade routes went unprotected, stations were left to fend for themselves, and companies made the perfect victims. Tyrian often wondered how it was anyone got anything done with how easy piracy was, though then again there were a certain few governments in the galaxy that were none too kind to these kinds of people.


The soldier mused as he slowly wandered through the shadowport.


It was places like these that the Pirates preferred, hollowed out asteroids and ancient hulking wrecks that served as the perfect home base for their vessels. This particular shadowport, Xira, consisted of an ancient hollowed out Star Destroyer that had long ago met it's unfortunate end within an asteroid field. Dozens of satellite stations now hung around the ancient derelict, and within that network of tunnels and outposts lived hundreds, if not thousands of raiders, pirates, and cuthroats.


It was lovely really, the kind of place someone could really feel at home.


Most of them were unreliable of course, idiotic or greedy beyond any notion, but a few would be helpful to his cause. So Tyrian hoped anyway.


The soldier slowly continued to wander, his eyes darting from kiosk to kiosk, sign to sign, until eventually he gaze landed upon a small print of letters above a door. He pursed his lips for a moment, his face cracking into a smile a moment later. "The Naughty Nexu."


Interesting name for a Cantina. A second of thought passed, and slowly he stepped inside.

Raekkar Industrial Zone

12 August 2017 - 04:47 PM



  • Intent: To Sub Raekkar's Industrial Sector
  • ​Image Credit: Zoran Cvetkovic
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A


  • Structure Name: Raekkar Industrial Zone
  • Classification: Factory
  • Location: Raekkar
  • Affiliation: Yidhra, Legion of the Damned
  • Accessibility: 

Raekkar's Industiral zone is not some impassable bastion, it's quite literally just a massive row of factories, warehouses, streets, and loading docks. The entire area is littered with landing pads making it very easy for starships or all sorts to land and take off. Roads lead to and from most places and catwalks criss-cross from building to building. The entire area is specifically geared towards easy access, mostly because it is an Industrial zone. Walking around on foot however is not suggested, mostly due to heavy equipment being used here at all times.

  • Security: 

As stated above, The Industrial Zone isn't exactly a Bastion of Security. Though the entire Area is spotted with security stations manned by guards and droids The Zone itself isn't exactly difficult to break into. A well trained team will get past most defenses within the Industrial Zone, though certain warehouses are equipped with Blast Doors and Ray shields to protect more valuable goods. What really defends The Industrial Zone is the response teams housed elsewhere on the world. If there were to be a problem it would be the rest of Raekkar coming crashing down that one would have to be worried about.

  • Description: 

The Raekkar Industrial Zone is a mass cross of Factories, Warehouses, and Loading Docks. Every square inch of this place seems to be made up of some sort of metal building, all heavily geared towards crafting and creating whatever product Raekkar is currently focusing on. Massive metal walk-ways are everywhere, huge lavaflows erupt into the factories to feed the fires of industry, and everything seems to be constantly bellowing out a tremendous amount of lung shattering smoke.


Factories: The Factories of this Zone are probably it's main and largest component. These huge metal buildings are not all that unique or even really special looking. The Factories of the Industrial Zone most often consist of four metallic walls with several smokestacks sitting atop them. Most of them have big doors that allow for the passing of goods and several other doors that take in raw materials. Several of the Factories have Lava intakes, processing the raw material into ore and eventually producing everything from metal armor plating to other heavy goods.


Loading Docks: The Loading Docks are exactly what they sound like. Usually located nearby the Warehouses of the Industrial Zone the Loading docks allow starships and heavy speeder transports to take on goods that will eventually be shipped off Raekkar.


Warehouses: As one might expect, not everything produced on Raekkar will be immediately removed. The goods that are created on Raekkar but are not yet sold are stored in massive warehouses. These warehouses, like the factories, generally tend to be massive metal buildings with four walls. Unlike most other things within the Zone the Warehouses are watched far more carefully than others, and one finds more guard outposts here than anywhere else in the zone.

The Raekkar Industrial zone does not have much of a history.


Like many other worlds of it's nature Raekkar has an abundance of natural resources that are capable of being harvested. Though this was already being done through the planets shipyards the new rulers of the world decided that this could be...enhanced.


In order to accomplish this Tyrian Allara set about creating an avenue for the production of Industrial and Military goods.


Through dealings with the Helix Syndicate and several major governments within the same sector of Raekkar Tyrian managed to secure trade contracts for certain necessary goods that would be produced upon Raekkar itself. After these trade contracts were set in place a good portion of Raekkar was transformed through slave and droid labor into a massive Industrial Zone.


This section of the planet quickly grew, and before long it's massive factories began to spew out a tremendous amount of products.