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Jeron Verity

Jeron Verity

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The Bee Battle is over, they were European Hornets. I'll be going to college with a puffy hand... but is this only the beginning of the war? Updated 20 Apr · 2 comments

About Me

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NAME: Jeron Verity
FACTION: Galactic Overwatch of Military Minarchy
RANK: Supreme Imperator
SPECIES: Energy Vampire
AGE: 47 (Appears)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 182 lb
EYES: Dark brown
HAIR: Dark brown
SKIN: White



Some information is outdated; about his past alias. They still hold true.


- Gender Predisposition: Galven is not a man who searches for a significant other, nor has any true desire for one, but towards a certain sex, he has different behaviors. When around men or conversing with men, he is always angered, but clear-headed. He is also very distrustful of other men, nearly no trust at all towards men he does not know. When around women, he can be calmed and relaxed, he can also be distracted by them and easily tricked or persuaded by default excluding any kind of seduction.
+ Master Tactician: Galven, much better in the heat of battle, can see and create intricate battle plans in his mind nearly instantaneous to the situation at hand which give him a critical advantage towards victory. However, not everything can always be won with a good strategy.
- Undying Loyalty: Galven swears his life to the Empire more than anything even his life, and would trade everything for its survival. Friends, family, even his soldiers that he personally takes care of. Galven has a 'sacrifice one to save many/for the greater good' mentality.
+ Weapons training: Galven has been trained to have moderate accuracy and battle-smarts in the field with single-handed blasters, rifles, and mounted turrets, but no heavy weapons.
~ Savage Hunger: Jeron suffers from an insatiable hunger, when the act is in motion, it is nearly impossible to stop. He can be stopped, but he can not stop himself. This gives him increased strength and speed, but at a terrible and horrible, and gruesome cost. This is his Monster.


Galven is an older man, that has seen a lot of warfare. His battle actions and last resorts show on his face, and in some places, his body. In the past, he has received surgery to remove or cover any damage done to his face, but over time, his age makes it harder, especially to hide surgical scars. Tall man, not immensely muscular, but built... Not a meek political chairman, he is of average strength; enough to fit in uniform, and strong enough for anything that requires it when in need. Some say his common appearance is cold, not of this world, 'the lights are off,' but the combination of tons of surgery, and thinking about battles, he's forever lost in thought. He's a pessimist that always thinks about the future, and how to overcome it, which gives him a negative look, and outlook.


Jeron has had many faces through reconstruction to hide and keep going through the times. Hiding from individuals, from organizations, and others. This face he has recently taken on was the first time he changed his appearance. It is his only appearance he ever recorded, his true appearance would link entirely too much to his original identity, which would spring forth many of those who hunt him. This appearance isn't much different from his last look, still aged, but the true look is in his behavior.




Galven was left behind in all of the madness that was the plague. At the time he was a Governor, though before that he was a Captain. The strange jump was because, well, Galven has never been quite the best at controlling a ship and maintaining all points and problems. He was a better manager of figureheads, of Captains, than his own position as one. But since he had excellent combat experience, showed promise as a tactician and mass management, and because the Empire was dwindling, he was chosen to govern a sector, replacing a failed Moff who worsened the Empire's situation. An even bigger surprise to him, his trainer who would help him into his new position would be a Sith Lord. Including that, the Sith Lord wanted him to prove the rumors and medals he had, among other things...


That was very short lived, as the plague spread a blanket of death and silence over the Empire, so went his authority, and even the Sith Lord, all lost to the biological darkness. With the few resources he had left and those soldiers who stayed by him, he went into hiding. With the Empire seemingly gone, and their enemies still surviving, it was a scary place.


In his younger days, he was fascinated by the spacecraft of the era. Every time he saw a bigger one, it was like a newly founded bewilderment, always eying their weapons and speed. His first ship was a freighter, just before joining up with the Empire. It was slow going while in the Navy, not exactly figuring out his best position. But upon reaching a high Officer rank, commanding was where his skills lied.



Jeron has lived for a very long time, that exact amount is highly unknown. Only recently, he has exposed his true species as he is getting tired of hiding, and he will no longer be cowardice. With his appearance reconstruction being done so many times over several life times, this will be the last time he does it. It has wreaked havoc on his body and the scars show, while the others are covered up exceedingly well with even more medical procedures done. Jeron's original lifetime, when he began his life, is absolutely unrecorded and lost to the Galaxy, but not all from his life is gone, and may stir up the past with this branching out. The earliest known recorded life of Jeron started in the Galactic Republic, but that was at least a couple faces later. But while he had lived a few lives already, this time was when he truly began living.


Jeron started in the Galactic Republic as an Officer, not from the beginning, but when the wars started. By the time the war had reached its peak, Jeron already advanced to the rank of Captain, earning his own ship and helping the war effort the best he could. Still, he stayed quiet and observed. His plans were to explore this galaxy in its fullest, and see if it was a place for his family to live. When the Galactic Republic began its transfer to the Galactic Empire, Jeron was immediately ranked up to the rank of Admiral, where he continued to fight many battles.


With his time in the Galactic Republic, he came to understand emotions and life as a whole. More than just words, their true meanings, which was why he even stayed for the transition - which he quickly regretted. With new leadership, and the propaganda of a safer Galaxy, he felt loyal to the cause in the beginning. Because of this, he exposed himself to his fellow leaders, and exposed his family. This event would scar him for as long as he breathed. While the leadership knew of Jeron's powerful loyalty, they did not trust his family or their powers. Even he was judged in the beginning, nearly outcasted, but he was accepted in by a Sith in secret. But that didn't save his family.


Over the extent of Jeron's military service to the Galactic Empire, he was forced to do missions of absolute cruelty and inhumanities. He hated these missions that were complete atrocities, but he followed them because the Sith who took him in threatened the lives of his family. Jeron had been witnessed to the might of the Galactic Republic, and the brutality of the Galactic Empire, and knew he could not take them on alone -- so he stayed out of conflict to bide his time. Eventually, a day came where Jeron attempted to murder his Sith keeper and free his family, upon learning that she had taken his own brother and forced him into training as well. He ultimately failed, and as punishment, he was forced to find one of his sisters that went rogue to her brothers intentions of becoming a powerful rank in the Republic of old, joining the rebellion. He was shown the torture of his own brother, and his few other siblings, until this deed was done - proving the Sith of the Galactic Empire would ultimately twist the trust of their members if it benefited them well.


Unfortunately, Jeron had no idea of what would be coming next. He found his sister on a Rebel world, still an Admiral and in command of a fleet. As her brother, he took it upon himself to kill her himself. However, the few buildings nearby were ordered, by Jeron, to be devastated and firebombed. He would later discover why his sister joined the rebellion, and who the dead were in the buildings - his parents. And once word of his sisters and parents death reached his brother, the man went on a rampage, escaping the Galactic Empire and escaping. Of course, Jeron was ordered after him. But he was outmatched.


Jeron's brother was trained as a warrior, a soldier, he was supposed to be a special operative that would be trained in the ways of the force. Whether it was a good or bad thing, his brother did not kill him, but he left him, and his existence is still an absolute mystery if he is still around in this time. There has been no news as of late. But Jeron didn't rebel, as his other siblings were still held captive, and there was nothing he could do. Some days he found peace, and that peace was crushed. Some days he found love, and he was ordered to snuff it immediately. These events eventually turned Jeron into an emotionless weapon, he no longer had an identity anyway. This intensified his emotionless state along with the combination of Mind Rubbing, from the Sith Keeper, to forget his griefs. Most of his murders wiped away, just so he could think about the more important things.


Even as the Galactic Empire began to die from the catastrophic events that were swirling the Galaxy into unmatched death, the remaining strong arm of the Empire, or just the lone Sith, kept her clutches on Jeron, restricting him from ever taking action, forced to do her bidding. However, as the Empire was falling, and control had to be maintained over what was left of the remaining forces, Jeron was again given a promotion to Moff, to oversee a small remaining sector. This ended very shortly, especially with the loss of communications from his Sith Keeper. There was nothing he could do, he couldn't go back to headquarters as he was ordered to maintain control over the sector.


Years... generations, lifetimes, all went by, as soldiers died and the smallest of battles waged, eventually the small amount of crew and soldiers left in the sector looked to Jeron as their leader -- the ones that weren't taken by the virus, and the newly trained soldiers added to the ranks. Since there was nothing left outside of this task force that Jeron could find, he found a band of remnants that took upon new leadership and grew immensely, deciding to join them after several faces later. With himself being exposed to the men he commanded over, it became a lifetime secret. These men and women became his most trusted first battalion, and eventually, his numbers grew, allowing him to leave the band of remnants and gain a formal position of leadership for himself.


Even now, Jeron fears actually exposing himself, fearing everything would happen again. But he feels he is at his best now, there isn't much more he can do. As an honest man, he must be honest with the people he cares about and those who help him. So now he is coming out with no more to hide, nothing more to keep back, no more secrets. Time to look to the future.



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