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Acaleus Thorn

Acaleus Thorn

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#1824750 The Healing of Kalevala [Thread for Mandalorians]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 11 July 2018 - 02:30 PM

Count me in (Finished this semester of uni. Im free) Jor Kvall

#1815859 Our Last Best Hope For Peace (Mandalorian Empire and Republic Remnant) [other...

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 26 June 2018 - 09:54 PM

"Alright so the Mandos and the Republic are trying to set peace?" "Remember that last time my tracker dissappear on Garos for a day?" "Yeah..." "I almost got kill in the orbit, managed to enter a pirate ship before it went into hyperspace. Appear on Barataria, former Republic space, then hell went lose" "I will park and follow you. Im bored


Acaleus and Venus walked through the Station, being filled with every species waiting for the refuel of their ships, gambling the earnings they had, buying tech sometimes illegal if you knew where to find "Why are you really here and not in the actual meeting?" "If things go south, i can help them retreat or attack. If i bump with something fishy while im outside..." "Then we go towards..." he walked towards a park, and sat in the middle of the grass "I will meditate. You can go investigate o have fun" "What?!" Venus was angry enough to slap him but Acaleus closed his eyes. "I hope that a homeless guy steals your wallet" But she just wait it out, layin herself on the grass while the aura around the assassin became peaceful 


Kaine Australis 

#1815366 The Problem with the Force

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 26 June 2018 - 02:26 AM

"A holocron i manage to steal from a Hutt when i was in the Techno Union. It contain my type of force usage" Acaleus levitate the Holocron and open it, showing a proyection of schemes"It takes a huge amount of concentration at first, but then it just comes natural. It uses the same concept of creating a force shield , but close to the user body" It was the best explanation he had. In combat, he always used to create concentrated force shields, that could protect him against big close explosions.


One time Acaleus got captured and after a few days, he managed to escape weaponless from bounty hunters. That was because he used those days to recover, and stabb his way to freedom molding the force into a hand knife. But of course, the technique isn´t perfect and have its flaws. The user must keep a majority of concentration for the whole time, so it was more of stabbing and breaking necks against the kidnappers "Thats one of the things i can provide"


Tom Taff Alkor Centaris Kista Bralor Kanta Tukka

#1809800 A Game of Survival [The Lords of Nal Hutta/Ask to Join]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 17 June 2018 - 12:33 PM

Born in some distant unknown planet, got kidnapped. Maybe his fathers were death, maybe not. The slavers may be in here or not. Doesnt matter "Venus, if someone try to..." "Oh im not going with you Ac. If it were a normal bar, but in there are more killers i could find in a single week going in missions with you" Venus said farewell, leaving the assassin and flying the ship away. Acaleus entered alone. If it was a meeting, he wouldnt avoid the party, as it could be taken as a sign of disrespect "Kidnappers, killers and slavers.. Chaos in one place" 


He didnt bring a wallet, as surely someone would steal it from him. The wrist lightsabers wouldnt call to much attention, but waiting without doing anything... So, after walking close to the bar, the force brought him a fine bottle of whisky, without anyone noticing. With bottle in hand, he avoid being caught, opening it. If negotiations went south, he would leave with a good bottle of rum "Now...i wait" said taking a sip


Gorda the Hutt John Ash 

#1808326 The Problem with the Force

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 15 June 2018 - 12:13 AM

One thing that Acaleus hated the most wasnt the security checks, but leaving his expensive and loved weapons in a table. The weapons would stay on his ship "You should at least give me the right to keep one wrist lightsabers, Tom. I hate being without them. Kaine, how you doing?" said taking out a holocron from his sleeve, as the guards who accompany him were surprised. Before entering Acaleus create a single distraction at the moment he went through the metal scanner, throwing the cube and picking it, without anyone noticing "Now what is going on about this new tech you are trying to develop?"


Tom Taff Kaine Australis Kanta Tukka

#1807986 Slice of the Pie

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 14 June 2018 - 10:10 AM

Allies: Zelgetha The Hutt Tom Taff 

Enemies: Kadesh Scythe Terrance Olavi Mavarah Aspri

Equipment: In signature (Hunter Bow - Quiver)

(Jeje read the location wrong sorry)


The group advance didn´t met any formidable threat in their way, but Acaleus sensed something entering the ruins, before he heard shots way back. Intruders, a group full of them "We got company, a squad, less than a dozen of them. I sense them far away..." the assassin left the ceiling, and drop in the floor, taking the cloak away "Keep advancing, but i cant track them and keep moving" he needed to be at the vanguard


If there were others searching these ruins, a fight would destroy the place. Or at least he wouldnt limit his abilities just because there was a close environment. The room didnt had anything particular about "Zelgetha, im only seeing regular tech which i have information about, and i dont think i was brought here to read old books" impatience wasnt common in Acaleus, but time was money.

#1803806 Because Reasons [ME vs RR]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 08 June 2018 - 12:04 AM

Objective: Stand by close to the Mandalorian Fleet (And later, investigating the Jedi Temple Barrien Siegfried )

Equipment: Wrist lightsabers, Hunter Bow - QuiverAT-120

Allies: ME ( Kaine Australis Yasha Mantis

Forces: Only a dozen of Needles

His forces were preparing. The personal objective they had would be to screw around the enemy defenses. Destroying shields generator, eliminating potencial tower nest but most of all, doing everything in the shadows. Acaleus would accompany them, but they needed the distraction of the whole armada attacking. In that situation, they wouldnt draw any attention. 
"Alright Kaine. My group is ready at your command to drop on Teth. Requesting back up. A couple of fighters to provide my ship some assistance until we land
"Yo are you sure that we got better chances? There will be Jedi there" "And we are going to be alone once we land. If we get surrounded..." Two of the Needles were unsure of the mission success. Was usual, there were a lot of things that could go bad in that scenario "You got me. Once we land, use your comms. If they jamm our signals, then i will ping fire two flares. The second will show the direction or building you need to go for the rendevouz point

#1802427 Slice of the Pie

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 05 June 2018 - 10:12 PM

Equipment: In signature (Hunter Bow - Quiver)


In other moment he would just destroy the places were the traps should be located, but the structure could bury them, as it seems unstable. Bringing his equipment, he heard the commands the Hutt gave him. It was the usual. Clear the path of dangers, but the former owners of this ruins were leery of their wealth.


"Not to insult you Zelgetha, but we should´ve bring a mop. You are leaving a trail that could be dangerous" Acaleus passed from being in front of the team to being invisible when he put his hood on. His comms were linked with the ones that the team had, and he needed Teeubo stay on ground level "1, 2. I think this is working, as we are close. If we get separated then..." Crawling through the ceiling, he advance at a slow pace. The cloak cover him enough for him to pass any detection, although it wasn´t perfect. At least he wouldnt be stepping on a trigger, so it would be easy to communicate to his ally what kind of traps were near. 


His lantern didnt sighted anything more than usual debris and apparently the cameras didnt have any power. With a quick check to the cables, he concluded that the generator was off "Teeubo. I need you to light the way. If you manage to see small turrets before me, take them out. You will check my back"


Zelgetha The Hutt Adelle Bastiel Terrance Olavi Aspri Tom Taff Teeubo Mavarah Kadesh Scythe 

#1799956 Because Reasons [ME vs RR Skirmish OOC]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 03 June 2018 - 01:01 PM

Kaine Australis 

You have a friend in me

#1797381 [ENDGAME] Can Not Forgive, Will Not Forget [GA/ME]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 30 May 2018 - 06:29 PM

Hell went loose, as the explosions provoked damage enough for the buildings to demolish. The other Needles, who werent managing the turrets, were tasked to execute the ones who were guarding the main tower before the explosions. Each one of them had to rendevouz in that tower as priority, to secure the location for pilots engineer to fly the mineral cargo off the planet. Using the same spider gloves designed by Enryu Corp, they reach the top without anyone notice them, and Acaleus was waiting them. The performance "Now...kill everyone inside and steal their ships. The ones still on the turrets be on patrol. This time i dont want anyone backstabbing our operation. Open comms for any mandalorian unit nearby..."


A wave send him flying away, as the explosion impact happened nearby. One starfighter spotted them from above and realased hell on that same roof top. Using the force he managed to push himself forward, with his ghost hands grabbing onto the debris. At least the floor below was open enough for him to enter. Six needle died in that attack, there were 35 left. The turrets with a Needle controlling it, started firing at any enemy ship flying nearby, and the assassin felt anger. This squad knew each other too well, and the friendship card had a direct objective. For them to be effective in everything, as a distraction would get your ally kill. And of course, the feeling of anger would burn anyone responsable for dealing damage to them..


Acaleus was alone, with a force shield deflecting any debris. At least no pilot would try that again, as ships started to get hit with blast damage and crash "You got your orders. Follow them and that wont happen again" He engage onto the workers and guards inside the hangars, with the rest of the Needles returning fire and executing the enemies outside. The Galactic Alliance was no more, and although he didnt had any grudges, the wealth was there to be taken.


Yasha MantisKaine Australis


Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 27 May 2018 - 09:02 PM

Oh sorry Yasha Mantis didnt search for an OOC 

#1794949 [ENDGAME] Can Not Forgive, Will Not Forget [GA/ME]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 27 May 2018 - 01:27 PM

"Needles, some of the Galactic Empire are retreating. Deploy into their base" said jumping after his ship hangar was emptied. Everyone follow him with their foot jet pack. They were in a test of abilities, but Acaleus was confident that his troops would do the job. The job was clearing the area, enemies death or alive if they surrender 




Their fortress was mid way taking the machinery and other crates full of minerals away. Mercenaries for now. All veteran, all wanting to become rich while their leaders where on the run, all knowing they would face armies trying to steal the wealth they got in hand. They were guarding the main wall and controlling the turrets.But they didnt knew that they would face Acaleus. The fortress had scanners and security, with starfighters roaming the skies while the cargo ships were taking crates into the orbit and dropping into hyperspace. The two idiots watching inside didnt took think that Acaleus could become invisible with his cloak, although who could blame them "To the second position"


The Needles passed by the main wall without killing or alerting anyone. Just as Acaleus expected. Just as he train them. The turrets were the real problem, so each one prepare to engage with their bows. The assassin managed to get to a high point, waiting for everyone to be in position "Now!" the arrows struck the soldiers without setting any alarm on. The next phase would be using those same turrets against them. 


Yasha Mantis Kaine Australis 

#1793455 When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 25 May 2018 - 11:23 AM

Location: Inside the castle

Objective: Secure the surrounding

Allies: Me (Yasha Mantis Kaine Australis Rex Taff Tom Taff Gray RaxisRhaegar Nemesis Dib Keira Ticon )

Neutral: Draven Dursden

Enemies: Pirates, anyone who get in his way (Kanta Tukka )

Equipment: In signature, the cloak is damaged (picked a regular one handed blaster pistol)


The place was getting crowded. At least the Mandalorian leader was safe and sound. Medical assistant entered through the room after the heavy entered. Whatever shield was protecting this castle wouldnt be of any use for the squads already inside, as the fortification has seen better days. The front yard was filled with corpses, all of them from the pirates "Never mess with mandalorian. Noted" he stood near the leader and the medic droid "Take care of your baby" 


Acaleus went for a simple bow and walk to the exit. He needed to help in the frontline, as all this manpower here would be of no good to anyone. Soldiers were already guarding the castle, ships already flying above. His clothes were covered with dirt and blood, and he had gained some bruises from when he crashed into the enemy space ship in Garon "Damn it" he spit to the floor and kept his way. 


Now his arm holopad managed to get pass into the current information. Apparently there where two fronts right now, as he wouldnt be doing any good in the air. The frontline or the main base, but first, he had to do something "To the mando in the open comms in Barataria. We just secured Yasha Mantis in the castle, she is safe. The Silver Jedi came here for a distress call of the pirates, acting like common refugee. Start retreating and they will to, or more children will not return to their families"


Acaleus used his force to do a leap into a second floor roof and then another, with a hand grabbing the entrance into a friendly freighter "Allied of the Mando. Take me to the main base! Now!" The places of interest were close to the Castle, so the ship didnt delay. There were two squads creating havoc on the whole ground. Although he wouldnt expect more, the fight needed to stop. Acaleus jump from the ship, into more troubles

#1790800 Archelon

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 22 May 2018 - 01:00 PM



  • Manufacturer: Enryu Corp
  • Model: Archelon
  • Affiliation: Zelgetha The Hutt
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Starship components, deflector shield components, laminasteel, furniture


  • Classification: Personal Transport - Corvette
  • Length: 60 meters
  • Width: 27 meters
  • Height: 10 meters
  • Armament: High

Four On point V

Concussion missile

  • Defenses: Average

Two Defender-AX2

Standard Deflector Shields

  • Hangar: 1 squadron
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2


  • Repulsorlift on the lower side for landing
  • Weapon and Armor lockers inside
  • Large recreational room
  • Bar furniture


  • Sublight engines


  • Weapons helps in a short and long range
  • The engine helps providing a good resistant


  • All the ship weapons and shield will stop working when the engine overloads or gets turned off
  • Not the best for avoiding fire

Description: A Hutt needs to show the power potential when engaging an enemy and to be capable of defending himself when in danger. A Hutt needs to be able to defend himself. Enryu Corp had been requested to create a ship worthy of someone as mighty as Zelgetha. The ship has two floors, the first being a room near the entry big enough to throw parties. The place includes a bar, a small stage for band and a public floor, for guest to dance or drink from the bar. On the far side of the room, the Hutt can locate his personal area, to watch over the crowd.


On the second floor, it’s located the pilot cabin, and on the sides of that same room are located two hallway, each one leading to the turrets controls for the operators to use.

#1790200 When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Posted by Acaleus Thorn on 21 May 2018 - 05:02 PM

Location: Inside the castle

Objective: Save hostages if possible

Allies: Me (Yasha Mantis Kaine Australis Rex Taff Tom Taff Gray Raxis )

Enemies: Pirates, anyone who get in his way (Kanta Tukka )

Equipment: In signature, the cloak is damaged (picked a regular one handed blaster pistol)


It was the turn for his wrist lightsaber to deflect blaster fire, and every slash the assassin did, was one kill. While a force shield coul´ve been useful at the moment, he didnt need to be showing off. He moved his body to avoid unnecessary fire while returning the rest to them. It was a dance, and Acaleus knew it too well. In other times he would call for Venus, but entering this late to the battle would be a disaster. Also, looking for a communication center or a strong antenna just to get that message was time consuming. He considered the presence of the jammers at that point.


The pirates were down, with smoke coming out of their body. Searching their bodies for any key was stupid, as they had none "Damn it. The leader had it all plan out. They were send here to die" Acaleus entered a corner grabbing a simple blaster pistol, and start running. Something disrupted the force and stop him. A presence. Wild force getting released with anger in the same building, one time, two times and suddenly it stopped and decrease in raw power like he was realize something "If i get in the way of that i will get smash. Gotta hurry" the rooms that werent heavily guarded didnt call for his attention, but the presence of the same screaming voice he heard in Garos just an hour before, did. It was a weak signal by now, but Acaleus didnt forget something that strange. 


"Where are your comms!" "HERE!" the assassin used the force to pull the four pirate away from Yasha and the other two hostages, out of the cell, spreading them through the room "Thats for destroying my ship in Garos!"