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#1959440 Neri Rashal, Field Botanist

Posted by Neri Rashal on 02 July 2019 - 06:53 AM




#1924771 Timeline Update, 852-856 ABY

Posted by Neri Rashal on 19 March 2019 - 05:54 PM






#153414 Rakata Balls (Lords of the Fringe Dominion of Rakata Beta)

Posted by Lucien Cordel on 02 December 2013 - 01:13 PM

"Looks like your slave drivers are calling ... and it is dinner time so I will leave you in peace" He stood up again and walked out. He walked back down the ramp and took his seat at the table.His slave knelt behind him "Slave I have a name for you ... Dranok, Now go and have my valet dress you you are showing me up"  Lucien smiled and then picked up his class he clicked with his left hand "You slave here now ... Red wine" He ordered his voice moved quickly he engaged in polite conversation with those of lesser stature who felt they had been given the right to address him directly ... this party had highlighted to him just how much he hated the majority of people, but secretly he pined for one of his equals. 


(@Dranok Lussk &  @Sargon Vyneacan I as Dranoks trainer make a speech) 

(@Dranok Lussk if this causes offence I will change it)

#1877 Kaine Zambrano - Dark Lord of the Sith

Posted by Darth Carnifex on 18 February 2013 - 10:39 PM





Full Name: Kaine Zambrano

Nickname or Alias: 

  • Darth Carnifex
  • The Butcher King
  • The Black Iron Tyrant
  • The Twice-Emperor


  • Sith Emperor
  • Dark Lord of the Sith Brotherhood
  • Custodian of the Holy Sith Worlds
  • The Embodiment of Typhojem, the Left-Handed God
  • God-King of the Epicanthix


Species: Epicanthix (Enhanced Clone Body)

Age: 71

Gender: Male

Height: 250cm / 2.5m (8'2")

Weight: 300kg (661.387lb)

Physique: Endomorph

Eye Pigmentation: Burning Orange Ringed Red

Hair Color: None (Originally; Black)

Skin Complexion: Burnt Black (Originally; Caucasian)


Occupation: Emperor of the Sith Empire

Primary Allegiance(s): The Sith Empire

Contractual Allegiance(s): N/A

Current Status: Alive

Homeworld: Panatha

Known Residences: 

Languages Known: 

  • Aurebesh
  • High Galactic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Common Sith
  • High Sith
  • Mando'a
  • Twi'leki
  • Cheunh
  • Sy Bisti
  • Binary

Languages Spoken: 

  • Galactic Basic
  • Epicant
  • Bunduki
  • Huttese
  • Sith
  • Balc Speech
  • Massassi
  • Mando'a
  • Sy Bisti


Force Sensitivity: Force Sensitive

Known Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Force Rank: Sith Master


Marriage Status: Married

Spouses: Salara Zambrano, Invicta Zambrano, Izaszh Zambrano, Antanasia Zambrano, Emma Zambrano, Mircalla Zambrano†, Saijo Zambrano, Samm'isari'buazis Zambrano, Visian Zambrano, Ahani Zambrano, Gunnr Zambrano

Children: Sarlow Zambrano, Mavriana Zambrano, Ephraazel Zambrano, Alvarex Zambrano, Ansgar Zambrano, Xathrael Zambrano, Elani Zambrano, Vivienne Zambrano, Enoch Zambrano, Slade Zambrano, Keira Ticon (Daughter-in-Law), Annaliese Zambrano, Reinhard Baelor (Son-in-Law), Aeron Zambrano, Arkaitz Zambrano, Sethaius Zambrano, Izevel Zambrano, Isley Verd (Son-in-law), Abaddon Zambrano, Vaulkhar Zambrano, Adrastia Zambrano, Thyne Zambrano, Lucille Zambrano, Adenn Munin (Son-in-Law), Evelynn Dorn†, Erebos Zambrano, Vylythis Zambrano, Serin Zambrano, Savara Zambrano, Tolhesten Zambrano, Yasmina Ishtar Zambrano, Grigore Zambrano, Lenusa Zambrano, Aurelia Zambrano, Ancius Zambrano†, Artemisa Zambrano, Lok Munin (Son-in-Law), Krivkov Zambrano, Nikishina Zambrano, Kadurin Zambrano, Constantinius Zambrano, Aksyonov Zambrano, Mekhantyev Zambrano, Barentsev Zambrano, Farah Zambrano (Clone), Jabou Zambrano, Amat Zambrano, Kabir Zambrano, Kahlil Zambrano, Boro Zambrano, Alanso Zambrano, Qâjaiz Zambrano, Raya Zambrano, Adir Zambrano, Ebele Zambrano, Kassandra Zambrano, Joycelyn Zambrano, Evaelyn Zambrano, Jahangir Zambrano

Grandchildren: Ara Ren, Kaya Ticon, Reid Ticon, Runi Verin, Nyx Verd

Parents: Rameses Zambrano†, Viktoria Zambrano†

Grandparents: Aldrick Zambrano†, Tiamar Zambrano†

Aunts & Uncles: Servelus Zambrano, Zoekaya Zambrano, Braxus Zambrano, Braith Achlys, Falaa Pha†

Siblings: Mordecai Zambrano, Saeth Zambrano

In-Laws: Carly Zambrano

Nieces & Nephews: Lara Zambrano, Ebiah Zambrano

Cousins: Georlayn Zambrano, Maria Natalja†, Cennika Hawk, Choli Vyn, Pravus Zambrano, Mortarion Zambrano, Solomon II Zambrano, Venthis Zambrano, Vigdis Zambrano, Chaddeus Zambrano


Concubines: Cryax Bane, Sylara Vaal

Acquaintances: Taeli Raaf, Darth Voracitos, Darth Saarai

Master: Daxton Bane

Apprentices: Darth Pyrrhus, Braxus Zambrano, Kobe Seren, Cle-Var-Ri, Pythia, Darth Morrow, Vaermina, Vixen Ryder, Borja Ull, Maahir Baccus, Saskia Tas-nekht




Voice Sample: Darin De Paul

Theme Song: Flesh and Metal


Known Skills:

  • Exceptional lightsaber duelist; skilled in all lightsaber forms, favors Djem So & Juyo / Strong Style
  • Proficient with one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, polearms, and ranged weapons
  • Skilled unarmed combatant; trained in Epicanthix, Echani, Thyrsian, and Hellyni martial arts as well as Teräs Käsi
  • Master of the Dark Side of the Force, capable of producing most Dark Side Force abilities without great effort
  • Well-versed in Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic
  • Capable starfighter pilot
  • Qualified knowledge of Human and Alien anatomy, particularly for use in torture and medical experimentation
  • Competent slicer

Distinguishing Features:

  • Sith facial tattoos
  • Sith scarification on his torso and arms
  • Distinct silver scar tissue over healed wounds


  • Education:
    • Skilled_tactician.png - Skilled Tactician
  • Health:
    • Grievously_Scarred.png​ - Grievously Scarred
  • Genetic:
    • Strong.png - Strong
    • Inbred.png - Inbred
    • Giant.png - Giant
    • Brawny.png - Brawny
  • Lifestyle:
    • Duelist.png - Duelist
    • Impaler.png - Impaler
  • Personality:
    • Diligent.png - Diligent
    • Wroth.png - Wroth
    • Proud.png - Proud
    • Ambitious.png - Ambitious
    • Arbitrary.png - Arbitrary
    • Brave.png - Brave
    • Cruel.png - Cruel
    • Deceitful.png - Deceitful
    • Zealous.png - Zealous
  • Leadership:
    • Aggressive_leader.png - Aggressive Leader
  • Kinslayer:
    • Kinslayer.png - Kinslayer




Personality and Traits:


A male Epicanthix in his early 70s, Kaine had scarred tanned Caucasian skin and stood 2.50 meters in height and weighed 300 kilograms. Prior to his immersion in the dark side, his eyes had white sclera and emerald irises and black pupils. Upon his ascension to Sith Lord, Kaine’s sclerae turned black and his irises became molten orange with red rims. He also adorned his face with the mark of the Dark Lords upon his forehead, which not only denoted his hallowed station as the current reigning Dark Lord but also struck fear into his enemies and allies alike. He wore silver-trimmed black armor emblazoned with the crest of the New Sith Empire concealed by a maroon cloak and carried a pair of curved red lightsabers, which could connect at the hilt to form a saberstaff. Kaine is an extremely physical combatant, often using his immense size and brute strength to overwhelm his opponent through a combination of aggressive lightsaber combat and more visceral hand-to-hand techniques. Though he was passionate, he did not appear overly emotional, instead opting to reserve his intense anger and hate for the battle where it would serve him most. 
Though an ardent practitioner of the dark side and a fervent follower of the Sith, Kaine wasn’t above studying the customs and culture of the Jedi to understand their combat forms and traditions. He firmly believed that to defeat an enemy, you had to know every aspect of them to glean an advantageous weakness from their ideals that could usher in their demise. 
Above all Kaine was a staunch Imperialist. He believed in the superiority of authoritarianism and abhorred any and all aspects of democracy, seeing the latter as a gateway to chaos, anarchy, and the total abandonment of order. Throughout his life had witnessed the horrors of democracy if allowed to proliferate, dozens upon dozens of squabbling minor states mired in the quagmire of their own ineffectiveness. For society to progress one, powerful above all others, must take the reins and guide civilization to the utopia it is destined to become.
A civilization ruled by the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. 
Yet even in his dedication to the Sith Code and the ideals it espouses, he understands that the Sith are often their own worst enemy. Grinding politics and bureaucracy, spiteful backstabbing, and selfish power-mongering have all in one way or another contributed to the Sith’s continuous failures through the eons. His tenure in the One Sith revealed to him the power of the collective, of what could be achieved if the Sith were directed towards the singular, universal goal of galactic domination. But he also realized the destructive flaws of a system that hinged on one man, one person that if suddenly removed would turn all they had strived for to ash as their successors killed each other in their quest to replace them.

#185851 Down with "likes."

Posted by Tahira Solo on 03 January 2014 - 11:46 PM

*holds picket sign*

#371693 Hitler Reacts to the Fall of the Sith

Posted by Juun Prax on 21 May 2014 - 03:29 PM

This is a video I made after receiving some video of Hitler after he came back from his LOA of the site to find the Sith disbanded 


#1654150 Srina Vail Talon

Posted by Srina Talon on 17 October 2017 - 06:40 AM




NAME: Srina Vail Talon

FACTION: The Confederacy

NICKNAME/ALIAS: The Dread Queen, Darth Omnia, Pale Witch, White Lady

RANK: Apprentice to Darth Metus & Exarch for the CIS


AGE: Mid-Twenties

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5ft 4in

WEIGHT: 120lbs

EYES: Silver to Silver-Blue

HAIR: White/Platinum Blonde

SKIN: Fair/Caucasian






- Honest: Srina is honest to a fault and will always choose soft-spoken truths. She can be very blunt.


- Curious: She is interested and inquisitive about the universe and looks forward to new experiences.


- Perceptive: She has a mature and pragmatic way of looking at things. Srina has a good understanding of herself and of other people. She often sees things that she shouldn’t simply by listening twice as much as she speaks.


- Prudent: Srina is a careful person. She thinks things through and considers all of her options before making an easily avoidable mistake.


- Self-Control: Srina has an extremely strong sense of forced discipline. She can, and must, keep her feelings and actions in check. She is very military minded.


- Intelligent: Not to be confused with wisdom or street smarts but she does excel in critical thinking and tends to pick up different subjects very quickly. She absorbs knowledge and information quickly and strives to remain politically aware.


- Combat Oriented: Srina was raised in a proud culture that focuses on defining themselves through martial arts. They have perfected the combative use of body and mind though they do not retain a passion for warfare. It is actually considered a path to spiritual enlightenment. Mastery of their particular brand of combat is a requirement for every citizen. Their skills are most often employed in the defense of others or as an exercise in willpower—but only a very silly person would underestimate an Echani.




- Honest: Srina can be TOO truthful. She chooses her words very deliberately and occasionally there may seem to be a layer of cruelty underneath the guise of being candid.


- Unforgiving: The Echani way does not revolve around mercy. She struggles not to write someone off for small offense or to think of them as a lesser being due to a lack of fighting prowess. It is a work in progress.


- Perfection Obsession: She was raised to be a perfect copy of every other female in her family and unconsciously strives to maintain that image. Humility is not a strong suit and this mindset can leave a disconnect between herself and others.


- Callous: Her ability to feel seems stunted. Her heart seems hardened and cold. This is a deliberate act because of the emotional highs and lows Echani are prone to. Warriors, even in a time of peace, can’t allow those sort of distractions to influence their decisions.


-Kitchen Nightmare:  Srina cannot cook, bake, or even pre-heat an oven properly. Through many, many, trials and errors it has been discovered that she should never be allowed to enter a kitchen unsupervised. Capable of destroying even the most advanced auto-chef she has yet to show any improvement. Thus far she has managed not to burn down Sinner's Well, or anyone else's abode, but there have been a few close calls. There is a rumor running around that her baked goods are so dense they have their own gravitational pull. Eating anything that Srina Talon has had a hand in creating is purely at your own risk. Example




Srina Vail is a young woman in her mid-twenties. She has a classical Echani look that consists of fair skin and long pale silver-gold hair. Her eyes are the color of cerulean liquid mercury and piercing in a way that can be unsettling. Srina is slender and stunningly beautiful but also possesses a certain toughness due to a relatively stringent upbringing. She has delicately scrolled ears, a sophisticated nose, and perfect teeth. Srina radiates poise and elegance and would never, ever slouch in a public forum.




Srina Talon of House Vail grew up on the planet Eshan in the Inner Rim Territories with her mother, father, four sisters, and one brother. Her father, Raihane Talon, was a highly respected diplomat in the Echani Court that spent most of his days after Larinkáoi ensuring that trade routes in Vorsisalo airspace were kept stable. Her mother, Aeris, was a warrior that had served in the military for at least a decade, but by the time Srina was born the lovely woman had put that career behind her. She had shown an affluence for artistry and made quite a profit from her creations through trade. Srina took strongly after her mother in appearance, nearly identical, as Echani are prone to, whereas the rest of her siblings more resembled her father. They had a pleasant life in a loving home with pristine stone spires by the sea. The water was always warm, the weather always fair, so Srina spent the majority of her younger years playing and training outside with her siblings.


Echani can occasionally be perceived as a scantily clad race of warrior women but the truth is far more complicated. The people of Eshan strive for perfection after their various civil wars and one of their most notable achievements, outside of art and music, is their mastery of martial arts. Every citizen is required to undergo some sort of training in melee combat most would report it being part of their childhood education.

To that end, Srina went to primary school, secondary school, and then finally Larinkáoi when it became possible. She appeared to be force sensitive at a very young age, though considered rare, it wasn’t exactly uncommon. Her gifts were incorporated by the Priestesses into her studies and barely mentioned outside of the curriculum. She worked hard and excelled. Be it physical or mental. Slowly, her future began to take shape and she felt sure that she was on the right path. Most Echani politicians begin by serving in the military and Srina wished to follow in her beloved father’s footsteps. She found value in holding an open discussion and agreed that keeping a level of transparency in the government made Eshan stable. She wanted to ensure that his efforts continued and spread for the betterment of their people.

She was sweet in her younger years. Hopeful, impressionable, and idealistic.

Learning, training, and fighting while being enlisted in Larinkáoi changed her. The lessons made her distant and cold to those that loved her. The dreams that she used to foster slid away like sand through an hourglass as she rose in rank. The more proficient she became in combat the further she moved from being a voice of reason. It was a bittersweet day when her swiftness of foot and calmness of mind led her to become a Spiritseeker. Her friends were surprised, her family, so proud—And Srina, so heartbroken. This was not what she wanted.

Fearing that she would disappoint and shame her family she accepted the calling. A Seeker is a title granted to a specific unit in the military that focuses on flaking and infiltrating. It should have been an honor. She should have been ecstatic. Srina remembered being presented with the synthetic bodysuit armor, with the vibroblade, and a disruptor pistol. She remembered holding the ornate helmet with the amplifier that resonated their screams in such a way that it terrified their enemies. They wrought havoc like malevolent and deadly ghosts in enemy lines.

Srina hated her position. But, she seemed to be good at it. She had her ups and downs but for years she fought and worked to better herself. If this was to be her purpose she promised herself that she would be the best. She used burgeoning force abilities to aid in her battles but truth be told, even with instruction from the Priestesses, she didn’t really understand how these gifts from their bright lady worked. She could feel some sort of connection to something much larger than herself but her instructors insisted that it was the work of the Goddess Nailimisari. It was not her place to question what their faith had given her, merely her place, to use it accordingly.

The young Seeker built up quite a name for herself and fortunately, or unfortunately, certain Elders took notice. Srina returned to her family home one evening to find emissaries of a clan that her family was loyal to waiting. They brought a proposal of marriage. The young woman was very surprised. Unions of this nature were very rare and almost unheard of. Regardless, it was official. To refuse would have gravely insulted the house that offered.

Her father went back and forth with the emissaries on her behalf to no avail. Her equally lovely elder sister Valina even offered to take her place but they simply would not hear it. As hostilities rose Srina eventually decided to take herself out of the equation. She didn’t know the damage it could ultimately do but the two houses could not fight over her if she wasn’t there. Perhaps, her suitors would then move their eyes elsewhere.

She resigned from the military and stole away in the middle of the night in one of the shuttles registered to her name. It was terrifying. She had rarely been away from her family, from her home, but the training she had received buried her fears. She was tired of her every choice falling outside of her control. She had been forced into becoming a Seeker. She would not be forced into becoming a wife and the eventual destruction of her House. The infestation would be small, but the only reason a larger House seeks another is to absorb it. Most of the time the transition is mutually agreed upon. The House seeking her hand was essentially planning a hostile takeover where the Elders and the rest of Eshan would be nonethewiser.





Raihane Talon [NPC] - Father (Echani Diplomat) 

Aeris Talon [NPC] - Mother (Artist & Ceremonial Trainer) 

Ryndrae Talon [PC] (Uncle - Father's Side)

Elessar Talon [PC] (Uncle - Father's Side)

Valina Talon [NPC] - Eldest Sister (Died during the Eshan Saga)

Tellu Talon [PC] - 1st Younger Sister

Cyprine Talon [PC] - 2nd Younger Sister

Viluy Talon [NPC] - 3rd Younger Sister

Var Talon [PC] - Younger Brother 

Nylea Talon 



Aryn Teth [Future Husband] [XRINGX]


Darth Metus 



Darth Metus 

Aryn Teth



Etrigan - Acquired in Hunt or Be Hunted 





1.) Dalantus Vectius Eägon - Dalantus of House Eägon is a celebrated Echani warrior that is the bane of Srina's existence. On the surface, he is an exalted warlord with extensive training, battle prowess, and accolades. He is from an old family with deep roots, wealth, and influence. Most Echani would jump at the chance of a marriage contract with someone of that caliber and breeding. Yet, all is not as it appears to be. Srina knows that this man is vicious and bloodthirsty in a way that their culture does not abide from their shared time in Larinkáoi. He lives for the kill, the thrill of it, and enjoys every moment. His desperate attempts to secure her hand in a legal union are less romantic than he would lead most to believe. He has convinced his Elders that between the two of them, through their love, they could produce the strongest Echani warriors in history. The truth is that he seeks a foothold in house Vail so that he can dismantle it and add her family name, wealth, and lands to his own. Being a noble, being respected, isn't good enough for him. He wants everything as far as the eye can see. He operates by twisting the old laws to his favor and by retaining a very charming personality.

Since Srina's departure from Eshan, to protect herself, and her family, Dalantus has sent numerous parties after her. From Sith assassins to his own militia to her own family.






HG-54 "The Vora" Class Verpine Hand Cannon

Holdin' Aces

Warhawk (Tomahawk)

Echani Vibroswords

Lightsaber [White Blade/CrossGuard]



The Nastirci

Sunlight & Starlight

Ring of Aspiration

Ciryc'kar'ta (Cold Heart)




Scarlet Vow [Current Armor-Summonable] 

Heart of Cold [Current Armor]

Knight Obsidian Armor [Current Armor]

The White Widow [Current Armor]

Starfire Protocol [Including Boots/Gloves/Personal Shield/Etc]

Terentatek Body Glove - Full resistance to standard telekinetics, pronounced resistance to advanced telekinetics.



SU-03 Hunter Cloaking Device - A lightweight, ion resistant cloaking field made and produced for agents in the field.

SG-1001 "Vishnu" Military Shield - An armor add on protects its user many times over.

XY Drug

Covenant Class Hyper Velocity Cannon [Ship Mount]

Light-Shield Bracelet

Droids (Used to pilot/Caretake/Troubleshoot ship related issues)

Personal Items (Holos/Mementos/Funds/Etc...)

IG-100 Mk. II Series Magnaguard [A personal squad of x5 to x8 depending on scenario]
B3 Ultra Battle Droid Mk. II [Has access to x10 for military purposes]




The Ferocity [Gifted from Darth Metus] (Masquerades as a personal transport but hits like a Cruiser. Main method of transportation.)  

Neverfall [Gifted from Adron Malvern]

Loronar E-9 Explorer (Basic Ship--No adjustments. Used for travel and living space.)

Seraphim Glass (Viceroy Class Star Yacht)

Obsidian Storm (A/Y-92 "Aquila" Starfighter)




None since leaving her homeworld of Eshan. Before her departure there were many. Srina was a soldier, a warrior, and despite the largely pacifistic views of her people, they do realize that death is a necessary evil. It is unfortunate, avoided whenever possible, but not something that Srina shies away from.




Threads Before CIS vs GE Invasion [Tatooine]: 

Threads After CIS vs GE Invasion [Tatooine]: 

Threads After the Fall of the Galactic Alliance (TSE Victory): 

90.) Calm Before the Storm [Fel Empire Diplo]

91.) Scry Oversight | I See You Darth Metus | Mectus | Petra Cavataio

92.) A Place of Healing [CIS/GA/SJO+Allies Aftermath Thread]

93.) Dressed to Kill [SJO Dominion of Umbara]

94.) Bells and Blasters [CIS Dominion of X-41]

95.) Wrath of the Machine [CIS Dominion of X-43]

96.) Beautiful Castagne [CIS Dominion of S-46]

97.) Exodus Day [CIS Faction Thread] 

98.) Life is But a Dream [Public Party Thread]

99.) Safe & Sound | CIS Dominion of Naboo [R-45]

100.) Party Favors | Aryn Teth

101.) Echani Command [Our Night In the Moon]

102.) Into the Deep | CIS Dominion of Roon [Y-48]

103.Kalinka, Ka-Kalinka, Ka-Ka-Linka, Kakdyla [Dominion of the Kalinda System | Hex R-43]

104.) Legends of the Hidden Temple | ORC Dominion of [J-53]

105.) You'll Sleep When I Say So [First Order Invasion of Outer Rim Coalition Skor II]

106.) They Shoot, We Skor [ORC Victory Party]

107.) The Imperial Downfall | CIS Dominion of Kamino

108.) Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant [Y-44]

109.) Escalation Protocol | CIS Dominion of Manda [Y-46]

110.) CIS CIVIL WAR - The Battle for Beverage Superiority [CIS+Allies]

111.) We Begin Anew Aiden | Naedira Darcrath

#1221317 2016 April Fools #1 - Planes of Chaos Beta Announcement - New Fantasy Forum

Posted by Tefka on 31 March 2016 - 11:53 PM



Some of you know I've been working on a new sister forum to SWRP. I'm opening up the forum today for beta sign-ups. If you've been looking for a fantasy forum to join, like many of us have, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.




Come give it a look!






-Forge (Fantasy version of the Factory)

-Wiki, full of original content to explore.

& More

#275467 PVP 101: How To Take A Measured Hit

Posted by Cradossk on 18 March 2014 - 03:49 PM

A lot of this material is covered in other excellent guides, but it seemed like a good time to trot this one out again.  


A false dichotomy is a fallacy where something can be one thing, or another, but never in between. False dichotomies are really, really important in duelling/PVP.  


Lord Bill unleashes a Spear of Midnight Black.  It's a rare, deadly technique used for impaling.  Master Hal thinks he has two options.

  • Absorb the energy of the Spear and let it shatter harmlessly against his broad chest.  He glows with Pure Light of Radiant Righteousness, OR he senses it coming and sidesteps easily, OR he does something else that negates the hit entirely.
  • Get hit and die.


Lord Bill throws some debris into the intake of Master Hal's podracer.  Master Hal thinks he has two options.

  • Subsume himself in the Force, sense everything coming, deflect it perfectly and save the fragile podracer, OR go sideways with perfect timing, OR otherwise avoid the hit entirely.
  • Podracer engine explodes.


Lord Bill has, over several posts, managed to get Master Hal's lightsabre away from him, and tries to chop a defeated Master Hal's head off.  Master Hal thinks he has two options.

  • Duck, OR absorb or block the lightsabre blade using the Force, OR otherwise avoid the hit entirely.
  • Die.


Lord Bill launches an immense shockwave at Master Hal.  Master Hal thinks he has two choices.

  • Somehow be invulnerable to the wave.
  • Get smashed.

As someone who's written hundreds of fights in the last twelve years, let me submit my opinion that, in all these cases, BOTH OPTIONS ARE WRONG.  It's OK to spent a post or two entirely blocking or avoiding a hit, but no more than a post or two.  Rather than trying to justify an overpowered or improbable response, these options come to mind.


  • Dodge the Spear, but it carves a line in your ribs or the side of your arm.  That arm is now slower and your concentration is split, but you can keep fighting and you're not dead.
  • The podracer eats some of the debris, and a plume of smoke trails out of the engine.  Maneuverability and speed are a problem until you can put out the fire.
  • Duck the lightsabre, but it takes off a chunk of your scalp.  Phenomenally painful burn, but you're not dead yet.
  • Negate part of the shockwave and get tossed around a bit.  


I've literally seen people leave the board because they, or their opponents, didn't know how to take a measured hit.  See, most people look at every one of their opponent's fight moves as one of these two options -- this is the layer beneath what we've just looked at.


  • 'My character's a specialist/very aware/well trained/in a better position.  He should be able to deal with this easily.'
  • 'Man, I can't reasonably avoid this, this sucks, he must be a cheater.'


Both of these are wrong.  If you can't reasonably avoid a reasonable attack, deal with it.  That's physics.  If you think you should be able to deal with the attack easily, there's a problem, and that problem is you.


Apprentice Biff attempts to mind trick Lord Evil.  Lord Evil is a Master-level mental specialist.  Lord Evil thinks he has one choice.

  • Laugh it off.


Lord Evil's writer is wrong.  Here's what you do.

  • "Lord Evil grimaced as Biff's mind trick interfered with his focus, and the mental assault he was preparing faltered for a moment.  'That was unwise,' he growled, and prepared to use his advanced technique."


One is a respectful response, the other isn't.  If Biff is a Knight, Lord Evil's best move is to take the hit -- have the mind trick distract him long enough that he doesn't launch his attack that turn.  And when his next turn comes around, Biff will (ideally) respect that Evil took the hit, and will take one in turn.  And Biff will lose and not feel sad or angry or frustrated about it.


Turns out good sportsmanship and good storytelling are pretty closely linked.  Wheaton's Law.  It's a good thing.

#240502 Vinithi-Be-Gone

Posted by Aurna Vern on 22 February 2014 - 06:06 PM

Intent: To create a chemical to counter a mutant species of plant created by Velok. This is also a way for Alli Wren to provide a method to kill her ex-wife, and her ex-wife's secret husband.
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Baktoid Industrial Systems
Model: XR-15
Affiliation: None
Modularity: Can kill some other types of plants
Production: Minor:borderline unique
Material: Various chemicals, ones found commonly in commercial herbicide’s
It is toxic to other plant species but is specialized in dealing with a species known as Vinithi It attacks the species regenerative process, and then quickly enters deeper and deeper into the plant cells, killing it. Depending on the health of the plant, this can take a day or hours. If plants feel pain, this would probably hurt like hell, and if plants were not just plants, well they would probably go insane with the pain, as this chemical once applied on a plant it begins attacking at once and has no known cure do the lack of study in rescuing pesky plants because who counters herbicide? Symptoms develop from bottom to top on plant shoots (older leaves show most injury; newer leaves least injury). Chlorosis first appears between leaf veins and along the margins which is later followed by necrosis of the tissue. It can be applied via a spray bottle, or any sort of canister. Proposed system involves an wrist mounted canister easily hidden in clothing or armor. It allows one to spray a plant quickly and several minutes of spray time to enable multiple shots, or extended coating of the plant. Due to the rairty of this speces largescale production of this herbicide is not done at this point.

Depending on the health of the plant, and exposure to this chemical this can take a day or hours to even minutes. The percentage of fatality at this point is 50% Long term use could see resistances built up by the plant species, Due to the type of herbicide this is, contact with a drop will begin the process, the more exposure the faster it works. If one was doused in it, said plant would die in minutes, should just a drop hit them, then the affected segment will discolor, and slight necrosis of the tissue shall occur causing severe pain, and other symptoms including slowed regeneration but will ultimately allow the plant to survive, for best results, liberal coating of the plant is suggested. It is liquid based, and thus can be delivered in a variety of methods. For best results, liquid application is suggested. To actually kill the species application on the head is required. Else you just wound and damage the plant. This can take an hour if drenched or more depending on the amount of applied to the head.

If contact with skin on humans and other species please wash off affected area immediately, it can cause burns and or rashes. Breathing in the vapor can burn one's airways and lungs and ingestion calls for one's stomach to be pumped as soon as possible as this is a poisonous substance and will cause death.

#757959 Star Wars Chaos RP Sketch Comic

Posted by Hiss Hiss on 04 March 2015 - 11:00 PM

So what is a sketch comic?

Quickly scribbled together story boards of original ideas I have but not the skill to turn into full fledged web-comics. In general doodle fan-fiction (because I can't write for crap) and good practice on my part for digital art.


What's the Story?

I am calling it Star Wars Fates of the Force it's set in Star Wars Chaos RP universe but follows an original story I have. I will be uploading a page or two whenever I have free time. 













[APPEARANCES: Boan Rein Darth Isolda Darth Vornskr]




[Appearances: Darth Isolda Boan Rein Reverance Darth Vornskr]






[Appearances Kian Karr Seraphina Shel'tah]

#1924222 Discord & General Rules

Posted by Tefka on 17 March 2019 - 01:58 PM

10. Pornography, nudity, or any graphic display of sexual nature is prohibited.



TJE Leadership was recently banned for distributing pornagraphic material via discord. Yes, it had a 18+ filter. No, there was no verification aside from clicking a button. I was able to view the material within seconds of joining the discord, to which the entire channel was then promptly - seemingly 'randomly' - removed. Remarkable, that a change of mind was reached so quickly after my arrival. /s


SWRP Chaos Staff does not police Major Faction Discords until we have to. In this instance, we had every right. This behavior from one of the leaders in our community is the height of what is unacceptable and will not be permitted to continue.




For those TJE members who remain without leadership,


1. Your Admins, minus the Faction Owner, can return to Chaos in 7 days.


2. SWRP Staff will allow a vote to select a new Faction Owner of the Faction. Please confer among yourselves and decide on whether or not you wish to proceed. Please confer with one of our Administrators if you need us to run the vote for you.




SWRP Chaos does not take violation of our General Rules lightly. We have members of all ages and the community at large to protect.


Please take this time to review them.


Link for the lazy: http://starwarsrp.ne...-play-rules-r26

#1857214 Murder in Neos

Posted by Lynnori Cruz on 09 September 2018 - 02:42 AM




Lyn's brows rose upon the sight of the monstrosity they were peddling as a car. For one; a darkly curious part of her was tempted to switch vehicles with that one just to see how it'd drive, and two; why in sithspit were they trying to sell it in the first place around here? There couldn't be buyers. If there were, well, this place was crazier than Lyn had expected initially. Perhaps there was a sweet underground racing ring. Actually, that idea brought forth more than a few bad ideas in the Zeltron's head, so she stored it away for further... Consideration.

Earlier she'd gotten a bit of a startle when Kole had chucked something into her lap, but the grateful doting 'girlfriend' smile he had gotten in response surely made the scare worth it. She put the sunglasses on almost immediately to complete the look of punk speed-demon that she so often adopted, boot on the pedal, cruising them down the streets of Neos. Eyes were drawn immediately to the sky through the windshield, noting how it was empty. Coruscant would have been alive with traffic.

"This place is weird."

She thought aloud, not intending to comment to Kole, but, well, that's sure how it came across. The driving was steady none-the-less, none of her usual antics concerning speeding (Being arrested here would suck, majorly, especially as there was little proof thus far that the locals spoke Basic) but instead calm and controlled. Skilled, yes. Out of character? Just a bit. Reined in for now, really.

The shots are what finally shook her.

With the front of the vehicle swerving a little in response, even though the gunfire would not touch them, it still seemed rattling. Well, of course it would, it was fething gunfire. The grip tightened on the wheel surreptitiously, thumb tapping along the material rapidly, all in all, she seemed spooked, "Really, really weird." After that, Lyn drove a little faster.

Their car shot into the inner city at a respectable speed, not illegal-- she hoped to God, anyway --but fast enough to evade the unwanted potshots that could be following them, the demonic ramshackle cars that might be on their proverbial heels, outrunning the bad areas of the city as fast as possible, like running away from shadows to chase ghosts instead. The brakes were hit upon arriving at the set destination, looking up and over the tower, "And we have arrived. In one piece."

Over the rims of her sunglasses, Lyn gave Kole a look. The look, even. Every pair has one, the look that signals the need for a life vest, the desire for stability. You could say a cry for help, but when did she ever need help?

Not often. The driver's side opened, pink legs slid out, the blue bob of hair emerged, "Home sweet home."

Murder in Neos | Kole Harper

#550825 I got bored in the Staff Call

Posted by Sarge Potteiger on 11 October 2014 - 07:33 PM

On a Star Wars Roleplay Highway/Bad forums in my hair/Lack of competent writing... rising up through the air.
Up ahead in the distance/I saw a shimmering light/My head grew heavy and patience thin, I had to stop for the night.
Tef greeted me in the comments/I heard the shoutbox bell/And I was thinking to myself this could be Heaven or this could be Hell.
Then he lit up a candle/ and he showed me the way/ there was roleplay on the main board/ thought I saw it say/
Welcome to the Hotel SW:Chaos / Such a lovely place (such a lovely place) / Such a lovely face / Plenty of RP at the Hotel SW:Chaos
Any time of year (any time of year) / you can find it here
The factions were Sith and twisted / They had the Twi'lek Slave Bends / There were a lot of pretty-pretty playbys for people we call friends /
How they create public roleplays / sweet collaborative threads / some roleplay for plotlines / others to get into bed
So I called up the Admin / Please bring me my Tech / He said "We haven't had that spirit here since Tef blew a gasket." / But still those roleplays are calling from far away / waking up in the middle of the night to respond to a thread /
Welcome to the Hotel SW:Chaos / Such a lovely place (such a lovely place) / Such a lovely face / Plenty of RP at the Hotel SW:Chaos
Any time of year (any time of year )/ you can find it here
Factory on a pedestal / There's NPC's on ice / and the Goat said "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device." 
And in Tef's chambers / They gathered for the staff call / They bombard it with concerns of peace but they just can't kill the beast / 
Last thing I remember  / I was running for the door / I had to Google my way back to the Craftshop from before / "Relax" said the RPJ, "we are programmed to recieve. You can sign out any time you like... but you can never leave."

#831004 Kaili Talith

Posted by Kaili Talith on 02 May 2015 - 03:00 AM


#806708 It's been fun, guys.

Posted by Tefka on 12 April 2015 - 10:45 PM

And it's going to get funner...


...but I'm taking a vacation. There's been several high-Staff positions shuffled around, so before I leave for my vacay, here's the tally.


While I'm gone, I will still maintain my server administration duties. Which means if you see the website go down for whatever reason, you'll know I'll be alerted and working on it.


However, for front-end responsibilities - 


Sarge Potteiger & Valiens Nantaris will be assuming Board Owner responsibilities, in addition to their own. Act up and they're the ones you'll be talking to.


Soliael Talith will be assuming the role of Factory Administrator. He was Spencer Jacobs' 2nd, now they're just switching roles. Spencer has led us through this long, dark night of the Factory and is also enjoying a well-deserved vacation.


Thurion Heavenshield has been appointed the new Major Faction Administrator. He's in charge of ensuring all Major Factions have what they need and is in charge of accepting/denying Major Faction applications.


Thurion will also serve as the top-dog when it comes to Major Faction rulebreaking or disputes.


Oh, and Sarge - easily the longest-surviving Staff Member other than myself, has been given the promotion to Administrator. He earned it a year ago but, as discussed previously, he was much more efficient as the leader of the Role-play Judges.


But times be-a-changing.


While I might be on vacation, here's some things to look forward to for the community's future:


1. We hit #1 on Google for our respective keywords. I will not stop informing people of this, I am very proud of this. It also explains our recent influx of new members.


2. Staff has already selected its second Galactic Event for 2015 and it will take place over the summer. We haven't got a set timeframe, but we're looking at June/July.


3. 2015's going to be big year for us, and it's only going to get bigger. It's basically a race to the finish line for the movie, and when it hits I imagine we'll face another new surge of explosive activity.


You stay classy, Chaos. I'll see you when I get back.

#1676766 Khonsu Amon, the Supreme Sun Guardian

Posted by Khonsu Amon on 27 November 2017 - 10:44 PM

Personnel File: 0116TSF/SG-KA.
Name: Khonsu Amon.

Nickname or Alias: 

  • Present:
    • None, Currently.
  • Previous:
    • Slave.
    • One-One-Six (Thyrsian Special Forces Callsign.)
  • Current:
    • Mr.
    • Supreme Sun Guardian; Master of the Sun Guard.
    • Reclaimer of Thyrsus.
    • Warlord of the Golden Company.
  • Previous:
    • Second Lieutenant, of Thyrsian Special Operations Division (In-Exile.)
    • Sun Guard Initiate, Stellar Legionnaire, Stellar Centurion, Twisuns Legate, Twisuns Praetor, Thychani Commander, and Thychani Dictator of the Sun Guard.
    • Champion, of Various Gladiatorial Matches and Tournaments.
Species: Near-Human.
Subrace: Thyrsian - Echani Off-Shoot.
Age: Thirty-Nine, Born 820 ABY.
Gender: Male.
Height: 185 cm (6’1”.)
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs.)
Physique: Muscular; Toned.
Eye Pigmentation: Chestnut Brown. 
Hair Colour: Charcoal Black; Clean Shaven.
Skin Complexion: Dark-Skinned (Natural,) Dark-Gray (Reptilian Xenograft.)
Known Medical History:
  • Current Known Conditions (856 ABY)​
    • ​Chronic Narcotic Addition - Invigorating Thyrsian Battle Oil.
    • Diagnosed Antisocial Personality Disorder.
    • Anorexia Nervosa.
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Childhood Enslavement.
    • Supposed Agoraphobia Tendencies; Consistent Entombment in Powered Armour.
Occupation: Private Military Contractor, Bounty Hunter, Secret Sith Apprentice.
Primary Allegiance(s): The Golden Company, Thyrsus, and the Highest Bidder. 
Contractual Allegiance(s): See Organizational Relationships
Current Status: Active; Transient Deployment.
Homeworld: Thyrsus, Echani Home Cluster. 
Known Residence: The Guerdon, Thyrisan Battlecruiser (Retrofitted from a Pilfered First Order Resurgent Star Destroyer.)
Languages Known:
  • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
  • High Galactic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Galactic Sign Language: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Binary: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Bocce: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Thyrsian Battle-cant: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
  • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
Languages Spoken:
  • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
  • High Galactic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Galactic Sign Language: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Binary: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Bocce: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native. 
  • Thyrsian Battle-cant: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
  • Huttese: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
  • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native.
Force Sensitive: Unknown (Secretly: Yes; Denied by Xenografted Flesh.)
Midichlorian Count: Unknown.
Known Alignment: Credits, will do fine. (Secretly: Dark Sided.)
Marriage Status: Unmarried; Single.
Spouse: N/A.
Children: N/A. 
Parent(s): Unknown, Presumably Deceased.
Siblings: Unknown, Presumably Deceased.
[Young Khonsu during the Echani Compact's Second Pacification of Thyrsus, Prior to his subsequent Enslavement. Circa 828 ABY.]
Face Claim: Akande Ogundimu.
Voice Sample: Sahr Ngaujah
Known Skills:
  • Thyrsian Battle Sight and Martial Arts.
  • Advanced Close-Quarters Combat, Marksman, Survival, Leadership, Field First-Aid, Navigation and, Pilot Training.
  • Qualified Soldier of Fortune, and Cunning Merchant of Death.
Distinguishing Features:
  • Patchwork Scarring, Several Synthskin Grafts and Cybernetic Implants.
  • Closely Shaven Scalp and Sculpted Facial Hair.
  • Thyrsian Special Forces Tattoos (Twinned Suns), and Unit Markings (Thyrsian Glyphs). 
  • [Secret/Hidden] Xenografted Terentatek Flesh.
Character Strengths:
  • Thyrsian Battle Sight and Martial Arts. (Non-Force Battle Precognition.)
  • Muscular and Menacing.
  • Cybernetically Enhanced. (Anti-Toxin, Auto-Adrenal Injectors, Integrated Stabilizer Mask, Etc.)
  • Xenografted Terentatek Flesh (Very High Force Resistance.)
Character Weaknesses:
  • Governed by Greed.
  • Prone to Aggression. 
  • Recklessly Stubborn.
  • Needlessly Cruel.
  • Susceptible to Ionic Overload (Cybernetic Enhancements.)
  • Susceptible to Lightside Force Nexus' and Concentrated Bursts of Force Light.




[Young Khonsu, as a Sun Guard Initiate plundering some Unknown Backwater Planet in Pre-Golden Company Sun Guard Colours. Circa 841 ABY.]



Personality Summary: 
Adaptable - Adventurous - Capable - Charismatic - Clever - Confident - Courageous - Creative - Disciplined - Dutiful - Educated - Focused - Hard-working - Heroic - Honourable - Idealistic - Intelligent - Leader - Logical - Masculine - Methodical - Objective - Observant - Patriotic - Practical - Self-reliant - Steadfast - Stubborn - Taciturn.
Throughout the many years of Khonsu's ravaged life, the man's personality went through several evolutions marking critical points in his history. He began as a mewling child, like many newborns, but swiftly tempered by the crucible of his homeworld and the many dangers it housed. Thyrsus wouldn't suffer the weak to live amongst the scorching dunes. It was during these formative years, however, that the Echani raided his Clan's sprawling homestead. Silver-haired devils who sought to pacify the warring tribesmen from turning their innate aggression towards their overlords. In the aftermath, all that remained of that one-sided battle was a tear-stained youth, who sought to carry on his fallen parent's fight with eyes rimmed by pure, unadulterated hatred. Both of these traits, the innate survival instinct and hatred, would entwine themselves into his very core and remain a constant companion of his throughout the rest of his life. Not even the cruelties of the Echani Compact could douse the raging fires of his petulant fury.
When the Sun Guard, what remained of his homeworld’s special forces, liberated a slave colony in the Outer Reaches of the Six Sisters, they found Khonsu amongst the surviving populace. He was given a choice then, die with the people who held his leash and sought to break him or to embrace the people of his birth-world and their warrior ways. It was at that moment, the future Master of the Sun Guard evolved from a child soldier, into a Thyrsian Warrior who was taught to harness and embrace his hatred and rage. From there, the boy became akin to a fledgling Lion—learning to stalk his prey, and of the value of trusting his growing pride. He blossomed within the ranks of the Sun Guard despite his taciturn nature, as he slowly opened up to his comrades-in-arms; exultant in victory or compassionate and understanding in defeat.
Though he had learned of the bonds of camaraderie, Khonsu couldn’t stifle the newly ignite fires of ambition that burned within his heart. He hated the Echani for everything they did to him as a child, and to his people centuries prior. Despite all of this, the current Supreme Sun Guardian honoured the terms laid out by their predecessors. The Sun Guard would remain forever banished from Thyrsus, and never take up arms under the Twin Suns banner against the Scions of Eshan again. Thus, the young mercenary became obsessed with claiming the mantle of leadership at any cost. Such was his hunger for power that the Thyrsian nearly damned the entirety of the Golden Company by making a secret compact with a powerful Lord of the Sith. When the blood price rose too high, and during a duel with the Jedi Master— Arcanus Sunstrider—the Thyrsian was mortified at what he became. 
It was then that Khonsu secretly began turning against his would-be puppet master. The blade that bound him to the service of the Sith was discarded and swiftly replaced by another, forged by Thyrsian hands. Even his flesh and blood wasn’t safe from his reforged path. These disfigurements were the beginning of his penance for spilling the essence of his kin in the pursuit of power. He would path for the sin of betrayal by subjecting himself to a year of genetic therapy; turning himself into the monster that he believed himself to be. Secretly remade by the genetic material of an ancient Sith war-beast, Khonsu flensed the living creature’s hide and had it grafted to his own. He was purified and baptized again by the agonies wrought upon his flesh. When the soul-flensing pain ceased, the Thyrsian was reborn with a new purpose.
Driven to sever the Sith’s infectious hold on his warbands, Khonsu purloined the knowledge of the Heretics within his ranks and had them slain by mysterious proxies. The Sun Guard would be pure—no matter the cost. 

#1968333 Timeline Update 856-858

Posted by Neri Rashal on 30 July 2019 - 07:23 PM

After soliciting member arcs, we decided to do a small, two year jump based on those. 




Thank you to the folks and groups who submitted events!



#1843021 RIP, Dad

Posted by Thurion Heavenshield on 10 August 2018 - 01:58 PM

Hey, guys. For the record, I'm unsure where a topic like this would go but I figured the LOA section made the most sense.


Earlier today, shortly after noon CEST, my father passed away. I only learned about it after work when my mom called and asked me to come visit, around 5pm. I don't know what it was, but I had this eerie feeling all day today that something was wrong.


My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer back in 2014. At first only he and mom knew about it, and they only told me and my two siblings six months later after the Holidays, in January 2015. Dad told us he did not want us telling anyone outside of the family; not our friends, not post something on social media, or whatever. So we kept it under wraps for several years, all up until today. I felt honorbound to uphold his wishes, so I've literally told no-one since that day.


My father was a real man's man, who started working at age 14 and became self-sufficient at age 16. He dropped out of the Swedish equivalent of high school because he was already able to make a living for himself. He's always been a big, physically strong man since his late teens, and he knew how to do or fix anything; from fixing cars to refurbishing rooms to building our porch and later our swimming pool. But above all he was very kind and gentle towards us and people in general.


I've idolised him all my life. Other than him having been a smoker since he was 12, I loved everything about the man. He joined the army back in -76, and so did I in 2011; while I did so on my own terms, there was always a part of me that felt I did it to make him proud. To follow in his footsteps. He was always supportive of anything I did, especially my music.


For the first two years since we learned he had cancer, everything was fine. He kept working like nothing happened and didn't feel anything. Then last year he started having trouble swallowing his food and would get these weird hiccups. So he went to the hospital to get it checked out, only to find that the tumor in his stomach had grown to the point where it would stop him eating. So he had his first surgery shortly after, and they removed all the tumors they could find. After a month or so of rest, he was back to normal.


Then earlier this year he started to get really bad, rather suddenly. Another check-up at the hospital told us the cancer had returned, this time settling in his spine. He would feel sudden spikes of pain in his back and legs, and he could no longer resume his duties at work. So he was bedridden for several months, only getting up to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I moved out of my parents' house in late April and moved in with my best friend since childhood; we've known each other for 18 years, and I'm only 26. I'd gotten steady work and a month later I bought my first car. I became self-sufficient for the first time in my life, a decade later in life than my dad. One day when I visited my parents for family dinner my father was missing. Mom told me he'd gotten so bad she had to send him to a home for the elderly because she could not care for him the way he needed to be taken care of. This was about a month ago.


I visited my dad after work several times, but each time proved more difficult. There was barely anything left of him, he'd just wasted away and he could not even get out of bed if he tried. The last time I saw him was last Friday, 3 August 2018, and he could hardly speak. I knew then he did not have much longer, so I just sat by his bedside and held his hand for hours.


When mom summoned me home today she told me that dad had passed away. She got a call from the nurses telling her it was his time so she went into town to keep him company during his final hours, holding his hand as he slowly fell asleep. I'm told it was painless and peaceful. He deserved it after a lifetime of hard work so the rest of us would not want for anything.


I'm sorry if this dragged on a bit, I just needed to write it all down mostly to make sense of it myself. As you might imagine, the whole family is pretty devastated by his passing.


I've been a member of this site for just about 5 years now, and it takes something really special to keep my interest for so long. This site, however silly it may seem, has become a home away from home, and you guys have become my second family. And because you're family, I felt I should tell you guys what's going on. Informing you all just now has also allowed me to work out a bit of grief, so thank you to those who stayed and read the whole thing.


I don't believe this will impact my activity on the site, however. I don't have any threads going at the moment anyway, and any set to go up I will still participate in.


Also, if you have a father figure in your life, please go tell him in person or call him and tell him that you love him. Cherish every day you have together, as I did with my father.


Vila i frid, pappa!



#882926 Rank Title Creation & Remake Contest

Posted by Netherworld on 12 June 2015 - 11:05 AM