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The Thyrsian Hierarchy

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Owner: Khonsu Amon

Founded: 16-October 17

Members: 62

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Threads that require the attentions of any ready and able Faction Members.




= Active Threads =

Threads open and available for any Faction Members to join as they desire.


The Reliquary of the Lost.


Cleansing the Haunted Moon.


The Toothless Fortress [Open Recruitment]




Credits. Duty. Honour.

Praise the Sun.


The Galaxy has forgotten us. Our genetic kin enslaves us. Our rivals mock the legacy that’s been denied to us. From the shame of defeat, and the shadows of history we shall rise; In the vestments of Black and Gold, we shall be reborn.



Faction Owner: Khonsu Amon

Faction Admin(s):

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[ To ensure that your time within the Golden Company is pleasant, please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to any of the listed members of the Faction Staff, and we will endeavour to answer and allay any issues you may have. ]




OOC Rules of the Golden Company [ X ]


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    Freedom must be won by blood.



    [OOC Thread.] | [IC Thread.]


    Long have the Thyrsian people awaited their salvation. Long have the Golden Company prowled the stars in search of arcane technologies that would give them the edge the needed. The time has finally come to retake the Homeworld from the vile Echani. Join us, as we wipe out the remnants of the Compact from the stars, and let history mock the ashes of their bones.

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  • It is the fate of the weak to die unknown, and the destiny of the strong to rule for eternity. Give me glory, or give me death!






    [ Cleansing of the Haunted Moon ]


    Lucius Varad has summoned Force-Wielding Sun Guard and several others to his banner, forging a new Warband to further expand the Golden Company's mastery of the battlefield. He has taken to calling them the Lightsworn, and through this deed of purging Kohlma of the Bando Gora; this new organization shall be birthed in the blood of the fallen. Should you seek to master the Living Force, take up your arms and fight alongi...

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  • The Reliquary of the Lost.

    by Khonsu Amon Sep 01 2019 07:04 PM

    All power demands sacrifice... and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power.






    [ The Reliquary of the Lost ]


    Ghostships have long since haunted the Galaxy, and have now begun to spread onto the Battlefield. With the Mandalorians bringing back the dead to fight their wars, the Golden Company seeks a way to counter this rising threat - or respond in kind with ghostly ships of their own. Join Torian Pierce and the Crew of the 'Sunseeker' as they seek to plunder what secrets they can from this vessel of the dead.

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  • Brothers, Sisters, and Everyone in Between!
    First of all, I wanted to start this little blurb off with a thank you to this Faction’s member base. I know we’ve been a bit inactive lately, what with me busy between school, and work. However, most of you stuck around - for whatever reason I dare not speculate. For that alone, I thank you. The Golden Company, nor its future incarnations would be nothing more than just a vanity project without you. So, from the bottom of my blackened heart - all of you have my deepest gratitude.
    Secondly, I suppose we’re well overdue for an update of sorts. For those of us that have been living under a rock, the Golden Company has cemented itself as the best Mercenary company in the Galaxy. We’ve been hired by the likes of four to five Major factions, and many of them have semi-active to active retainer contracts with some of our members. We’ve also been apart of almost every Invasion for the last two years since the Company was OOCly founded by yours truly. It’s also led us to garner a nasty reputation for heavily contributing towards the Victory of whatever Faction secures our services. So, to those of you...

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  • Your shrines will burn, your streets run with blood, your false idols shattered, your people slaughtered by the thousands, your very planet torn apart… and the barest fraction of my hatred will be satisfied.






    [ Ison Corridor Ablaze. ]


    A contract between a mercenary and their employer is sacred. It binds the soldiers whose fealty revolves around who has the largest pocketbook to serve the highest bidder in whatever manner they deem fitting. To break this covenant is the gravest and greatest sin amongst the intergalactic community of sellswords. The First Order, for reasons unknown, sought to test the Golden Company and found them wanting. T...

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