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The street is dark, cold. Rain drums steadily against the steel all around. The lights of the speeders soaring overhead provide at best dull white glows, sending long, dark shadows scattering across the ground. No one was expected to be here. You're all alone. From ahead of you, a figure dressed in black seems to materialise from the darkness. Man? Woman? Alien? Human? Impossible to tell. The haze of the freezing rain obscures their face. What are they reaching for? A credit chip? A blaster pistol? How in the galaxy did they manage to get you to meet them here alone?


Hacking into secure networks, gathering valuable intelligence from men and women of power, keeping politicians in their pockets; This is the Family. Do you think you have what it takes?



Founded: 22-July 18

Members: 46


  • Hello, Family! 


    After a brief break to allow for Life's ebb & flow, The Family is starting a new push into fresh stories for ya'll! I & my fellow Caporegime are brainstorming some fun new threads for everyone to take part in - please keep an eye on the Emergency Frequency channel in our Discord, as well as the "Current Threads" section of the Faction Page for updates on available group-threads. 


     That said, I'd like to cover a few small points, to be sure all our Associates & Soldiers are up-to-date: 


    1. Due to some recent personal affairs, Bambi isn't doing so much writing presently - the task of day-to-day Administrative Duties has fallen to myself, Capo Vorkaliin, and Capo Shaun Castanic. It's possible she'll be returning to the Site somewhat soon, but presently, she's only available on Discord. General Faction questions, requests for story assistance, and other concerns may be directed (as always) to any of the Caporegime at any time. 


    2. We are tracking that a number of our Associates & Soldiers have been "assigned" to a Caporegime, but at this time, we're not enforcing or tracking who works with or for whom - we're allowing all our members to work with any Ca...

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  • New Thread & Health Check

    by Null Oct 02 2018 03:56 AM


    New Thread! 


    Greetings my darlings! We have a new thread up! Click HERE if you would like to join us in the underworld, taking down an illegal animal fighting ring. All skill sets and levels of discretion will be required, as they have evaded law enforcement so far. We not stepping in to aide the law specifically, but this is a favour they would surely remember. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty; the more violent the message, the less like we are to see them pop up again.


    This should be a fun little thread with both the stealthy infiltrators and the brutal executioners required to pull it off. Choose which group you'd like to join and have fun!




    Next up: Heal...

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    by Null Sep 18 2018 09:31 PM






    Well... not war, but a Skirmish! Te Nevan have are after us, and we must defend what's ours! Feel free to register your interest Here if you'd like to take part. We will be writing when the location for the Skirmish is approved. If you are an associate looking to climb the ranks, this will be a great opportunity as promotions up for grabs to those who prove themselves especially worthy in the fight.





    If you have not yet joined our discord (link in the sidebar) now would be a great time to do so as updates on everything will be happening there. We will be skirmishing on Rexy's planet when it gets approved. Any questions feel free to bring to myself, or any of the caporegime. As always, thank you all for making this faction the absolute best it back be! 


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  • So You're in... What Now?

    by Null Sep 04 2018 08:21 PM





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  • We're Back, Baby!

    by Null Aug 25 2018 09:54 PM





    Hello once again, you wonderful people! 


    So I wanted to begin by apologising for my absence from the faction and the site as a whole of late. Long story short: Moved house IRL and our internet did not move with us. For 18 agonizing days we had no internet, so I couldn't post or or even check posts with any consistency. However, none of that matters anymore because we are back!


    First things first: I'm going to be focussing on wrapping up existing threads, including A Call Answered. Alliances have been secured, so make sure you check out the new territories we can operate in. After we're all settled back in, however, new things are in the works! There have been rumours of an underground animal-fighting ring and a well-paying, well-meaning citizen has asked us to investigate. We're still gathering intel, but prepare for some real action in the future.


    Once again, I want to sincerely thank you all for your pa...

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