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Clan Galaar

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Clan Galaar is a Mandalorian Clan of warriors who call Krownest their new home. Originally known as Snjóhaukur in Runian, Clan Galaar is almost entirely made up of Valkri men and women of Jiriad Galaar's original clan on Midvinter. Like true Mandalorians they follow the resol'nare, but they have not forgotten their origins and continue to follow their own customs in addition to their adopted ones. 


Though far from home, members of Clan Galaar still worship and make offerings to their pantheon of gods, and Runian is spoken as much as Mando'a and Basic. Songs are still sung in their native tongue, now telling tales of glorious conquest across the stars


The Valkri are disdainful of technology, and Clan Galaar is no exception. Fort Cinciri'Galaar, their home and base of operations, is remarkably low-tech in spite of being built into the side of a mountain, and many members of the clan prefer to wield melee weapons, bows, or slugthrowers rather than blasters. However, the people of Midvinter are fine smiths indeed, and while the weapons and armor Clan Galaar forge are not as high-tech as those you'd find in some of the other Mandalorian clans their quality is exceptional.


Owner: Jiriad Galaar

Founded: 05-August 19

Members: 2

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