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The Osseriton Pact

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The Osseriton Pact is a multi-national state made up of multiple different Minor factions who come together under a representative 'Grand Council'. The council works with a head Consul, elected by the representatives of the factions within. Each faction gets one representative in the council, and the Federal government works simply to unify the factions under a single banner while simultaniuously allowing personal sovereignty.


Owner: Premier William Harris I

Founded: 10-September 19

Members: 11

Latest Members

The Imperial Federation

The Imperial Federation


Welcome to the Imperial Federation. We are a multinational state, and Up-and-coming faction situated in the unknown regions, and we are looking for minor factions and people who are willing to join in a unique experience. Are you a minor faction looking to go major? Then we are for you. Contact William Harris here or on discord for further details regarding mergers and joining the federation.


So, you must be wondering, why would my faction want to join another faction? Well, simply put, the whole purpose of the federation is to assist minor factions in going major, and in turn, the Imperial Federation will help them with advertising and such. The Federation has a federal government made up of representatives from each minor faction in its borders, meaning that factions can continue to grow and gain members themselves, despite being part of the federation.


What are you waiting for? Join the federation, whether you are alone and looking for an interesting experience, or your a minor faction leader looking to guide your men to major.

Current federation States:
The Fel Imperium

Membership into the Imperial Federation


The Federation's whole goal is to quickly expand by bringing more factions and groups into the Grand Council. That's why we don't restrict the factions who have Federation status. The federal laws of the Federation are few and are voted by the council, who's representatives are chosen by each minor faction. Every faction to join the Federation will be added to the following list. These states are not only nations under our protection, but the complete list of forces who will unify under the IMP banner in the case of war or conflict. 


Current federation States:


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