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The Sith Empire

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Angler for an Empire

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Operation Morning Star



Long Have I Waited



The Last Holocron





The time has come to Eclipse the Light.
For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while we licked our wounds. Now, with the union of our brethren under a single banner, the time is nigh to rend a path through their bastions of Hope.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to the Sith Empire

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  • The Story Moving Forward

    by Darth Carnifex Nov 02 2019 09:00 PM

    It pleases to announce that the Sith Empire will be engaging in a series of skirmishes and co-op dominions with the Silver Jedi Order, ultimately culminating in a series of invasions between the two powers in January and February. 
    You might be asking, why so far away? Why not invade now? 
    That was something both sides considered, but as it stands at the moment neither faction stands to gain anything substantial or tangible in invading now. There’s just too wide of a gap between us. So to rectify this problem, the staff teams of TSE and SJO have gotten together to move both territories closer together so that when we do invade, it’ll mean something.
    So for the months of November and December, both SJO and TSE will be launching dominions open to both factions to create a shared front. To pace these out, we’ll also be orga...

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  • The Reclamation

    by Darth Carnifex Sep 14 2019 06:57 PM



    When the Outer Rim Coalition came to Rhen Var, they came to smuggle Sith and Jedi artifacts out from the ancient ruins that littered the frigid planet's surface. What they didn't expect was to be embroiled in a fierce and violent battle with the Sith Empire, who doggedly pursued their every movement planetside and fought tooth and nail to keep the unearthed artifacts from falling into hands of ill-repute. Though ultimately the Sith would be unable to prevent such artifacts from being stolen, the Sith were able to track the movement of these smugglers and Jedi across the galaxy to the world of Pantora. But before that happened, the Sith had to first rid Rhen Var of their enemies and reestablish control before nearby systems were swept up in the anarchy.



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  • Tectonic Techtronics

    by Darth Carnifex Sep 14 2019 06:53 PM



    The Sith Empire's banner has arrived on the tectonically active planet of Ord Thoden. The people have been expecting the Sith Empire for quite sometime and rather than press their luck against the might of the Empire. They have instead decided to throw a celerbation of sorts at the biggest club in all of Domitree! Club Goldeneye, here there will be many of Domitree's most famous singers, dancers, athletes and just about anyone they can throw at the party. Still, even as they open their arms to the Sith Empire there are a few things that need to be taken care of before Ord Thoden's government signs the dotted line. A large group of fighters have taken over some of Domitree's best stadiums, race tracks and arenas they need the Sith to clear them out! Given that the people here are so welcoming, the SIth have decided to begin buliding their defenses - but then again who knows what all the representatives of the Sith Empire are up to.


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  • Sith Me All Night Long

    by Darth Carnifex Sep 14 2019 06:52 PM


    In an effort to shore up their borders, the Sith Empire has arrived on Orinackra. Ahead of them, Sotto the Hutt arranged a concert to welcome them, the concert is being held in Crüe the capital of the planet. The concert will show off the various slaves that Sotto has to offer, the slaves will perform various songs and be paraded along the concert grounds or displayed in cages. Sotto hopes to foster better relations with the Sith Empire and entertain a more permanent status within their criminal underworld.His right-hand woman, Umedara Zaar will be in attendance speaking with members of the Sith Empire. Negotiating Orinackra's annexation into the Empire, all the while - members of both the Sith Brotherhood and Valkyries have been dispatched to a defunct imperial detention center that has reported a lot of 'paranormal' activities. A company associated with the Empire wishes to build a new prison complex over the old one but fears the activities will discourage construction. Led by Kaalia Pavanos, the Sith Valkyries will enter first in an attempt to bring these activities to an end. 
  • Monster Park

    by Darth Carnifex Aug 01 2019 03:08 PM



    A new Sith Hunting Park had been in development for the last year and a half. A large park where Sith could come and test their skills, where bounty hunters and Imperials alike could see what monsters had been created. Unfortunately, something’s happened recently - the Monsters have been released. Celanon City has erected a temporary force field around the city but it won’t hold out for long. 
    The Sith Empire saw this as an opportunity. 
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