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The Factory

Factory Standardized Rules

Apr 02 2017 07:18 AM | Cira in The Factory

Factory Standardized Rules Players are encouraged to help discuss create, discuss, and police each other's submissions.Players are also encouraged to read and often quote the rules. General Factory GuidelinesAll Factory Submissions in the Tec...

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Restricted Materials

Jun 14 2015 05:30 PM | Tefka in The Factory

Restricted Materials Restricted materials may only be used in submissions where the quantity is Semi-Unique or below.NykkaltAlchemized Artifacts/Items * (Alchemized artifacts/items where the only effect is increased resilience are not considered...

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Reverse Engineering Guidelines

Jun 14 2015 05:45 PM | Tefka in The Factory

Reverse Engineering Rules Any player may reverse engineer submissions where there is evidence that these were previously owned by/ manufactured for them. This is to distinguish submissions whose intent is the reverse engineering from an available appro...

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