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Laira Darkhold

Darkhold Vereen Organa

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

    Jedi Princess

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Alternate Art Works

One | Two | Three | Armor | Field



Name: Laira Mae Organa


Laira Darkhold (Cover Identity)

Born on Bothawui

Parents (Deceased)

Several petty crimes and misdemeanors in her teenage years

Registered owner of the Far Runner

Jaina Marrow (Alternate Identity)

Born on Corellia

Father (Deceased)

Mother relocated to Jabiim after Netherworld

No Criminal Record, licensed under no government


Princess of Alderaan

Redhead Jedi Princess


The Resistance

The Jedi Remnant

Royal House of Alderaan


Jedi Padawan



Species: Human (Part Atrisian)

Home World: Alderaan

Age: 19 Galactic Standard Years

Gender: Female

Force Sensitive: Yes


Mother: Faith Organa

Father: Draco Vereen

Siblings: Theo Vereen | Ma're Organa



(+) Physical Prowess: Laira was raised as the daughter of a Mandalorian Warlord, and thus is in excellent physical condition from years of training. She maintains peak condition for her body type's strength, agility, and endurance through a vigorous daily exercise regime of cardio and resistance training, which includes squats. Luckily for Laira, her beauty takes after her mother other than her bright red hair.


(+) Piloting: Laira took a knack for flying. She rode Thranta with her mother and Father from a young age, took up riding a Basilisk War Droid alongside her father at times and picked it up easily, and unlike her father enjoyed flying starfighters, shuttles, and freighters. She had a gift for the skill and developed over her teenage years as something she enjoyed greatly, having the reflexes and talent to be a natural in the cockpit.


(+) Survival Training: Laira enjoyed hunting with her father as a young girl, and alone as a teen. Despite her unwillingness to make a habit of roughing it , she is more than capable of surviving for weeks at a time on planets like Tatooine, Hoth, or Vendaxa without supplies given her upbringing.


(+/-) Affluent: Laira was born into wealth and was given a fairly hefty trust fund to survive off of during her youth. She has access to immense wealth and treasure if she absolutely needed it, though most of what she does have to her own name is diverted to help others who she believes need it more. It could be useful, though she rarely has access to it herself.


(-) Head Strong: She is unlikely to seek or accept help, even in dire circumstances. She is willing to take heavy risks to prove she can stand on her own, and she often seems ungrateful for assistance she does receive. Laira is stubborn and brash, probably a direct symptom of being raised by a wealthy Royal family and being her Father's baby girl. While she doesn't like needing other people, she has been raised where she had everything she ever needed provided and rarely had to work for anything she wanted.


(-) Flirt: Laira has a thing about enjoying attention from most sources to the point she will actively engage in conversation and flirt with those around her, act coy and coquettish with strangers and friends alike. This can put her in dangerous spots or get her out of trouble depending on the situation. At heart though, she does it for her own amusement and is unlikely to act on such advances or implications. Its just a game to her.


(-) Telekinesis: Like her father, Laira is unable to harness Telekinesis very well. She is limited to very basic uses, and even then only very small objects such as pens or pencils with significant effort and concentration. This practice is extremely difficult, requiring concentration and focus, making it useless it combat. This could be caused by a family oriented mental block, or similar to the Horn line of Jedi, they may just be unable to harness it because the Force works in mysterious ways.





Height: 1.70 Meters (5’7”)

Weight: 62 Kilograms (136 Pounds)

Eyes: Grey/Silver

Hair: Crimson with streaks of Scarlet and Orange

Skin: Fair


Laira is a lean young woman, on the tall side of average height, and on the muscular side of average weight. She has an curvy, athletic frame, with noticeable muscle definition on her stomach, legs, and arms from years of training and hunting in the wilderness alongside her father and the more civilized shamans of Clan Vereen. Laira bears very few scars on her body, having meticulously healed from injuries and using scar-removal medicines when necessary. The only noticeable scar is on her left arm, just below the elbow. A small pale line where the cloned arm was reattached to her limb is all that remains of her amputation.


She has stormy grey eyes like her father, a trait passed down to her by her paternal grandmother, contrasting her fair skin which she acquired from her mother's side. Laira has fiery, straight red hair which she prefers to keep long, sometimes tying braids into it of varying sizes or having it styled with a feathered look. 




Preternatural Awareness: The Force which provides her with very limited form of precognition allowing her to sense the path of projectiles, sometimes before they are even fired. Laira has amazing situational awareness and perception. Her danger-sense is fine tuned, and her instincts well-honed for the rigors of combat on the ground, or in a cockpit where she fells most at home.




Martial Prowess: Laira is skilled with a number of weapons, having grown up in a household that respected the art of war. She is a skilled swordswoman and a decent sharpshooter, preferring the New Jedi Order Fast and Medium styles which compliment her speed and agility. Though she maintains peak physical conditioning for her size, Laira's physical abilities are usually limited by her svelte stature.




Fleet of Foot: In a single word, Laira's focus in most things is Speed. She prefers to collect increasingly fast speeders and ships, gaining a thrill from flying in dangerous spaces as fast as she is able to. On the ground she uses the Force to enhance the speed of her body in combat. She is able and willing to accelerate her strikes so that they impact with extreme kinetic force if necessary.




Laira was born on Alderaan to Crown Princess Faith of the Royal House of Organa and Alor Draco Vereen alongside her twin brother Theodosius. Laira was the first-born of the two, and grew up living in the Palaces of New Aldera and the Mountain Palace of House Organa under the safety of their walls and guards. Much of her childhood was spent split between learning her two cultures, the proper and noble Alderaanian heritage of her mother and maternal ancestors, and the rugged, war-like Mandalorian culture that had come to define her father. Even at a young age she was stubborn and headstrong, fiery and temperamental throughout her childhood, making her parent's lives difficult.

She was educated at the Crevasse City Collegium for Young Ladies where she received her primary education, supplemented by winters in the Juran Mountains with the shamans of Clan Vereen and her Father learning the ways of Nature, Mandalorian Culture, and being trained in the Force alongside her twin brother. She is notably more intelligent than her father, having done well in primary school and having gained a formal education well beyond that of her father, though the professors and educators struggling to reign in her independent and headstrong personality throughout her time there. The shamans taught her how to control and sense the Force, how to maintain balance within the Force, though like her father she never picked up Telekinesis. Draco and the others were careful not to introduce her to the Dark Side, however she was taught about it, how it felt when one called upon it, how to resist its pull when it offered so much of what she would want, what it meant to the Clan to find the balance in the Force, why the Dark Side and Light Side were important and what they represented.

Laira has struggled with her identity for several years, having difficulty understanding her place as the Heir-Apparent of the Throne of Alderaan and the daughter of a Mandalorian Warlord who had laid down his sword relatively early in his life. In contrast with her mother and father, Laira did not settle into either role presented to her and instead went off on her own path, choosing the life of a spacer as her own for her youth in hopes of seeing the galaxy, meeting new and exciting cultures and people, and living a little more dangerously than either of her parents would like. Her fierce independence caused her to leave her trust-fund untouched for the most part, barring the occasional vacation or outing, and live off the means she was able to earn on her own.

With her father's help, she established a few alter identities, receiving several well crafted false identities and the paperwork to support them as best as could be provided to allow her to live as she desired without the stigma of her parent's legacies shadowing her wherever she went. Although most of her time is spent away from Alderaan, she occasionally attended royal functions and visits with her family.

Rather than return home from her adventures after the Battle of Thyferra, Laira remained with the newly formed Resistance. She became an active member of RESINT and the Jedi Remnant aligned with the rebel movement. She undertook several simple missions alongside Firemane associate and part-time girlfriend, Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori, and with RESINT operative Cato Fett where the princess felt she became mentally unstable. In the hopes of settling her mind and growing as a leader and a warrior, she redoubled her commitment to the Jedi Remnant, adopting a life style inspired by the New Jedi Order.

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

    Jedi Princess

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Novice | Competence | Proficiency | Expertise | Mastery


Laira has been raised in a household of Force Users. Her Father Draco Vereen being one of the Masters hailing from the Mandalorian Clans and her mother being passively empathetic, a trait which Laira developed as well. Because of the shamanistic nature of Clan Vereen, Laira is very attuned with nature and the natural elements that surround her, allowing her to manipulate Fire and Earth respectively, through the use of the Force. However, he focus is Melee combat, and befitting her physique and style, she focuses her skills on speed and agility, using the Force to boost her physical attributes and increase her speed and reaction time while making fluid use of the Force in battle.


Having studied under the Jedi Remnant and several unaffiliated Jedi Masters, she has developed a series of the basic Force abilities associated with Padawans, such as simplistic Mind Tricks and create flashes of light, concealing her presence and affinity from others, using the Force to sustain oneself, how to go into hibernation trances to heal, how to direct her body's functions to heal quickly or filter toxins from herself, numb her ability to feel pain, regulating her body temperature with Tapas, allow her to hold her breath for extended periods, and simple tutaminis effects. Laira has built upon these fundamentals with her specialization in speed, dexterity, and manipulating the space around her to compensate for her complete lack of Telekinetic abilities.




Force Speed [Expertise]

Laira is able to maintain high sprinting speeds for intermediate periods of time, using the Force to increase her body's movement by running faster, allowing for rapid strikes and dodges in combat, allowing her to perceive the things around her in slow motion, and react with incredible reflexes. She often uses a variation of this to enhance her perceptions and reaction speeds to preternatural levels when piloting or driving vehicles.


Inertia [Proficiency]

Using the Force, Laira can alter the forces of gravity upon while moving enabling her to perform feats such as running and walking on walls or ceilings, and aiding in her stopping rapidly from high-speed movements. However she suffers from bouts of dizziness and nausea, which gets worse the longer she performs the ability and it irritates her stomach.


Phase [Competence]

Laira uses the Force to alter her state of being, able to pass through solid matter such as walls and doors. However, she is not able to cause her entire body to phase at once, but only a single section, such as one arm, or one leg, her torso, or head at a time, making it a process requiring significant concentration to walk through a wall. Laira can phase out other objects she is touching as well, like her clothes, weapons, and the like as well.


Usually she would use this to open a door from the inside by reaching through it to press the button or to grab something from inside.



Force Sense [Proficiency]

Laira has been trained in Force Sense since she could talk, one of the first things her Father taught her. She is able to sense danger warning her of nearby and immediate threats, sense the mental state of nearby creatures, and the natural energies that flow through a planet allowing her to sense seismic, natural, and weather patterns around her.


She is trained in the detection of cloaked individuals that hide by concealing their Force presence. By searching for the secondary effects emanating around the being in the Force, rather than the presence of the individual themselves, Laira can perceive the ripples in the Force that are seemingly without source. At the center would be the cloaked or hidden person or being. She does not have the refinement or precision of a Master or Knight may, however, instead she would need to know where to look for a cloaked being in the first place, but using this she can find those shrouded from her normal sense in various manners.


She can use the Force to enhance her physical senses as well, using it to track or recognize scents she may have encountered, to hear greater distances or frequencies she might otherwise be unable to detect, and allowing her to see further and with more clarity.



Earth Shaping [Competence]

Having been raised among the Shamans of Clan Vereen she is aware of how to manipulate the Earth around her. Lacking true Telekinesis, she cannot levitate stone or earth, but she can use the Force to create earthen barriers, create furrows in the ground, raise pillars or spikes of stone, even with effort bring stone from a ceiling down so long as she can touch a surface nearby.


Fire Shaping [Competence]

Having been raised among the Shamans of Clan Vereen she is aware of how to create and manipulate Fire, though she lacks true Telekinesis. As such, she can generate flames and heat from just about any point on her body, absorb and redirect flames and heat that she is able to touch or directed at her, enlarge or quench flames, concentrate and dissipate heat, and unleash bolts, explosions, and other forms of flames from herself.  


Fold Space [Proficiency]

With effort, Laira is able to use her abilities to bend space around a relatively small object she is able to see and instantly transport it to her hands or too another location she can see. This requires some noticeable concentration and effort, much more than telekinesis might be for a Knight of her age and experience and isn't normally something she is able to do while in combat, though sometimes she can exceed her limitations in dire situations. Larger objects such as crates or boxes require a bit more effort, something she is only able to do once or twice before exhausting herself.


She has been practicing self-transportation but has not been able to control it in any real degree, still leaving her with seizures and severe pain and she has yet to be able to refine the ability to control her end point. For now, the Force decides when and where she is able to teleport herself, usually to a planet with some significance to her or her journey.

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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Rebel Outcast Modified XS-Series Light Freighter


Leo Coburn, Laira's gunner and muscle on the ground. A former Death Trooper he makes for a useful companion with a broad spectrum of combat skills. Since leaving the Empire and the Resistance he has settled nicely into the role of the Spacer with a heart of gold, finding that it suits him.


Saeza Bolok'Vang, Laira's Jedi Partner or Padawan depending on who is asked and how Laira is feeling that day. She is loyal and vastly intelligent, but a bit more timid than one would expect from a Jedi or a member of her species. She usually looks like a Sephi or Eldorai due to an Ooglith Masquer she wears.


R9-T1 "Rowdy", Laira's personal Astromech droid and companion. She's allowed him to maintain his sentience, finding his antics "adorable". He is her co-pilot for the Rebel Outcast and X-Wing, though he has a disdain for other people on his ship.


C1-T3N "Tinker", Saeza's personal Astromech salvaged from spare parts and jury-rigged together. He is much more timid and reclusive than Rowdy and is often the subject of the other droid's antics. Tinker is a bit of an experimenter and tries to build new or more efficient machinery, with a mix of success and failure.


K11 Seeker "Jester", Leo's support droid from his time as a Death Trooper, reprogrammed to remove its loyalty to the Galactic Empire. Though subservient to Leo and Laira, the droid lacks a true personality, coming off as more monotonous than his compatriots probably wanted. 




MN-B Darkhold Custom

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons



Royal Dress

Contessa Original

Zeltros Phero-Jewelry

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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Laira Darkhold

Laira Darkhold

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