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AE-FR1 Outrider-class Freighter

- - - - - Alderaan Engineering

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Image Source: Here

Intent: To create a Modular Light Freighter for open market use



Development Thread:

  • As Needed

Who Can Use This: Royal Houses of Alderaan | Buyers

Manufacturer: Alderaan Engineering

Model: FR1

Affiliation: Royal Houses of Alderaan | Open Market

Modularity: Yes

  • Modular Bays can be altered for Modified Loadout
  • Modular Weapon Systems
  • Systems can be exchanged
  • Aesthetics

Production: Mass



Classification: Light Freighter

Length: 32 Meters

Width: 24 Meters

Height: 6 Meters

Armament Rating: 10

Defense Rating: 16


  • Class 2 Weapons Mounts (3)
  • Class 2 Turret Mount (1)
  • Class 1 Turret Mount (1)

Hangar: Variable

Minimum Crew: 1

Optimum Crew: 3 + Astromech Droid

Passenger Capacity: Variable

Cargo Capacity: Variable

Consumables: 3 Months

Maneuverability Rating: 4

Speed Rating: 4

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Backup Hyperdrive Class: None




Sensor and Targeting





The Outrider has a sleek, elegant design reminiscent of old Alderaanian Ships and Naboo stylized vessels. The cockpit module is found nestled in between two arms of the ship, similar to some YT models. To the front of either arm are the necessary rooms such crew quarters, equipment lockers, a galley and refresher, and common room accessible by a cross section corridor. Immediately behind the Cockpit Model is the Top Weapons Turret and the Countermeasures Suite and Docking Tube below it. Behind the necessary rooms of each arm is a Modular Bay, easily interchangeable bays that can fulfill a large number of roles if outfitted properly. At the far rear of the ship is the Engineering compartment with access to the engines, hyperdrive, and main reactor. The exterior of the ship allows for it to take on external cargo clamps or docking clamps. The vessel’s hull is degaussed to reduce its Electromagnetic Signature and is coated in Programmable paint, which allows a Freighter captain to change the color and pattern of his ship to several presets he can change given a short amount of time.


Modular Bays

The Outrider, designed to be Alderaan Engineering’s flagship product in the realm of Civilian craft has been created and produced to be extremely modular in nature, similar to the CEC YT series, the Mandal Hypernautics lines, and several other major corporations. Because each captain usually outfits their ship in some unique way, almost everything in the Outrider-class is able to be replaced and uninstalled with relative ease. However, The duo of Modular Bays are its primary selling points as each ship can be easily retrofitted by an experienced mechanic.

  • Cargo Bay (40 Ton Cargo Capacity)
  • Passenger Bay (Two 4 Person Bunk rooms)
  • Stateroom Module (Two Staterooms)
  • Ordnance Bay (12 Ton Ordnance Bay)
  • Medical Bay (4 Bacta Tanks/1 Operating Room)
  • Prison Module (4 Energy Field Holding Cells)
  • Starfighter Bay (1 Starfighter)

Modular Weapons Mounts

The Outrider-class isn’t heavily armed, but has a fair number of defenses. Featuring three Class 2 Weapon’s mounts, two fixed front mounts and one rear gimbal mount, as its primary armament the Outrider-class is competitive in dogfights it might be caught in. A Dorsal Class 2 Turret provides the vessel with an anti-starfighter turret, and a ventral Class 1 nose turret can be used as a ground buzzer, a defensive turret and provide some anti-starfighter support. With sufficient modification to the chassis and turret modules, these could be upgraded or additional emplacements could be added.


Class 2 Weapons mounts are classified as Heavy Laser Cannons, Heavy Mass Drivers, Heavy Particle Beam Cannons, Heavy Ion Cannons, Four-cell Warhead Launchers, Conner Net Launchers, but can be made to fit any standard sized warhead launcher or any heavy weapon a Freighter Captain might desire.


Class 1 Weapons mounts are instead set at standard weapons, such as laser cannons, blastercannons, particle beam cannons, Mass Drivers, Ion Cannons, or any similarly sized and power requirement weapon. However some captains prefer to use Light Repeating weapons instead for a higher rate of fire to ward off pirates and swarms. Nano Missile Launchers would also fall into this category of weapons.


Countermeasures Suite

Beneath the Central corridor there is space for a single Countermeasure Suite. Standard product provides this as empty space, technically unlisted in the vessels specifications but sold with the understanding that the empty space can be very easily modified. It is designed, so that there are conduits for electronics to be included in that space should someone decide to fill it. Often this space is used as a Smuggler’s Compartment for one ton of cargo, or to conceal a Stealth Module and Stygium array, though sometimes its uses are less illegal with Electronic Warfare systems, advanced sensors sometimes bought from Silk Holdings or Mandal Hypernautics, being built into the open space.


Engineering Compartment

The rear compartment of the vessel is the engineering space, containing access to the trio of drive units, the hyperdrive, and main reactor. The entire rear section can be removed to allow for different engines, different engine set-up, the main reactor can be replaced with anything that fits in roughly the same space. Alderaan Engineering Propulsion Unit One models are the standard drive units, but often these are replaced or heavily upgraded for enhanced speed or maneuverability. Some freighter captains baffle their drives to hide efflux trails or modify the engines to accept TibannaX to allow for stealth missions, while others focus solely on coaxing as much speed as they can from its engine bay.


Crew Compartment

The crew quarters and equipment rooms are found on the front of the vessel in the prow of the arms that extend to either side of the cockpit. On the Port side is the captain's quarters with a relatively small private room with its own small refresher built into a closet which rotates on command to reveal a traditional closet. The common room and galley is found just aft of the Captain's room, outfitted with little more than a booth and table as standard but with places for Holoscreens or other forms of entertainment. On the Starboard side is the crew bunk room, a slightly larger room with a bunk bed for two built into the wall. The communal refresher and equipment rooms fill this side of the prow arm.


Cockpit Module

The Cockpit Module sits in the middle of the ship, designed to provide a greater degree of protection for the pilot and crew in combat or when navigating difficult terrain. The Cockpit is made from a Transparisteel-Bronzium alloy and features a Bronzium armor plating on all sides to protect it further from damage. The pilot sits in a suspension style chair with transparisteel above and below him, holoscreens fitted to exterior visual sensors to his left and right, and a rear view HUD able to be activated on command. Just aft of him on the ventral section is the Ventral nose weapon controls which can be slaved to the pilot, fired via automated Droid brain similar to that of a Kebii'tra Aranar AGP in design and function, or operated by a crew member. Two emergency seats with crash-webbing can be exposed on the port and starboard walls in the rear of the module. In extreme cases, the cockpit model can be detached from the ship serving as a Hyperspace Capable Escape Pod with a Class 5.0 Hyperdrive and five days rations and supplies, similar to how the Consular-class was designed.



  • Modular: The ship can be refitted and remade from the ground up, literally only keeping the frame and is designed to be able to accommodate for mechanics that do this.
  • Fast and Agile: For her size, the Outrider-class is quick and has excellent handling as standard model.


  • Civilian: The Freighter is a civilian model. Its only moderately armed, comparable to an X-Wing which come in squadrons while this comes alone. It has enough firepower to be useful in the right hands, but only in the right hands.
  • Modular: While incredibly modular and customizable, without a proper mechanic or parts that are up to snuff, not all customization is good for the ship. Poorly made or installed parts are jeopardize the ship's integrity and functionality.

Special Features:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Modular Bays
  • Modular Weapons
  • Tracking Countermeasures


*Notes*: Some Upgrades may require their own development; IE Stealth Modules

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Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

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