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WG-211 Self-propelled Howitzer <Powerhammer>

- - - - - Corondex Wraithguard

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  • Intent: Expand Corondex Arms' new portfolio of warfare vehicles to match the company's growth.
  • Image Source: Google search here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Corondex Arms
  • Model: 211 of the Warfare vehicles series
  • Affiliation: Closed Market
  • ProductionMass-Produced
  • Material: Duranium


  • Classification: Self-propelled Howitzer
  • Role: Multi-purpose Howitzer
  • Size: 8m high; 8m long (without muzzle); 16m long with muzzle; 5m wide
  • Weight: 100 tons
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 3 (1 pilot, 1 gunner, 1 support)
  • Propulsion: Walker
  • SpeedVery Slow: 30 km/h
  • ManeuverabilityVery Low
  • ArmamentVery High
    1 250mm Heavy Howitzer Gun
    1 null-based projector
    1 Mounted Shatterbeam Cannon
  • DefensesVery High
    Standard Ray & Particle Shield
    Non-Explosive Reactive Armor
  • Squadron Count: 12
  • Maneuverability RatingLow
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Cargo Capacity: 600kg


  • Advanced Sensor and Scanning Systems
  • Manual Fail-safe Setting against electronic warfare
  • Secure synchronization uplink with forward observer target laser


  • Power And Velocity: Loading 250mm shells at a rate of fire of 12rpm, the <Powerhammer> is capable of delivering sustaining and intense damage upon targets. Muzzle velocity is approximately 5km/s.
  • Shield: Despite being a big target, the <Powerhammer> sports very thick plates of duranium along with a standard set of ray and particle shields. It's manually triggered fail-safe capability is able to shut down completely power to targeting systems or any other electronic components on the howitzer.
  • Range: Optimum range of 80km makes the <Powerhammer> a prominent long range fighter.


  • Speed and Maneuverability: 30 km/h. This is a more of an immobile siege platform than anything else. It needs time to position itself in different locations giving advantage to more mobile forces.
  • Size: Bigger target, easier to spot and easier to hit.
  • Non-explosive reactive armor: Utilizing non-explosive reactive armor for the howitzer, thus lacking the explosive liner, makes the bulging less energetic than on an explosive reactive armor. Hence, it offers lesser protection.


Corodex Arms's purpose behind the design of the Powerhammer is to supplement smaller forces such as paramilitaries with capable siege weapons when such forces lacked any air support. In contemporary times, most sieges and fire support would be conducted by aerial arsenal such as bombers. The Powerhammer allows forces that do not have the budget to possess an aerial branch to successfully besiege settlements and bigger enemy encampments. Just compare the possible cost of proton torpedoes or other heavy ordnance used by bombers in space combat vs. the cost of a shell.


The walker propulsion system was chosen due to the fact that it allows to positioning the Powerhammer in the most obstructive terrain and allow it to bypass most obstacles on its way. 


As it was made to deliver immense damage, the Powerhammer had to be big. With that came the necessity to introduce a capable and sustainable protection. Thick duranium plating, standard ray and particle shields and manual system against electronic warfare along with shatter beam mounted canon and a null projector to protect it from close range targets as best as possible are all part of the set introduced as defensive measures to the Powerhammer.


Let's talk armament. You can load any 240mm shells in it, obviously but the generic template comes with baradium-375 high-explosive airburst shells for maximum area of effect. Loading is automatized (Hello 850ABY), but in the case of completely going full mechanical (in a triggered failsafe scenario), the gunner and support person are able to load the shells with the assistance of powered gloves that every Powerhammer has within.


The propellant is a mixture of Rhydonium and other chemical compounds, including a powerful oxidizing agent. The result is evident in the muzzle velocity that the Powerhammer is capable of.








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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.




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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira

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