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Tathra Khaeus

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Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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​Name: ​Tathra Khaeus
​Titles: ​Chieftain of the Bryn'adûl
​Allegiance: The Bryn'adûl
​Homeworld: ​Draemidus Prime

​Spoken Languages: ​Draelvasier, Galactic Basic, Archaic Draelvasier,

​Known Languages: ​Galactic Basic, Draelvasier, Archaic Draelvasier, Galactic Sign Language

​Theme: [X]

​Voice: [X]
​Species: Draelvasier
​Sub-Species: ​Mutant Precursor

​Force-Sensitive: ​No

​Force Alignment: ​Warped, Eschew
​Age: ​One Hundred
Gender: ​Male
​Orientation: ​Asexual
​Height: ​9'3" [2.85m]
Weight: ​3.1tn
​Physique: ​Brutish, Armoured & Mutated
​Skin Pigmentation: ​Crimson
​Eye Colour: ​Aureate








  • ​Toughest There Is: ​Chieftain of the Bryn'adûl, and victor of a ten decades of endless battle. Born, the last of a dying race; Tathra is a remnant of a once powerful race - the original Draelvasier. His racial abilities grant him a hide as strong as any suit of armour, and his strength equals that of nearly fifty men. Able to withstand great wounds and fight still, his proficiency in combat complimenting his extraordinary strength. Tathra is the ultimate ravage.
  • ​Foundry: ​Spurned by a thousand blades, Tathra has been slave and butcher. A toy for the delight of feeble usurpers of strength - and witness to the destruction besieged upon his kind by those who would sit upon thrones of shallow hubris. He rose from nothing to forge a powerful armada of terrifying ships, and a horde of the most powerful warriors the galaxy had seen at his back. Spent from his own flesh and blood to birth a new generation of Draelvasier. His will is forged of the strongest steel, his fortitude unrelenting in his goal.
  • ​Ferocity: ​Tathra rules through respect, his people have come to believe in him entirely. He is a tactical and patient ruler, and contrary to the rage he presents; is typically a step ahead of his opponent. Willing to push past what others are comfortable with to secure victory.
  • Chieftain: ​First and foremost, Tathra Khaeus is a leader. He has a tactical mind, adept at formulating strategies and using the Bryn'adûl in an efficient manner to destroy their enemies.
  • ​Beast-Master: ​The Draelvasier innate gift of Beast-Mastery is one born from Tathra's own impressive command of beasts. Big or small, Tathra supersedes the control of even most force users in his mastery of Beasts.



  • ​Achilles Heel: ​For a titan of great extremes, this allows for extreme pitfalls. Draelvasier beliefs do not curse weakness or flaw. But, rather celebrate their existence. They are proof of the will of nature, of validity in the need to improve and progress. Thusly, the Drael welcome these tribunals. For the Chieftain of the Bryn'adûl, this exists through his genetically conceived predisposition to weakness toward the cold. Whilst heat is a non-issue. The Cold, if unrelenting can greatly hamper any Drael, including the Chieftain.
  • ​Zealotry: ​At the core of every Draelvasier, rests the same undying beliefs. The Bryn'adûl are xenophobic and cruel, and believe this dominance to be righteous and in service to their power. To their mission. Tathra most of all, hates the space-faring species of the galaxy. This provides a twisted morality to the Bryn'adûl. And whilst it has made them strong, it has also isolated them.
  • ​Awesome: ​Tathra is a titan, his strength coming from both his size and sheer mass. However, whilst the thundering sound of his footfalls may inspire fear amongst his enemies, they also allow the titan to be heard easily. The skill of stealth is inaccessible when on the move. Additionally, his massive form allows his movements to be telegraphed more so, however this is not to be mistaken as clumsiness nor slowness - the titan is still as fast as any human combatant.
  • Primitive: ​The Bryn'adûl takes care not to forget their beginnings, implementing savage and primitive elements of historically utilised weapons into their current armoury. Their lethality against infantry is unprecedented, however the Bryn'adûl have less methods of dealing with vehicles and ships in regards to personal armaments, sometimes leaving their Chieftain on a continuous defence. The Bryn'adûl also do not know the many ways in which the space-faring species of the galaxy wage war, and thusly some methods may remain unaccounted for within their arsenal.
  • Neurological Strain: ​Due to, multiple mutations and the consumption of human meat - Tathra has contracted a Draelvasier variant of a neurological disorder known to humans as Kuru. When Tathra originated mutated, it eliminated the threat present from an existing cancer. However, in recent months the signs of neurological strain have became apparent once more, causing extreme headaches and violent tremors in times of stress. 






​Tathra Khaeus is at his core, a warrior with the temperament of a xenophobic and violently driven sense of ethnocentrism. He provides a strong willed leadership for the Bryn'adûl as essentially a seditious raider, seeking to unseat the powerhouses of the intergalactic stage on the basis of his own judgement. A conceited and excessively arrogant creature with a sense of righteousness in judgement of other species. His hubris and faith onto himself is likely only matched by those who would deem themselves divine prophets or a messiah. For in some strange fashion, the Chieftain of the Bryn'adûl see's himself as an emissary of nature - restoring the galaxy to the truth of brutality one planet at a time.


​The species at play in the galaxy have overcomplicated things, their view of morality is eschew. Tathra's arrogance and narcissistic tendencies demands constant validation, eager to seek out worthy foes and to dominate them publically for all to see. Each member of the Bryn'adûl could be described as chauvinistic, but as the progenitor of the Drael and by extension the Bryn'adûl; Tathra's patriotism exceeds extremes, his hatred for near-humans runs deep.


​Some of these qualities in turn feed into a strong will, that has forged an even stronger warrior. Tathra's rule rarely goes unchallenged, proving oneself is a constant struggle. This keeps the best on top, and the weak underfoot. Tathra admires strength in all of its capacities, and is obsessed with self-improvement. He leads from the front, serving as the vanguard for his own kind. He appreciates the comradery he has forged between himself and his warriors, and enjoys the life he lives.


Tathra is a formidable warrior, with an extensive history of sheer brutality and hard-fought victories. His people's malformed adoration is a driving force in the strong will that defines this titan.

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Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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    • Character Bio
  • 6,532 posts


- ​Hraelk Axe [x]

- ​Tathra's Scourge [x]

- ​Hraelk Shield [X]

- ​Tathra's Galactic Conquest Armour [x]

- ​Tathra's Grenade Launcher [x]



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