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How It Starts

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Kiran Arlos

Kiran Arlos


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Ilum-Iron Pantheon


Keep breathing...


Keep breathing...



The young man knew that was the key above all else. The cold air sometime seemed like it seeped through the Iron Pantheon, the new home for Kiran Arlos. Beads of sweat dripped down the face of the young man as he rushed by several others, whom he had assumed had taken an understanding to his morning run. While Kiran had indeed planned to integrate himself into the Iron Empire Military as he did with other aspects of the Iron Empire, he wanted to make sure he kept himself in at least adequate physical condition, eventually he would work at it to be in top condition.


The young man made a mental note as he passed a particular area of the complex and if his calculated things correctly he had just surpassed three miles. The young man came to a slow stop as it took several breaths to get his breathing back to where it was at a stand still pace. Kiran took another deep breath as he made his way towards his room to shower and get dressed for the day. Kiran had planned to take the Iron Interceptor to the skies today for a bit of training, just to get more familiar with the vehicle.


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