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Cyrus Tregessar

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Cyrus Tregessar

Cyrus Tregessar

    Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

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NAME: Cyrus Tregessar
FACTION: The One Sith
RANK: Admiral
AGE: 57
HEIGHT: 6'4'
WEIGHT: 248 lbs.
EYES: Dark greenish-brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Light-skinned



Aptitude for Command - In spite of his somewhat harsh personality, Cyrus is an excellent judge of character and an incredibly able leader. He never orders a subordinate to do more than he knows they are capable of, which should help explain his absolute intolerance for failure. He leads by example and is surprisingly compassionate (or at least not outwardly hostile) towards the common spacer (fellow officers are a different story). It would be wrong to say he is beloved by his crew, but they would follow him into hell because they know that he would not ask it of them if he couldn't bring them back out.


Brilliant at War - There's nothing complex about it, Cyrus is a military genius. From a squad-tactical level to mobilizing entire sector fleets, he has a talent at putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time. At the very least, he excels at refusing to allow the enemy that benefit. Though not undefeated in the technical sense, even those who have bested him in battle can rarely say they felt good about their victory. For several, it was worse than defeat (and that inevitably came a short time later). As tactical commander of a fleet, he has few peers. As a strategic commander of a theater, he has none.


Experienced - Cyrus has done a lot of different things in his life. While he can't be said to be an expert in most of them, he has requisite knowledge and can apply his tactical acumen to basically any form of military operation there is. Furthermore, he is adept at rapidly acquiring knowledge on a subject, and is a quick leaner. All this combined means as far as warfare goes, there's very little he's surprised by, or finds terribly unusual.


Physically Imposing - Despite his age, Cyrus remains in good shape and is rather muscular. Part of this is good genetics and the rest is a spartan lifestyle. Basically, working out is a release for all the anger that grows in him on a daily basis. He's not a perfect physical specimen, and there's plenty of fat to go along with the muscle, but together this means that Cyrus is very large and rather intimidating in person. He uses this to his advantage and combines it with his reputation to be physically domineering when it comes to dealing with wayward officers and troops. It also helps in what little physical combat he engages in, though he's by no means an expert hand-to-hand fighter.



So Long as they Fear - Cyrus leads by example. He tends to place his flagship as near to the front of any battle as is reasonable, and is the first to demand action and lead the charge. He demands the absolute best only from himself, and thus also from those he leads. Failing to reach that standard is punished, swiftly and severely. His draconian treatment of failure is tempered by his incredible tendency towards victory. The officers who have served under him call him a tyrant, but adding a dozen victories to ones record is a fair price to pay for a few years working for a demanding overlord. Cyrus acknowledges this, and nurtures the reputation, hence the quote; "let them hate, so long as they fear."


Blood Knight - From a young age, Cyrus has been concerned with only one thing in life. To find the greatest challenge he can, and best it. He decided early on that the greatest and most trying feat a human can engage in is war, and thus he should strive to become the best at that 'art.' So far, he has yet to find his match. His drive to find the next most dangerous battle has at times affected his judgment, but hasn't cost him anything... Yet.


A Fury born of Hate - Despite all appearances, Cyrus is not a calm person. It took him years to learn how to control his temper, and while his outward appearance is of deadly calm, he is almost always mad at someone. This hatred and anger derives from his belief that he is generally superior to basically everyone else around him, and is normally manifested as distant arrogance. Typically he can restrain his rage by directing it towards his passion for war, but very rarely it gets the better of him and he snaps. These moments tend not to end well for person they're directed against, but they also render Cyrus basically a creature of instinct. As of yet, there hasn't been a moment where it's effected his ability in battle, but an opponent who knew him well might be able to exploit this.



An officer of the Remnant, Sith, Imperium, Atrisia, the Galactic Empire, the One Sith, and most recently the First Order, Cyrus has commanded many ships, but cannot truly call one his own. That said, in battle he can usually be found aboard the FIV Contempt, a heavily modified Dark Blade-class Destroyer or the FIV Implacable, a Darr Itah-class Battlecruiser.


The Tregessar family is an old one, and has been involved with war in space for as long as there are records (~400 years). As far as Cyrus is concerned, he is the son and grandson of Admirals, from both the Imperial Remnant and the Sith Empire. Military tradition is in his blood, and it is thus then hardly surprising that he joined the Remnant Navy as soon as he was able. Following the family tradition, he started out enlisted, a gunner on an aging Cruiser. He quickly showed an aptitude for quick tactical thinking and a willingness to do whatever it takes to advance, and within a few years (and after a few forays into other specialties, including but not limited to intelligence collection, naval infantry, and low orbit interdiction) was accepted into an Officer Candidacy Program. He graduated 4th in the class, his scores having suffered primarily because of his personal conflicts with other students. It is telling, though, that in the space of five years he alone had already advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and was well on his way to commanding his own ship.


The next ten years were those of war. Cyrus moved from one conflict to another, sometimes in command, sometimes not. His reputation was not yet established, except for that he was known as a cutthroat, highly intelligent, extremely opinionated, and rather battle-hungry young officer. Were one to closely analyze his military record, they would begin to see a trend. First, he sought out 'fighting' commands wherever possible, even turning down promotions to stay onboard front-line ships. Second, where Cyrus was in command, he had victory. Even in situations where he was not, the ship or ships assigned to him were often able to turn the tide, or at the very least prevent catastrophe. Despite being a harsh disciplinarian, soldiers began to request transfers to Cyrus' command. After all, a victorious leader brings both wealth and, perhaps more importantly, a better chance of survival. It took those ten years, but people began to notice.


It was during the decline of the Imperial Remnant that Cyrus cemented his reputation. As pirates and outlaws began to overrun the outlying systems, Cyrus fought to preserve what he could of the old government. He won victory after victory, often against seemingly impossible odds or vastly superior forces. When the end finally came, he traveled with what remained of his fleet to Dromand Kass and personally offered his services to the Sith Empire. It was not out of some old-fashioned sense of patriotic pride, but rather that he was getting bored of slaughtering pirates. The Mandalorians and the Republic promised much tougher opponents.


His reputation preceded him, and Cyrus found many allies and even more enemies amongst the soldiers and politicians of the Sith Empire. He often found himself thrust to the forefront of battles, with little or no preparation. He took on every assignment offered as a new challenge, a new problem to figure out. He fought wherever battle was offered, and won. In short order he was promoted to Admiral, and earned the moniker the 'Iron Duke.'


Less than a year ago he was contacted by Val'Ryss Zankarr, and quickly agreed to join her new Galactic Imperium. The fact that it was built upon the ruins of the old Imperial Remnant may have had some influence on his decision, but it's more likely that he was lured by the appeal of the nigh-impossible odds of a breakaway state versus the might of the Sith Empire.


The Galactic Imperium would prove short-lived, however. As treachery and internal strife rocked the fledgling would-be empire, Cyrus made plans to seek out a new power to fight for. His search brought him to an encounter with Akio Kahoshi, newly-declared Emperor of Atrisia. With him he found someone of seemingly equal skill and intelligence. Furthermore, the position of Atrisia was far from secure, and Cyrus guessed that conflict with some of the great powers in the Galaxy would be inevitable. The promise of an uphill fight, alongside someone who could be considered peer, was enough, and Cyrus joined Atrisia, and was promoted by merit to Vice Admiral.


Cyrus soon took charge of the Atrisian Navy from the capable hands Emperor Kahoshi. He reorganized it in the style of the Empires of old, and turned it into a lethal war machine. The ships of the Empire proved their worth in the space above Valen, when the Galactic Empire was reborn over O'reen, and in defense of the capital. For these and other success, he was appointed Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy, and promoted to Grand Admiral.


This new Galactic Empire would prove almost as shortlived as the last one Cyrus worked with, and was threatened on all sides. The Fringe Confederacy struck first, and Cyrus was able to battle their fleet to a standstill in space over Atrisia itself. There a favorable treaty was signed, and Atrisia and its territory was merged into the Fringe as a member of the Confederacy. As acknowledgement of his skill and tactical acumen, Cyrus found himself promoted to Lord Admiral of the Fringe, theoretically a lower position than his previous one, but actually one with more ships and men to command.


But Cyrus' blood lusts for battle, and the power of the Fringe was such that they had few enemies and no one to fear, especially after the failed Republic invasion of O'reen. When the One Sith emerged and took Coruscant, a private message on a secure circuit came into Cyrus' hands, addressed by none other than Val'Ryss Zankarr.


So it was that Cyrus changed his stripes for the fifth time (which people are probably starting to notice) and entered into the service of the Sith once again. There he established himself as something of a maverick, doggedly opposed to the intervention meddling of the Sith themselves with the Navy. Alongside a similarly contentious Admiral, one Boan Rein, he helped to orchestrate a purge of the senior officers of the Navy, right under the nose of the Sith.


After successfully arguing that the purge had strengthened rather than harmed the Navy and the One Sith as a whole, Cyrus found himself promoted to Fleet Admiral and established as the leader of Iron Lance Command, one of five Sector Battlegroups of the One Sith Navy. There he was a constant enemy of the Galactic Republic, leading numerous naval campaigns. Additionally he helped to shape and form the overall doctrine of the One Sith Navy into that of a force of mighty warships built around endurance and long-range firepower.


But all stars die eventually, and as the Sith-Republic war raged on the galaxy yet turned around it. Blind to the rise of the Galactic Alliance the Sith were caught unprepared by a massive naval assault of Dulvoyinn, spearheaded by the ships of the former Omega Protectorate. This was followed up by a lighting assault on Coruscant itself, where much of the might of the One Sith was lost battle.

In all this Cyrus and Iron Lance Command were absent, prepping instead for a comprehensive invasion of territory abandoned by the Republic as it withdrew to a small rump state centered around Chazwa and Denon. Now eager to get back into the fight, Cyrus instead got word of a secret project dubbed 'Ascension' and found all his earlier mistrust of the Sith justified once again.


He did not wait to act, instead of reinforcing his headquarters at Bilbringi and then staging a raid on the shipyards of Kuat to retrieve valuable ships and important data. Then he fled One Sith space, tens of thousands of civilians and less-than-useful followers to death at the hands of the enraged Sith. With most of the strength of Iron Lance Command, he made his way to Dosuun and offered his services to the rising power of the First Order.


Accepted into their ranks, he was promoted again based on merit and experience to the rank of Grand Admiral. There he would begin the process of forging another great fleet, which he hoped to be able to use to crush the last organization he had created in what would be the trust test of skill. This last wish came true with the emergence of the Rogue Sith at Castameer. There Cyrus faced down a fleet comprised of former allies and subordinates, and here he lead the First Order Navy in the carefully orchestrated destruction of his former comrades.


Following the Omega War, Cyrus returned and helped reorganized the First Order Navy into a truly fearsome war machine. Appointed a member of the Naval HQ, known as 'Central Command,' he was one of the key architects of the original war plan against the Galactic Alliance, which saw its first key victory during the Mustafar Offensive. This was followed up by a second advance at Asmeru and landings at Rutan. Having cut a deep swathe into Alliance territory, the First Order overextended, and was blunted at Skor, but still successfully repulsed the Alliance counteroffensive. Flush with success, Cyrus was eager to continue fighting and to match wits with best veteran commanders of the Alliance, but instead the government negotiated a truce.


Peace was to be fairly short-lived, and once again Cyrus was tasked with developing the plan to destroy the Galactic Alliance. The conflict rapidly expanded in scope, with the newest Sith Empire and the offshoot 'Galactic' Empire also moving to war with the Alliance and other factions. Dubbed the 'Great Galactic War' the First Order would strike the first blow, blockading the Hydian Way and seizing territory from the Alliance yet again.


Thus far the stunning success of the First Order against the Galactic Alliance has cemented Cyrus' reputation as a master strategist.







Iron Lance Command

  • Commodore Vayyrel - Female Zabrak; Flag Captain
  • Admiral Isano Sekerian - Male Kaleesh; Chief of Staff, owns FIV Predator
  • Lieutenant Commander Jaffir - CO of the FIV Furtive
  • Colonel Kol Marzen - Male Human; Commander, former 887th One Sith Marine Raiders

House Tregessar

  • Katharine Tregessar - Female Axxilan; Director of House Tregessar
  • Captain-General Mes'ilya - Female Axxilan; Commander of House Tregessar Security Forces
  • Colonel Alkire Verkler - Male Axxilan; House Tregessar Security Forces
  • Sky Colonel Delka Stareicha - Male Axxilan; Commander, 3rd Battalion, Helldiver Mercenaries
  • Flight Captain Zaro - Male Atrisian; Commander, Besh Company, 3rd Bn



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'It makes no difference what men think of war, said the judge. War endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. That is the way it was and will be. That way and not some other way.'

Scion of House Tregessar

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