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"Yutan's Legacy"

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Alexandra Feanor

Alexandra Feanor

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The Arboretum Deck



Alexandra had secluded herself to this deck, refusing to leave it for now and having been working on keeping the plants sustained the entire time. If anything was wrong with the deck's control of its environment, the entire collection could be destroyed and she did not wish to see that. There is too much here for her to ignore and simply leave to the side. There was in specific one creation that she focused on most of all and it was the tree that held the very nexus that was moved from the planet this ship takes its name from. She was disappointed in hearing that the ship had taken the tree from the surface and placed it on such a lifeless creation; preferring that it be on the planet's surface and within the temple she had created it for.


She would simply have to replant a new one from the seeds of the original, create a new tree for the temple and until then she would feed this one much in the same way she fed the tree it came from. Her hand reaching out to place against the surface of the wood, fingers resting inside the canyons crafted in the bark. She let out a soft breath, mouthing a few silent words and letting her eyes close while her body fell into a trance. She smiled and brought memories of the past to her mind, letting joy and how she felt for her old students and family consume her. Slowly those feelings would be all someone would feel coming from her, and letting herself be consumed in them, eating away any consciousness as her mind focused only on feeding the tree before her.


Slowly ribbons of light left her body, wrapping through her and out as they followed the path from her body into the arm touching the tree. It was easier to feed the force into this tree, knowing that she had already connected with it before and had created the place that it sat now. Her form left her body, pulling together the strands of the force that linked the tree to the greater being which gave it life, bringing them to her body and connecting them to the body that she now inhabited. Separating herself like this left her defenseless, leaving her unable to move and leaving the body to barely function past breathing. She knew she would have to be quick about connecting her life force to the trees, so she did not distract herself as she worked. All while she worked though, the force was channeled through her own body, impaling it in a million places and curling back around to cut through her until it reached her arm and was fed into the tree itself. While her form outside her body was invisible, the force was not as it worked, ribbons moving through her like silver light as it curled around her and flowed into her arm, creating a trails of light that followed the bark of the tree once it reached her palm.


She did keep an eye on the area as she worked, making sure that other beings who entered the area were kept in her mind and none came too close. While she would not be able to see them while out of her body, she would be able to notice a shift in the force significant enough to catch her attention. She wasn't worried about others harming her, more that they would come to aid and receive no response from her otherwise unmoving and barely active body.



Kiran Arlos

Kiran Arlos


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(Forgive my intrusion, if not acceptable I can delete this post!)



"Why do we have to be here?" A whispher came to Kiran from his right side and he glanced to the side and shook his head with a small chuckle. "Because it's our duty, we have to protect the Queen."


"Protect her from what? The Jedi?" He spoke again and chuckled slightly, and that even drew a laugh from Kiran as well. "Well, I highly doubt there would be an attack here. Come on, lighten up!" Kiran said as he patted his trusted friend on the shoulder. "Look at this place, it will be nice to explore it, if we can even do that!" Kiran said, regardless this vessel was truly a sight to see. Another magnificent creation from the minds of Commenor. Kiran had rather adjusted quite well into his role with the people of Commenor. While he knew that he couldn't' remain here forever, as his duties and oaths to the Iron Empire would draw him back. It was good that there were others that could look to him and trust him, at the most.



The duo, followed by four more security personnel stood a ways from the Queen and King, Kiran and his retinue talking amongst themselves rather quietly about the vessel that was created.


Kiran wondered where he would be without days like this.


Lady Kay Veiere Arenais


Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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Reaching the head of the Praxeum Goliath, the entourage stepped out of the turbo-lifts and walked onto the bridge of the great vessel. To their left at the front of the command deck, a vast transparent panel showed the enormity of the ships forward span, her hull dwarfing the bridge by an astonishing degree, Veiere's brows lifted, the Jedi Master moving to take a closer look as it hadn't really been until now that he'd considered just how large she was. Dotting the surface of their new Flotilla were what appeared to be "bubbles" protruding from within, lighting being visible as these domes were some of the hundreds of learning environments that would allow the Jedi to star up into the space above, or manipulate them using the holographic grid to instead create a falsified planetary environment, a sky with clouds and general nature for example.


"Unbelievable..." Veiere muttered to himself under his breath, the starship could only be compared to the likes of the QueensGuard of Commenor, yet this one without any offensive armaments came as something so much more admirable in his mind, that his smile was difficult to hide. Truly a peaceful vessel of extra-ordinary proportions and a purpose driven for the galaxy, a people hoping to oppose those who would bring war and suffering upon others; with this vessel they would be able to go anywhere and with the cloaking field that it carried, the would too have the ability to remain completely off the radar, undetectable. The best defense for such a vessel, the need not to go on the offensive.


"I'm glad you approve, Master Jedi" came a voice from behind him, the Admiral in command over the starship and her crew moving to meet he, Lady Kay and Corey Brave extending a hand to each of them in greeting and though keeping his professionalism, smiling to them with a formality of warmth. "Admiral Eli Graham, pleasure to finally meet you all. You've arrived with perfect timing, we're just getting underway. Please" he gestured to the forward platform for which they could stand and spectate while the rest of the crew went about their duties. Returning to his station, the Admiral left the three with their attending office, Veiere turning to glance back to his wife and Senator Brave with a rather amused smirk, somewhat pleased that for once in his experience aboard such vessels, he wasn't responsible for it's command. 


"Attention all personnel, preparations for our first voyage are now complete and we intend to leave dock and depart for the system of Yutan, there we will rendezvous with the Jedi Order before taking underway to Commenor. Please be advised that the Crew will be taking every precaution to monitor the vessels progress and are not to be disturbed during flight. Thank you. Admiral Graham out".


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