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Project 25102 'Taskmaster'-class Escort Carrier

- - - - - First Order Escort Carrier Carrier Frigate

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Cyrus Tregessar

Cyrus Tregessar

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Image Credit: FractalSponge
Intent: To create a Frigate Carrier for the First Order inpsired by the iconic Ton Falk.

Canon Link: Ton Falk-class Escort Carrier
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: First Order Corp of Imperial Engineers (FOCIE)
Model: Project 25102 'Taskmaster'-class Escort Carrier
Affiliation: The First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Alusteel Hull, Quadanium Steel Armor Plating, Glassteel and Transparisteel where appropriate. Internal AR-03 Damage Reduction Component plating.

Originally designated Project 25100, the class of ship that would eventually become the 'Taskmaster' started as an attempt to recreate the ancient Ton Falk-class Escort Carrier. A single prototype vessel was produced and performed adequately, but failed to meet the listed criteria, and more importantly failed to perform in a role not already occupied by a superior class of ship (in this case, the Vindicator Light Carrier). The project went back tot he drawing board, and would do so multiple times before success.


As indicated by the number, the Taskmaster class is the third variant of the project, and was able to finally find a niche as a medium Frigate-sized escort carrier. A number of sacrifices were made compared to the original design, most notably that the Taskmaster carries less than half the complement of the old Ton Falk's, despite being 70% of the size. This is largely explained by the fact that the Taskmaster is designed to support larger and more avanced strike craft than saw use in the Galactic Empire of old.


The Taskmaster features a weak armament, consisting almost entirely of defensive guns. While this gives it a respectable defense against other strike craft it is extremely vulnerable to even small escort vessels, and must be carefully protected. The armor and shielding of the vessel is also sub par, largely to keep production costs down.


The central hanger bay is large and spacious, and provides plenty of room to launch, recover, conduct maintenance, and otherwise support the three embarked squadrons. As a side-effect of having so much deck space, the Taskmaster makes a decent planetary assault ship in situations where larger vessels are unavailable. If all the strike craft are cleared out one can fit a sizable number of landing ships and shuttles, which can subsequently be carried into atmosphere by the Taskmaster.


The Taskmaster is also capable of performing the precision microjumps of its predecessor, and often pairs with 849-class Frigates on patrol missions, utilizing the long-range sensors of the frigate to pinpoint enemy positions, and then deploying the squadrons to block exit routes from the system while the frigates close.


Otherwise the ship is fairly unremarkable, and exists mostly to fill a gap in the First Order lineup. The Taskmaster is rarely seen in major battles, given that it is much more economical to take Vindicator-class ships, and is largely relegated to patrol and support tasks. It is more than adequate for the role, and is often used as an early command ship for promising officers.



  • Fighter Carrier: The Taskmaster carries a lot of fighters for its size, three full squadrons.

  • Rapid Deployment: The oversized central hanger bay doors are capable of deploying the entire complement of fighters in a matter of seconds (assuming said squadrons are properly prepped). It is also a two-level affair, so it is also possible to deploy and recover strike craft at the same time.

  • Assaultship Option: Strip out the fighters and load it up with shuttles and landing craft and the Taskmaster makes a serviceable budget assault ship.


  • Basically Unarmed: The Taskmaster carries a suite of defensive guns and a handful of warhead launchers for armament, and that's it. An up-gunned freighter could take it in a fight.

  • Woefully Underarmored: There's only so much room for armor and shields with a large hanger. Force only knows how the original Ton Falk carried a whole wing of fighters.

  • Sluggish:Actually, everything's gotta give.

Classification: Escort Carrier
Role: Support Carrier
Length: 350m

Width: 100m
Height: 105m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: zBH-21D Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 2.0, 10.0 backup
Minimum Crew: 80 (with no air wing)
Optimal Crew: 430
Passenger Capacity: 100
Consumables: Approximately 9 months
Sublight Speed: Low
Maneuverability: Low


Armament Rating: Very Low

  • 10 x Quad Laser Cannon Turrets

  • 4 x Mark 26 HARM GMWS

  • 2 x Variable Warhead Launchers

  • 6 x Antimissile Octets

Defense Rating: Low

HANGAR: Extreme

  • 5 full squadrons
  • Standard complement of shuttles, launches, and small boats.


  • Nothing of note

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Travis Caalgen

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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.


Travis Caalgen

Travis Caalgen

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira




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