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Ignis Imura

Imura Legacy Fire Shaper Sith Jedaii Matukai

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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  • Full name: Ignatius Nathaniel Morna Imura
  • Preferred Name: Ignis Imura
  • Alias: Morna Imura, Phoenix
  • Titles: 
    • Demon-Son of Kro Var (Formerly)
    • Aspect of Flame (Kro Var Fire Clan/Formerly)
    • Heir to the Imura Bloodline (Family Head/Formerly)
    • Steward of Vur Tepe (Je'daii/Formerly)
    • Hephaestus, (Je'daii/Formerly)
    • Red-Eyed Dragon
  • Species: Near Human
  • Race: Atrisian/Kro Varian
  • Homeworld: Kro Var, Arkania
  • Faction(s): 
  • Rank(s): 
    • Dark Jedi Knight,
    • Witch/Shaper Spellweaver
    • Steward of Vur Tepe (Formerly)
    • Je'daii Ranger (Formerly)
    • Head of House Imura (Formerly)
    • Kensei of Kro Var Fire Clan (Formerly)
  • Class: 
    • Elemental Skirmisher,
    • Martial Artist
    • Swordsman
    • Blacksmith
  • Master(s): 
  • Padawan(s): Sahna Te
  • Force Sensitive: Yes, Neutral base, leaning towards the Dark Side of the Force
  • Force Alignment: Chaotic Evil - Intelligent Monster/Feral Beast


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Twenty-Five GSY
  • Height: Six foot four inches
  • Weight: Approx. 300 pounds
  • Complexion: ​Caucasian,
  • Eye Color: Black and Red eyes 
  • Hair Color: ​Coal black, mixed with some brown and red. 
  • Distinguishing Marks: Skin seems to be in an almost permanent "Ash" tone, Cybernetics, Completely black eyes, with almost glowing Red Irises. 
  • Voice Sample: Andy Biersack
  • Appearance description: Standing at taller height than his father and mother, Ignis is rather tall and is muscular to a peak physical condition. Even more so, that over the past year or so, he has been augmenting his body with cybernetics for the explicit purpose of performing greater feats of strength, speed, and so forth. Where there was once a young man eager to learn of Force traditions of old, Now is a soul-less individual that cares only for the destruction of all that people hold onto dearly. 



  • Marital Status: Widowed to Sahna Te.
  • Sexual Conduct: Heterosexual
  • Languages: Galactic Basic, Sith, Mando'a, Some Trandoshan, and Epicanthix. 
  • Occupation: Blacksmith, Metallurgist, Matukai Martial Artist, 
  • Residence: 
    • Has a Room Allocated for him as Steward of Vur Tepe on Aurum
    • Owns an Apartment upon Kro Var, Rarely visits. 
    • Owns a House upon Arkania


  • Fire Shaper: Morna Imura. A Galaxy renowned Master of Pyrokinesis, and Fire Shaping. That is what Ignis has to live up to. As such. Ignis takes to his name sake in multiple forms to train for years as a Master Fire Shaper himself. Little to no one can compete with him and his home turf. Fire.  
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Ignis, as a young man, during school took various courses on a few different fighting styles. Mostly Boxing, Kick boxing, Judo, and Karate to keep himself in shape. However, his biggest skill is within the Matukai Martial Art forms. Being well adept at these, he is more than formidable at close range. However, as his life has been turned upside down, all he can do, is train, and train. Practice and practice. Therefore, His choice of weapons, is the fist. 
  • Swordsman/Polearms: Ignis has been using various swords, as well as polearms as weapons for years. While he has only recently had a weapon of his own, he is very gifted in using it. 
  • Hammer and Anvil: Ignis was the Steward of Vur Tepe with the Je'daii. The study of metal, forging, as well as crafting force imbued weapons and items. As such, he is nearing his mastery of this skill, and once was considered by some within the Je'daii as the prized student of Thorv Emberfall. The Master of the Forge. 


  • Imura Legacy: Nick and Morna Imura have left large shoes for Ignis to fill. It's quite daunting to hear about the two's exploits and adventures. Feeling that he himself won't be able to live up to his family's name. 
  • Totally a Sith: Despite Ignis being a member of the Sith Empire, he is not really the darksider that everyone expects him to be. He is no ruthless killer, nor a slaughterer or butcher. He is quite the opposite and wants to be at a balance, yet finds it difficult with the dark side of the force on one hand, and his mother's and father's teachings on the other. While he also has been influenced heavily from the Je'daii teachings, and the Matukai teachings, It's still a balancing act he will have to deal with his entire life.
  • Respect & Loyalty: Ignis is a young man who respects those who show respect in kind. If you throw him to the dirt, he will return the favor. Same goes for loyalty. Showing that you can trust him will return the favor, and possibly more so. However, this requires that the other person at towards him first. Otherwise, you are just another person who means nothing to him. 
  • Falling Into the Void: The Galaxy around Ignis is no longer sacred to him. Due to the loss of his love's life, Her untimely passing showed him that the Galaxy does not let those who wish to live, alone. The Galaxy took away his life. They took away the one thing he would do anything for. Now, he will do everything to destroy what she and he once cherished. 
  • Alone Among the Stars: Killing your own family tree, Mother included, can take quite the toll. PTSD is not something that comes lightly. Moreover, Ignis now has no family, no home. No one to call upon. Only himself. 
  • Xenophilly: Unlike the term of Xenophobia, where one would hate the idea of aliens, or otherworldly creatures that differ from themselves, Ignis is actually rather open towards other species. Particularly Togruta, Twi'lek, Zeltron, and Arkanian Offshoots. While the rest of the galaxy may accept this view, for others it is much more difficult to get along with people who tend to be Xenophobic.


  • Bacta Allergy: Ignis requires other means of healing. 
  • Dyslexic: Reading is difficult for Ignis. Even if he is someone who seeks knowledge and wants to learn so much, its harder for him to read, finding that the lettering flips around and messes with his head. 
  • Cigarettes: Ignis has a problem with smoking.  
  • Hidden Life: Having ties to various factions, creates problems with Ignis. Eventually he will have to choose a side, and while he has aided both factions in question quite a bit, he doesn't know who he should go with. 
  • Imbalance: Having a heart for the people who have been rather accommodating towards him, As well as the well known alliance with the Sith Empire as they can provide power within the Dark side of the force, Ignis is between a rock and a hard place. Having quite the literal devil in one ear, and an angel in the other. One of power, and one of balance. 
  • Thin Skin: Ignis is quite mild in his temper. However, slandering the name of his father or mother is one thing you will never mention. If he finds out, it will dig into him greatly.
  • Fatherly Figures: Ignis hated his father for many reasons. While they seem rational to him, to others they are not. As such, he feels anger towards people who try and replace his father, or even attempt to call him, son. 
  • Arrogance: Ignis takes after his father, and his uncle. Both being rather testy in their pride, and their family. More so, Ignis is more upset when others slander his family. And due to recent titles of mastery and prestige given to him, he is a little hot headed at times. 
  • PTSD: Trauma? Yes. Plenty of it to go around. 



Nickolas Imura and Lexa Kimene were quite the odd couple. Nick had fallen in love with the woman Lexa very quickly after his brothers death. Strangely, Morna, Nicks older brother, had fallen for Lexa before his death at the hands of a Sith Lord. It was during the Netherworld event that Morna had allowed Nick to Force Walk him. Thus preserving his soul within Nick's body. Nick is unsure if Morna's soul had been weakened after the transfer, or he just lies dormant. However, it was only from Morna's memory that he knew of Lexa. 


Lex and Nick got together quickly. So much in fact, it is unsure if Ignis is Morna's son, or Nicks. However, the young man has semblance to the both of them in various ways. From birth, Ignis was force sensitive. Even as a child, Ignis showed aptitude for the force. As a child of only five years of age, he threw around a cup in the kitchen. Candle fires seemed to bend towards the child even from a young age. It was after being taught the basics of Fire Shaping and Telekiensis by his father and mother, who were both masters of their craft. 


Around the age of nine, Nickolas had left Lexa and Ignis. Leaving behind a letter. Stating that it was best if he was not around Ignis as he grew up, as well as to keep them safe from the wars that raged across the galaxy. Ignis at first, was confused with his fathers actions. Later on resenting him as a person. Ignis doesn't refer to the man as his father due to his distrust of him, and even going as far to promise to never be anywhere like him. 


Learning of who his father was, the things he had done, the items he had created, and his history, Ignis no longer wanted to be an Imura. However, instead of using the name for it's advantage, Ignis wants to create a better family. He promised his mother he would never be like Nick. He would do everything he could to create a better future for his possible children, and to create a new legacy starting with him. Leaving home, Ignis received an invite to the Sith Empire. Before he can get there, he is intercepted by a young Zabrak woman who claims to be his fathers apprentice and with a message for him. 


The Zabrak, Kinta Saud is to look over him, and aid him in his training to become a Fire Shaper, and a Force user. Despite hating his father, he uses the resources that were given to him. Continuing on to the Sith Empire, He now is attempting to forge his own path in the family line. 


The Path of Balances

Ignis has since continued working with the Sith Empire. Working with their squads to take over various planets. Namely Felucia, Oricon, and Malichor V. Even participating in an Invasion against the Galactic Alliance. Along the way, he had discovered with the help of another student by the name of Sahna, a old series of Holocrons that belonged to the Matukai. Joining up with the Je'daii order with the help of Asha Hex, and her Father Jericho, as well as their friend Jyn Sol. He has since fought for and with the Je'daii. Learning to become a Master Smith and Metallurgist, as well as training under Jericho and Martial Arts. 


Learning became a huge thing for Ignis. Even now he still goes out and tries to discover more about himself, as well as searching for more of the Matukai Holocrons. Taking Sahna as his apprentice, and even has started to begin a relationship with Sahna. While it is a little touchy at first, and he is hesitant to be in a relationship, He has accepted her as his equal in life. It is however recently that he was called out by Nickolas to Arkania, where he discovered that Nick Imura, was not his father. Just a caretaker of his brothers Son. Ignis learned over the span of three weeks that his father was actually Morna Imura, and thus is named after him. He also was given the reins of the head of the family. The title of "Aspect of Flame" was handed down by his father. 


He is also working diligently with the Je'daii and became the Steward of Vur Tepe, and is aiding in the creation of a new home for the School of Metalwork. 


Only time will tell how much further Ignis will climb. 


Falling Off The Edge

As the Je'daii faded into obscurity, Ignis and Sahna had taken time away from the galaxy. Avoiding wars. Not fighting in battles. Retiring so that they could live together without the rest of the galaxy crumbling down. They were living life to the fullest as any newly wedded husband and wife should. Even more so, with the fall of the FO from the Kro Var Space, Ignis had come to his people. Establishing his Clan to rise up from the ashes and to begin new. To rekindle their lives and to move on from the blight that was his Uncle. Sahna had come forth and given the good news to Ignis that they were going to have a child. 


​The idea was strange to Ignis. Having a son or a daughter that would be a cross of a Togruta and a human. Never had he heard of such an occurrence. Worried of how it would go, he did everything he could.Studied, and went to people who could help him. However, it was all for nothing. Day of the delivery came. Fate and her sisters had a different plan for Ignis. 

Due to complications of childbirth, Sahna and his unborn daughter passed away. 


At first, Ignis was, as expected, mourning for the loss of his only chance of a normal life. The love he had cherished, the daughter he could have raised, and taught. The Family who stood behind him. Knew little of what was going on. There was nothing he could do. Nothing he could use to reverse this. Every emotion boiled up and was held deep within him. Festering like an infected wound. It all at once, exploded. 


With every ounce of his power, he slaughtered his people. 


Every child, every woman. Every man, even his own mother. Killing all of them without remorse. Ending their lives and starting his path.


That path, of a Red-Eyed Dragon. 

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Ignis is a man whose ideas of the force changes. Through most of his life, he was taught of the force, and that he could do many things with it. Good or bad. It was his choice what to do with the gift he was given. As a Fire shaper first, he learned to harness the element of fire to a great degree, and uses it mostly for combat. Joining up with the Sith Empire allowed him to have a deeper connection with the Dark side of the force, and thus grew in physical power. However, with so much power, Ignis had once feared that he would become like the man who raised him. His uncle Nickolas. A monster of a man. 


After seeking out new forms of control over the force, he has come into contact with both the Je'daii, and the Matukai. Both groups teach about balance of the mind, body and spirit in different ways. The Je'daii being more about the balance of the force, with the Matukai keeping good care of their body, mind and spirit. Thus it allows them to perform many tasks that could not normally be done without the force. One quote that Ignis holds with him is, "A being of the force." Where the force is not a gift or a weapon, but truly a part of him. Not an extension.  Thus, Ignis is learning how to take care of his body, mind, and spirit more, and by doing so, will further his studies within the force as well. 


Ignis holds the idea that the darkness is not evil, and is infact a necessity of life. Most refer to this as Sacred Darkness, where Ignis sees that there are always multiple sides to every collision of the Dark and Light sides. This is mainly taught through the Je'daii where they find a balance between the two, and attempt to keep the corruption of the dark side down to a minimum. Thus, Ignis knows quite a bit of dark sided abilities, but doesn't use them for evil, or even use them for good. He just uses them as they are a natural thing within the Galaxy. 


However, in the more recent times, Many of the teachings he had once held dearly, have been stripped from him. Succumbing to the darkness in many ways. Resorting to forcing pain upon himself in order to make up for the pain in his heart with the loss of his wife, and unborn child. Resorting to becoming the one thing he once feared. Becoming a monster and almost worshiping death. Namely believing in the "Way of the Dark" or the faith that the one truth of the universe is that of death and its eternal void. Stemming from losing his wife to death, and more over using his teachings, he feels that death is the answer for all. 



Fire Shaping - Mastery - A sect of Shaping from the Kro Var Cabal. The altering of flames into unnatural ways. While one cannot create flames, this form of shaping is the pure and unrelenting formation, and altering of the flames. Ignis is very well versed in the use of flames. Becoming the Aspect of Flame, a title taken on by beings who have been considered for Mastery over the Shaping arts, specifically that of Fire Shaping. Ignis has the fire almost quite literally running through his veins. There is no reason to doubt his prowess in this area.

Pyrokinesis/Combustion - Mastery -Pyrokinsis is the art of generating and manipulating flame. While most manipulations of such flame are offensive like fireballs, or directing flame in one direction or another. It goes hand in hand with shaping. Learning one, as well as the other can lead to a very effective Fire Elemental. Even more so used as various forms of light, to ignite enemies, or even to just sling fire balls around the battlefield, Ignis has proclaimed himself the Aspect of Flame. A title used by the Shapers of Kro Var. 

Matukai - Knightly - A usage of the force in various ways. Ranging from increase of the bodies physical capabilities, increased stamina, as well as a sixth sense over the body and it's functions. Ignis has been training in the usage, and philosophy of the force for quite some time. Becoming well versed within its abilities. Able to render himself as sturdy as the ground itself, to hit harder than a vehicle, and to move and react faster than ever thought possible. However, he still has much to learn. 

Telekinesis - Knightly - An application of the force to do a great and many things. Ignis mainly uses it as movement abilities such as Force Speed, Force Jump, and the occasional Force push. Otherwise, it's used to levitate items or move stuff around with limited use. Ignis has slowly been strengthening himself with this skill. Able to do various more skills than previously, he can sling around the force power more often, and with more strength. 

Telepathy - Knightly - Using it as a minor form of communication between himself and his companion, Ignis isn't using this ability all that much. However, it is useful for those situations where talking or speaking out loud would be bad. 

Force Empathy - Knightly - The ability to sense emotions, and desires through the force. While this is not a hard mental manipulation of an ability, it can be used to get a better understanding of foes, allies and other such.

Force Meld - Knightly - The ability to meld the minds of other force users, into his own, or combine their pools of power to work together as a group. While this relies more heavily upon having allies around him, it is still a worthy ability to note.  

Mechu-Deru/Vitae - Knightly - A sect of Force powers heavily influenced by the Dark side where the user can alter, and manipulate Droids, Technological items, constructs, and the like. Furthermore, with the form known as Mechu-Deru Vitae, the wielder can create Sith Spawn created from a Technovirus, or even create beings that are half biological, and half technological. 

Force Weapon - Knightly - Used much like many of the teachings that the Matukai hold, Force weapon is the ability to harden ones desired object or person to resist damage of almost all forms for a very short amount of time. Currently Ignis can only hold it for a second or two. 

Force Destruction - Knightly - A force power that hurls or launches an orb of pure destructive power. Ignis know very little of this power, and currently can't create much past that of a golf ball sized orb.

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Demon's Dragon Skin - A set of armor that has replaced many parts of his body, it is built for the specific purpose of warfare, as well as stealth in mind. Not to mention, its cybernetic, and filled to the brim with utilities for a Genocide maniac could want. Worn on occasion with A set of belts and sheathes, as well as a gauntlet.
Destroyed - Ferve0 Robes - Claiming the title of Steward of Vur Tepe, His successful training as a Matuaki, as well as robes for any other use, even in battle, these robes are great for just about any purpose he needs. While if going well into a battle before hand, these robes were specifically built to be use all the time, where as other armor sets are meant for specific purposes.
Destroyed - -Umbra Protector Armor - A set of armor fabricated by Ignis with the aid of Thorve Emberfall. Using Songsteel impregnated with Wild Force Shards, as well as using different leathers and silks to produce a personal force Nexus for Ignis, while also protecting him against direct force actions against him. A very unique and powerful set of armor for the Imura Heir. 
Melee Weapons:
Eien no honō - A lightsaber that was given to him upon the Sith Training grounds. During a fight with this weapon, he lost his temper. In a fit of rage, he destroyed it thinking that it would show up an old friend of Morna, and Nickolas. While it had been destroyed, He kept the parts as a reminder to his past. Yet, as he also then received an heirloom that was the Magmasaber, Ignis took both lightsabers and formed them together into one. Now a Long-handled lightsaber renamed Eien No Hono, Ignis holds upon this weapon as his one and only lightsaber. 

The Dark Prince's Death - A ritualistic dagger used for assassinations, or for ceremonial deaths. While typically not carried around, it is for special occasions. 
Destroyed - Dakutai - A weapon crafted with the mixing of Kro Var traditions, as well as those of the Je'daii. The Diato weapon is shorter than most other one handed swords. However, it is powerful with its numerous force related abilities. 
Destroyed - Oathkeeper - The force imbued sword is one of Ignis' creation. While most of the process was originally done for him,the sword had broken during creation, and thus Ignis took it into his own hands to completely reforge the blade. Gifted with the attunement to himself, the sword is the purest extension of his arm. 
Destroyed - Scindo - A two handed claymore weapon that is imbued with the same abilities as Acuos Orain, however, much larger and built to specifically take down a Alchemized Dragon. However, the weapon is also very useful against other flying enemies, as well as armored foes. 
Destroyed - ​Acuos Orain - A force imbued dagger that allows the concentration of Force Shockwave to be in a "sword beam" rather than a huge area of affect ability. The dagger can also cut through just about anything given enough strength and leverage. However, because it's a small blade, it would be difficult in some situations to do. 
Ranged Weapons: 
Destroyed - LCR-45LC - Slugthrower with a very impressive design, and look. Purchased from NADIR, it is the weapon that Ignis will most likely carry around with him on a normal day to day basis. Now worn with a special harness so that he may use it much more easily. It can be worn underneath his vest or other various jackets. 
"House of the Rising Sun" - A ship that is used by Kinta and Ignis as their main form of transportation, as well as battle should it be necessary. Otherwise, it is just a vessel and a home away from home. 
Destroyed - "Subjugater" - X3 SI-TIE - A vessel that is used for Sith Empire business or for official uses of the Sith Empire. While it is not the main form of transportation that Ignis would use, it however does not have a hyperdrive. Thus it requires the use of a larger vessel to get it from system to system.   
Destroyed - "Convergence" - This Exterminator Class corvette is quite the impressive ship. Sporting a massive amount of weaponry, while having no hanger, It is the vessel that Ignis will used more often than his Subjugater TIE ship for business when he is alone. While currently the ship is owned by the Sith Empire, Ignis may at a later date refit the vessel to his desires. 
The Inheritance Cycle - A holocron created by the collective might of three Fire Shaping Masters, Nick, Morna, and Lexa Imura, It was then handed down to Ignis for safe keeping. The being who holds this is considered the head of the family, and thus the title was gifted to him as well. Mastery over the elements, History of the Family back 17 generations, and even some Matukai Teachings are stored within this Holocron. 
Shaper's Legacy - Given and held by the Je'daii for safe keeping - A holocron created by Ignis' uncle that details various forms of Shaping. However, Ignis is only interested in the Fire Shaping aspect of the shaping forms. This Holocron was passed onto him by his mother and father. While it is in safe keeping with the Je'daii, Ignis owns it and it is locked under his name. Thus anyone who wishes to use it requires his permission.
Ze'Nia Dra-lyn Holocron - Martial Arts & Meditative Exercise - Traveling with Sahna, another Je'daii hopeful, Together they search for old ruins of the Matukai. Finding these holocrons, One is kept for Ignis. Teaching more with Martial arts, and Medatative forms of exercise. While it is in safe keeping with the Je'daii, Ignis owns it and it is locked under his name. Thus anyone who wishes to use it requires his permission.  
Destroyed - Vinculum Rings - Ignis has two of these rings. One for himself, and another for Kinta so they can speak to one another across distances. While they were made by a company that Nick used to own, Lexa is allowed to purchase these for her son, and due to the agreement between Atheus, and Nick. 
NADIR Black Label - A small box of cigara that Ignis enjoys quite a bit. While these are very expensive and normally smoked either in small amounts over a period of time, or one for a special occasion. Very Addictive, and very good. These cigars are obviously lit by their own special lighter.  
Destroyed - Lucem - A Keeper shard. While it was given to Nickolas, Ignis had taken Lucem and given him a name in his fathers stead. Thus, the favor that Nick would have owned, is now going to be paid by Ignis. 

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

    R U I N A T I O N

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|| FEATS ||



|| ACT I - Emergence ||
Scions of the Dark Side - Faction - Ignis comes to visit the Temple on Bastion, and falls into the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Kindred of Sorts - Private - Taking some time to practice on his own, he encounters someone else from his homeworld. 
A Feast of Souls - Private - Learning more of the Sith, Ignis follows a questionable Sith Lord, and wants to find out why this man seems so dangerous. 
The Shadow of Unity - Dominion - Ignis follows after another dangerous member of the Sith Empire. This time? A man who may know more about his father. 
Balance Comes From Many Places - Faction - Ignis follows rumors of a force group out away from Sith space. Maybe he can find someone to help him overcome his fears. 
You Cannot Control Everything - Private - Ignis and another student Sahna embark on a quest to recover old artifacts, and to expand their knowledge about other like mindedForce Orders. 
Sithisis - Faction - Ignis and others venture to a mythical pool of power. Fighting the jungle and much more along the way. 
When History Deletes Itself - Dominion - Ignis aids the CIS in their Dominion in order to be paid in credits, and a few other items that will help him on his journey.  
The Fires in the Night - Skirmish - An unknown battleship hovers over the home planet of the Je'daii. Ignis must choose who he can fight for.
Darker Truths - Faction - Ignis joins others in retaking a Lightsided library for the Sith Empire. However, Jedi and their Peacekeeper droids stand in the way. 
Whispers in the Dark - Dominion - Ignis travels to a science vessel where mysterious stones have shown up. Wanting to learn more, the young man investigates, and touches one of these stones, only for it to take over his mind. 
Knowledge is Within Unexpected Sources - Private - Wanting to learn more on controlling himself, Ignis meets with Jyn Sol, and will discover more about himself, and others within the Je'daii Order. 
Domestic Aid - Faction - Signing up to provide aid to the natives of Aurum, Ignis meets other members of the Je'daii order, while also aiding others, and maybe learning about how he can control himself. 

The Means of Production - Dominion - Oricon, a planet once controlled by the DreadLords of the old Sith Empire is being taken under Sith Empire control. Ignis goes on his own to discover more about the planet. 
Through Fire and Flames - Private/Solo - Ignis meets up with Forgemaster Emberfall to learn more on how to create force imbued weaponry, and maybe just a little bit more.  


|| ACT II - Path of Balances ||

Something From the Heart - Private - After creating his own sword, Ignis goes to show it to his friend Sahna when she asks to help create a pendant. He obliges.

A Culmination of Minds - Faction - Going out into the Heroes' Square, Ignis meets up with new recruits to celebrate in the finish product of statues created in remembrance of those Je'daii who came before. 

The Burning of Thyferra - Invasion - Ignis faces a group of Force Hunters, as well as a Jedi with the Galactic Alliance. He gives them a chance to leave and to not come back, but is attacked. 

Building a Better Foundation - Private/Solo - After some time, Ignis goes once more to Thorve Emberfall to create armor. This time, Ignis works with impregnating Wild Force Shards into Songsteel. A very difficult metal to work with. 

From One to Another - Private - Tasked with training a student, Ignis discovers his student is to be Sahna, A long time friend of his. Teaching her about meditation, and then taking her out to eat so that he may learn some more about her. 

Beneath the Wilds - Dominion - The Sith Empire once more searches after a series of special black orbs. All the while, Ignis goes on his own to discover ruins of the Jedi Master Shaak Ti. 

The Great Gathering - Faction - Ignis goes along with Sahna to aid her in finding the Crystal she needs for her lightsaber, while also getting one of his own. However, they are in for more than they bargain for. 

A Different Kind of Introduction - Private - Receiving new students to the Order, Ignis aids in welcoming a new member to their ranks. A Dark Sided Jawa. 

Strength Comes From Within - Faction - Ignis, an adept of the Matukai way of life, and martial arts, teaches others on the newly sanctified grounds of Stav Kesh. His own apprentice shows up, as well as others. 

Vroom, Vroom,. Mazda - Faction - After aiding Thorve in the creation of parts for speeders, Anil Kesh invites him and other students in test driving the new speeders. 

Instructions for Dancing - Faction - The Festival of Love is on, and loud. Ignis accepts himself as someone who is worthy of a relationship, and ask Sahna to join him, as well as become his love interest. 

Journeyers of the Past - Private - Meeting up with another Je'daii Journeyer, Arekk, Both of them head to a planet after rumors of a special sword once belonging to another Je'daii Ranger Long ago.

They Want to Break Me, And Wash Away My Colors - Private/Solo - Ignis goes out for another round of Meditation, and is contacted by his Father Nickolas through the force, Only he learns something worth more than the galaxy itself. Nick is not his father. 


|| ACT III - The Final Test ||


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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Thron Imura - Grandfather, Deceased

Prim Imura - Grandmother, Deceased

Alex Imura - Clone of Grandmother, Unknown

Aeolus Imura - Cousin, Brother of Percy Imura, Unknown

Percy Imura - Cousin, Sister of Aeolus Imura, Unknown

Morna Imura - Uncle, Deceased

Daniel Imura - Clone of Uncle, Unknown

Nickolas Imura - Father, Deceased

Lexa Imura - Mother, Alive

Caleo Imura - Sister, Alive

Kinta Saud - Adopted Sister, Alive



Lucem - Companion, Alive


Je'daii Order Connections: 

Asha Hex - Acquaintance, Alive

Jyn Sol - Acquaintance, Alive

Sahna Te - Wife, Apprentice, Deceased


The Sith Order:

Vereshin - Acquaintance, Alive

Juliet Varos - Rival, Acquaintance, Alive

Darth Vesper - Acquaintance, Alive



Atheus Voidwalker - Company Ally, Alive

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Niaami Solas

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Heckyeaah it's Mornnnaaaaa

Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Asha Hex, SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Not yet. lol 

Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Updated all of the Character Sheet. Let me know if there is anything else I need to add, or to work on. 


Critiques are always open. 


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*Creeps on over*


*Marks as her property*


Seriously though, looks totally awesome :3

Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Sahna Te, We will see on who owns who. ;)