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Ze'nia Dra-lyn - Matukai Holocrons

- - - - - Matukai

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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  • Intent:  To sub a series of holocrons, a source of knowledge to further Ignis', and the Je'daii as a whole.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: 
  • Restricted Missions: 
  • Primary Source: Me. I'm that awesome. 


  • Name: Ze'nia Dra-lyn - A History and teachings of the Matukai
  • Manufacturer: Matukai Adepts/Mendor Typhoons
  • Affiliation: 
    • Ignis Imura
    • Sahna Te, 
    • Jyn Sol
    • Other potential owners. 
  • Modularity:  No
  • Production: Semi-Unique, Very few in number. 
  • Material: Alusteel, Crystals


  • Classification: Multiple Holocrons
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length:  Various Anywhere from 20-45 cm
  • Width: Various Anywhere from 20-45 cm
  • Height: Various Anywhere from 20-45 cm
  • Weight:  Various, Anywhere from 200 g-1kg


  • Teachings of Various Martial Arts basics, and Fighting styles used by Matukai - Owned by Ignis Imura
  • Teachings of Bodily control and Usage of their bodies as conduits for the force. 
  • Teachings of the force and their practice and Philosophy of the force - Owned by Sahna Te
  • Usage and creation of the Wan-ShenRobes, and meditation bands
  • Records and History of the Matukai - Owned by Jyn Sol
  • Others can be added at a later date, and will need to be edited into this submission. 


  • Various teachings for one to learn. Plenty of knowledge.
  • Multiple Holocrons. Thus multiple people can learn at the same time/have different ones 


  • Multiple Holocrons. Missing one will leave out a part of the history or teachings. 
  • Easily breakable
  • Missing texts and history. Either being redacted and cannot be reinstated, or is missing holocrons. 

The Matukai are and where a force philosophy that were nomadic in nature. Very rarely are they said to stay in one place with more than a handful of members.during the Gulag plague, many artifacts, and holocrons were lost through time. Many of the less known Force Religions or philosophies were lost as well. During the time that the Great Jedi Purge took place, Many of the Matuaki in secret created a series of holocrons that had teachings, history and more stored within.As they were a nomadic group, no one holocron would do the job. Thus, there are various holocrons that were created with the same intention. To teach those who wanted to learn, even if Matukai Adepts were not present. 


As such, These Holocrons are scattered across the galaxy in various places. One such place was Karvoss II. The supposed Homeworld of the Female Jedi that had started and created this force sect. Ignis and Sahna had traveled her to discover more information, and to potentially find still living Matukai. However, they were unable to find a living person, and instead found three holocrons. Sahna and Ignis spit one for each of them, and the last was given to Jyn Sol as leader of the Je'daii. Able to be shared within their order to learn more about the balance of the force, as well as learning from other Force sects to further their own studies upon the balance of the force, and more. 


As there are multiple of these holocrons, Anyone can find them, and learn from them. Yet, they are split apart in pieces. Meaning that the Holocron one person may hold, could be just the history of them, while a separate one could be of the martial arts practiced. As such, each person will have a different item they can learn from. 



Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Under Review.


Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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