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John Locke

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John Locke

John Locke

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Basic Information


NAME: John Locke


FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems


RANK: Executive/Minister of Science


SPECIES: Human/Cyborg


AGE: 34


SEX: Male


FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, however his potential has been reduced to almost nothing by the heavy cyberisation required to save his life. 



  • Allyson Locke (Cousin)





Physical Description


HEIGHT: 5 feet 11 inches


WEIGHT: 74 kg


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Black


SKIN: Pale




A tall well built man with slick backed black hair John Locke might look like an other well to do CEO from a distance...from a distance. As you get closer you might see that his features don’t look entirely natural there is a trace of artificial lines in his body where his cybernetics lie. That is until you come down to his arms, both of the man’s arms were replaced with prosthesis, though John insisted on stripping the synthflesh from his arms, treating the cybernetics as a badge of honour.








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :




Experienced Engineer:


John is a talented cyberneticist who has spent much of his life training and honing that ability. To that end, he is a more than capable engineer who is capable both of innovation and refinement of ideas.


Capable Pilot


While not an ace pilot John is able to get from point A to point B with style, while not necessarily going to thread the needle he is confident in his skill to get where he needs to go and work his way around any and all obstacles.




While not a professional slicer John has been programming for most of his life and has occasionally turned his attention to slicing and breaking other's code when he needed to. While not able to match a top-flight slicer John has an advantage in his engineering background allowing him to see the entire board utilising multiple avenues, both hardware, software and non-slicing to break a system. There is little that the man enjoys more than examining and testing himself against another's system.




John is able to step back and see not just the situation in front of him but how that fits into a wider picture, it's place in the system. It is this ability to step back and consider the whole board that allowed John to develop his company from a small planetary company to one which is on the verge of breaking into the galactic scene.




When you have a hammer:


It’s easy for John to get locked into a certain way of looking at things, and approaching problems from a specific angle. He is a big proponent of the idea that any problem can be solved by technology, and also believes that given enough thought and planning any problem can be solved.




John verges on arrogant, and is often unable to see how he is the cause of any issues that might crop up. He knows that he’s good at what he does and tends to let this get to his head.


Doesn't always think through people's reactions:


“The answer if obvious, can’t you see it?” That’s a typical statement for John, it’s not that he doesn’t have people skills, it’s just he can get frustrated with people at time, or doesn’t always think through how people would take his statements unless he’s focused on turning all his charm on them.




An accident several years ago left John badly injured when the crane at their new factory collapsed. Although he managed to get his employees out of the way John ended up taking severe bodily damage beyond Bacta’s ability to heal. The engineer accepted a significant set of prosthetics that he wears as a badge of honor...when not trying to tweak and improve them himself. All this despite the public reaction to the sight of his bared prosthetics.







Born on Corellia John Locke always loved messing around with his parents droids, spending his allowance on old droids he would then rebuild, much to the annoyance of his father. John however would turn a pretty profit selling those droids on, the profit which would go into the purchase of more and more droids which he repaired and sold on. The boy became well known in the community for his ability to repair droids, and at prices cheaper than most mechanics would be willing to do. As more and more business came his way, he always made sure to undercut the mechanics in the area, but never by too much, after all he had no premises costs so his profitability was higher.


He continued his business into college, slowing only for his studies where he polished his rough understanding of droids, absorbing all the lessons the university could teach him, shaping his talent into something powerful, from a capable mechanic to a gifted cyberneticist. It was after university he found himself bereft, he could open a mechanics shop, make a comfortable living repairing droids, but he wanted more. His time at university had changed him, shown him a world beyond that. He wanted to create, to be a pioneer not just picking up after them as he had been. And so he put everything he’d earned, back by his parents into a design and manufacturing company. At first he was only able to hire out his services designing droids for other companies or producing parts for them, but as the business took off he managed to shepherd it to allow the production of full droids, of technology on the planet of Corellia. As the business grew John set his sights on the stars, on lifting his company from a planetary powerhouse to an interplanetary powerhouse.


It wasn't an easy task he'd put before himself, but it was one John w as well suited to. While his capacity to work was unrestrained by any kind of social life he gathered his team and built, and built and built. From droids to ships, weapons to cybernetics he developed them all, made the name he'd always wanted in the galaxy. And that was perhaps part of the problem. 


The further John went, the greater the reach of his company the more he found himself drawn away from helping people and into the war, the weapons and ships that the galaxy seemed to run on. Ironically it was this burgeoning expertise that saw him join up with the Silver Jedi Order, the light of hope in the galaxy. John's expertise, both as a businessman and engineer and as an Admiral saw him quickly elevated to the Silver Assembly, allowing the poor kid from Corellia to rub shoulders with the elite, with the movers and shakers of the galaxy. 


It was while with the Silver Assembly that John first came into contact with two entities that would shape his future. First, the Confederacy of Independant Systems, the Silver Jedi's ally agaisnt the darkness. The second, and perhaps more important, was Jedi Gianna Aegis, a Jedi who was assigned to John for a mission but quickly rose to be his best friend and confidante. Who would become something more.  


Over time John started to become disillusioned with the Silver Jedi Order and their inability to stand up for those things that were important. The 'trial' of Lady Kay Arenais by the Silver Assembly proved to be the last straw when she came claiming to represent the Mandalorians, yet could give no answer for their actions. This on the tail of the Invasion of Tanaab, the invasion during which Mandalorian fighters shot down the medical frigate Gianna had been travelling on. The conflict that almost pushed John to becoming someone he didn't want to be. 


Stepping down from the Silver Assembly John travelled to the Confederacy, accepting the role of Minister of Science there as he sought to redefine who he was and how he flet after the revelations of Tanaab.


















Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of Eshan - John's first major engagement as a fleeter

Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of Tanaab - John's next major fleeting engagement. The thread where he thought he'd lost Gianna and neded up becoming the line of defense, the mindset that shaped his future conflicts.

Party in the Tanaab - Conclusion of the Tanaab invasion arc, finding Gianna, realising the darkness that wells beneath.

The Assembly Convenes: Kay Arenais' Consideration - John's final thread as a member of the Silver Assembly


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John Locke

John Locke

    The Futurist

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Approved Submissions




LK Hermes


LK Apollo


Minerva HUD System


Valkyrie System


Skynet Holo Control System


Freyja Communications System


Phalanx Shield System








LK Pred-X


LK War-X


LK Spider Slicer




Hexarium Body Glove


Hex Flight Suit




Sunshot Pistol


LK Sweeper


Dancer Missile




Fang Space Superiority Fighter


Luna Troop Transport


Bit Interceptor


Helios Luxury Yacht

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John Locke

John Locke

    The Futurist

  • Roleplay Judge
    • Character Bio
  • 1,577 posts