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Cotan Sar'andor

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Cotan Sar'andor

Cotan Sar'andor

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Name: Cotan Sar'andor

Faction: The Outer Rim Coalition

Rank: Grand/High Marshal (actual title not finalized) of the Judges, sorta-Jedi-Master in the SJO, Je'daii Journeyer

Proof of Judge-Leading Rank: Proof 1, Proof 2

Role: Guardian

Homeworld: Naboo


Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 154 lbs

Force-sensitive: Yes




Cotan is kind and compassionate, and places the needs of others before his own at all times; he takes his duties as a Jedi/Judge very seriously, having sworn to serve and protect all beings in the galaxy - be they civilian, soldier, or Sith; all life is important to him, and he will refuse to take a life unless it is in the most dire of circumstances that it is required. He has a strong sense of justice, as well, though it isn't painfully strict - he knows that justice will always be given in time, and oftentimes in ways that are not expected by those observing it. However, he can also be reckless, prideful, and overconfident, flaws that have gotten him into trouble before - such as when he was captured by the Sith Lord Mythos. Generally, though, Cotan is calm, placing more emphasis on thought than on action in all cases where he feels he has time to think (partially due to what had happened to him).


Cotan is rather friendly, though not very loud or rambunctious about it, preferring simply to be in the presence of his friends, working with them, more than making conversation and cracking jokes. Though he is no stranger to humour - Cotan finds sarcasm and snark (his favourite materials for building jokes out of) to be useful icebreakers, at times, when meeting somebody new, and while he has managed to mostly overcome his shyness, he still doesn't particularly enjoy being in a rather large group, and will hold to the sidelines rather than joining the center of attention, even if people would like his jokes. In a classroom situation - or any situation in a group - he prefers to quietly be a part of the group, listening more than speaking, only tossing in the occasional comment when he sees a good opportunity (and some need) to do so.


Cotan is also relatively leery of opening up fully to new people, as he feels that he should take more time to get to know somebody before opening up to them, and so he doesn't always relinquish details about his personal life easily. However, he has no qualms about showing off his skills, be they in martial arts, demonstrations of his intellect, or other skills or abilities he might have learned. He has to practice them somehow, you know.




Cotan - in many ways - is a Jedi that can be described as looking particularly average. He comes in at just about average height, leaving him with no significant vertical advantage that might set him out from a crowd; he's a bit on the thinner side than usual, his build and musculature set more on the wiry side, but that isn't particularly noticeable in a crowd; and he is neither strikingly attractive nor hideously ugly, so that doesn't set him apart either. All in all, he is a man that blends in well with any group, depending on his clothing and state of cleanliness, and comes across looking like a sort of "everyman" Jedi.


He keeps his hair cut medium-length to short, only styling it just enough to keep it out of his face (although he has been contemplating growing it out recently), with closely-trimmed facial hair along his cheeks, jaw, and lips (in his own words, he's not a fan of his clean-shaven jawline). This does, however, serve to make him look a bit older than he actually is, especially when coupled with some of the stresses of living as a Jedi/having been a Sith prisoner/all that sort of stuff. One of the more memorable features of Cotan's face is the dark green of his eyes, an uncommon colour (among baseline humans), certainly so for one with dark brown hair like he has.


As a Judge of the ORC, he's often seen dressed in simple, functional clothing - naturally coloured gabal-wool shirts (or linen, if he's in a hotter climate), thick canvas pants, and flexible, flat-soled bantha-leather shoes (try as he might, he's never been able to enjoy wearing boots - according to him, they mess up his footwork). He is generally lightly armoured - not quite to the extent of Clone Wars-era Jedi, but close, favouring a pair of spaulders, vambraces, greaves, sabatons for the tops of his feet, and simple gauntlet-plates for the backs of his hands, although the fingers of the gloves have been cut out to afford him full tactile sensation (when others have questioned this choice, he has generally responded with "I'm odd like that" or "Can't stand having my fingers trapped, y'know?"). This is due to his personal fighting style he eventually developed, in which - when fighting non-lightsaber wielding foes - he'll use his limbs to block strikes just as much as his weapon, while he's moving in to hopefully non-lethally incapacitate the other person. However, despite this clothing, he can often be seen wearing - at the least - the outer robe of a Jedi, given that it makes easy concealment and he prefers it over something like a duster or trench coat.




Cotan is a fair bit stronger than he looks, at first glance. He makes sure to keep in shape and exercise, while his practice of the Teräs Käsi martial art has served to help build up and keep up his strength. He won't win in any strength contests, though, that's for sure; wiry musculature can only get you so far, but against more heavily built beings, he's likely to lose out. He is, however, a relatively dextrous individual, exploiting - when he needs to - his connection to the Force to gain an almost supernatural grace, focusing more on fine control, flexibility, and balance than on speed and evasiveness, though he can certainly get out of the way of most things if he has to. He also has a high level of physical endurance - he keeps himself quite healthy, eating healthily (most of the time) and making sure to exercise. He can take quite a few hits and bounce right back from them.


Cotan is a rather intelligent individual - despite his general focus on martial proweses - or, even, because of it - Cotan often spends quite a bit of his spare time reading and writing, rather than just instantly going and resting; this has led to him gaining quite a bit of knowledge over the years. Alongside that, he has a basic level of fluency in various languages, such as Mando'a, Huttese, and Twi'lek, although nowhere near the level of an actual translator. He is also a rather mature, level-headed, and some might even say wise young man, as he knows quite well how to utilize his knowledge and his personal experiences given the situations he runs into. However, he is not without his passions, and not without the ability to be swayed by them, much as with everybody else - nobody is perfect, including him, as shown by how he managed to get himself temporarily captured by a Sith Lord. Lastly, he is a rather friendly and charismatic individual, and certainly enjoys helping people in whatever way he can. He also has a quick wit and a lighthearted sense of humour, which many people enjoy. As well, although he normally prefers to be a follower, he can be a capable leader, if the position needs filled. Over the years he has come to mostly overcome his quietness and shyness, although he can still be rather introverted at times, and enjoys being alone just as much as he enjoys being in a group of his closest friends and acquaintances.


His primary study in the Force revolves around the use of the lightsaber; owing to his near-religious practice of it both prior to and after his capture, he has a remarkably high skill level with it, far moreso than would seem normal for his age and seeming lack of experience. His primary form is Makashi, which he has nearly mastered despite his youth; many years of practice, both on his own and with his master, contributed to this, as does his naturally graceful and dexterous nature. His footwork is nearly peerless, and the main weakness in his bladework is its lack of strength, a common feature among many Makashi duelists; however, a lack of willingness to commit to some strikes (owing to his unwillingness to kill his opponents, even when they're trying to kill him) makes him seem slow at times, another weakness there. He has also taken up the study of Soresu - originally it was just to make up for Makashi's lack of defense against blaster weaponry, though after his capture and subsequent escape from Lord Mythos, he worked on practicing it quite a bit more, unwilling to let himself get captured again, building up to an intermediate skill level in it; in his urge to engage in non-lethal methods with his work as a Judge, need to defend himself and others on Utapau, and his new joining the Je'daii Order, he has increased his practice with it, and intends to soon reach the same level of mastery with it as with Makashi.


Since his joining the Je'daii, and being more accepting of what he once considered overly Dark-Sided thoughts and tactics, coupled with his growing experience on the battlefields of war, many of his earlier trepidations in combat have disappeared. Now no longer hindered by an unwillingness to kill, and instead having accepted a necessary kill-or-be-killed mentality, his bladework in Makashi especially has become far more refined and deadly, while his continued practice of Soresu alongside it has resulted in a very well-blended personal form; however, depending on the situation, Cotan is capable of demonstrating extremely pure examples of both forms, especially Makashi, which he possesses a much higher level of mastery in.


In contrast to his abilities with the blade and how advanced they are, his skills with the Force are average at best - while he has an expected level of mastery over the basics of telekinesis, leaping through the Force, and some bodily enhancement, his only other useful skills beyond those are Force Absorbtion under the Tutaminis tree of knowledge, which was his original solution to the issue of Makashi's lack of blast-deflect training; the other is Force Barrier, which he often uses if he's overwhelmed by attacks and needs to provide a quick stop while he backpedals and regains his composure. Other than the basics of sense-based powers, he has no experience on that front; his healing skills are absolutely nill; he has no stealth powers whatsoever; his mind tricks are very weak at best; in short, his skills are almost entirely weapon-based, not Force-based, though he does try to ameliorate this with high levels of practice during his downtime.




Skilled duellist

Friendly, good listener
Very self-driven to improve and learn

Generally maintains his calm in battle

High endurance

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant with a moderate level of skill in Teräs Käsi specifically




Lack of facility with the Force

Can still be prideful and overconfident

Gets himself into trouble even when he's trying not to

Not always particularly subtle

Relies more on dexterity and endurance than straight strength




(1) Lightsaber (single-hand optimized, compressed crystal, amber blade, phrik guard)

(1) Fresh and fancy new lightsaber (factory subbed for legitimacy!)

(1) Curved Hilt Training Lightsaber (blue blade)

(1) Force-imbued blade

(1) OS-105 Blaster Pistol (for stun purposes)

(1) K-22 Bryar Pistol (main sidearm)

(1) DE-10 Heavy Blaster Pistol (backup)

(1) Ranger Expeditionary Suit (functionally modified with phrik spaulders, vambraces, greaves, sabatons, and gauntlet plates)

(1) Bastion-class Personal Transport (stolen from Lord Mythos) (abandoned due to unfortunate run-ins with Sith forces)

(1) SSL 4550 Light Freighter (replacement for the Bastion) (traded in for a new ship)

(1) Nimbus-class Gunship/Heavy Freighter (current primary ship)

(1) Blockade Runner (given in recognition of his service in protecting Pau City)

(1) Model K1 Astromech droid, designation K1-S5, or as Cotan calls it, "Kiss"

(1) HBC-01 Blaster Carbine (picked up while he was still in the New Jedi Order)

(1) Utapau Condor speeder (destroyed on Coruscant, later salvaged)
(1) Condor Podracer (replacement for the Utapau Condor speeder)

(Many) Clothes

(Some) Robes
(Lots) of snacks

(Lots) of whisky

(Not enough) Free Time



Cotan was born on Naboo, to a pair of lower-middle-class workers; living the heart of the closest thing to a manufacturing district Theed had, he spent quite a bit of time roaming and wandering around, while his parents had to work quite a bit to make ends meet, often leaving him unsupervised. During this time his protective instincts first got their work, as he made it a personal goal to ensure that none of the more forceful and bully-ish kids in the area could exercise any control over the others. He would often, while still very young, jump in and try to break up any fights that were happening or give any of his friends a hand in the fight itself.


More often than not, this did not end in his favour, though this simply led to him trying harder.


He was found to be Force Sensitive when he was 9 years old, after his father had gotten a good promotion and his family's social status had risen considerably; his parents - somewhat regretfully, given the fact that he was their son, but also with some relief (because he was good at getting into trouble with other kids, owing to his previously mentioned protective instinct and generally strong sense of justice), sent him off to join the New Jedi Order. It wasn't long before he was apprenticed to a Rishii master, who, noticing the young boy's natural inclinations, set him on the path of a Guardian and taught him primarily how to use a lightsaber, focusing with the Force only on the basics that Cotan would need and leaving anything else up to the Padawan to search out and learn. Owing to the boy's naturally lithe frame (and this Rishii's own experience with previous Padawans, being adept at guessing how most beings would end up post-puberty) and surety of movement, he taught the boy to use the second form of lightsaber combat, Makashi, which Cotan would throw himself eagerly into the practice of.


The years of his apprenticeship were spent on numerous missions with his master, during which Cotan - ever the attentive learner - absorbed much of the wisdom his master was able to both show and teach him, alongside savouring each experience as an opportunity to learn. They were a very successful pair, and Cotan grew considerably during that period of time. Eventually, however, one mission went fairly sour; at one point, Cotan and his master had been sent to Atrisia in search of an artifact named "The Skull of Mythos," so-named from the Sith Lord from whom it originally came. Unbeknownst to them was that their guide, who they brought on planet with them, was the Lord Mythos himself in disguise (a fact which Cotan still has trouble wrapping his head around, even though it wouldn't be the first time in his knowledge a Sith had come back from the dead). Once they came upon the skull and managed to retrieve it, Mythos unveiled himself, engaging in a duel with the master and apprentice duo, with Cotan's master warning him to run and get rid of the skull; Cotan, instead, chose to stand and fight with his master, confident that they could succeed against this Sith and kill him for a final time. However, for all his skill with a blade, Cotan was not then able to withstand the Sith Lord in front of him, and was forced on the defensive before being stunned and then knocked out via the Force, while Mythos killed his master.


When next he came to he was being held prisoner by the Sith Lord, subject to interrogation to gain any secrets of the NJO or the Galactic Alliance, though Cotan didn't have them; he was also subject to some amount of torture, in an attempt to turn him, though to Cotan's credit his resolve and convictions held true and he refused to fall. After some time spent regaining his strength, Cotan managed to break free of the prison, with the help of one of his guards who wished to defect. Unfortunately, the guard wasn't able to escape with him, being killed as Cotan fled; eventually the young Jedi managed to steal one of Mythos's Bastion-class personal transports, returning to the New Jedi Order shortly after his eighteenth birthday, after about a year in captivity.


Owing to his skills that had been shown, as well as the strength of his convictions and commitment to the Light Side of the Force, Cotan was deemed worthy of Knighthood. He took rather few missions after being knighted, though, electing instead to continue to practice and train, especially against other Jedi, increasing his skills with his blade and somewhat in the Force in order to ensure that he wouldn't be so easily captured ever again. During this time he constructed a new lightsaber, being primarily suited to one-handed use in keeping with his Makashi focus (though it is just long enough to be used with two hands, the non-dominant hand being wrapped the pommel end); the large guard on the hilt is, in profile, shaped like a stylized wing, in honor of Cotan's former master, while the blade is an amber colour, very attenuated due to being constructed with a compressed energy crystal.


Eventually, however, he grew dissatisfied with the current direction of the NJO and the GA, and elected to leave the New Jedi Order, invoking the Barash vow and moving to the outer rim, joining with the Outer Rim Coalition and signing on as a Judge. Despite the new title, he still strives to present himself as a Jedi Knight, and still identifies himself as such, despite having left the NJO; he also strives to continue to showcase the convictions and beliefs that made him such a good Jedi, using them in the same pursuit of justice within the Outer Rim Coalition that he had previously pursued in the Galactic Alliance. As well, he's taken up the use of a blaster pistol, and while he still doesn't practice with it nearly as much as with his lightsaber, he's learned that he's actually a pretty good shot with it, all to his pleasure. As well, he kept the ship he took when he escaped from Mythos, having long since had anything that would identify it with the Sith Lord and make it easily trackable changed out and replaced - although it does get him some funny looks every now and then, a Jedi flying around in a Sith Ascendancy ship.


Major Thread List:



(0) Swashbuckled

(1) Brotherhood Without Banners
(2) The Heart of the Jedi
(3) Of Tea and Babbling Brooks

(4) Crystalline Curiosity

(5) Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Podracing Performance

(6) The Harvest Day Podrace




* * * * * * *



There we have it, I've finally remade this guy. Currently working on getting a commissioned piece of artwork for him, so the Kyle Katarn imagery is only going to be a placeholder for now; same with the lightsaber drawing. Old, bad sketch is old and bad; at some point I'm planning to actually make it as a real prop hilt, if only so that I have something better looking than my ridiculous drawing. Also, tagging Mythos since his character got used to preserve story elements from this guy's previous iteration.

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Epic!! HYPE!

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Wow he looks like Kyle Katarn and he is epic