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32nd CSDF aka “The Ice Lords”

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Cody Bantam

Cody Bantam

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“32nd CSDF aka “The Ice Lords”



Intent: Create a heavy infantry unit that specializes in cold climate combat

Image Credit:https://vignette.wik...=20141220040450


Role: This is a military unit for the ORC

Links: http://starwarsrp.ne...-hothbespin-hex









 Unit Name: 32nd

CSDF aka “The Ice Lords”


Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition “ORC”

Classification: Heavy Infantry

Races: Wampa, Yvarema, Humans, Khormai, Talz


HAVOC Magma Cannon

FFC Launcher

Convergence Pistol

SKAL Acid Launcher

Arc Shadow Rifle

Coynite SFOR Republic Carbine

Khormai Enviromental Suits


Transports, Vehicles and Ships:

HQ - “The White Queen”

Transport - Frosty

Transport - Snowman




Air support

Ice Pirates Squadron (12)

Subzero Sinners Squardon (12)


Description: Medium/ Unique - Unit will look like a strange collection of exotically armed ice monsters. Designed for heavy assault of fortification or digging in and defending hardened locations and will be supported by a collection of out of date star fighters and bombers. 




Unit SizeMedium

Availability: Unique

Unit Experience: Trained

Combat Function: The Ice lords are a undermanned company that is used to working in combat zones with little to no support. Will often take on mission and soldiers of fortune as they have no set supply source.  

Strengths & Weaknesses:


Cyborg Wampa’s - With anywhere between eight to twelve at any one time in the unit. Each augmented much like Nawago but to a lesser degree.

Born for the cold - All races that make up the unit are from cold weather climates and thus well suited to the cold.


Few supplies - Like all "ranger" units they have no home planet they are often low on resources, ammo and weapons.

Hate the heat - With all cold weather races this unit does not to well in temperate and above climates.

No reserves - This unit lives and dies by volunteer fighters. They do not have a steady supply of new recruits to bolster their ranks.




Historical Information:


The ice lords was a unit born out of the rescue operations on the then First order held planet of Hoth. After the underground operative Nawago discovered the brutal torture and killing if his people at the hands of hunters of First Order. A rescue operation was launched and some 100 souls were rescued that day. Nawagos tribe now needing a new home was relocated to Yarva where it now lives in an uneasy alliance. Soon tensions between the two new neighbors began as the isolationist Yvarema came to blows with the naturally aggressive wampa. To solve the issue those wampa who could not learn to live in peace were “recruited into the ice lords".


These Wampa eventually became known as Ice Lords - Usually constructed of 10 to 12 cyberneticly modified Wampas their current roster includes

  • Kristjan - “The fierce”
  • Guðmundur - “The glave”
  • Kristofer - “The hammer”
  • Gunnar - “Gun hand”
  • Ólafur - “The Omni”
  • Benedikt - “Buzzsaw”
  • Dagur - “Doombringer”
  • Emil - “Lifeender”
  • Sigurður - “The stout”
  • Arnar - “The avenger”
  • Bjarki - “The Bold”

As a show of graditude the Yvarema sent members of the worker cast to the unit to act as laborers and on a pinch emergency soldiers. A total of 40 to 50 Yvarema were recruited into this unit and they are divided into three, twelve "man" squardons.Called the "Helpa’hands" these squads act and labor, primitive engineers and first responders in times of war. 


The remainder unit was assembled from the mostly human personal of the 7th and 45th CSDFs that had grown too low in numbers to field. This unit lead by Cody Bantam first took the field on Khorm, an icy world perfect for their speciality. Fighting to defend a Jedi stronghold, they fought bravely against superior mandolorian forces they were defeated but allowed retreat with the surviving Khormai defenders who have since joined their ranks. 


Khormai Assault Troops

After their first action on Khorm, the surviving warriors were enlisted and with their powered enviromental suits became a valuable addition to the unit. Heavily armored they make exellient shock troops. Able to deploy from giant furred worms called Aelids, these giant beast can burrow through ice and snow, going under enemy defenses or bring the troops across the battle field so they can arrive behind enemy lines safely and possibally unnoticed till it is too late. 


Talz Riders

A recent addition these "snow wookies" as some call them make exellext flankers and rear guard. When on the field they are usually held in reserve so they can either ride in when needed on the back of their great feline mounts, the Narglates. Or will defend the units rear from flanking attacks. Able to move quickly about the battle field they move into close range of the enemy forces and attack at hand to hand range with their prefered spears and clubs. 



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Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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