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The Inheritance Cycle - Holocron of the Imura Bloodline

- - - - - Imura Bloodline Imura Holocron History Inheritance

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Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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  • Name: The Inheritance Cycle - Holocron of the Imura Bloodline
  • Manufacturer: Various members of the Imura Bloodline. Namely Morna, Nickolas, Lexa, and Ignis Imura. 
  • Affiliation:
    • The Imura Family, and any they choose to lend it too. 
    • Current owner is Ignis Imura
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Unique

  • Material:
    • Durasteel
    • Electrum
    • Lava Crystal


  • Classification: Holocron
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Light


  • Life and upbringing of Morna Imura, Nickolas Imura, Lexa Kimene Imura, and Ignis Imura
  • Complete history of the Imura Bloodline up to 17 previous generations. 
  • Excerpts of the Netherworld from Morna and Nickolas' point of view. 
  • Mastery over All Shaping arts.
  • Mastery Level teachings of Alter Environment.
  • Mastery over Tutaminis, and absorbing energy. 
  • Knight Level teachings of Matukai Culture, Philosophy and various martial arts that can be used in conjunction with Shaping. 
  • History, and fabrication of Force Imbued relics. 
  • History, and fabrication of Sith Swords/Armor, and minor uses of Sith Alchemy. 


  • Completed and Always Improving: The Holocron holds a ton of information about the Imura Family as a whole, as well as Mastery over the elements and altering the environment. A familiar trait among force users within the family. As well, the holocron can receive more information that can be added via Ignis, or any other Heirs to the name of the Imura Line. 
  • Imbued with the Force: As the relic is imbued with the force of Morna, Nick, Lexa, and Ignis Imura, the holocron is very resilient to damage and would be very difficult to break or destroy. 


  • Heir to the Throne: As the Holocron is imbued with the various members of the family line, Only those who have true imura blood in them will be able to access the holocron. Meaning that if someone else wishes to use it, they must have access to the holocron itself, and have someone of the Imura Bloodline open it for them. 
  • Sanctioned: As there is so much information to cover, each item that is added will require it's own section within the holocron, as well as the gatekeeper to approve of their access to said knowledge. Even if the holocron was opened for someone, the Gatekeepers, Morna, Lexa, and Ignis, will prevent some information from being shared as it is reserved for only a few select individuals. 
  • Force Imbued: If within a force nullification bubble, it is impossible to turn on or access, and also leaves the holocron in a state where it could be destroyed rather easily. 

Born upon the planet of Kro Var, Morna Imura had a fairly harsh life. Learning to overcome his training as a Fire Shaper, and then becoming a Master of the art. Traveling the galaxy, taking Lexa under his wing, teaching her and then even conceiving a child with her. Nick had been kidnapped and escaped. Able to finally be released and find his path. While dark, he then married Lexa before Ignis had been born. 


With Ignis discovering his true heritage, being the son of Morna, and raised by Nickolas as a competent force user. 


It was only after being called out by the Spirit of Morna, Ignis found the holocron after it has been in the works for years. With the final missing piece being Ignis to place the last few items into it. Ignis took some time to put in Matukai Teachings as well as how they can be used, and searched through all the information of the Holocron to make sure it was correct, and even learn more about his father who perished before his birth. 


This holocron is the complete collection of the Shaping family that is well known for their Fire within their veins. 

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Under Review.


Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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