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Orion Darkstar

Orion Darkstar

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Most of the previous suggestions sound awesome!


On a smaller scale of things. For writers that usually don't hold too much weight with heavily influenced lore based on faction wars, alliances, and such, usually stray away from those activities. I think it would be neat to see some their own influences as well, although minor, but significant for their characters. Someone may have touched base on this earlier. Just reinstating it.


The only other cool thing I could see... is maybe having a section to place outcomes of personal endeavors. Regarding experiments, construction of ship, magical creationsect. Almost like a journal entry, comprised of all these different creators. It could even open up the first steps to most submissions, and what those characters were thinking during failures, successes and finally, the ultimate outcome. I'd be down to see how some of these creations we so fondly are attached to, first came to mind from the character's point of view and what lengths they went to make it happen. I felt that most submissions regarding all things in general, touch lightly on the processes in which they were created or even acquired. Just a thought..


Allyson Locke




Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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Allyson Locke You're beautiful its true