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The Alderaan Offensive [TSE vs. FWC]

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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Alderaan, the bright beacon of hope for Republics throughout history, and now the capital of a Coalition of Free Worlds. For too long Alderaan had served as an affront to the Sith Empire, harboring enemies of the state and serving as an untouchable redoubt for pro-Republican corsairs to harry Imperial trade convoys moving between the neutral worlds just beyond the Coalition’s borders. 
But no longer.
The tides had begun to shift, spies embedded within the Coalition’s territory spoke of opportunity. They had begun to stagnate, mired in complacency. The Coalition deigned to leave planetary defense up to its individual member-states, neglecting a national military in favor of planetary self-determination.
The Sith Empire held no such noble sentiments, its military was centralized and vast.
So the Sith Emperor and his villainous war council had drawn up plans to deliver a series of knockout blows to the ailing state. A tripartite strike at the Coalition’s most important planets, Alderaan, Kuat, and Balmorra. 
A gargantuan shadow materialized over Alderaan, followed by a multitude of smaller shadows that contributed to an unyielding darkness intent on swallowing all of Alderaan. Battlecruisers, destroyers, warships of all shapes and sizes orbited the nucleus of the monstrous attack force; the Behemoth.
Personal flagship of the Sith Emperor.
Just over six miles from prow to stern, the Behemoth was the largest warship ever constructed in the modern era. The culmination of nearly thirty years of hidden construction and secret research, it was the coup de grace the Sith Empire intended to unleash upon its enemies. Where it tread, doom and destruction was left to writhe in its wake.
And now that same doom would be delivered to Alderaan.
Hundreds of fighters spewed out from the Behemoth’s ventral hangar like a swarm of bats riding out from the mouth of chaos, while assault transports began their approach vector towards the planet’s surface. This had become the doctrine of the Empire, a massive wave of fighters to prelude the main fleet’s final maneuver into attack position followed by a rapid deployment of ground assets during the confusion and chaos. 
New Aldera would bear witness to this blitzkrieg as the skies would become filled with the grisly sight of hundreds upon hundreds of landing craft skewer the clouds as they breached the atmosphere. The city itself would be too hot of a landing zone for the majority of the craft, only the boldest and most elite of the Empire’s warriors would be given the honor of risking anti-air cannons to directly attack the city. The walkers and tanks would have to be assembled beyond the range of the city’s defenses, and brought it from all sides to attack with unrelenting brutality. 
This is how many would find themselves, thrust into the thick of battle as gruesome war was brought unbearably close to a region once believed to be the epitome of peace.
But as always, peace is a lie.
There is only destruction.


Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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​The battle lines were set and monsters came stalking out from the first wave that made landfall the Jen'Lazea had come to Alderaan.


​The noise was deafening as the battle lines were established right on the outskirts of Alderaan's Capital City. The once beautiful area looked like a blackened hellscape after the landfall of the graug. The ground was mounded down into dark muddy dirt. In the very back of these lines sat row after row, after row, of the towering glycons strapp​ed with massive artillery cannons loaded for maximum loss of life, and maxiumum destruction. The barrage overlap​ped constantly so there was never a gap in this deafening barrage, the shots instilled terror as they screamed through the air with a high pitched howl just before they would detonate on buildings, in streets, atop fortifications. The destruction was unbelievable.


But the graug loved it.


To the average soldier it was twisted to see these monsters stalk out of makeshift garrisons dug from their monstrous worms. They held twisted grins and cackled with a sick madness as the full scope of their invasion was set loose. The horde amassed from the small graut to the elite Hyal'Hâsk stood as Sith fighters screamed above them. They all waited eagerly for someone...something. Their insatiable hunger was held back by a singular individual...


The God-Splitter.


Warchief Malgrog walked right out to the front lines alongside a terrible green skinned behemoth. A hulking demon that burned with unholy fire that carried a great twin bladed glaive towered over the Warchief, it's much smaller fellows joined the Jen'Lazea alongside the spawn that accompanied them. This was a monster without equal, a monster known among the dark forces of the Sith as the Butcher-King's Rage. Malgrog nodded in the beasts direction who then raised its great glaive in the air and roared signaling a full advance of the very first waves right into the enemy battle lines "Bring me the heads of their fallen! TO WAR!"





​The Shadow Hand watched the battle unfold.


The Hammer of Bastion emerged alongside the massive armada one of the core ships alongside the Behemoth. Deep within the well protected central command center he watched the battle unfold from atop his dark throne as the very first monsters touched ground and began an intense artillery barrage on the crown jewel of Alderaan. As fighters screams from above the barrage was unending, relentless.


Those who commanded the bulk of the forces were patched in through a constant open channel while others actually stood within the command center. The Shadow Hand simply listened his massive frame clad in dark armor. He only said a single sentence in the past hour to one of his attendants "Inform me when the Emperor is ready to descend, and we will join him at once." But he was always watching, scrutinizing every detail of the invasion.


Darth Carnifex       


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Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen

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Kor Vexen


Outskirts of New Alderaa | Location

TSE Legion /Lieutenant Saryn/Company



The Sith General stood with his hands clasped behind his back, observing the siege of the city from the outskirts, watching as it was relentlessly bombarded. By his position were several squadrons of deployed AW-04 'Harbingers' had already deployed themselves into walker forms and dug into the earth as their heavy rail cannons fired a cannonade of high-speed rounds that were targeting structures to bring them down. A number of additional ground forces had been deployed, but for the time being Vexen belayed any orders to advance on the city for the Legion under his control to avoid them being hit by their own artillery or having a building come toppling down on them. The mass of debris created from the barrage would provide excellent cover for his men once they began their assault on the city. The Free World Coalition had caught the gaze of the Emperor, and by his will deemed it to be turned to ash. The city will burn as Thyferra burned and no one was to be spared. Tens of thousands of his men were deployed to the battlefield as their armies had been deployed deep into the Core.


Vexen's gaze across the battlefield would wander off to the deployed Graug as he had a look of disgust under his helmet. Such vile creatures, yet so easily disposable. Their frenzy was nothing compared to the discipline of his Legion. Vexen returned his gaze to the city as it was constantly barraged by the combined artillery of his deployed Harbingers and the deployed Glycons. A number of AT-MTW 'Monoliths' squadrons had been deployed amongst his army to provide additional armor support as well as some anti-air capabilities for any enemy starfighters that tried to perform any strafing runs. Several shield generators had also been deployed in the event that anyone attempted to retaliate against their static positions. The droning march of thousands of SE-K9 Fang Wardroids could be heard as they were advancing upon the city in waves with the support of several Monoliths as the vanguard to probe out the enemy's defense of the city as well as clear a path for the rest of the invading ground forces.


Vexen would unclasp his hands from behind his back as he turned to his subordinate, Lieutenant Saryn and spoke, "We march on the city once the droids have breached its perimeter, we will have no delays." The lieutenant would bow in acknowledgment as Vexen strode off to a holotable in the established outpost that had been set up, kneeling before it as he sent a message to the Emperor, "The city is under heavy siege my Lord, we will dispatch the armies to burn everything and everyone within it soon. "


Darth Carnifex

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Jorryn Fordyce

Jorryn Fordyce

    Blood on the Leaves

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The quietness and calm of space was deceiving the true nature of what was about to happen on Alderaan, the home of the Free Worlds Coalition. Jorryn's hand held tightly to one of the handle bars in the bay, waiting for the landing craft to come out of hyperspace near her home planet. 


The ship jostled forward as it finally came out of hyperspace causing all the men and women of the Sith Empire to shift suddenly, their armour rattling as they found new footing to plant themselves. The siren that signalled the beginning of the operation rang loudly in the chamber as the craft began to make it's descent downward onto the planet, red lights flashing again the white armour of the troopers with her.


As the bright jewel that was Alderaan came closer and closer to the port window that Jorryn found herself near, her mind wandered to the past. Vague memories of her childhood, the figures faces too blurry to recognize any of them but the architecture and palaces were still vibrant in her recollection. She could hardly remember how old she was the last time her feet had touched her home, presumably just before the age of ten.


Perhaps six.


It filled her with a feeling of anticipation and nostalgia, emotions that hadn't typically lent themselves to the Echani as she spent most of her childhood being brutally trained on a star destroyer by the Sith Lord that had adopted her. Nonetheless she still wondered if those same palaces would be destroyed by her these many years later.


A soft thud told the tightly packed force that they had landed, the quietness of ten minutes ago was now a thing of the distant past as explosions covered the sky and areas around them as the ramp lowered. The battle was in full rage now, fighting in both the sky and ground well on their way.


Despite the chaos of the situation Jorryn was still one for ritual, her brutal gaze told the soldiers that she was to lead as much as they piled out of the ship into proper lines on either side of the ramp. The Echani slowly followed after they had properly formed, taking a break on the ramp of the landing craft to observe the planet that had previously only kept itself in her memories.


The raging battle around them did little to erase the elation that Jorryn felt about returning to the planet, the familiar feel of the wind blowing across her face as she finished her descent down the ramp before addressing her men.


"This is the end of the Free Worlds Coalition." The tone of her voice providing the statement as fact. "Remember we are not here to conquer, only to destroy."


Her teeth chewed the last word, turning her hesitance into anger as she rallied her men. The Echani took no joy in tearing apart the beautiful palaces in her memory, but if the Empire commanded then she would follow.


Amelia von Sorenn

Amelia von Sorenn

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For some time the Knights of the Pyre had kept their eye on the Coalition of Freeworlds, waiting for the right moment to strike at what they had begun to view as an entity worst than the Republic it had risen from. Their own forces had gathered upon the notice of its weakening and their own strikes had been quickly reorganized the moment they realized that something greater was reaching out from the Outer Rim Territories. However they took it more as a moment of providence and thus they had chosen their side. 


It had been some time since she had set foot upon the world, a soft hiss escaping her lips as she permitted the sunlight to touch her cheek before she turned away. A soft smirk upon her lips as she gazed upon the city before her, admiring its destruction - though she knew that somewhere in there were those she had come for. In this moment though she would wait, for she was not here as the destroyer or conqueror, rather she was merely here to lend the support of the Knights of the Pyre to the Sith - for what ever good that might do. 


Along with her she had brought five legions of the Knights - for the moment they waited - held back until a proper time for their deployment or if they were needed to plug any gap that might arise from such an operation. Remaining silent, she observed the well regulated and orderly units of the Sith - which merely caused her smirk to grow. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back slightly, sniffing the air and there it was, the smell that caught her attention - turning her smirk into a sly grin - as her tongue ran along her lips. 




It was fresh upon her air and it drew her attention as she stepped forward. Her golden hues slowly opened, settling upon New Alderaa before her attention settled on the General. Showing some form of respect, she lowered her head in a bow, offering that much to the being before her attention returned to the city. Her arms had come to rest at her sides, her hands resting upon the hilts of the lightsabers that Fiore had brought to her some time ago. 


"I have Five Legions in reserve that are at your disposal if you require them." 


Her words were left upon the wind, provided if they were needed and ensuring that it was known that she was merely there to support and lend a hand in the destruction of what she had once called her Home - a place she had felt ostracized - though even she knew that Alderaan had to come to an end. 


Kor Vexen

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    Darth Moirai

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There had been many occasions in Vaylin's life when she had the rug pulled beneath her feet, facing something unexpected and never thought would ever happen. A month ago the Zabrak had been called to Bastion, it had been short and sharp making it clear how important it was for her to arrive as soon as possible. The fact it was from the Dark Lord made it additionally apparent that it wasn't something Vaylin was allowed to put aside. So she had made short work of her current distraction, turning around and flying back to the Sith Empire's capital.


It was there that the Valkyrie was introduced to the Crimson Valkyrie.


A uniquely modified Marr-class Star Destroyer that the Dark Lord had commissioned for the Valkyrie. Her jaw would've hit the floor if she hadn't shown restraint, but she had seriously debated on wherever this was serious or not. Ultimately she bit her tongue on that line of thought, of course it was serious of the Emperor of the Sith Empire had seen it constructed. However it hadn't been the only surprise thrown into Vaylin's lap, as shortly after the Zabrak had been informed there was a fleet to accompany it.


The Vermillion Authority, a fleet of Xo'Xaan II-class Star Destroyers; twelve in total, that had been customized to match the small colouring as the Crimson Valkyrie. It would act as the fleet's commandship, with Vaylin herself as the current Commander of the Authority.


She was absolutely floored (although she wouldn't ever openly admit it). The Crimson Valkyrie was bestowed upon her for the Zabrak's efforts and devotion to the Empire. With the fleet itself to be used by the Valkyries as a whole.


The time spent from there was to get use to being in command of something, familiarizing herself with the crew and essentially learning the ropes. Their first outing would be the campaign against the Free World's Coalition. Darth Carnifex had ordered the Crimson Valkyrie and The Vermillion Authority to join the fleet over Alderaan. Their directive was to ensure as many Alderaan ships didn't leave the planet's atmosphere. If any did, it was down to the commandship to pull them out of hyperspace.


Vaylin however, was waiting on the bridge. Her focus was to be planetside today and was awaiting the signal for their transports to descend upon Alderaan.

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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

    The Wild One

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New Alderaa


852 ABY

Engaging Kor Vexen with Kei's "Security" Detail | Darth Krayt's Reborn Armour


Hands clasped, pressed on the small of his back.


The Security Detail around the city, picking off the oncoming storm. The droids were marching forward, progammed to do nothing but capture the city. The Sith Empire had arrived, the full might of the Empire marching down on the core to finally wipe out the Free World's Coalition. The Free World's Coalition refused to die quietly, refused to go out without a fight. They had battled on Hapes and they had gone to war on Onderon only hours later. They were not dying without a fight.


Kei Raxis was exhausted.


Two major battles within fourty eight hours, the first against Kyrel Ren upon Hapes and now against the full force on The Sith Empire. Within two weeks he had gone from a simple naval officer to a crippled human after his fight with Zavii to an armour clad military leader, wrapped in the armour of the former leader of The One Sith Darth Krayt. The armour was special, however he had hardly had time to master it before the war appeared at their front door.


And then Ra'a'mah had asked him to help the Free World's Coalition. He had dove into battle on Hapes against Kyrel Ren and they had done battle across the planet, red and yellow lightsabers clashing and punches being thrown. He had sat out the battle of Onderon, Gray Raxis was leading the assault and Kei refused to go to battle against family. He had however honoured his families commitment by offering forces to the battle.


Then the final assault came.


The Oncoming Storm.


The Sith Empire had arrived, the full might of the Empire storming New Alderaa. The Securty Detail were fighting valiently, trading shots with droids to hold the city. They were loyal to a fault, Kei couldn't fault them for that. They were following his orders to their dying breath, even now he was locked and trapped within some rather big and scary armour. The armour of the original One Sith Darth Krayt.


"The Sith forces are continuing to march upon the capital, our soldiers are struggling to hold them back"


The speaker, John William Lyson had fallen back from the front line. He had lead the detail into battle but even he knew when it was time to pull back. He was a loyal man and a great advisor, Kei didn't fault him for falling back to come up with a new plan on how they could defend New Alderaa from the army marching down on them, tanks and droids all looking to destroy and burn everything that stood in front of them.


Kei was studying the battle from the balcony, he could see the droid army making up ground. He knew that he needed to order The Security Detail into the city so that they could begin the evacuation of any civilians who were still trapped within the city limits. Kei shook his head, wondering what Krayt or even Raien Keth would have done in this situation. Both of them would have probably jumped directly into battle, lightsaber in hand.


"I advise we recruit any civilians able to fight to our cause"


Kei shook his head again. He didn't want the civilans to fight, he wanted them to run. He wanted them to run and be safe, be free from the war currently raging on their front porch. He wanted them to run before mothers, brothers, sons and daughters fell during the firefight. Kei wanted them all to run, get as far away as they could and then keep running until they left the galaxy before they ran a little bit more.


"We will lose the city"


Kei was aware. He was aware that the city would fall and that any morale and hope shared between the soldiers would crumble as The Sith Empire secured a victory. Shells pummeled houses from above, The Sith Empire unloading every they had on the city. There wouldn't be a city to lose if the battle continued any longer. They needed to wrap up the battle soon so that the people actually had homes to return to.


"Pull the detail back into the city and to the command point previously agreed. I will enter this battle myself, guided by the thoughts in my head"




    The Pan-Galactic Scumbag

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LOCATION: Juran Region - Staging Point Starblossom
OBJECTIVE: Support Sith Organics
ENEMIES: FWC | Jurrano

GEAR: Cylix Pistol | HPB Pistols x 2 | Magnetic Reaper | CF6 Concussion Rifle | SIF-71 | YVHa-60 Chassis






There were directives authorized, council's held in secret. Neither Matsu Xiangu, and most assuredly her companion, YVHa-60, sat in on those. But nevertheless here they stood, Core World soil below their feet, the Credits of a Sith Empire lining their pockets. To attract The Haruspex and her Machine - nothing short of the budget of an entire Star Systems annual earnings could stir them from their obscene home in the Unknown Territories.

So here, on Alderaan, they would combat the enemies of Darth Carnifex indubitably. But while the blood sworn forces of the Dark Lord grasped the beating heart of the World at New Aldera, Matsu and the Droid had arranged to lead an assault on the glistening city of Jurrano.

It was night in the Juran Region, Staging Point Starblossom had been cut in to a spacious clearing in a valley in between the vast Juran Mountains - much like the City they meant to assault in the hours preceding dawn. Under the Atrisian woman's Command were Five Thousand Sith Empire Soldiers, Hundreds of them Acolyte and Knight level Force-Users. An Armor Compliment that consisted of 40 WG-211 Self Propelled Howitzers, 15 AT-HAWs and 5 AT-PATs.

Mercenary Forces brought with the Tiniest Titan included Xerrzyk the Ghastly, the Klatooinian Slaver that had been folded in to the Mentalists inner-circle in the Slave Uprising on the Hutt Space World of Diyu where she had very nearly seen her life end. With the wretched Slaver, 500 of his Eldorai Guerrilla's that had served him well on Kaeshana and all of the bloodshed that came after, aswell as a compliment of 1000 Vornskrills.

From Maena, also came Sebestev Szradislav, a Sworn Sword of the Last Fathers. An Order of Force-Users that saw defeat by Matsu's deadly hands in the War of Orphans on the very cruel world they called home. Now avowed to her, they fought for the causes that she deemed worthy, collecting Orphans and young Victims of War to train in the Force, Combat and Educate for both Maena and The Sith Empire - at least until more worthy Masters took them on.

While Matsu, the Droid and the Sith prepared to deploy from the Staging Point - mounting great weapons of war on to backs of peaceful Thranta, overseeing Tactical Briefings, nailing in every last detail before the march on Juranno. . . Sebestev and the Last Fathers already had the lives of the enemy upon their Blades.

High in the alpine snow caps, Sebestev bent down against the cover of a mammoth rock that jutted out from the wall beside him. Wind wet with the frigid dust of sleet battered him, blasts of crimson cooking his stone bastion in to glass. His hands shivered from the cold, blood frozen to to the edge of his Phrik Sword. His eyes tried to focus through the darkness and the blizzard, his Brothers were with him, but he didn't have time to establish exactly where.

If the mission of the Great Mother failed, their March on Jurrano would end with a barrage of Artillery that would wipe The Sith Empire's efforts in this Region off the map. Shivering, breath misting, his shoulder yanked away from the rocks as he lunged back in to the fray.

Visibility barely existed as he moved forward, ice stinging his face, stabbing his eyes, but he lumbered on. Ahead the flare of blasters ignited with a pale glow, red spears hurtling forward as he approached. His body leaned away from the impacts, advancing more rapidly.

"P. .. p-prr. . press them back!" Sebestev cried out to his rear for any that would hear.

An eruption of sparks suddenly struck the plate that curtained his chest, small embers landing in his wet hair and the fur that wreathed his quivering bones. His left hand thrust forward, snow swirling rebelliously in the opposite direction the wind attempted to command as the source of the attack was lobbed off over the cliffs in to the never ending darkness below screaming the entire way down.


The Last Fathers must succeed!

Aela Talith

Aela Talith

    The Righteous

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Space - Enroute to Alderaan

Allies: FWC | Trextan Voidstalker

Enemies: TSE


"Every week there's something new." Aela mused to herself quietly as her hand gently squeezed the back of the pilots chair. Her focus was in the readouts on the console ahead of her, though she very carefully did not touch any of the buttons on the device.


Partially that was due to her own paranoia, but mostly it because she knew it would be terribly rude to reach past the pilot and starting touching his controls.


Still, she couldn't help fidget slightly. Even on her best days starship tended to make her nervous. It was a rather ironic trait given that the current state of the galaxy meant that galactic travel was about as common as eating, but it wasn't something she could help. Unlike almost anywhere else Starships were not something she had any control of, and that very idea made her more than a little bit sick. A part of her thought that was because of the helplessness of it all, though the greater sum of it knew it was linked to something else.


Aela frowned for a moment, then shook her head.


Best not to focus on that.


Instead she took in a deep breath, her eyes refocusing and glancing over towards another part of the console. They were only fifteen minutes out from Alderaan now, a planet that had for centuries been a bastion of freedom and democracy. The world had, quite literally, at one point been destroyed for its stance. After it's rebirth shortly before the Gulag plague Alderaan had continued to be a safeguard for democracy, even under oppressive regimes.


It was a quality that Aela couldn't help but admire, and in this trying time; support.


That was why she was here. It was why she had roped members of the SIS and the 5th Legion into helping her. It was why she was on this ship, and it was why she had the odd pit in her stomach. Lips thinning, she glanced at the small hyperspace clock.

Mariel Dawnrider

Mariel Dawnrider

    Wing and a Prayer

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Location: Juranno, Juran Region, Alderaan

Objective: Seriously? This again?

Allies: Alden Belmont, FWC

Enemies: The mother-karking-sith-again, Six-O, Matsu Xiangu

Gear: HA, Blaster Pistol, HAHAohgods


A number of the refugees from Dellalt had ended up on Alderaan within Free World Coalition space. They had come with little more than the clothes on their back and whatever they had been able to carry, but they had been welcomed and aided in their relocation. It had only been a few days, however, since their arrival, and for now they were still set up in temporary accommodations. 


In the hotel room in down town Juranno, Harper lay back, staring at the ceiling. Fully clothed, boots off by the door, she'd laid down over an hour ago, hoping to catch a few winks with very little success. Hands behind her head, ankles crossed, she watched the late night lights of Juranno city flicker across the ceiling. Few and far between, the longer the night drew, the less there were. 


She replayed the events of the last few days, over and over again. Wondering if maybe there had been some way that it could have gone better. Focused, prodding, turning the mistakes over and over in her mind....


Because it was easier than letting herself dwell on the fact that Harper had no idea if her family's ship had made it to hyperspace and away....


Or if it had been one of the ones destroyed or taken by the Sith. 


With an irritated noise in her throat, she rolled over and off of the bed. Pulling her boots on and tying her hair up in a ponytail out of her face, she headed out. Down the hallway, several doors down. 


For a moment, she stood there, then made the annoyed sound at herself again. 


Carefully, not too loud- loud enough to hear if he was awake but not loud enough to wake him if he was asleep- Harper rapped with the back of her knuckles on Alden's door. 

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Rai Seren

Rai Seren
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The journey was everything.

For nearly two years now she'd been wandering the Galaxy in search of answers. She'd just had her sixteenth birthday and she was feeling like going home. At every turn she'd been frustrated to find no answers. There was no information on her family. There was no information on her mother. By all accounts, Asha Seren was well and truly dead, just as Master Xevras had told her that she was. She didn't hate him for telling her the truth. She hated Kaine Zambrano for killing her.

Part of her felt that she should have hated her mother. The woman had given her life and then left her, an infant, in the hands of an Echani master among the Je'daii. Not her father, just someone she clearly trusted more than him, whoever he was. She couldn't bring herself to hate her mother, though. Sure, she was angry at being left, but she understood now why she had left. A trip to Panatha had shown her the reality of rule under the fist of a Sith sycophant. She knew why her mother had done it.

She didn't know how she'd known to be on Alderaan. One day she was at a starport on some world she didn't even know the name of, and the next she was on a transport bound for Alderaan. When she'd arrived, she'd gone first for a hot meal, and then to get an inexpensive room. It wasn't long after she did that the warning klaxons went off. She pulled out her datapad and started scanning the local frequencies, but it took a bit for her to find anything. The local government had clamped down as soon as the sirens went off, probably to keep whoever was attacking from using the net against them.

She grabbed her staff and headed out the door. So far as she was concerned, Alderaan was a peaceful, neutral, world. That meant that she, as a Je'daii had an obligation to strive to keep it neutral and out of the hands of whomever was attacking. Not that she was particularly sure how she was going to go about that. She was practically a master of Echani Martial Arts thanks to her upbringing, and she was skilled in the Force to the point of enhancing her fighting abilities, but she'd never fought another practitioner of the Force in real combat. Given that she could feel numerous signatures, full of darkness, out there, she had a feeling she was about to.

Several people were running past and she tried to call out to them, but as soon as she spoke they had moved out of hearing range. Finally, she spotted a member of the Alderaan security force and made her way towards him. Several people had crowded around him, and they were all clamoring for answers. He lifted his hands in an attempt to quiet them at the same time as she stopped at the back of the group.

"The Sith Empire is attacking and I need everyone to report to their shelters. That's all I can tell you."

The bickering started again as she stepped away, having gotten what she needed. She felt the anger welling inside of her and looked up at the sky. Somewhere up there might be her target. Maybe. If not him, then one of his relatives at the least. It was doubtful he would let any attack orchestrated by his empire not have some sort of Zambrano presence. That was good enough for her. She would find them, and she'd kill them.

She slipped into an alley as the people who'd been accosting the security member moved off. All she had to do was wait for the dropships, and find her time to strike.

Darth Carnifex Darth Prazutis


Matsu Xiangu

Matsu Xiangu

    The Haruspex

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LOCATION: Juran Region - Staging Point Starblossom
OBJECTIVE: Make sure troops and allies are ready to go.
ALLIES: Six-O | Imogen Daniels | TSE 
ENEMIES: FWC | Harper Kade | Alden Belmont
GEAR: Tianzun
The earth rumbled beneath her feet. The movement of heavy machinery punctuated the air, the mechanical screech of AT-PAT’s enormous legs echoing across the staging area as their systems were tested for a final time. Complements of Sith troopers were starting to take positions, marching in time past a quietly observing Matsu.
She tooks a deep breath. It had a whistle to it now. It was so subtle as to be nearly imperceptible. Were she to tell someone it was there they might have called her mad - perhaps still feeling stress from her injuries. But she could hear it.
Imogen stood next to her, perhaps attempting to map out this massive stage as far as she could with the Force. Although not her apprentice - and being a rather covetous creature herself, that distinction was important where Jacob was concerned - Matsu liked the younger woman. She’d been unafraid from the moment she’d entered the Unit. Refreshing.
And on the other side, Six-O.
It just stood there, my Lord.
It watched you.
It wouldn’t let anything touch you.
Matsu Xiangu had always demanded respect for the droid from those who worked for and near her. Now there was no tolerance for inability to follow a simple command.
Lt. Grayson hadn’t missed the memo. As he walked, straight-backed and proper to the Lady and her contingent (posture masking a fiercely thumping heart), he did as was expected and nodded his head in deference to the droid. Some human part of him - ingrained prejudice - felt queasy at the motion, but it was easier just to do it. She was watching, an eerily porcelain face filled with cracks and eyes that looked blind but could see everything in his head if they wanted to.
“Sir, we’ve been instructed to defer to you in matters of arming the thrantas. We require your assistance.”
Others however, couldn’t stomach the obscenity of the order.
Matsu, beckoning Imogen along, wanted to see how the thrantas were being armed before making her own last checks and accompanied the droid. Crews of troopers were wrestling together rigs of aerial weaponry that would sit on the flying creatures, directed by loudly shouting commanders. Though as light as possible, such rigs did not come without their difficulties and frustration etched the lines of Major Suih’s face. A human, approaching his forties, hard-jawed and angry, he saw no use for tech like this. As such, by the time the trio arrived he had had just about enough.
“About time you stupid karking droid - show us how these are to be equipped!”
Afterwards anyone standing in the area would say they felt empty, like their insides had been pulled through a black hole. Just for a moment. And when the sensation left, Major Suih had started digging fingers in to his eyes. For that brief moment all work stopped, vitreous fluid glistening on the backs of Suih’s leather gloves as he screamed. They’d say he dug all the way to the back of his skull. None of them would ever say more than that.
Matsu turned quietly to Lt. Grayson. “Lieutenant, you are now Major of this battalion. I believe you would do well to make the first act of your promotion reminding your men that YVHa-60 is to be respected.”
“Y-yes, yes my Lord,” stuttered Grayson, the pallor of his face reminiscent of his name.
Nodding once to the droid, Matsu turned with Imogen at her side to glide off towards the rows of AT-HAWS and check in with their crews. 
“I’ll tell you something my Master taught me, Imogen. One of the lessons I remember best,” she said quietly, the sky turning a new shade of blue as the early hours of morning approached. “When you want to send a message, strike quick and simple and for the heart. All the rest is just overcompensation.”

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Xin Boa

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Location: Space aboard Crimson Dahlia

Xin was still wiping grease from his hands as he stepped into the cockpit. The cerulean hues of hyperspace gave his green skin a blueish tint. The rag was unceremoniously balled up and tossed to one side. That was before he decided to collect it again and push it into one of his pockets. At least then the cockpit gave the impression of being tidy.

Skreech skittered across the floor and then hopped up onto a chair. The monkey-lizard seemed to be going through phases of grief since losing his master @mirax. Today he seemed in a somber mood and didn't want to be far from the two occupants of the ship.

Xin sat himself down. For all that hard work moving through a cramped crawlspace and getting down to the third injector they had found it efficient and clear. After some searching and swearing Xin had found a wire in the monitoring connection at fault. The system had been periodically reporting a failure based on a bad connection.

There was a blinking red light on the console. Xin turned to the comms terminal.

"Dells!" He shouted over his shoulder. There was a message. Encrypted and wrapped up in lots of urgent warnings. For her.

Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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LocationJuranno, Juran Region, Alderaan

Objective: Seriously? This again?

Allies: Harper Kade, FWC

Enemies: The mother-karking-sith-again, Six-O, Matsu Xiangu, Imogen Daniels

Gear: Hope. Lightsaber. More hope. Really... just hope.




That was the last thing on his mind.


Right now Alden was busy- tip of the tongue stuck between teeth, while he browsed the HoloNet for news of his folks. He had managed to hard-wire the HN-node connection of the hotel, because feth it if he had the credits to pay for the expensive tax they wanted for daily usage. The FWC had treated them fairly, Alderaan too, but they only had the ability to spare them the base necessity.


That didn't include a free HoloNet access point.


Any other day Alden would have felt guilty about it, but right now he had other things on his mind. "Hm." He scrolled to a second page just when the knock on his door shook him out of what he was doing.


"Yeah? You can come in, Xen." One of the other refugees, couldn't be more than fourteen years old, lost his folks during the chaos. He slept in the room opposite of him with another family. Al couldn't blame him for spending less time there and more time here. It would have been weird for him too, try and play nice while knowing your real parents weren't ever going to return to you.


"Oh, hey Harp." Alden rose up, letting the panel for what it was for now. "How are you holding up?"





    Darth Moirai

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Location: Space - Alderaan | Heading for Juranno

Objective: Land and Prepare for Secondary Assault

Allies: Six-O | Matsu Xiangu | Imogen Daniels | Followers of Dust |TSE

Enemies: Harper Kade | Alden Belmont | FWC

Equipment: Sith Lightsaber x2 | Shoto Lightsaber x1 | Armour | Oculus | Firestarter |


The signal came through and the crew of the Crimson Valkyrie didn't pause for a moment. It remained steadfast amongst the rest of the Vermillion Authority, but the Zabrak's troops were on the move.


"Captain, you're in charge while I'm groundside. Do not fail me or the Empire."


Just to her right was a male Chiss, the captain in question who do his credit didn't flinch at Vaylin's stony stare. The Zabrak was always more of an action person, rather than staying on a ship watching as things unfolded far below. She had been informed that the good captain was excellent at his job, scoring top marks in the Academy. Today would prove how true that was.


"Yes, my Lord. I will not fail you."


Vaylin wanted to correct him; she wasn't a Lord, but it was a waste of time and instead she turned on her heels and marched off the bridge. For the Zabrak's assault there would only be three transports departing from the hangar. They were to support the efforts that were already on the ground, preparing to assault the city of Juranno. Vaylin was aware that Matsu Xiangu and the droid YVHa-60; also known as Six as she had come to discover, were groundside supporting the Sith Empire. Her experience on Littoria had been enlightening, and the pair had intrigued her ever since.


The transports cut through Alderaan's atmosphere as they descended to the planet. A trio of transports soon split off as two of them landed at Staging Point Starblossom, Vaylin's continued on towards the mountains. It contained the Valkyrie and a group of the Dustbringers, some of which were the ones that had accompanied her on Littoria.


"Patch me through to the staging point." The pilot nodded, flicking a couple switches and pressing a few buttons, activating a secure encrypted channel to the Empire forces below. "Starblossom, this is Commander Vaylin." She almost paused at saying the title, still not use to being a commander of all things. "I've dispatched two transports to bolster your forces, my transport is heading into the mountains."



Adrian Vandiir

Adrian Vandiir

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Location Approaching New Aldera

Objective: Survive the battle and "confiscate" relics. If possible steal a statue.

Gear: Vibrorapier, Particle Beam Pistol, a pair of shock collars, and a concerning amount of thermal detonators.


The Armada had come to Alderaan and death followed in its wake. The SI/AIT shook as it plunged through the atmosphere, the tightly packed Legionnaires holding on as if their lives depended on it. Despite their training some of them shifted uncomfortably; perhaps it was due to anxiety, or perhaps it was due to the black-robed Acolyte in their midst, whistling cheerfully, his eyes closed as he did his best to prepare himself mentally for the battle ahead; he didn't doubt that he would need every scrap of power he could muster when battle was joined.


As they neared the surface, he briefly wondered how many of the men and women around him would live to see the end of the battle to come, then quickly banished such concerns from his mind. It would be preferable if they lived, of course, but he had more important things on his mind. Alderaan was a beacon of liberty, that much was true, but that wasn't what interested him. The city upon which the unrelenting might of the Sith was converging was beautiful, true, but beauty was fleeting, as the brutal artillery barrage currently pummeling the city was demonstrating rather efficiently. No, what interested him was not the hallowed halls of the Lords of Alderaan, but the relics no doubt found therein.


As the vessel made its final approach Adrian felt a deep sense of gratitude that the Sith held air superiority over the city; being shot down by a bunch of self-righteous pacifists wasn't exactly how he imagined himself dying. Ceasing his whistling, he eyed the Legionnaires at his side, perhaps he ought to say something? They no doubt looked up to him: after all, they were mere soldiers, while he was Sith. Yes, he should definitely say something: A few words of Sith wisdom, infused with his burgeoning abilities, to bolster their resolve and prepare them for the battle ahead. "Alderaan is an abomination upon the Emperor's Law. A beacon of resistance that we, will, crush. Today we deal the killing blow to the so-called "Free Worlds Coalition"; an alliance of fools espousing the ideals of chaos and anarchy. We will bring the rule of law to every corner of the galaxy and none, certainly not some ragged band of miserable nerf herders, shall stand in our way! Onwards, sons and daughters of the Empire; show no mercy, and expect none!" As the shuttle touched down on Alderaan's pockmarked soil, the Acolyte smiled to himself, allowing his passion to flow freely. Purging any remaining slivers of doubt from his mind as he once again started whistling merrily. This was going to be interesting.

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The Story Narrator

The Story Narrator

    Story Narrator

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Alderaan home of peace and beauty. Its lush valleys and blue skies always welcomed visitors. It was only rivaled by the people who were warm and friendly.


But there was always one fly in the ointment that one annoying little tick that just wouldn't go away. That couldn't stand the tranquility offered on Alderaan. Once more the Sith marched across the surface of home bringing their brand of destruction and chaos with them. Reports began pouring in of sightings, and the people began to panic.


Once again traitors showed their faces seemingly backed by the crimson aura's of the Sith.All rulers knew how to deal with traitors it was ingrained in them from birth how to treat those who curry favor, then stab out from the darkness to take what isn't theirs. 


Alderaan and her people held their breath once more, what would happen this time. What would be the result?Buildings could always be replaced, built upon the ashes once more. It wasn't hard to do they were getting to be exceptionally good at it.


Captain Lindsey of The Queens Guard stood at the gates of the palace. Inside they were receiving a holo of the Queen from an undisclosed location of what to do. Briefing her on what had happened so far. 


Lieutenant Oliver stood nodding, "yes Mam. They blew through our defenses like they didn't exist. Must be some kind of force magic that would allow that."


Faith nodded, "Don't worry about any of the buildings. They can be replaced, get the people out of the city."


Thranta riders were sending back reports of what they saw reporting back that it appeared that House Sorenn-Syrush was among the invaders. They didn't know if they should tell their Queen. That there was an Alderaani among the Sith. Not that it was of any surprise other Noble Houses in the past had also taken up arms against the fellow Alderaani. They usually didn't survive long.  


"Lt." Faith's blue figure shimmered, "Ensure all Coalition members are protected as well put them on a transport send them to their homeworlds. The people are first no matter what." 


Captain Lindsey began to give orders for his men to fan out. In his head he took a mental accountability of the family, Theo was a ranger on patrol but they had been called home no idea when they would arrive. Laira was not planet side her location always closely guarded. Draco and Faith secure. Arianna, and Rianna were off world as not really part of the royal household any longer they were free to do what they pleased pretty much. Garith and Theo were off world and had been for sometime. The Lost Princess was last seen with her madman away from Alderaan.  


For a moment he allowed himself the luxury of thinking of his wife and child. He had told them to lock the doors, stay put, shoot anyone who came in worry about the consequences later. He hoped that he gave her sound advice to protect their lives. He remembered the last time the Sith came. He didn't want to see it again.

Delila Castillon

Delila Castillon


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Xin Boa | Location : Aboard the Crimson Dahlia






The pair had practically tore the Dahlia apart to find the offending wire, taking off access panels and squeezing into places not designed for sentients above the size of a toddler. Skreech had come into play for some of those needs, scuttling around if his mood was right to help them out where needed. As she had told Xin the little monkey-lizard was useful and Skreech seemed to be living up to her declaration most of the time. The pair had been slowly putting the ship back together with herself taking a lead on cleaning up a corridor. Wires were carefully laid back in, panels sealed tightly. Skreech had been handing her screws and bolts from a little tin clutched in his hand until they had reached the end, the monkey-lizard scuttling off to find Xin. 



Rag wiped down the access panel, streaked with spray lubricants and leftover grease from removed parts. The Nautolan shouted for her as her task was half-way through. Ears perked at the sound of a bit of tension. What the hell was wrong with the ship now? It seemed the minute everything was near-buttoned up something went wrong. 



"Is it broke again?!"



Forearm wiped her brow as she entered, spotting the blinking red of urgent communication. There was more than one, encrypted and coded. Xin had brought them up and the cause for alarm became clear. Gingerly sitting in the captain's chair, Delila leaned over and looked at the messages, blue light reflecting onto her features.One after another.Security procedures had her enter in various codes - some unique to herself and some unique to her job as well. Most of the messages seemed to be the same.










Hyperspace made for delayed messages. The redhead tapped her fingernails on the console for a moment.



"Are we closer to the job with the Fleet or Alderaan? If we're close to the Fleet I'll have to leave immediately."


Imogen Daniels

Imogen Daniels

    Blind Fury

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Location:  Juran Region - Staging point Starblossom

Objective: Make sure troops and allies are ready to go.

Allies: Six-O | Matsu Xiangu | Vaylin | TSE

Enemies: Harper Kade | Alden Belmont | FWC

Equipment: Sith Lightsaber


Milky white eyes travelled the expanse of land in front of her. Travelling slowly, Imogen began mind mapping the area in front of her, being sure to take note of the AT-PAT’S, Sith troopers, and other life that she could feel. Imogen could tell - just outside of where she was able to reach, there was other life, but she couldn’t bring it into focus, so instead she mentally made a note of it.


It was a lot to take in, especially for her first time in this kind of environment - but she felt comfortable. She had spent countless hours at the Asylum training, exactly for moments such as this.


Standing with Matsu and Six-O, though Imogen still referred to him as YVHa-60 out of respect, was surreal. Though she was not Matsu’s apprentice she was the apprentice of one of Matsu’s previous students. It was calming in an eerie in a sense. Impending battles, flashes of upcoming bloodshed, throats split wide, skulls battered with brain matter exposed, deep wounds covering individuals bodies - forever scarred, damage to everything around her left her inhaling sharply.


It was a lot to take in, but she was ready.


It came a lot quicker than she thought, too.


A man approached, anger rolling off of him in waves, and Imogen felt her back straightening, fingers twitching towards the lightsaber at her side. While she hadn’t been with Matsu or YVHa-60 long, she felt a loyalty to them that she hadn’t expressed for anyone other than Jacob.


Focusing her eyes on the man known as Major Suih’s face, they watched the man - sinking, unending depths, void of any emotion and Imogen felt a sense of satisfaction when she felt him falter slightly, before turning his attention to her counterparts.


His scream met her ears only moments later, and she felt nothing as she watched on. Shadows of fingers digging, gouging past muscle and fibres, taking her back to the moment she had lost her own eyesight. She felt nothing but a twitch in the back of her eyes. It was not the first violent act she had seen, and Imogen was sure it wouldn’t be her last. Especially not now, not today.


Matsu’s words met her ears, and Imogen turned - meeting the woman’s eyes as she let her in on words that would surely stick with her for the rest of her time.


When you want to send a message, strike quick and simple and for the heart. All the rest is just overcompensation.


Strike quick and simple and for the heart.


Imogen was unaware in that moment how often that would come to mind in the future.


“A fact most, I’m sure, overlook. Your Master sounds brilliant, Lady Matsu. - “


Before she continued on, her thoughts were interrupted by a voice cutting across the comms. The voice introduced herself as Vaylin.

Now that was a name she had heard before.  

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Trextan Voidstalker

Trextan Voidstalker
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Space - Enroute to Alderaan
Allies: FWC | Aela Talith
Enemies: TSE

Jacen's trust in Aela was certainly strong. Especially to let her be the responsible party for his often impulsive and always impressionable son. Trextan listened to her when she gave orders. In part this was down to the way she carried herself and spoke. It was also because she was particularly pretty and he was seventeen. Which meant he felt fairly embarassed when she spoke to him directly.

His lightsaber was strapped tight to his hip. One of the soldiers had given him a concerned sideways glance when it was across his lap. Trextan had taken that for concern at the emitted pointed in her direction.

He was as ready as he could be now. At some point in his life there had been this subtle transition where getting prepared to enter a warzone had stopped being terrifying. It made him wonder if something has just broken inside, rather than a new layer of confidence been built.

"How far out are we?" He asked. They were a small team, but a few people in the right place could make all the difference.