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The Imperators Raiment

- - - - - TSE Vornskr Joycelyn Zambrano Armour

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Joycelyn Zambrano

Joycelyn Zambrano

    Darth Vornskr the Second

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  • Manufacturer: House Zambrano.
  • Model: Refitted Tyrant heavy armour.
  • Affiliation: Joycelyn Zambrano.
  • Modularity: Yes (Misc tools and equipment can be added)
  • Production: Unique.

  • Material: Phrik, armorweave, Transparisteel, electronics, various trace metals and materials.


  • Classification: Heavy Multipurpose Combat Armour.
  • Weight:  Very Heavy. 
  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High.

- Kinetic: High.

- Lightsabers: Very High.

- Other: 

- EMP: Average.

- Enviromental: Average. 

- Sonic: Average. (High protection on ears, low protection from sonic blasts throughout)

- Bludgeoning: Low.

- Explosive: Low.



  • Armour:
    • Phrik armour plating: Phrik is able to resist lightsabres, blasters, and most sharp objects with relative ease. The phrik is shaped into interlocking and overlapping plates, these plates have ridges that sweep away from be body, potentially turning blades and slugs away away and giving a greater surface area on which to disperse plasma energy. The overlapping plates are also constructed so that they disperse weight throughout the wearer's body, minimising exhaustion and allowing for greater mobility. However, this also leaves more small gaps through which to stab.
    • Armourweave bodyglove: Under all the plating and tech is a form-fitted layer of armourweave, providing a last layer of protection against anything that sneaks through the plating.
    • ​Thermal gel lining
    • Hermetically sealed (Sealing foam). Comes with optimal pressurisation mode for space combat.
    • Power pack with secondary redundant power pack: Activates if the main power is damaged or tapped. 
    • Water recycling system.
    • environment underlay
    • Power armour liner
    • Wolf's-head design: The helmet creates the visage of a large canine's head with glowing red eyes and pointed teeth, designed to create an intimidating silhouette.
    • Military grade ​HUD
    • Enhanced optics suite with electrobinoculars, anti-flash lenses, and rangefinder.
    • Broadband Antenna, encrypted HoloNet access and Comlink.
    • Environmental filter: Filters out smoke and airborne toxins while the helmet is closed.
    • Rebreather, oxygen filtration system, emergency oxygen tank (60 minute supply), external oxygen tank dock. Water recycling system.
    • Annunciator.
    • Power armour liner
    • Sonic Dampener: Prevents damage to inner ear and loss of hearing.
    • Copper Faraday cage: A copper mesh that helps protect vital systems against electromagnetic energy.
  • Combat Harness:
  • Shoulders:
    • ​Cape: Magnetically attached to shoulders with a quick-release. Fur trimmed collar. Flame retardant armourweave. Looks majestic.
  • ​Arms:
  • Legs:


  • Phrik Plate: Both the nature of Phrik and the elaborate construction of the armour lends to its very high grade of defence, capable of resisting lightsabres. The plates are shaped to effectively to deflect blades and slugs, and to disperse plasma energy. 
  • Systems Support: The armour is built to keep its wearer alive and provide them with the tools they need to fight.
  • EMP Resistance: Blast energy sinks and combat de-ionisers, combined with a copper Faraday cage renders parts of the armour resistant against EMP and Ion attacks.


  • Mind the Gap: No protection is complete. The armour has several points in which a precise attack could land. If in doubt, aim for the eyes.
  • Heavyweight: This armour is very heavy. This affects stamina as well as certain types of movement. She is not performing any kind of acrobatics in this suit. Nor will she be able to run a marathon or make any attempts at being stealthy.
  • Lobstered: While the multi-segmented armour-construction gives certain boons, it also makes the wearer less resistant to kinetic force, such as explosions or a good bludgeoning weapon.
  • Localised Resistance: The EMP resistance is localised on the survival systems in and around the helmet. All other systems will be affected. 
  • Environmental Hazards: While the suit's environment underlay protects against extremes of heat and cold, it does not defend against radiation or corrosion, to mention some. 



Contrary to certain beliefs, growing up a Zambrano is not all banquets and luxury. Joycelyn Zambrano and her sister had to struggle to survive against her half-siblings' schemes and plots. She eschewed the high life she could have clamoured her way to and sought instead to forge her own glory through war in the armies of the Sith, and in the spiritual service of the Ember of Vahl.


After years of campaigning in other people's wars, the Vahlacanthix had a dream- Not the kind of dream that came in her sleep, but the kind that grew in her heart and mind: Joycelyn the Conqueror - Sword and Chosen of Vahl. It remained with the dream until her ship crashed on Navrozh due to a hyperspace anomaly. When the rescue mission picked her up, Joycelyn was different, hungry, more determined than ever. She had stared death in the eye and come out on top.


As she made her progression to Knighthood, Joycelyn went to Thule and stormed into the Zambrano citadel to stake a claim, and she left with the Imperator's Rainment. She then declared for her Father, Darth Carnifex, her intent to gather loose and fragmented planet states under the Empire, and her intent to claim her father's former sith moniker as Darth Vornskr II. To reflect this, Joycelyn had the Imperator's Raiment modified and fitted to her form and style of combat, and had its helmet remade in the visage of a canine to reflect her intended moniker.

The result was a heavy armour of black phrik plates, cut in aggressive corners and points. The plates glide over each other with minimal gap and feature ridges designed to turn away points as well as provide structural integrity; it also increases the amount of surface area present to absorb the energy of a lightsabre or a blaster, meaning it is very resistant to plasma weaponry. The dog's head helmet is shaped to invoke a monstrous visage, highlighted by the glowing, red eye-slits, and incite fear in opponents on the battlefield. The internal systems are made to provide Joycelyn with every chance at survival no matter the battlefield; from the depths of space, to the vulcanos of Mustafar. From the deserts of Iridonia to seas of Mon Cal.


Joycelyn set out on the path of conquest in her very own version of the Imperator's Raiment.

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The Major

The Major

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Under Review.


Looks well thought out. Tanky and powerful but with specific means to defeat a user cased in this armor. Only one question remains: how does it smell in there?

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The Major

The Major

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne



Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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