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Darth Morrow

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Darth Morrow

Darth Morrow

    Valeska Daeranthe

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| "Beg that I succeed, for I have seen the throne of the gods, and it was empty." |
-Corypheus, Dragon Age



| Social Information | 


Name: Valeska Daeranthe

  • Darth Morrow
  • Queen of Horror
  • Lady of Pride

Faction: ​The Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Lady
Homeworld: Iridonia
Living Situation:

Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Marital Status: N/A
Languages Known:

  • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Low Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • High Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Zabraki: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Sith: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • High Sith: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native

Voice Sample: Zahra(Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
Theme: (x)(x)(x)
| Physical Information |
Original Species: Zabrak
Age: Current Form: 45 | Actual: 59
Gender: Female
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches
Weight: 236 Pounds
Eye Color: Sulfuric Yellow-Orange
Hair: Porcelain White Roots, Grey ends.
Skin: Porcelain White
| The Force |
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Lord/Lady
Force Alignment: Dark Side
Master: Darth Carnifex
Apprentices: KarliahAnastasia Blackwood | Inian Thas
| Family |


Children: Kieran Daeranthe[Deceased], Morrigan Daeranthe(x)
| Traits |
Enhanced Strength + Dexterity 

Thanks to the new form created by her master as a replacement to her own body. The new form has genetically enhanced strength and dexterity. While she remains looking lithe and attractive, she can still pack a deadly punch.


Shifting Capability

In addition to the enhanced strength and dexterity, later modifications to her current form with the assistance of her Master and knowledge from an abandoned research facility, Morrow has gained the ability to modify her shape at will.



Others who meet her often describe her as rather cold, it's not very often anyone sees her display emotion, and if she does it's a sign something has either gone very wrong, or very right. Her voice often comes off as monotone.



Being attentive has its benefits. This one being that little evades her. Morrow pays great attention to the world around her, so she often picks up on well hidden traps, stashes, and even other beings.



It's very rare for her to be comfortable around anyone or even remotely trusting. As far as most know, there's no one she will let her guard down around, knowing very well that anyone at any moment could attack in a second. It would take quite the feat for her to be able to begin trusting anyone.


Overly Prideful

Morrow sees herself superior to most, priding herself in her combat and intellectual skills. When challenged in any way, she is often unable to refuse the offer as she sees it as a challenge to her status.


Additional References

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Darth Morrow

Darth Morrow

    Valeska Daeranthe

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| Skills |
Novice - Skilled - Adept - Expert
| Physical Skills |

Melee Combat.... [III III III III]

Shape-shifting.. [III III III III]

Stealth......... [III III III III]

Athletics....... [III III III III]


| Force Spells and Other |


Force Drain..... [III III III III]

Force Speed..... [III III III III]

Force Fear...... [III III III III]

Force Punch..... [III III III III]

Telekinesis..... [III III III III]

Mind Trick...... [III III III III]
Force Lightning. [III III III III]
Dominate Mind... [III III III III]
Transfer Essence [III III III III]
Force Sight..... 

Telepathy....... [III III III III]

Drain Knowledge. [III III III III]

Kro Var Shaping. [III III III III]

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Darth Morrow

Darth Morrow

    Valeska Daeranthe

  • Writers
    • Character Bio
  • 331 posts

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