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Company & Workshop Modifications

- - - - - Company Modifications Workshop Modifications 5.0

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Corellia Digital

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Company / Workshop: Corellia Defense

Modification Made: Move to Factory Archives

Tier Up: N/A

Adding Operations: N/A

Adding Locations: N/A

Changing Headquarters: N/A

Other: N/A


Rationale: Exploring the company side of Chaos was fun for a few years, but the story's been told and its time to move on.

New Submission: N/A



Zeke Farthen

Zeke Farthen

    MM & MSHC CFO. Translation: Corporate Babysitter

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Company / Workshop: MandalMotors

Modification Made: Adding location and subsidiary

Adding Locations: Werda - Werda Station

Other:  Adding Subsidiary Mythosaur Electric



Rationale: Hitting tier 6 allowed for expansions within the Mandalore System


New Submission:

Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

    Coopers Cooler

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Company / Workshop: MandalArms

Modification Made: Adding New Location - Mount Tantiss , Adding New Operation - Vehicle Production


Tier Up:  T3 to T4

Complete a Major Contract - MandalArms (Kaine) and the Mandalorian Empire (Tom Taff) complete Project Spymaster 

Sign a contract with three additional player run organizations, one of which must be a major faction.
Contracted to design the flagship of the CSA - Lady Kay
Commenori Resistance Arms supplies - CSA in Exile
Contracted to provide mercenaries and assets - ORC

Display four examples of company growth in influence and/or finances OR territorial expansion.
New Chief Scientist - Codex NPC
ME expansion to Vena - MandalArms assets involved
ME expansion to Taris and Vanquo - MandalArms assets involved
ME expansion to Colla IV - MandalArms assets involved

Display four uses of company operations.
Genetic Testing
Raid on Kashyyyk
Raid on the Hutts

Imperial Attack on Mandalore


Adding Operations: Vehicle Production

Adding Locations: Mount Tantiss

Changing Headquarters: N/A

Other:  N/A


Rationale: Continued expansion of company operations

New Submission:


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Zenva Vrotoa

Zenva Vrotoa

    The Blood Matron

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Company / Workshop: Blood Hunter's Iron Works

Modification Made:
Other: New Subsidiary

Rationale: Company for building new RP locations, and to "legitimize" Zenva's criminal activities.

New Submission:



    SWRP Owner

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This submission has been denied and moved to the Archives.

You may request a Second Chance within the Factory Discussion Forum and tag Jamie Pyne for review.

Thank you!