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Looking for Factory Judges

- - - - - Purple Rain

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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

    Good ol' Scoundrel

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The Factory is looking to recruit new judges!


If you are interested in joining the Factory team as a Judge, please feel free to read below and apply.

To be a successful applicant you must:

  • Be prepared to work with members to get their submissions approved.
  • Be able to work in a team and take instructions.
  • Be polite and balanced in your rulings.
  • Have experience with the Factory before hand with submissions.
  • Discord Chat accessibility. This is mandatory for all Factory Judges.


Please read everything before submitting your application in a single pm to Factory staff Jamie Pyne, Lily Kuhn, and Zef Halo.

In the PM state:

  • The profile you would want to judge in.
  • Examples of your best Factory submissions / Previous experience.
  • Why you want to become a factory judge?
  • How you would help make the factory better? Ideas?
  • Your discord name.

If you do not follow these instructions, your application will be ignored.

Raiz Australis

Raiz Australis

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Soon I will no longer be the new guy, and I don't know how to feel about that.



    I'm Sexy and I Know It

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Almost got me, there lol


Vee Toa

Vee Toa
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Edited by Vee Toa, 25 May 2018 - 12:37 PM.

Captain Larraq

Captain Larraq


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Vee Toa beat me to it.