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Coren Starchaser

Alliance in Exile

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    The Spark

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NAME: Coren Starchaser

CALLSIGN: Formerly known as "Hornet"

FACTION: Alliance in Exile, Jedi Academy Network, Corellian Confederation

RANK: Alliance Commander/Jedi Master, Warden of the Sky, Outer Rim Judge

SPECIES: Corellian Human

AGE: 37

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5’10

WEIGHT: 165lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Sandy Brown



LANGUAGES: Basic, Cheunh, Huttese





One Man’s Trash: Coren’s past life as a quartermaster and smuggler has allowed him to make do with what items he can find.

Wild on the Stick: Being a Corellian, Coren Starchaser is a natural behind the stick of any starship, and favors Corellian, Sienar, and Silk vessels

More Dakka: Coren prefers to use a variety of short- to mid-ranged weapons, including pistols, scatterguns, and carbines

Scrapper: When it comes to fights, Coren does not have any fighting styles, but will engage in bar-brawl tactics, Warden of the Sky punching and kicking

Use the Force: A Jedi Sentinel, with a focus in a number of disciplines, Coren is well versed in some exotic Force use

Not all who wander: Coren is just as at home on Corellia, as he is abroad.




Lightsabers have forms?: When it comes to lightsaber combat, Coren has no practiced forms

The Patriot: The defender of the truth and life, Coren will stay with a cause for a long time

He doesn’t like you: Socially, Coren doesn’t waste time with people, and will let them know it

Mission Focused: He worries about the task more than other aspects of life

Glass Cannon: Strength and Constitution are his dump stats

Sorcerer not Wizard: Coren may have exotic Force skills at his disposal, but when going head to head with actual casters, he’s out of luck.





Physically fit and ready to go, Coren Starchaser has a runner’s build, preferring to stay light on his feet, and able to move when the time comes. Spare time not spacebound finds him on tropical worlds of all shapes and sizes, and this gives him a light tan, when he’s not on military campaign


The pilot has several tattoos signifying a variety of life events. Of note is the crest of the Imperial 174th Warbird Wing on his left chest, down his right arm is cybernetic with synthflesh placed over. This skin is tattooed with logos for the Corellian Confederacy, and the Galactic Alliance.



Coren Starchaser started life out as the child of a Jedi Sentinel gone to ground. On Corellia, he spent most of his time between Coronet and Tyrena, living life in an estate paid for by the Corellian Defense Force, along the golden beaches. On his homeworld, he learned about patriotism from a young age. His youth was filled with airspeeder races as well as solar sails, along the pristine oceans of Corellia.  But this wouldn’t last.


The Sith had come calling for Corellia, and his father and mother were both killed during the defense. The next few years found Coren wandering the galaxy aboard his parent’s aging Corellian freighter. He ran into a group of Corellia expats and learned the basics of gun running, bar fighting, and starship mastery. Here is where he had met his late wife, Kelly Topol.


The next few years had found the Starchasers running supplies to various Rim worlds that needed them, tracking bounties, and accepted exploration missions they were flying for a number of galactic powers. Locating salvate, excavating ruins, and following clues had been the order of business for the pair. It was during this time of his life, around the age of 21, that Coren Starchaser had purchased the YT-2000, Tachyon Rising. Following a few particular nasty jobs, and increased pressure from the Sith in the galaxy, Coren and Kelly fell in with the Chiss Ascendancy. Here they joined up with the Imperial Order, a group who shared Imperial structure, but were providing the couple safe haven, and a position in Warbird Wing.


The next few years, Coren Starchaser rose to prominence in the Wing as a crack pilot, and the man who was willing to do what was needed. Instructed in the ways of the Dark Side, Coren began to take down enemies of the Ascendancy with ease. Using the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Dawn Treader’ as his base, he and the other members of the Force-charged Warbird Wing, took strike and destroy missions to keep the border worlds safe.


Having only known in passing that his father was a Force user, and not a Jedi, Coren felt no issue with the use of the dark side, and was keen on taking missions that eliminated pirate threats and rebellions that appeared to disrupt the order for this branch of the Chiss Empire. During this time, Coren and Kelly had given birth to Jared Starchaser, followed shortly by Kaia Starchaser.


Shortly after the Wing and ship had ‘secured’ the borders, they were invited to the world that the Chiss were using to connect to these fringe systems. It was here that Coren Starchaser learned the truth. He had been working for the Sith interests all along. Turning on his masters, he was mind wiped, and frozen in carbonite.


That is, until his old Wing found where he was located and freed him. Thanks to the work of Lily Ardellian and Scall Mclean, the Warbird Wing CO and XO, Coren was brought out of carbonite, however, it had been 17 years. Jared and Kaia were grown, and the galaxy had moved on. A turn to darkness. He had no idea what to do, and had joined the Lords of the Fringe, where his view on the Force began to change, and with the collapse of that government, he found himself in the employ of the Levantine Sanctum.


It was here that the Force Adept was able to fully understand his place in the galaxy. Coren had realized what the Sith had done in the Unknown Regions, and he vowed to never again let any one group impose their will on another. Working with the Levantine Frontiers Corp, Coren began to run in the circles of Jorus Merrill and Julius Sedaire, as well as taking lessons from one Omai Rhen.

The latter, along with an old military contact in the way of Nemo Ven, had lead Coren to Sullust, where he had jumped into the Galactic Alliance, rising up through the ranks as a Commander and advisor to the New Jedi Order on the Fringe Force users, being a self identified Aing-Tii until the events of Byss, when he accepted his birthright as a Jedi Master.   Defending the Galactic Alliance, Coren Starchaser worked to assemble an Alliance of like minded member states to help defend the galaxy from the likes of the First Order and Sith. That was, until the day Taeli Raaf revealed her true nature to the galaxy.







Force Stun:  | | | | | | | | |

Force Barrier/Bubble:  | | | | | | | |

Battlemind:  | | | | | | | |

Inspire | | | | | | | |

Force Healing:  | | | | | | | |

Beam of Light (Focused Light):  | | | | | | | |

Force Blind (Light):  | | | | | | | | |

Force Resistance: Dark/Fear  | | | | | | | | | |

Fold Space| | | | | | | | |

Force Light:  | | | | | | | | | | |

Instinctive Astrogation:  | | | | | | | | | | | |



Power 9 Blaster Pistol - Primary

Vanir Tech MF-9 Scatter Maser - Secondary

Vanguard Class Armor

D'Vouran Amulet - Gained - Kept On Person

The Corellian Star

Fell Octagram

Corellian Bloodsteel compass


SH-93I Interceptor Swoop

Starchaser's Light


Destroyed Gear:

Starchaser's Lightsaber




iBorg Liberation Implant - Installed

Add-Ons (iBorg Products)

The Spark

Second Wind Node

The Clarity



The Witness

Custom Arm



Home ship Dawn Treader

Flagship ANS Spear of the Alliance

Refurbished YT-2000 Tachyon Rising

Gold painted Rassilon Starfighter

Shortfin Prototype Shuttle



Starchaser Enterprises























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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    The Spark

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Battle Armor and Loadout


Jedi Robes and Loadout


Regular Gear and Loadout

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    The Spark

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    • Character Bio
  • 4,373 posts