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Qares Logistics

VCH Qares Tier 2

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Overseen by an Executive Committee made up of five central members and a varying number of Senior Administrators who in turn oversee the company's operations in a set region of space, Qares operates quite differently from its parent company. Unlike VCH, Qares is motivated almost entirely by profit margins and efficiency, with its Executive Committee made up of a disproportionately high number of Muuns and Neimodians. For that reason, it has developed a strong preference for droids and automation, largely in the hopes of cutting operating costs by reducing the number of fragile organics on the payroll, the fragile part being especially important since VCH has forbidden the (exceedingly thrifty) Executive Committee from cutting its employees' medical benefits.


While its transportation operations are nothing out of the ordinary, the company has made a name for itself through its strong tendency to favour unusually fast hyperdrives for its freighters, primarily motivated by a belief that the faster shipping will make up for the increased cost and maintenance requirement of the vessels. While its primary role is and will be to enable VCH's operations by providing the necessary processed materials and exporting finished products, Qares' shipping and mining capacity have been increasing faster than VCH can make use of it, leading to a larger and larger part of the company's actual workload being related to external contracts.



As Vandiir Consolidated Holdings grew, the need for rapid shipping became more and more apparent. Instead of relying solely on external parties, it was decided that the best course of action would be to purchase and operate its own freighters. As the new division grew, it began to make more and more sense for it to get involved in the extraction and processing of raw materials as well, so as to undercut external sellers. After all, the more VCH could do on its own, the cheaper its products would be to produce, and the larger the profit margins would be.


As a result of its irregular shipping patterns, it quickly became apparent that the shipping division would have to open its doors for external contracts or have a large portion of its fleet do nothing but take up space during slow periods. After some debate, the Board of Directors decided to split the rapidly growing division off from the company at large, forming Qares Logistics in the process.


Operating out of the Tingel Arm, the new company initially shipped commercially primarily along the Daragon Trail, though it soon expanded to the Blood Trail as well, allowing it to engage in large-scale shipping and personnel transportation between the Tingel Arm and the Core and the Tingel Arm and First Order-controlled space respectively.


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Parent Corporation: Vandiir Consolidated Holdings

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