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Jashin Vycarion

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Jashin Vycarion

Jashin Vycarion
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Jashin Vycarion


FACTION: None but himself

RANK: Faldos System Klikklak champion

SPECIES: Epicanthix

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6'1'' (185.4 cm)

WEIGHT: 225 lbs (102 kg)

EYES: Amber

HAIR: Aubergine (Dyed)


BUILD: Athletic






An unapologetic rogue, a devious scoundrel; “trouble” is typically the first word attributed to Jashin, with the words “nothing but” quickly following.


Not much is known about Jashin just yet; a virtual unknown, his story has just begun, and he is a long way from being known on a single planet, let alone a galaxy.





Jashin can be found wearing black boots, black pants, black leather utility belt with chromium buckles - worn low with matching quickdraw holster, a long-sleeved and double-breasted navy-blue tunic, and a signature maroon colored thigh-length greatcoat.


Jashin is equally identifiable by the thin Marcan herb cigaras that he smokes nearly constantly. Giving off a pungent sweet-smelling smoke tinted slightly orange, these cigaras herald Jashin's presence long before he actually arrives anywhere, and, depending on the system, are slightly illegal due to the slight euphoric effect they produce.


Physically Jashin is 6'1'' with a lithe yet powerful build that he owes to his species; with sharp and angular features that while considered attractive by a human standard, when combined with his narrow amber eyes and slightly longer features than usual, point to a clearly identifiable near-human ancestry. For an unknown reason, Jashin dyes his hair in varying shades of purple - his natural color is unknown.






Jashins clothing is made with armorply inlay, with a shell spider silk underlay for comfort and added protection - all his clothing possesses moderate protection against blaster bolts, vibroblades, and kinetic attacks. The exception to this would be his armored greatcoat, which is composed of a synthmesh and durafiber weave with armorweave underlay - providing heavy protection against blasters, and moderate protection against blades, slugthrowers, fire, and chemicals.



• A tiny hold-out blaster, of double-barreled derringer make. The blaster only holds enough energy for two shots, but is lethal up to forty meters (comparable to other canon hold-outs). The derringer is kept on a spring-rig on Jashin's left arm, and is activated with a twist of the hand; the rig is custom-molded to Jashin's arm, and is extremely difficult to detect with just a pat down. Both rig and blaster are made out of sensor-resistant alloys.


• Jashin's main weapon is a Defender-5 sporting blaster with an upgraded frame and galven pattern - it produces highly accurate medium bolts with a decent range (50 bolts, 100m range). This weapon is technically a diplomatic blaster, and is legal on most planets.






Obscure Alien

(+) Inscrutable mind:

Epicanthix possess a powerful form of subconscious mental shielding (similar to Hutts and Toydarians, though far stronger), which makes them immune to Force-assisted mental tricks, influence, domination, and mind reading.

(-) Galactic fixation:

While Jashin has overcome the Galactic naiveté that can paralyze his species when out in the wider universe - his species easily becoming overwhelmed by the vast diversity and unfathomable sights of the galaxy’s millions of worlds - he still nonetheless suffers a kind of fixation with galactic culture, easily becoming blinded and distracted by sights and sounds that are foreign to him, and, in the case of valuables, fixated on obtaining them for himself.


Street rat

(+) Adaptive survivor:

Years of living on the streets as a thief and a courier for cartels has made Jashin highly adaptable, unpredictable, and underhanded. More than this, Jashin has received a quick and accurate gun draw, an ability to stay calm and think adaptively and creatively under pressure, to never underestimate his opponent, to move quickly and efficiently through his environment (akin to art of movement), and an enduring will to survive no matter the cost to himself, his friends, or his enemies.

(-) There can only be one:

Jashin's rough childhood - no matter how nonchalant and sophisticated he acts about it - made a lasting and deep impression on him. Jashin maintains that the only person in the universe looking out for him is himself, and that if someone was given the option, even a friend, they would likely take advantage of him if it was profitable or in their best interests - as such, Jashin has lasting and deep seated trust issues when it comes to virtually anyone but himself.






No ship yet, but time will tell.

Edited by Jashin Vycarion, 20 January 2019 - 11:41 AM.