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Yula Perl

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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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NAME: Yulenka Perl
FACTION: Outer Rim Coalition
RANK: Knight equivalent
SPECIES: Zeltron/ Corellian Human hybrid
AGE: Young adult
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’8" [1.7m]
WEIGHT: 130 lbs [59kg]
EYES: Green
HAIR: Dark
SKIN: Pink

Mother: Joza Perl
Father: Elliot Locke
Grandfather: Zef Halo 
Siblings: Alan Perl [Older half-brother], Dagon Perl [Younger brother], Nida Perl [Adopted younger sister]


-Daddy issues
-Short fuse
Yula is an athletic young woman of above average height. She has her mother’s features and eye color with a pink tinge to her skin as a reflection of her quarter Zeltron heritage. Her body bears a handful of scars, mostly shallow from combat or adventure mishaps. As a Zeltron mix, she has some weaker empathy skills but cannot produce pheromones. 

Named for her grandmother, Yula ws born to Joza Perl and Galactic Alliance CIS agent Elliot Locke. Yula's father disappeared when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her mother alongside her brothers, Alan and Dagon. Coming from a wealthy family, Yula has lead a relatively good life and was given a proper education. She is prone to pushing Alan and Dagon's respective buttons, and tends to butt heads with Dagon in particular. She's fiercely protective of her family, especially of her little sister, Nida.

Growing up, Yula was fascinated with hearing her mother’s tales of the Outer Rim. Pathologically curious and eager to fling herself into anything exciting, Yula gravitates towards difficult situations.

A typical Perl, Yula is a magnet for trouble. Even more rebellious than her mother, she’s an adventurous soul who’s sense of justice often lands her in the hot seat. Yula has traveled and continues to travel all over the galaxy, working as a smuggler and odd jobber. Most recently she's settled on Terminus with her own small-time machine shop, and enlisted as a Judge in the Outer Rim Coalition.

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Not pink enough :P

Yula Perl


Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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Akabane Could say the same about you! ;)

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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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Updated with a minor coloration change after numerous...inquiries 

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